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Pamela Anderson Baywatch Remake Is Going To Suck

8/16/2015 1:00 AM PDT

The "Baywatch" remake is a bad idea that should never be made into a movie ... so says the woman who became famous from the original.

Pam Anderson is scoffing at the Zac Efron/Dwayne Johnson reboot, saying "No one appreciates the remakes."

Pam goes on to say Baywatch was the best time of her life but the 90's were a "simpler, sweeter time" for TV, it won't work on the big screen in 2015.

And if you're wondering if producers asked her to be part of the new movie ... they didn't.  

Hopefully producers will take a page from Pam's new book "RAW" and see how great she looks.

Pamela Anderson Call Me Countessa I'm Royalty Now

6/20/2015 12:28 PM PDT

Pamela Anderson was down on both knees last night ... and it was an honor.

The former Baywatch star was in Genoa, Italy where she was officially named "Countessa de' Gigli." Anderson was honored for her work protecting marine life. She's also creating a partnership with The Italian Mediterranean Sealife Association.

The deed was carried out by Prince Stephan of Montenegro.  We're told Pam will share her new royal title with her two sons Brandon and Dylan, who also became honorary knights. 

And to all a good knight. 

'Baywatch' Star Nicole Eggert Staying Afloat ... Sells Home to Pay Massive Debt

4/27/2015 12:30 AM PDT

Former "Baywatch" babe Nicole Eggert is drowning in debt ... but a bankruptcy court judge just threw her a huge lifeline and green lit the sale of her crib to pay off mounting bills.

According to real estate sources Nicole unloaded her 3 bed/2/bath 2,250 sq. ft. Studio City home for a cool $1.15 mil. Most of that is going toward the $805k she still owes on the house she originally snagged for $835k. 

In 2013 Eggert filed for bankruptcy and this year she asked a judge to let her to sell off the pad to cover her debt and get a fresh start. She got the thumbs up on April 8th and sold a few days later.

'Baywatch Star' Brooke Burns SMASHES BMW Consoled By Man in Pajama Bottoms

5/9/2014 1:39 AM PDT

"Baywatch" actress Brooke Burns MANGLED her BMW Thursday near Universal Studios ... thankfully, there was a guy in his PJs to give her a shoulder to cry on. 

Witnesses tell TMZ ... Brooke was driving in North Hollywood when she slammed into the passenger side of a Toyota Matrix.

Police and fire units rushed to the scene ... but no one was taken to the hospital. Both cars were undriveable and a tow truck had to be called.

Brooke is built better than most to withstand injury ... she has a titanium rod and screws in her neck ... from a swimming pool accident in 2005 in which she broke her neck.

No word on the identity of the pajama man ... or why he was rockin' flannels in the middle of the day. 


'Baywatch' Star's Alleged Stalker Restraining Order Denied Bolts From Courthouse

12/6/2013 11:45 AM PST

"Baywatch" star Alexandra Paul just scored a victory in court ... because a judge SHUT DOWN her alleged stalker -- DENYING the woman's request for a permanent restraining order against Paul.

This is a crazy story -- as we reported, Alexandra claims Nicole Albrecht began stalking her back in 2011 ... showing up at her home, and a community pool where Alexandra trains.

Alexandra and Nicole eventually got temporary restraining orders against each other -- and today Nicole attempted to get a permanent one.

No dice ... the judge shot Nicole down -- and she ran from the courthouse with a hood over her face ... refusing to answer our questions about the case. 

Alexandra -- who already has a permanent restraining order against Albrecht -- did talk to us after today's hearing.

'Baywatch' Star Stalker Gets Restraining Order Stop Harassing Me!

11/5/2013 12:50 AM PST

"Baywatch" star Alexandra Paul has just been ordered by a judge NOT to harass her stalker ... bizarre but true.

It all started back in 2011 ... when Nicole Albrecht -- a German citizen -- and her 8-year-old brother knocked on Alexandra's door at her home in Pacific Palisades and asked to use the bathroom.  Alexandra obliged.

A short time later, Nicole showed up with a gift to thank Alexandra for the hospitality.  But that wasn't the end.  Alexandra says Nicole went psycho, showing up 3 more times in a week. 

And then Nicole started showing up at Alexandra's gym and nearby pool.  At that point Alexandra and her hubby went to court and got a restraining order against Nicole.

Somehow Alexandra and Nicole ended up in a room with a mediator, and they agreed to stay clear of each other at the gym, the pool and Alexandra's home.

Fast forward to October.  The two women start running into each other at the pool.  Alexandra pitches a fit, telling Nicole she has no right to be there.  But Nicole fires back, she's a member of the community pool and Alexandra was horning in on HER space.

So Nicole went to court and just got a restraining order against Alexandra, prohibiting the "Baywatch" star from harassing, intimidating, molesting, attacking, striking, stalking, threatening, assaulting, hitting, or abusing her at the cement pond.

By the way, Alexandra ended up getting the same order against Nicole.

Translation:  Get outta my lane, bitch.

Pamela Anderson Gets the Chop

10/31/2013 11:00 AM PDT

Say goodbye to Pamela Anderson's iconic long blonde hair -- the "Baywatch" legend has pulled a full-on Michelle Williams, chopping her beautiful flowing locks in order to more closely resemble a 12-year-old boy.

46-year-old Anderson debuted the new 'do in L.A. yesterday, wearing sunglasses and a striped skirt. Michelle Williams first experimented with the pixie cut in 2007.

But let's give credit where it's due. Macaulay Culkin has been rocking this noise since the 90s.

'Baywatch' Star Peace Deal With Alleged Stalker

9/15/2013 12:15 AM PDT

Former "Baywatch" star Alexandra Paul has withdrawn her restraining order against an overzealous German fan ... in a bizarrely friendly settlement.

Here's the deal Alexandra struck with her alleged stalker ... in return for 86ing the restraining order, he doesn't communicate with her in any way, shape or form, and that includes letters, faxes or any other form of electronic communication.

The two also agreed to stay 50 ft. away from each other at all times -- unless they're at the gym they both frequent in Pacific Palisades ... or the pool at a nearby rec. center.  At those 2 locations, they have to stay 15 feet apart ... so no buddy sit ups.

Here's the best part -- both say if they accidentally violate the rules ... they've agreed to immediately walk in separate directions.

Note to Alexandra ... running is permitted.

'Baywatch' Star German Fanatic is Threatening Me and My Husband

8/27/2013 4:25 PM PDT

Germany's fascination with all things David Hasselhoff is blowing up in the face of another "Baywatch" star ... who just got a restraining order against a woman she says has been tailing her all over town.

Alexandra Paul, who played Stephanie Holden on "Baywatch", filed docs claiming Nicole Albrecht -- a German citizen -- is infatuated with her and the situation's been escalating for months ... including the following alleged incidents:

- Albrecht and her family show up uninvited to Paul's house and leave gifts and a note.

- Albrecht trailed Paul into a bathroom at her Pacific Palisades community pool ... and also appeared to chase Paul on foot during a hike.

- Albrecht waited for Paul in the parking garage of her gym and grabbed her ... until a manager at the gym intervened.

In the docs, AP goes all "Snatch" -- blaming "Zee Germans" for Albrecht's obsession, saying ... "This woman, Nicole, is from Germany and Baywatch is extremely popular there."

The court granted Alexandra a Temporary Restraining Order on Thursday which requires Albrecht to stay 25 feet away from AP and her husband.

A hearing is set for Sept. 12th to determine whether to extend the protection.

FUN FACT: Alexandra and her husband, Ian Murray, are both badass triathletes ... as in "Ironman" competitors.


'Baywatch' Star Hammering Out a Deal With Chippendales

8/4/2011 2:10 PM PDT

Ex-"Baywatch" star Jeremy Jackson is currently in a meeting with honchos at Chippendales in Las Vegas -- and we're told, both parties are trying to hash out a deal for the actor to join the bow-tied bunch on a full-time basis.

Jeremy's rep tells TMZ, the former child actor is on deck to fill an empty celebrity host spot ... following 98 Degrees singer Jeff Timmons -- but unlike Jeff's short stint ... this would be a long-term deal.

We're told Jeremy is extremely serious about the gig -- going to Vegas last weekend to try on the bow tie and shirt cuffs (above) just to get a feel for the experience.

And that's not it ... we're told Jeremy's also been working out non-stop to prep for the position -- and after entering "Celebrity Rehab" earlier this year for a hormone-injecting fitness addiction ... he's doing it ALL-NATURALLY.

We're told an announcement is expected to be made shortly.

Hasselhoff SHOCKER I'm Not Who You Think I Am

2/17/2011 3:00 PM PST
David Hasselhoff NEVER starred in "Baywatch" ... and if you ask him what he does for a living, he'll tell you he's a power tech from Texas ... but here's the craziest part -- he ain't lying.

Here's the deal -- the bald guy who ate at Geisha House in Hollywood last night is ALSO named David Hasselhoff ... but he's a power technician from Texas.

Turns out ... Bald Hoff and German pop star Hoff are switching lives for a new CBS reality show -- in which celebs trade places with normal people who happen to share the same name.

So while this Hoff is living in the "Baywatch" star's L.A. mansion and eating at fancy restaurants ... the Knight Rider Hoff is trudging around Texas somewhere, probably getting electrocuted.

The Return of Nicole Eggert's Baywatch Body

3/29/2010 3:52 PM PDT
"Celebrity Fit Club" has really paid off for former "Baywatch" babe Nicole Eggert.

In just six months, the 38-year-old has reshaped her curvy physique into a rock hard bod.

Forget Charles, Nicole's in charge ... though not large.

David Hasselhoff Is a Star ... at His Star

3/19/2010 11:17 AM PDT
David Hasselhoff went to a burger joint yesterday -- but the only thing he was starving for was some attention.

The Hoff's trip to 25 Degrees at the Roosevelt turned into an all out lovefest after he decided to go to the front of the hotel -- where his star on the Walk of Fame is conveniently located.

A tour bus even unloaded to get photos with him -- and dude couldn't have been nicer.

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