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Drake Says Goodbye to DeMar DeRozan 'You're a Fixture in Toronto Forever'

7/18/2018 12:53 PM PDT
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DeMar DeRozan is getting a touching goodbye message from his good friend, Drake ... with the Toronto Raptors ambassador pouring his heart out for the freshly traded NBA star.

The 6 God weighed in on the face of the franchise getting shipped to San Antonio in exchange for Kawhi Leonard on Thursday ... saying, "To my brother @demar_derozan I want to say 10 million thank you’s on behalf of YOUR city. You are a fixture in Toronto forever and you gave everything you had."

"Through your leadership we had the most exciting years in franchise history. I am grateful to have witnessed your combination of skill, persistence, and loyalty from the same seats every night. Thank you for being an incredible captain and an even better friend."

It's a nice gesture from Drake ... but, DeRozan is reportedly super pissed about the deal ... and feels the team lied to him about their plans for the future.

The "In My Feelings" rapper also welcomed the ex-Spurs superstar to the North ... saying "we look forward to a this new chapter and we welcome you to the most intense and supportive city in NBA basketball!!!"

Floyd Mayweather Blocked By 'Wild 'N Out' Model ... at Celeb Hoops Game

7/18/2018 10:56 AM PDT
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Floyd Mayweather learned the hard way ... you drive on Brittney Elena, and you WILL get blocked!!

The boxer was playing The $50k Charity Challenge celebrity basketball game at UCLA on Tuesday -- when he got posted up by the smokin' hot "Wild 'N Out" model. 

Turns out, Elena has SERIOUS game ... and when Floyd when up for a shot, she packed him up good. 

Floyd wanted a foul call -- he didn't get it.  

Mayweather played pretty well for the most part -- aside from being CROSSED UP by R&B singer Tank

By the way, props to all the people who played in the game and raised money for charity. 

As for Elena, she's got a ton of modeling credits to her name -- but when we tried to find out if played college basketball, we couldn't seem to find any evidence confirming it. 

If not ... some big school REALLY missed out. 

Blake Griffin's GF Smothers NBA Star In Tiny Bathing Suit

7/18/2018 6:43 AM PDT
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Blake Griffin was living the life in Miami over the weekend ... where his smokeshow girlfriend, Francesca Aiello, turned every single head on the beach ... for obvious reasons. 

Blake and Francesca -- who owns Frankies Bikinis -- have been super tight over the last few months ... ever since the NBA star broke things off with Kendall Jenner

The two took things to a private cabana in Miami Beach on Sunday with a group of friends -- where they packed on the PDA ... including a few moments where she laid right on top of him.

Good times. 

Blake is now in Los Angeles for the ESPYs ... you know they have beaches here too?!

Terrell Owens Belichick, Brady & Pats Are Cheaters!!

7/17/2018 2:39 PM PDT
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Terrell Owens says Tom Brady is a cheater. Ditto for Bill Belichick and the rest of the Patriots ... and it's all on video. 

T.O. was playing some pickup basketball with Sam Cassell -- and, while joking around after the game, he playfully accused Sam of cheating. That's when the anti-Pats trash talk began.

"You sound like the Patriots. You know what I mean?" T.O. says ... "I don't care about the Patriots. Belichick, Brady -- they cheaters. They cheated. They cheated."

So, why the attack?

Well, the Pats beat T.O.'s Eagles in Owens' only Super Bowl appearance back in 2005 -- and just a few years later ... they were busted for Spygate.

Owens still seems to have a soft spot for Brady, though ... 'cause when Sam says he'd be a Pro Bowl player TODAY if he were playin' with the G.O.A.T. -- Owens doesn't disagree.

Matt Barnes Invited Derek Fisher to Charity Event ... 'We're Good'

7/17/2018 9:03 AM PDT

Matt Barnes says things are finally so good between him and Derek Fisher, he invited his ex-wife's fiance to his charity event in L.A. -- but, there was just one problem, Fisher didn't show up. 

Barnes was holding an Athletes vs. Cancer fundraiser -- hoping to raise cash to provide college scholarships for kids who beat cancer ... very cool. 

Fisher was on the guest list, so we asked Barnes about their relationship ... and he couldn't have been more positive. 

"Yeah, we're good ... we're fine," Barnes said. 

"The most important thing is to make my kids happy and we're both working hard at that."

The invite comes off the heels of Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan saying Barnes would not get an invite to their upcoming wedding. Seems Barnes is trying to make the relationship work. 

No word as to why Fisher didn't show.  

Amar'e Stoudemire I'll Be On An NBA Roster Next Season

7/17/2018 7:08 AM PDT

Amar'e Stoudemire says when the NBA season kicks off in the fall ... he WILL be on an NBA roster -- telling TMZ Sports he's already been in contact with "a few teams."

We broke the story ... the 35-year-old Stoudemire is gunnin' for an NBA comeback -- and he's using Ice Cube's new hoops league, the BIG3, to catch general managers' attention.

"I think now being back with the BIG3, they can see I still got it," Stoudemire says.

There's more ... Amar'e tells us he ain't the only one on his team who's making a serious run toward an NBA roster in 2018!!

Week 5 of the BIG3's season tips off on Friday night in Miami ... and it sounds like a few more NBA scouts might need to take notice.

Roy Hibbert On NBA Future: 'It's Just Time to Move On'

7/17/2018 12:05 AM PDT

Roy Hibbert tells TMZ Sports ... he's done with professional basketball -- explaining, "It's just time to move on."

The 31-year-old -- a 2-time NBA All Star -- was at LAX and we were talking about everything from LeBron James to Carmelo Anthony ... even Isaiah Thomas

But, when we asked Hibbert if he had any desire to come back to the Lakers and play with LeBron, he told us, "I'm good on it right now" ... and explained that he's moving on from the NBA. 

Hibbert last played in the league back in 2017 -- a stint with the Denver Nuggets. Before that, Hibbert was a stud with the Indiana Pacers. 

As for what he'll do next? He's got options ... considering he reportedly made more than $70 mil in the NBA. 

Good luck! 

Tyson Chandler On Devin Booker Fight 'It's a Good Laugh!'

7/16/2018 3:30 PM PDT

Tyson Chandler ain't mad at his teammate, Devin Booker, for that elevator fight -- in fact, TC says the whole thing is funny!!!

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Booker rushed to the aid of his then-Phoenix Suns teammate, Tyler Ulis, after Tyler got attacked in an apartment elevator back in 2017. 

Since Chandler was on the Suns (and still is) at the time of the incident, we asked what he thought about the fight

"Honestly," Chandler told us ... "The video is just funny!"

Tyson says the major point is that no one got hurt -- and no harm, no foul! 

In fact, Tyson said had he known Ulis was in trouble that night, "I might've been there with 'em."

As we previously reported, cops were called to the apartment that night ... but, no one was arrested. 

Shaq Starts 'Barkley Sucks' Chant ... During DJ Gig

7/16/2018 11:09 AM PDT
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Shaquille O'Neal got an ENTIRE nightclub to chant "Barkley Sucks" during a DJ gig in D.C. -- and the trolling didn't stop there! 

Shaq was performing at Echostage as DJ Diesel -- when he decided to clown his "Inside the NBA" co-host with a giant projection on the back wall that read, "Barkley Has NO Ring!"

Shaq clapped along gleefully as the place went crazy!

Of course, Shaq and Chuck are really tight in real life -- so, it's all in good fun. 

Now, it's on Barkley to get even ... 

Of course, it's not the first time Shaq went off on an NBA star in a nightclub -- back in the day, he freestyled the infamous "Kobe, tell me how my ass tastes" verse during his rift with his Lakers teammate. 

Both Shaq and Kobe have said they've made up and they're on good terms now. 

John Wall Sucks At Baseball

7/16/2018 7:30 AM PDT
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NBA star John Wall is one of the most incredible, talented athletes on planet Earth -- but, when it comes to baseball, he stinks. 

Remember ... the Washington Wizards star threw arguably the worst first pitch in MLB history about seven years ago ... and, unfortunately, he's not much better with a bat in his hands.

Wall was at Nationals Park warming up for the MLB celebrity softball game Sunday night ... when he took some BP.

If you're counting at home ... that was three fouls, a complete whiff, and maybe a base hit -- all from a dude throwing lobs from about eight feet away!!

Wall's confidence wasn't shaken ... he was somehow able to hit a single and score a run when the bright lights actually came on -- but, still.

Makes you feel a little better about yourself knowing a dude who can do this on the court sucks this much off of it, right??

Swaggy P to Patrick Beverley: Were You Drunk? Clips Ain't Better Than Warriors

7/16/2018 7:12 AM PDT

Nick Young thinks Patrick Beverley must've been on the sauce when he declared the Clippers to be the best team in the NBA ... asking TMZ Sports, "He was drunk that night or something?"

Remember, earlier this month, Beverley proudly told us he REALLY believes his new Clip squad is better than the Lakers and the Warriors ... and are real contenders to win the NBA title. 

So, when we saw Swaggy -- who plays for the Warriors -- leaving Craig's in West Hollywood Sunday night ... we had to ask for his thoughts. His reaction says it all. 

There's more ... now that LeBron's in the West, we asked Swaggy to name some of the teams in the East that could make a real run.  

Lavar Ball JBA is Road Gelo 'Has To Take' ... To Get To Lakers

7/15/2018 12:27 AM PDT

LaVar Ball says the pathway for LiAngelo Ball to get to the Lakers is a clear one ... and it runs through the new hoops league he created -- THE JBA!!

L.A. -- along with the other 29 teams in the NBA -- passed on Gelo in the draft last month ... so now the most famous Ball has a new plan to fix that -- put him in a JBA jersey with LaMelo.

"It's not even a yellow brick road," LaVar tells TMZ Sports. "It's a road that he has to take. It's nothing wrong with this."

So far ... so good for Gelo -- who dropped 53 points, 10 boards and 10 assists in his debut Thursday night ... playing in front of Lakers stars Lonzo Ball and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

LaVar seems to concede it's probably not the most ideal route for Gelo to end up in the association ... but he says it's better than "running hills and just shooting on the machine by yourself."

"The bottom line is," LaVar says, "I want all three of my boys to play on the Lakers."

Air Jordan Designer Admits Jordan 15s Were Trash ... But My 11s Were Fire!

7/14/2018 12:05 AM PDT

You're looking at a living, breathing SHOE GOD -- Tinker Hatfield -- Nike's famous designer who created some of the most iconic Air Jordan shoes EVER! 

But Tinker also created a stinker ... an Air Jordan shoe that he wishes he never made -- the Jordan 15. 

You gotta hear Hatfield explain why he wishes he could take it back and throw it away ... the story is really interesting. Did you know he modeled the tongue of the shoe after Michael Jordan's actual tongue?

On the flip side, Tinker says his Jordan 11s are his proudest creation -- but tells TMZ Sports it's a shoe that was thiiiis close to being scrapped ... if not for MJ himself bringing it back to life. 

BONUS -- we ALSO asked Hatfield what to expect with LeBron James' first signature shoe as a Laker ... and it's gonna get fans hype.

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