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LiAngelo & LaMelo Gunning to Break 60 ... (LIVE STREAM)

1/17/2018 11:02 AM PST

They balled out on Monday, now LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball are taking the court again to try to smash the combined 60 points they dropped earlier this week. 

Both Ball bros got starting nods Wednesday for their 4th pro Lithuanian game -- their BC Vytautas squad took on Šakių Vytis at 11 AM PT. 

16-year-old Melo had dunks, hoops and some impressive long balls on Monday -- we'll see if he can step up and do it again this time around. 

Let's gooooooooo. 

Shareef O'Neal Snubbed By McDonalds NBA Star Boycotting Nuggets

1/17/2018 7:52 AM PST
Breaking News

Shareef O'Neal -- Shaq's son -- revealed he did not make the prestigious McDonald's All-American Game ... and now one NBA star is boycotting nuggets as a result. 

FYI, the Micky D's game features the top high school players in the country -- Shaq was the co-MVP of the game back in 1989. 

As you know, 18-year-old Shareef is a top prospect (he's committed to the Univ. of Arizona) -- but, for some reason, he didn't make the McDonald's cut. 

LeBron James (the MVP of the game in 2003) didn't approve of the snub ... and spoke out on social media.

"Nephew listen, Even though we all know you should have made that McDonalds game use it as motivation to prove not to those who didn’t vote you in, not to those who is actually in the game but more importantly to yourself that u belong!"

He added, "Keep grinding, studying and working daily! The light is always brighter at the end of the tunnel."

Matt Barnes went harder -- saying McDonald's made a "huge mistake" and that he won't let his kids have nuggets anymore ... "NO MORE NUGGETS!" 

As for Reef, he wrote, "Everything can’t go perfect ! I just gotta move on.. this hurt me but it ain’t stopping me."

Matt Barnes Blasts Austin Rivers He's An Arrogant Trash-Talker

1/17/2018 6:15 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Matt Barnes is sounding off on everything from NBA fighting, to the NBA refs sucking, to calling Austin Rivers an arrogant punk ... and he doesn't care who knows it. 

The recently retired NBA star went off on the NBA refs on Tuesday night -- telling TMZ Sports straight-up, "Now that they can't fine me, the refs are terrible!" The refs got too big of egos."

He also said why NBA fighting can be good for the league. 

As for his former Clippers teammate, Austin Rivers ... buckle up. 

"Austin kinda rubs people the wrong way," Barnes told "Mad Dog Sports Radio" ... "He talks a lot of trash and doesn't really back it up. I think people are probably tired of that."

Barnes says Rivers "carries himself like he's a 10-time All Star and he's not that and that kind of arrogance rubs you the wrong way."

"And then if you're talking trash on top of that there are some guys that's not gonna have it and I know Trevor [Ariza's] one of 'em."

So far, no response from Rivers. 

Rockets' Eric Gordon On Clippers Fight: 'No Biggie'

1/16/2018 6:07 AM PST

Despite tempers flaring and a locker room standoff, Houston Rockets player Eric Gordon says the incident with the Clippers is simply, "No biggie."

Yeah, right. 

Gordon hit up Catch in West Hollywood after the heated battle with the Clippers in which several Rockets players -- including Chris Paul -- reportedly tried to fight Clips players in the tunnel and locker room area after the game. 

Gordon told TMZ Sports he doesn't expect any suspensions and really played the whole thing down as no big deal. 

One of the Rockets players reportedly involved in storming the locker room was Gerald Green -- who was also at dinner with Gordon after the game. He looked calmer, but still upset. 

Nearby ... Clippers star DeAndre Jordan hit Poppy alone -- but he wasn't his usual talkative self for obvious reasons. 

As for the locker room incident, security and the LAPD were reportedly called in to break things up after several players -- from CP3 to James Harden and Green -- allegedly tried to confront Austin Rivers and Blake Griffin following a chippy game. 

LaMelo & LiAngelo Ball Crush 3rd Lithuania Game Drop 60!!

1/15/2018 11:21 AM PST

The Ball boys are back in a BIG way ... bustin' out for 60 POINTS combined in a blowout win for BC Vytautas in Lithuania.

LaMelo showed out from the jump -- getting up for a dunk and beating the first-half buzzer -- but the dopest play of the game had to be when he found big bro, LiAngelo, for a fastbreak oop in the 3rd.

Full disclosure -- Melo also missed an alley-oop to himself ... but who cares when you're a Big Baller?

Melo ended up with 31 -- 2 more points than Gelo -- and their squad's now 2-0 in their team's "Big Baller Brand Challenge" series exhibitions.

Not bad after being held scoreless in their 2nd pro game -- their first against legit pro competition.

Kid Rock Hey, Young Hoopers ... Free Hot Cocoa!!

1/14/2018 12:20 AM PST

Kid Rock had a group of youth basketball players yellin' "bawitdaba" after a recent Pistons game ... and all he had to do was hook 'em up with some free hot cocoa!!

Here's what happened ... a Canadian youth hoops team was leaving the Pistons vs. Rockets game this past weekend when they spotted the rocker inside his Made in Detroit restaurant.

The American Bad Ass noticed the team gawking through the window, so he invited the whole group in and ordered 15 hot cocoas on the house!!

The team's coach thanked the Detroit native for the gesture ... who then told him to pay it forward.

BONUS -- Kid Rock showed the coach his jumper ... and hopefully he doesn't hit the court anytime soon.

Rick Fox Time To Listen To Lonzo Ball And Tune Out LaVar

1/12/2018 7:30 AM PST

Rick Fox says people are listening to the wrong Ball ... telling TMZ Sports it's time to ignore what LaVar is talking about, and let Lonzo be the mouthpiece of the BBB empire.

When we got the Laker great at LAX and asked him about LaVar, he seemed really fatigued with the Big Baller ... and lobbied us for a change.

"LaVar says a lot of stuff. What does his son say? I want to hear from his son."

Fox goes on to say he thinks there's a lot Lonzo has to say, seeming to reject the notion that the Lakers rookie is content to let his dad have all the press.

Maybe Fox is right ... but as long as LaVar is front page news and Lonzo keeps it quiet, this is the way it is.

If you don't like it, maybe you ain't a Big Baller.

NBA's Dejounte Murray Hot Date in L.A. ... with IG Model GF

1/11/2018 10:53 AM PST

How great is it to be NBA player Dejounte Murray?? Let this clip of the Spurs baller and his insanely gorgeous GF hittin' up an L.A. hot spot do the talking.

The 21-year-old and Insta model Jilly Anais went on a hot date Wednesday night at Mastro's in Bev. Hills for a romantic night ... and while Dejounte's outfit stands out, all eyes were on Jilly.

The couple have been together for about a year now, and they seem to be inseparable ... posting pics together on social media all the time.

Just another reminder to get in your driveway and practice that jumper.

LiAngelo & LaMelo Ball Semi-Baller Debut in Lithuania ... LaVar Approves

1/9/2018 10:19 AM PST

The Ball bros (mostly LaMelo) had some sick hoops to kick off their pro careers in Lithuania ... but there was some ugliness, too -- and we cut up the video for all you Ball fans/haters out there. 

Young Melo probably had the plays of the game -- a dope, no-look dish on a fast break and a Kobe-esque up-and-under reverse (see that, Lakers??). But LM also got sloppy with the rock and missed all his 3-balls.

LiAngelo got the start and looked sluggish out the gates ... but recovered to outscore his little bro, 19 to 10. 

Of course, LaVar was watching in the stands -- and lost his mind whenever anything good happened.

Oh, and over 100,000 FANS tuned in. BBB's clearly doing something right

Drake Debuts Renovated 3-Point Shot ... After Grinding w/ Hoops Coach

1/8/2018 10:54 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Here's video proof that Drake's days of airballing 3's in front of the whole world are over ... with the hip-hop star looking pretty wet, draining some longballs during a pick-up game at his L.A. crib.

Drake embarrassed himself a couple years back warming up with Kentucky ... drawing nothing but air from deep before a game and becoming the laughingstock of hip-hop hoops.

To fix it, Drake hit up world famous hoops trainer Dribble2much -- tutor to NBA stars like DeMar DeRozan ... and sources tell us the two men have been working diligently on Drizzy's game for months.

You can see the results for yourself. The dude from the north isn't just hitting shots, he's making dope passes too -- a total turnaround.

Oh, BTW ... that's a LeBron James high school jersey Drake is wearing. We don't know why that matters but it does.

Khloe Kardashian Spruces Up Crib For New Bambino

1/7/2018 1:00 AM PST

Khloe Kardashian's first order of business when she got pregnant? Grab a hard hat!!!

Sources close to Khloe tell TMZ ... she had extravagant renovation plans for her Calabasas crib -- the one she bought from Justin Bieber in 2014 -- by turning a bedroom next to her master into a closet big enough for her massive clothes and shoe collection.

But, life happened. As TMZ first reported ... NBA superstar BF Tristan Thompson knocked up Khloe. So, that bedroom-turned-closet is going back to bedroom ... baby bedroom.

Khloe wants the baby's room as close to hers as possible, and that room's the perfect fit.

We're told Khloe is holding nothing back when it comes to the fine details of the room ... buying top of the line furnishings, decor and clothing. 

Mom always knows best.

Metta World Peace I Can Ease Tensions with N. Korea ... Here's How!

1/6/2018 12:13 AM PST

Dear President Trump

Metta World Peace has a few suggestions on how to prevent nuclear war with North Korea ... and it doesn't involve bragging about the size of your button

Truth is ... Metta thinks his old pal, Dennis Rodman, may have been on to something when he went over to Pyongyang a few years ago

"He tried to do the right thing, he just ... it turned out bad," Metta says ... "but his heart was in the right place."

Metta says he's not looking to be a politician -- he just doesn't want anybody to get bombed. 

True that. 

LiAngelo & LaMelo Ball 1st Lithuania Hoops Sesh ... with LaVar!

1/4/2018 9:49 AM PST
Breaking News

The Ball fam is officially ballin' out in Lithuania.

A day after getting MOBBED by photogs at the airport ... LiAngelo and LaMelo are tearin' it up at a private hoops sesh on BC Vytautas' home court -- with LaVar on commentary!! 

Gelo's throwin' down 1-handed hammers, Melo's making it rain from deep ... and dad's hyping 'em up like the dude from the AND1 mixtapes.

If you're wondering where their teammates are -- this doesn't look like an official practice ... just the guys gettin' in some extra work. 

Bonus: the Big Baller’s already trying to speak Lithuanian! Trying to ...

@lavar has started learning some Lithuanian words already 😁 #BCVytautas

A post shared by BC Vytautas (@bcvytautas) on

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