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Ray Rice Selling Baltimore Mansion

3/27/2015 9:19 AM PDT
Breaking News

Ray Rice is moving on from Baltimore -- selling the mansion he built in 2012 ... the same year he signed a $35 million contract with the Ravens ... this according to the Baltimore Sun

The 4,736 sq. ft. home was listed at $899,000 -- and the Sun says Ray has already found a buyer. The sale is reportedly set to close in April.  

The house is pretty sweet -- 5 beds, 4.5 baths on 1.08 acres.

So, where's Ray headed next? The disgraced running back says he and his wife Janay are moving back to his hometown of New Rochelle, NY. 

Rice is still looking to sign with another NFL team ... so it's possible they could move again ... if anyone is willing to take a chance on the guy. 

Ravens' RB Bernard Pierce Told Cops During DUI 'I'm Gonna Get Cut Tomorrow'

3/18/2015 10:03 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

11:47 AM PT -- Call him Nostradamus ... 'cause just as Pierce predicted, he was CUT by the Ravens first thing this morning. 

Baltimore Ravens running back Bernard Pierce told cops that he KNEW he was gonna get cut from the team during his DUI arrest ... saying, "Do you know what happened the last time a Ravens player got a DUI?"

TMZ Sports obtained the police report detailing the DUI arrest ... in which the Baltimore County Police Dept. says Pierce admitted to taking "3 shots of Jack" before he was popped. 

As we previously reported, Pierce was initially pulled over around 2AM for speeding -- and then bombed his field sobriety test

In the report, the officer asked Pierce how much he weighs -- and Pierce slurred, "530." The officer pressed him on it and he repeated it twice before correcting himself and saying, "230 pounds."

While he was being taken to a nearby police station, Pierce reportedly uttered, "Do you know what happened the last time a Ravens player got a DUI? I'm getting cut tomorrow, not like you care." 

Pierce was clearly referring to Victor Hampton who was arrested for drunk driving in February -- and was later cut by the team. 

Baltimore Ravens RB Bernard Pierce Arrested for DUI

3/18/2015 6:49 AM PDT
Breaking News

Baltimore Ravens running back Bernard Pierce -- who started for the team after Ray Rice got fired last season -- was arrested for DUI in Maryland early Wednesday morning. 

Baltimore County police say Pierce was initially stopped for speeding around 2AM -- and during the stop, the officer suspected the 24-year-old was hammered. 

Pierce was asked to step out of his ride -- and then bombed some field sobriety tests. He was eventually arrested for DUI and hauled to a nearby station where he was processed and later released. 

A rep for the Ravens says, "We are aware of the situation and learning more about it. We take these matters seriously."

It's not the first time Pierce has had issues with booze -- TMZ Sports broke the story, Bernard and a couple of his teammates were booted from a Maryland bar during a party last year because "they couldn't maintain their composure."

Ray Rice Park Football Superstar [Video]

3/7/2015 12:50 AM PST

Ray Rice found a way to keep himself in football shape after he was cut by the Ravens and suspended from the NFL back in September ... he hit up a park league game ... and crushed it. 

Rice hit up a touch league game in Baltimore roughly one month after TMZ Sports published the inside-the-elevator video ... and asked the guys if he could join in one of the games. 

Sources tell us ... the guys welcomed Rice onto the squad (coincidentally named the Ravens) and he played a little wide receiver and cornerback. 

One source tells us, "He caught the game winning interception (you can see in the video) and everyone went nuts!"

We're told everyone tried to up their game to impress Rice ... but ultimately, "he was on a whole different level."

One player tells us by the end of the game, he won over just about everyone -- and says, "We would love to have him back if he ever wants to play with us again."

Ray Rice 'I Understand Why People Commit Suicide'

2/28/2015 3:37 PM PST
Breaking News

Ray Rice says he felt so terrible after the public backlash following last year's elevator attack  ... that "I almost felt like at one point that it wasn't worth living."

Rice sat down with the Baltimore Sun ... and says he was emotionally devastated after the video went public.

"The big picture of it all, being the person that I am, I really felt horrible. You almost want to punish yourself. I know I'm never going to win the battle of public opinion. Honestly, I almost felt like at one point that it wasn't worth living. I see why people commit suicide."

Rice continued, "It hurt that bad. I was low, real low. It hurt that bad because you worked your whole life to do all the right things and then you're the world's most hated person. It was really tough. My daughter, oh Lord, I grew up without a father, there's no way I could check out on my own family."

"Time does heal everything, but I don't think people are going to forget this. I want people to not forget about the incident, but I want people to see there's a human being on the other side. This is not a monster, a guy who's a repeat offender. I'm not the guy they stereotype me to be. I'm not excusing what I did."

Terrell Suggs Sues Dead Agent You Left Me Out In the Cold

2/15/2015 12:45 AM PST

NFL stud Terrell Suggs is suing his former agent ... who died in 2011 ... claiming he shouldn't have to keep paying commission from his $62 million contract -- because he's been useless ever since he passed away.  

According to docs filed in federal court in Virginia and obtained by TMZ Sports, Suggs sued the estate of former super agent Gary Wichard ... the guy who negotiated Terrell's mega-contract with the Baltimore Ravens in 2009.   

Suggs says he was obligated to pay Wichard 3% of his salary for the entirety of his deal -- but in exchange, Wichard's agency would actively manage his career and take care of everything from seeking endorsement deals to booking doctor appointments. 

But when Wichard passed in 2011, Suggs says the agency kicked T-Sizzle to an "inexperienced and unqualified agent." 

Suggs says the new agent completely dropped the ball -- and when he had his best season in 2011, the agent failed to score him any major endorsement deals that usually result from "such outstanding on-field play."

There's more ... when Suggs tore his achilles in 2012, Terrell says he leaned on his agent to "take the lead on contacting doctors, setting up appointments, coordinating rehabilitation, and all other related matters" ... but got no help.  

Despite the allegations, Wichard's estate has demanded $192k from Suggs, which he refused to pay. The dispute went to an arbitrator -- who ultimately ruled against Suggs.

Now, Suggs is taking the matter to court -- hoping a federal judge will throw out the arbitrator's decision and wipe his balance to zero.  

We reached out to Wichard's estate for comment -- so far, no word back. 

Ray Rice Apologizes to Baltimore For 'Horrible Mistake I Made'

2/13/2015 5:56 AM PST
Breaking News

With the one year anniversary of his infamous elevator incident coming up, Ray Rice has issued an apology to the city of Baltimore ... saying, "I apologize for the horrible mistake I made."

In an open letter which begins "Dear Baltimore," Rice says ... "This is not a farewell or goodbye. The last seven years that my family and I have spent in Baltimore have by far been the best of our lives."

He goes on ... "To all the kids who looked up to me, I’m truly sorry for letting you down, but I hope it’s helped you learn that one bad decision can turn your dream into a nightmare."

"There is no excuse for domestic violence, and I apologize for the horrible mistake I made. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me, and I hope to make a positive difference in people’s lives by raising awareness of this issue."

"Thank you, Baltimore Ravens, for all you have done for my family and I. I’m very grateful to Steve Bisciotti, Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh, and everyone at 1 Winning Drive. I love you all very much, and I’ll always be proud to say I played for the Baltimore Ravens."

It's interesting Rice thanks Bisciotti -- since the Baltimore Ravens owner essentially backstabbed him ... by accusing Ray of lying after he told Ray he had his back. 

As it turns out, it seems Ray never lied -- and the organization essentially hung him out to dry. 

Ray Rice GETS $1 MILLION CONTRACT OFFER ... For Football Gig

2/13/2015 12:35 AM PST

Ray Rice has just received a $1 MILLION contract offer from a fantasy football website hoping to sign him as a spokesperson ... but there's a catch -- if you hit your wife, we get our money back. 

TMZ Sports has learned ... Rice has been contacted by to be an official PRO Draft League Fantasy Insider.

CEO Mark Tadros tells TMZ, "Mr. Rice has shown deep remorse for his act of domestic violence and I feel he deserves a second chance."

We're told the job is a 1-year gig which pays a $500k base salary and includes another $500k in bonuses based on membership milestones. 

Rice's job obligations would include: 

-- 2 TV commercials
-- 2 viral videos
-- 1 photo shoot
-- 30 media interviews
-- weekly column with personal analysis on which NFL players to play
-- field reporter work, interviewing various NFL players for the site

Now for the catch -- "It's been one year since Mr. Rice physically assaulted his wife and we are very confident that he will not do it again," Tadros says.

"But in the event that he does while being employed by Pro Draft League, his contract will be immediately terminated and the entire $500k must be returned PLUS an additional $500k in damages that our brand will incur for being associated with Mr. Rice."

So far, no word if Rice plans on accepting the offer. 

NFL Hall of Famer It's Time to forgive Ray Rice 'He's a Good Man'

1/30/2015 6:49 AM PST

Ray Rice is a "good man" -- and has proven that he deserves a second chance in the NFL ... so says NFL Hall of Famer Jonathan Ogden, who played with Rice on the Ravens. 

Ogden is out in Phoenix for the Super Bowl -- and laid out the case for the running back, telling TMZ Sports:

"We understand that the man made a huge mistake, but he's done everything he could over the past year to make up for it."

Ogden continued, "I think his record before that speaks to the fact that he really is a decent human being ... and hopefully somebody will give him a chance because hes a good running back and a good man."

Ogden says there's no way in hell the Ravens will resign him to the team -- but says, "Somebody should give him a chance."

Baltimore Ravens Player WANTED MAN ... Arrest Warrant Issued

1/28/2015 9:18 AM PST
Baltimore Ravens safety Will Hill is wanted by NJ officials -- after allegedly stiffing his baby mama out of more than $16k in child support ... TMZ Sports has learned.  

According to official documents obtained by TMZ Sports, the 24-year-old is on the hook for $16,588.18 in unpaid support to a woman in New Jersey. 

Law enforcement sources tell us an arrest warrant has been issued. There won't be a "fugitive" style manhunt for the guy ... but if a cop pulls him over and runs his info, he'll be arrested on the spot. 

In fact, that's exactly what happened to Hill in December 2013 ... when he was arrested in NJ on a warrant for outstanding child support payments. 

Hill (who was playing for the NY Giants back then) eventually paid up ... and actually played in a game against the Detroit Lions just days later.  

Hill is considered a pretty solid player on the Ravens -- and had a key pick 6 interception against the Saints in week 12. 

We've reached out to Hill for comment -- so far, no word back.

Hines Ward Single NFL Players ... Have Bullseyes On Their Backs

1/26/2015 2:40 PM PST

Young, rich, single NFL players better get chicks to sign contracts before taking them out on dates ... at least that's how former Steelers superstar Hines Ward sees it. 

The ex Super Bowl champ went on Meredith Vieira's talk show and said single NFL players are being targeted by conniving women. Ward's point seemed to be that these women are falsely accusing players in domestic violence cases.  

Pretty bold statement -- and Ward even went on to suggest single players get something in writing with their dates.

As for the Ray Rice case -- Ward took a very strong stance against Ray ever returning to the NFL.

Torrey Smith's Baby $5,000 Winner In Gerber Baby Contest

1/22/2015 8:33 AM PST
He's only 10 months old, but Torrey Smith's son has already DOMINATED his first modeling contest -- winning a $5,000 prize in a national Gerber Baby competition. 

The Baltimore Ravens wide receiver and his wife Chanel entered Torrey Jr. into Gerber's "Be Our Baby Photo Search" back in November -- competing for a $50,000 grand prize. 

As adorable as TJ is, he didn't win the grand prize -- but he did win in his "milestone" category ... receiving more votes than anyone else in the "Crawlers" division.

The prize -- a $5,000 check from Gerber.  

Chanel has previously said that she planned to split up any prize money between TJ's college fund and a children's charity. 


SB Champ Bernard Pollard RAKING IN THE DOUGH ... From Sink Shelf Invention

1/15/2015 2:15 PM PST
The next Thomas Edison could totally kick your ass ... 'cause NFL star Bernard Pollard tells TMZ Sports the counter-top organizer he invented last year totally BLEW UP in sales this holiday season.

Pollard, who won a Super Bowl with the Ravens in 2012 invented a bathroom counter-top organizer last year called the "Smart Sink Tray" that he says lets was inspired by the tiny sinks out in Baltimore.

"I first thought it up back in 2012 ... I'm a germaphobe and the counter space in Baltimore was so limited that I wanted something to expand it."

His Howie Mandelness has led to cold hard cash with Pollard telling us this holiday season business was BOOMING for the "Smart Sink Tray" -- with a sales spike of nearly 60%.

"It was really cool to see the orders come in. The east coast went crazy for it."

And Pollard says things are only looking up from here ... 'cause the tray has gotten so popular, it's drawn interest from hotels all over the country and outdoor retailer Camping World.

"We putting it your RV's."

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