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Shaq Me And Barkley Are Just Like Our Moms They Were Frenemies Too!!

5/17/2018 12:10 AM PDT

Shaq and Charles Barkley's love/hate relationship is actually in it's second generation ... that's according to The Diesel, who says their mamas were friends and used to fight the exact same way.

Chuck and Shaq get into HEATED arguments on "Inside The NBA" -- like, really bad ones -- leading some people to speculate whether the guys really like each other when the cameras are off.

Adam Glyn got Shaq out in NYC and asked if there was actual bad blood between the two men, and not only did O'Neal say it was all love, he said the way they treat each other was learned.

"His mom and my mom were best friends, and they used to have the same type of relationship. Funniest thing ever."

Barkley's mom, Charcey, sadly passed away back in 2015, but we're guessing all her arguments with O'Neal's mom never got as bad as it did for the guys back in the day.

But we can't be sure. 

Cowboys' Bo Scarbrough To Ezekiel Elliott: Take Me Under Your Wing, Bro!

5/8/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Dallas Cowboys rookie RB Bo Scarbrough has a message for Ezekiel Elliott -- HELP ME HELP YOU!! 

The ex-Bama star was a 7th round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft -- and knows he ain't taking Zeke's starting job. 

Instead, he wants to be the best #2 back in the league -- and hopes Zeke's down to help him get that spot. 

"Man, I just hope Zeke ... help your boy out," Scarbrough told TMZ Sports

"We coming in, work together. We trying to win, we trying to be the best duo that ever came through in NFL history."

Scarbrough has all the tools to be a stud in the league -- he's 6'1", 228 lbs and ran a blazing 4.52 in the 40-yard dash at the combine, the 6th fastest time for a running back. 

And get this ... Scarbrough spotted Terrell Owens at LAX, and it turns out they already know each other because Bo was just working out with T.O. and Julio Jones just a few days ago! 

In fact, Owens even dished out some advice for Scarbrough on how to make it in the NFL. 

That's Hall of Fame advice, Bo ... better listen up! 

Wayne Brady Friend-Zoned Guy Screwed Himself On 'Let's Make a Deal'

5/3/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Wayne Brady says the guy who got slammed into the friend-zone on "Let's Make A Deal" only has himself to blame ... 'cause he should've nailed down his relationship status before the show.

We got Wayne outside K Bakery in Pacific Palisades Wednesday, and he swore the brutal-to-watch diss -- which has gone viral -- was painfully real. If ya missed it ... contestants Steve and Jessie dressed in matching '70s prom outfits, prompting Wayne to ask how long they'd been together.

It all went downhill from there. 

Wayne says he feels bad for Steve, but it's clear the guy missed some important social cues.

Steve and Jessie ultimately won a trip to Mexico on the show. As far as he knows, the trip's still a go ... but Wayne says it's not clear if it's gonna be booked for one or two.

Kanye West Dropping 2 New Albums ... One With Kid Cudi

4/19/2018 12:55 PM PDT

Kanye West just revealed he's got new music on the way ... but isn't just stopping with one album, he'll drop TWO. 

'Ye took to Twitter Thursday to announce his current untitled album with 7 songs will be released June 1. He's also got a project with Kid Cudi that will drop June 8.

West revealed he and Cudi will go by the group name Kids See Ghost.

The two were seen in L.A. months ago leaving the studio together, so you gotta imagine a ton of hours have been spent on the new release.

SZA Coachella Collab with Cardi B ... Yeah, That'd be Gnarly!!!

4/13/2018 6:54 AM PDT

SZA's stoked to take the stage with Cardi B at Coachella ... IF that's the plan, but she's not even trying to hide her excitement over the possibility.

The red-hot singer was leaving Nas' restaurant, Sweet Chick, Thursday in L.A. when she told us it would be an honor to perform with Cardi at the festival, but she can't give away secrets.

It would totally make sense ... SZA's featured on Cardi's new album, "Invasion of Privacy," on the track "I Do" -- and they're both already on the Coachella lineup. Somebody's gotta make it happen!

We also asked her about Cardi's brewing beef with Nicki Minaj over their "Motorsport" collab.

If ya missed it ... Cardi insinuated Nicki tried to one-up her, and Nicki claims Cardi and Migos bullied her into making changes to her verses.

SZA's take? Don't believe the hype.

Kim & Kourtney Peace Out! Mission Khloe Accomplished

4/12/2018 4:45 PM PDT

Part of Khloe Kardashian's backup team is pulling outta town, now that she's successfully birthed her baby girl.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian boarded their private jet Thursday afternoon in Cleveland, heading back to Los Angeles. The sisters, along with Kris Jenner and Khloe's pal, Malika Haqq all jetted to the expectant mom's side on Wednesday.

They weren't there just for the birth, but to support her through Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal. Despite the videos of him making out, motorboating and hanging at his hotel with multiple other women -- Tristan was in the delivery room.

Kourt and Kim must be satisfied Khloe's gonna be alright, since they're now L.A.-bound.

Ronda Rousey 'Legendary' Match at WrestleMania ... Says Ex-WWE Champ Eve

4/9/2018 4:21 PM PDT

Ronda Rousey shut up all her haters in a BIG way at WrestleMania 34 -- so says one of the top women's wrestlers of the past decade.

Eve Torres Gracie -- a 3-time WWE Divas champ -- says winning over pro wrestling fans is the hardest part of the business. But when the spotlight was on, Rowdy delivered -- layin' the smackdown on Stephanie McMahon and Triple H in what many are calling the night's #1 match! 

"She killed it ... she blew everyone away," Eve told the guys on the TMZ Sports TV show (airs weeknights on FS1) ... "Legendary performance." 

Fun fact: Eve's been friends with Ronda for years -- Torres' husband, Rener Gracie, coached Rousey up in jiu-jitsu -- and knowing her as well as she does, told us why all the question marks only fueled her epic debut.

Don't miss the entire interview with the former "Diva Search" winner Monday night on FS1.

Chris Bosh Super Proud Of Dwyane Wade For Helping Parkland Kids

4/9/2018 12:10 AM PDT

Chris Bosh says his heart is full of pride because his friend Dwyane Wade did an awesome thing ... taking time out to brighten the lives of kids affected by the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High.

In case you missed it, Wade visited with the students back in March, taking pictures, laughing with them, and delivering a message of encouragement to the kids. 

We got Bosh at LAX and asked what we thought of his old Miami running mate getting involved and showing love, and Bosh gushed like a proud bestie, then delivered a message of his own.

"That's what it's about man. He's a great dude, Florida's a great place and blessings that all the people get better soon and stay strong man."

The Chainsmokers' Andrew Taggart Mistaken for Liam Payne But Hilariously Plays Along!!!

4/5/2018 8:43 AM PDT

Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers never again has to wonder what it's like to walk in Liam Payne's shoes ... he got a very funny glimpse of the 1D life, and thankfully cameras were rolling.

Andrew was outside Craig's Wednesday night in WeHo and posed for selfies with several fans who were apparently under the impression he's the guy who used to be in One Direction.

Paps played along, too ... peppering Andrew with questions like, when's 1D getting back together?! But, you gotta see how he got his partner, Alex Pall, in the game.

Sly Stallone Arnold Will Be Back But He Ain't Givin' Up Stogies!!!

3/30/2018 3:11 PM PDT

Sylvester Stallone isn't worried one bit about his best bud Arnold Schwarzenegger, because he just knows the Terminator will be back, bigger and stronger than ever.

We got Rocky Friday in Bev Hills after lunch leaving E. Baldi, and he had no fear over Arnold's heart surgery.

We broke the story, the plan was for a fairly unobtrusive replacement valve, but it didn't work and doctors had to open Arnold up. He's in stable condition.

Two things ... will Arnold give up cigars, and will Sly teach Arnold the ropes for working out and getting back on his feet? S.S. has 2 very clear answers. 

Lil Wayne & Birdman Father-Son Status Restored!!!

3/26/2018 10:02 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Birdman's back to doing something with Lil Wayne he hasn't done in a long time ... calling him his son.

The two hung out at LIV on Sunday again. It's the second weekend in a row they bumped into each other at the Miami club, but this time Weezy chilled in Birdman's section for 40 minutes. 

We're told there was no talk of Wayne's $51 million lawsuit against Birdman. Instead, they laughed and joked around, talked about the old times -- and when it was all said and done ... Birdman posted a pic with the caption "Me and my SON." 

As for that legal issue, we're told both have instructed their lawyers to hash out a plan that ends the legal feud, and releasing "Tha Carter V" would be part of that agreement.

Mick Foley 100% Supporting Kane For Mayor Even Though He's a Republican

3/22/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Mick Foley says he so believes in his old WWE partner Kane's Mayoral run, that he's willing to stump for the guy personally, even though they're from two different parties.

Kane (real name Glenn Jacobs) is running for mayor in Knox County, Tennessee ... and he's getting a big help from his old running buddy, Mick -- who told TMZ Sports why Jacobs is the man for the job.

"One of the wisest, best read, most well-read, compassionate people I've ever met."

Foley says he feels like public service is Glenn's true calling ... which is why Mick is campaigning for Kane at an event in Tennessee -- despite him being a democrat, and the Big Red Machine being a republican.

"He's a republican, and I'm not, and that doesn't really matter. He's an honorable man and a great person, and he wouldn't be doing this if he didn't think he could do a great job for the people of Knox County."

We also talked to the WWE HOF'er about the wrestling bombshell of the week -- Daniel Bryan's return to the squared circle.

Odell Beckham Jr. Shoot-Danced Like A Wildman ... at Teammate's Wedding!

3/21/2018 11:56 AM PDT

Odell Beckham Jr. made one hell of an entrance at the Sterling Shepard-Chanel Iman wedding reception, doing what he does best -- DANCING HIS ASS OFF.

OBJ and Shepard's other groomsmen tore through the wedding hall with Rich the Kid's "New Freezer" bumpin' ... and broke out the shoot dance to end all shoot dances -- fist-pumpin' and leg-kickin' with extra sauce for Sterling's big day!!

Giants WR Roger Lewis and Miami WR Kenny Stills (Shep's OU teammate) weren't half bad -- but we gotta give Odell the nod for performance of the night ... only 'cause Eli wasn't around to steal the show.

In the video, the emcee said the party was just getting started ... so we can only imagine how turnt OBJ and co. got by night's end.

Congrats, Sterling and Chanel!

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