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Joseline Hernandez I'm Drug-Free! Stevie J Still Doubts Her

12/20/2016 1:34 PM PST

1220_Joseline-Hernandez_STEVIE_J_TMZJoseline Hernandez says she has hard evidence she's clean and sober, but her soon-to-be baby daddy, Stevie J, is not buying it.

Joseline filed docs and attached 3 drug test results that show she tested negative for various drugs -- including cocaine, amphetamines and weed. She also attached a note from her care provider stating she's had a healthy pregnancy.

In the docs, Joseline says she voluntarily submitted to the drug tests, and Stevie's claim she's abused drugs throughout her pregnancy is a sick ploy to embarrass her. 

Joseline clapped back with a shot of her own -- Stevie's $5,000 check for her medical costs bounced, according to docs. 

Stevie's not buying her drug testing because he says it wasn't done by a licensed medical professional. 

Brock Osweiler My Wife Is Pregnant! ... Meet Our Fetus!

12/19/2016 2:39 PM PST


Some good news for Brock Osweiler ... he's gonna be a dad!! 

TMZ Sports has learned Brock's wife, Erin, is pregnant with a little girl due in April!

It's the couple's first child and we're told Brock and Erin's families are super excited. 

Brock and Erin got married back in 2015 -- before he signed his massive $72 million contract with the Houston Texans. So, someone's gonna get one helluva push present!


Stevie J I've Got DNA Results ... I'm the Father!!!

12/19/2016 8:03 AM PST

1219-stevie-j-TMZ-02Stevie J did it without Maury Povich, unfortunately, and he's confirmed he IS the father of the baby Joseline Hernandez is squeezing out within the next month.

Stevie's DNA test result showed he indeed did the deed -- according to new docs he filed -- and now that he KNOWS, he's asking for visitation rights ... but also for primary physical custody. Doesn't make sense, but maybe he's covering all his bases.

Joseline's due Jan. 9, and in the docs he says he absolutely wants to be in the delivery room. 

Stevie's repeating his request for Joseline to be drug tested because he claims she's abused drugs and alcohol throughout her pregnancy, and fears it's effected the fetus. He wants the infant drug tested within 24 hours of birth.

The docs include a text message he says came from Joseline -- "You will never see your daughter f*** n****."

This is NOT going to be a smooth birth -- no matter what happens in the delivery room.

Ciara, Russell Wilson There's a Bump in the Road

12/18/2016 7:07 AM PST

1218-russell-wilson-ciara-craigs-SPLASH-01Ciara and Russell Wilson hit the town Saturday night, and she's definitely poppin!

Ciara's starting to show after announcing her pregnancy back in October.  They clearly had a happy meal at Craig's.   

They left in their vintage Rolls.  Nice life if you can get it.


Ryan Lochte I Got a Minnow On The Way

12/14/2016 12:45 PM PST
Breaking News

1214-ryan-lochte-instagramRyan Lochte's crappy 2016 is ending on a high note -- he just announced he's expecting his first kid with his Playboy model fiancee Kayla Rae Reid.

Lochte posted an underwater shot of him kissing Kayla's belly. Cute photo, for sure, but looks like Dad's already pressuring the kid to be a swimmer!

The couple's not revealing the due date yet, except to say it would be sometime in 2017 -- which we kinda figured out. We're not that bad at math.

Looks like Boomer Phelps is gonna have a swimming partner.


Kobe Bryant Bianka Bella Bryant is Her Name!

12/13/2016 11:07 AM PST

1213-kobe-bryant-vanessa-bryant-new-birth-certificate-launch-TMZ-01Kobe Bryant's third feat got the triple B treatment.

TMZ Sports has obtained a copy of Kobe and Vanessa's brand new baby certificate and it lists her full name -- Bianka Bella Bryant! She was born at exactly 4:09 PM at Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach.


Julian Edelman M.I.A. from Baby's Birth Certificate ... For Now

12/12/2016 10:55 AM PST

1212-launch-julian-edelman-ella-rose-birth-certificatePatriots' star receiver Julian Edelman dropped the ball when it came to his brand new daughter's birth certificate.

TMZ Sports has obtained a copy of Lily's birth certificate which lists her full name -- Lily Rose Mary Edelman, and model Ella Rose's name is in the "Mother" box. The "Father" box is blank.

Seems weird since Julian already posted a proud papa shot -- and Ella always maintained he's the dad, even when he wasn't admitting it.

We did some checking and the explanation is simple. When the parents aren't married, they both have to be present when their names are put on the certificate. Julian was already on a flight back to Boston when it was submitted.

Sources close to the parents tell us Julian will be added as soon as possible.

Irina Shayk Hiding Baby Bump ... But Can't Hide Cravings

12/12/2016 10:10 AM PST

1212-irina-shayk-whole-foods-FAMEFLYNET-01Irina Shayk's employing the oldest trick in the book -- super baggy sweaters -- to conceal what's widely believed to be the baby in her belly, but her mouth is blowing the secret.

Irina was out Sunday in L.A. with BF Bradley Cooper's mom and couldn't resist sucking down an ice cream cone during a grocery run. Cravings much?

She and Bradley have been tight-lipped about the pregnancy rumors, but frozen desserts -- on a chilly day in L.A. -- and this profile shot kinda tell the story, no?

One thing's for sure ... it's gonna be a really, really, really good-looking baby.


Bristol Palin We're Not Wasting Time... Baby #3 On the Way

12/9/2016 2:24 PM PST
Breaking News

1209-bristol-palin-tmzBristol Palin has bun #3 in the oven ... which means the honeymoon is officially over for Bristol and her husband.

Sarah Palin's oldest daughter is expecting her second child with Dakota Meyer. They just got married 6 months ago, and Bristol told "Entertainment Tonight" she's due in the Spring.

Do the math and it's clear these 2 work quickly.

Bristol and Dakota already have 1 child together. She, of course, also has Tripp with former fiance Levi Johnston.


Chris Paul to Kobe: Congrats on the Kid, But 'Keep Going Til You Have a Boy!'

12/9/2016 12:30 AM PST

Chris Paul is super happy that his friend, Kobe Bryant, just had his 3rd baby girl -- but he has a message for the NBA legend ... "Keep going 'til you get a boy!"

"Kobe deserves to have a little boy, man" ... the Clippers superstar added. 

We're guessing CP3 wants Kobe to experience the same father/son basketball bond he shares with his kid (it's adorable) ... and let's be honest, everyone would LOVE to see another Bryant in the NBA one day!

For the record, Kobe already has a kid with the family hoops skills -- his 10-year-old daughter, Gianna, is rumored to have a LIGHTS OUT jumper.

Plus, boys are messy anyway.

Kobe Bryant Three-Peat Papa ... Wife Delivers 3rd Kid!!

12/8/2016 11:04 AM PST

1208_kobe_vanessa_bryant_tmz_gettyKobe Bryant has another three-peat under his belt ... 'cause his wife, Vanessa, has given birth to the couple's third child ... TMZ Sports has learned.

The Bryants announced some time ago they were expecting another little girl ... and we've confirmed the bouncing baby mamba was born this week in the OC.

Of course, 38-year-old Bryant has a lot of time to play daddy now ... he's retired from the Lakers and committed himself to more important life pursuits ... like ridding the family home of pesky intruders.



1D's Niall Horan The Pink Slip?

12/8/2016 8:06 AM PST

Niall Horan looked like he knew he had just let a giant cat out of the bag leaving one of L.A.'s most expensive baby stores with a basket of pink stuff. 

Niall's old 1D bandmate, Liam Payne, and his partner, Cheryl Cole, are reportedly expecting in early 2017, but haven't revealed the sex of their baby. Naturally 1D fans jumped to the conclusion the girly stuff Niall's toting is for the couple. 

Of course, it's possible the basket is for someone else ... after all, it is the holidays and Liam and Cheryl are hunkered down in London. 


Stevie J Preggo Joseline Is Evil & Violent Needs Serious Mental Help

12/6/2016 4:11 PM PST

1206-stevie-j-joseline-hernandez-TMZ-01Stevie J got his ass beat by a super pregnant Joseline Hernandez -- according to docs he just filed -- and now fears for his life if she doesn't get mental help, stat.

The "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star says Joseline showed up uninvited to his pad Sunday and busted up his face and injured his eyes. It's interesting ... Stevie posted a vid with her that same day, and they seemed all lovey-dovey. Stevie tells us that vid was shot right before the alleged beatdown.

In docs, Stevie says there was another encounter where Joseline threatened him, lunged at him, hurled paperwork and unleashed a profanity-laced tirade.

Stevie J is asking the court to order a psychological evaluation for Joseline, as well as anger management. In the docs he says he's afraid she'll hurt him and their unborn child. He's even preemptively requesting a guardian be appointed for the baby ... who's due any day now.

Sources connected to the case tell TMZ that second encounter happened at a DNA lab where Stevie was getting pricked for the paternity test she requested. We're told 'LHHA' cameras were rolling.

We've reached out to Joseline, so far no word back.

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