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Beyonce Super Hot Pregnancy Pics

4/22/2017 7:16 AM PDT

Beyonce wants the world to see she's handling her pregnancy very well, at least on the surface.

Bey posted these pics Friday night, showing how good someone can look with twins in their system.

BTW, this would have been her second weekend of headlining Coachella, which she bailed on in February.  At the time we were told her doctors felt it was too risky to perform on stage and there was talk she'd likely be on bed rest.

Judging from the pics, she hasn't lost her strut.

Flo Rida I'm No Deadbeat! I'm Paying $5k/Mo.

4/20/2017 2:16 PM PDT

Flo Rida is calling BS on the baby mama who claims he's a deadbeat dad, saying he already forks over a generous check every month ... and her lawsuit is nothing but a cash grab.

Sources close to Flo tell TMZ he's been making monthly payments of $5k to Alexis Adams to care for their 7-month-old son, and feels blindsided by her taking him to court. We're told Flo and Alexis both agreed on the amount, but he thinks she's being greedy by asking a judge to force him to pay more.

He says they were never a couple.

Alexis acknowledges she's been getting payments, but feels it isn't nearly enough to support herself and the baby -- considering his ailments, and the high cost of living in NYC. She claims she can't afford child care, so she can't leave the baby and go to work.

Our Alexis sources say she never agreed the $5k was a fair amount, but accepted it because she needed the money.

Flo Rida Sued by Baby Mama DNA Proves He's the Dad, But He Won't Pay

4/20/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Flo Rida has a 7-month-old baby boy in NYC, but he's not in the child's life and he's not paying support ... according to the baby mama who's now taking him to court.

Alexis Adams says in docs, obtained by TMZ, she and Flo hooked up in December 2015, and had relations into mid-January 2016. She says little Zohar Paxton was born in September.

We're told Alexis is saying the child has hydrocephalus, water on the brain, and she's struggling to cover medical expenses for his treatment.

According to the docs, Flo has yet to acknowledge he's the father ... despite the fact a paternity test in December 2016 showed a 99.99% chance the kid is his. Alexis included the test results in her filing.

She's asking the court to grant her child support. We've reached out to Flo Rida's camp, but no word back yet.

Carmelo Anthony Allegedly Knocked Up Dancer ... La La Pissed

4/18/2017 12:50 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Carmelo Anthony was messing around with a woman who now claims she's pregnant with his baby -- and as you can imagine, his wife, La La, is pissed ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Multiple sources tell us ... the other woman often works at a gentlemen's club in NYC, and we're told she's claiming to be 6 and a half months pregnant with Melo's child. 

We're also told she has made it clear to Melo she expects him to kick in for medical expenses and other baby related costs. 

Sources close to both Melo and La La are telling us the marriage has been rocky for a while -- and while the pregnancy wasn't the tipping point, it certainly didn't help.

So far, neither side has filed divorce papers but we're told there's virtually zero chance of a reconciliation. 

Zac Efron's Butt Double Ordered to Stay Away from Ex-GF

4/18/2017 12:20 AM PDT

The guy who subs in for Zac Efron's ass has some serious issues with his ex, who says he's harassing and threatening her ... according to legal docs.

Jordan Scott has been Efron's stunt double in "Dirty Grandpa," "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates" and "Neighbors 2" -- but his baby mama says he's been total a**hole to her. She filed for a restraining order, saying he's strangled her and broken cell phones so she couldn't call for help. She also claims he's harassed her and her new boyfriend.

According to the docs ... Scott agreed to stay away from her, and only gets supervised visits with their kids. He's also agreed to submit to a substance abuse evaluation, but is not admitting any of the allegations are true.

We reached out to Scott ... he had no comment.

April the Giraffe Finally Gives Birth And It's Gnarly!!!

4/15/2017 7:29 AM PDT

April the Giraffe finally gave birth Saturday morning after weeks of anticipation ... and it was insane!!

Her calf's front legs popped out early this morning and April walked around like that for well over an hour ... until finally the rest of her baby was ready to make an entrance.

First the head ... then the body ... then the rest of the gnarly stuff.  Check it out!

April is currently licking her baby clean and it -- we don't know if it is a boy or a girl yet -- looks happy and healthy. Oh ... and the live stream sponsor just changed from Toys R Us to Babies R Us.

Way to go, April!!

P.S. The live stream is still going below -- take a look at the new baby calf ... already walking around!

April The Giraffe Post Birth Watch Live!!!

4/15/2017 5:48 AM PDT

The day has finally arrived ... April the Giraffe is about to give birth live on camera!!!

It's been a long time coming ... April's had a live stream camera pinned on her since February, when she was first expected to pop. It's attracted more than 80 million viewers and even picked up Toys 'R' Us as a sponsor.

It'll be the 4th calf for April, the first for her boo, Oliver. Oliver has been by April's side through the whole thing in the adjacent pen at the Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York.

Hoo hooo heeeeeeee, April. You got this!

April The Giraffe Baby Giraffe Born ... But It Ain't Hers

4/8/2017 8:41 AM PDT

A baby giraffe was born -- but it wasn't April's -- and it's been nearly two months since her baby-watch live stream first went up.

Both the Toledo Zoo and the Chester Zoo in the UK welcomed baby Giraffes this week. April, who's at The Animal Adventure Park in New York continues to pace around her pen with no sign of baby.

The Chester Zoo went live with their giraffe's birth ... but only watch if you've got a strong stomach.

Blac Chyna At War with Rob & Tyga They're Tag Teaming Me

3/30/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Blac Chyna's on the attack against Tyga because she thinks baby daddy #1 is teaming up with #2 -- Rob Kardashian -- to spread lies about her.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... Chyna went off after she heard Tyga telling people she wants to kiss, make up and get back together with him -- a news flash that came from Rob.

We're told Chyna got pissed because she hardly talks to Tyga, and had only reached out to him recently to demand he pay King's nannies -- even though they'd normally do that on their own.

Other sources tell us Tyga misinterpreted the call from Chyna, and thought she wanted to talk about more than co-parenting ... something he shared with his new bff, Rob. We're told the guys have gotten tight ever since BC and Rob broke up.

The problem's obvious -- Rob and Tyga talk ABOUT Chyna, but Rob's also talking TO Chyna about all of it ... according to our sources.

Y'know the saying: Loose lips sink relationships with baby mamas.

Blac Chyna to Tyga No Child Support? You're a Bitch!

3/29/2017 8:06 AM PDT

Blac Chyna's calling out Tyga for allegedly failing to pay child support, and for dragging the Kardashians into the middle of their financial battle.

Chyna unloaded on her baby daddy early Wednesday morning, saying ... "It's funny now to me !!! But when Tyga and side n**** kicked me out !!! And they wanted to see me fail ! lol And 2 grind from the dirt !!!!! No child support!"

Her Snapchat attack on Tyga was filled with seemingly random references -- some of it's hard to decipher -- but her overall point is clear: PAY ME, BITCH! She also wants "Jenny," the babysitter, to get paid.

BC got personal too -- "So go tell Kylie , and Rob ! About our son Account ! Cause that's the only reason I'm contacting ur f** ass!"

Tyga not paying people is nothing new, but Chyna ain't settling for the status quo ... obviously.  

One Direction's Liam Payne I'm A Dad!! Cheryl Cole Gives Birth

3/25/2017 2:06 PM PDT

The One Direction family just got a little bigger ... Liam Payne's a new dad to a healthy baby boy.

Payne's GF Cheryl Cole posted a pic of Payne and son Saturday -- revealing she delivered on Wednesday -- and saying, "We are all madly in love and overwhelmingly happy with our little arrival.

23-year-old Payne is the second member of 1D to become a daddy ... Louis Tomlinson has a one-year-old son.

Cole says their new bundle still doesn't have a name but sometimes these things just take time. 

Russell Wilson & Ciara: DON'T LOOK AT US (But Really, Look at Us!)

3/23/2017 6:06 AM PDT

Welcome to the Hollywood game ... where stars go out to be seen ... and then act like they can't be bothered. 

Today's episode stars Russell Wilson and Ciara who hit one of the top 3 most paparazzi-packed places in town Wednesday night, Mr Chow ... and it wasn't for the food.

So, what was the endgame? Attention ... without trying to seem to desperate for it.

See ya at Catch.

Christopher Darden Denies 'Hooker, Stripper' Emails to Baby Mama

2/28/2017 2:17 PM PST

Famed O.J. prosecutor Christopher Darden's unleashed a nasty string of expletives at his baby mama, according to her ... but Darden's calling BS.

Celia Smith -- who has a nasty history with Darden -- says he's been blasting her regularly ... including earlier this month when he fired off a scorching email, calling her a "dirty nasty low budget porn c*** stripper lot lizard prostitute." The email continued, "You suck and f*** d***s for the whole world to see."

The email came from someone other than Darden, but Smith believes he was using a fake email account.  Smith filed docs attempting to get a restraining order against Darden, but the court shot her down -- saying there was no proof he was behind the colorful emails. 

Christopher told us he fully denies sending the emails, and added he and his family are the ones getting harassed. He also says there's a Kardashian factor behind Smith's false claims against him.

As we reported ... Darden got a restraining order against Smith last year.

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