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Ray J Stop Selling My Old Kim Kardashian Drama

2/6/2016 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Ray J's done dealing with the Kim Kardashian skeletons in his closet ... his lawyer just fired off a cease and desist letter to an old business partner he thinks might be leaking old, degrading interviews.

The first interview surfaced on YouTube Thursday under the title "Ray J's Doctor Diagnoses Kim Kardashian Smelly Na-Na" ... which should give you an idea of the material. 

We're told the interview was recorded 8 years ago to accompany a book deal that was eventually canned. There's more where it came from too ... like Ray J talking about dating Whitney Houston at the time of her deadly overdose, which he wants to keep a lid on.

Ray J and his lawyer are giving the old biz partner -- Maxwell Billieon of Billieon Group -- until Monday to come forward and explain why he posted the material without Ray J's permission.

If he doesn't cop to it, Ray J plans on suing.

Rose McGowan Files for Divorce

2/4/2016 4:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Rose McGowan is pulling the plug on her marriage ... filing for divorce.

According to the divorce docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Rose cites the boilerplate "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for ending her 2  year marriage to David Leavitt, who works as a visual artist.

The couple had no kids and we don't know if there's a prenup. Rose's net worth is reportedly around $18 mil.  

The 42-year-old actress is asking the judge to reject any claim for spousal support.

It looks like there won't be much of a fight, because the papers indicate there will be a "stipulated judgment," which sounds like a settlement between the 2 of them.

Joe Jonas Goes All 'SWF' On Zayn Malik

2/4/2016 8:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0204-zayn-malik-joe-jonas-akm-getty-02Joe Jonas debuted a new bleach blond hairdo Wednesday night in L.A. that bares an uncomfortable resemblance to Zayn Malik's.

Of course it's uncomfortable since Zayn happens to now be dating Joe's ex, Gigi Hadid. Sure, it could be coincidence. Could be a single white dyed blond male.

Who wore it better? We're talking to you, Gigi.


Master P I'm Not What I Used to Be ... So Back Off Sonya

2/4/2016 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

020316-master-p-tmzMaster P is a shadow of his former self in the money department, so he wants his estranged wife to lower her expectations and he's asking the divorce judge for help. 

The mogul sent a letter to the judge -- obtained by TMZ -- in which he says Sonya Miller is bleeding him dry with $10k a month in child support and more than $16k a month in spousal support.  

He says her taste for the high life is insatiable ... he gave her $8k to find a new place to live and she wants another $20k to get a better crib. What's especially galling, he says, is that she needs a new place because she's alienated her landlord with loud parties and "rude and vulgar" conduct.

Master P says all he cares about is the welfare of his children, and he's distraught that Sonya just sits around and allegedly smokes pot with their 19-year-old daughter, who dropped out of high school.

P was frank in one of the documents, saying, "This is not the 90s, you guys don't know my situation."

It's interesting, Sonya's view is that she helped P build a $200 million empire, and now she wants a big piece of the pie.    

'Sleepy Hollow' Star Files for Divorce ... Off With His Head!

2/3/2016 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0202_katia-Winter_instagram-3Katia Winter -- who played Ichabod's wife, Katrina Crane, on "Sleepy Hollow" -- is cutting ties with her husband ... she's filed for divorce.

According to Winter's divorce docs, she and hubby Jesse Glick separated last June, just before they hit their 2 year anniversary. Glick and the Swedish-born actress did not have any children together, and according to the docs they have no community property to separate.

Has all the makings of a clean cut -- kinda like that horseman guy from Katia's old show. 


Kate Beckinsale Singled Out At Famous WeHo Club

2/1/2016 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0201-kate-beckinsale-the-abbey-INSTAGRAM-01Kate Beckinsale is enjoying the single life, but it doesn't look like she's in a rush to find a new man.

Kate and some friends showed up Friday night at The Abbey in West Hollywood. We're told her crew got a table in back of the famed gay club -- and she wasn't shy when people approached for pics.

Kate's been out on the town more since her estranged husband, Len Wiseman, started hanging out, very publicly, with a new chick.

Tons of celebs hit The Abbey -- Snooki and Carson Kressley showed up Saturday after shooting "The Celebrity Apprentice" ... and "Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland did Sunday Funday there.


Gilbert Arenas 'Behaving Badly' Ordered to Co-Parenting Class

2/1/2016 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gilbert Arenas has been "behaving badly" and needs to change ... so says a judge who just ordered the ex-NBA star to attend co-parenting classes with his ex ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Gilbert and Laura Govan -- the mother of his 4 children -- were just in L.A. County Superior Court ... where they've been battling out a custody arrangement ever since their nasty split last year. 

But on Monday, the judge admonished Arenas in open court -- saying, "Gilbert is behaving badly. He needs to change."

As we previously reported, Laura has claimed Gilbert is a "reckless parent" -- and was furious after he posted a video of their 8-year-old son dangerously riding on the front hood of a Polaris back in December. 

The hostility between Laura and Gilbert goes back way further than that -- but on Monday, the judge told them they NEED to learn to get along for the sake of the kids and ordered them to 12 hours of co-parenting classes, which must be taken together. 

If they don't complete the classes, the judge could alter the arrangement again -- affecting everything from Gilbert's financial obligation to visitation. 

They're due back in court in July -- giving them 6 months to figure things out. 

Good luck ... 

Harry Styles Trolls Ex Taylor Swift With Birthday Tweet

2/1/2016 11:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Harry Styles either threw a not so silent shot at ex Taylor Swift or waved the white flag by quoting one of her songs in a birthday tweet.

The 1D-er turned 22 Monday and posted the on-point lyrics to Taylor's "Red" album throwback "22."

Seems innocent enough until you factor in Harry getting chummy with Taylor's gal pal, Kendall Jenner.

We'll give him the pass ... chances are he was song material in the past.


Mechelle Epps Mike Blindsided Me with Divorce Loyalty is One-Sided

2/1/2016 6:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mechelle Epps divorce from Mike was NOT mutual ... and she thinks another woman is involved.

We got Mechelle at LAX and she says none of it makes sense ... Mike says in his divorce docs they separated last summer, but she says they were together as late as last month.

And then she starts talking to our photog about another woman and loyalty. 

This one falls into the "extremely bitter breakup" column.

Johnny Manziel Ex-GF To Cops ... I'm Worried About Him

1/30/2016 10:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0130-johnny-manziel-tmz-02Johnny Manziel's ex-girlfriend told police she was worried about the well-being of the QB after a domestic incident early Saturday morning ... this according to the Fort Worth PD.

The FWPD says they recieved a call around 2 am this morning of a possible assault and made contact with a "23 year old female who stated she was involved in a disturbance with her ex-bf earlier in the evening in Dallas."

As TMZ Sports previously reported, Manziel and longtime girlfriend Colleen Crowley had apparently broken up in recent weeks -- and scrubbed their social media accounts of each other. The report does not mention Crowley by name but her age and information sync up.

Cops say when they made contact with Manziel's ex, she was uncooperative. Then there's this ... cops say Manziel's ex told them she was concerned about "the well-being of her ex-boyfriend." So the FWPD launched a full scale effort to find Manziel -- searching the area with the assistance of an "Air One Unit." 

Ultimately cops say they determined Manziel was "safe and in no danger" and now officials are continuing the investigation to determine if a crime was committed. 


Mike Epps No Funny Business ... DIVORCE!!!

1/29/2016 11:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0129-mike-epps-mechelle-epps-TMZ-INSTAGRAM-01Mike Epps just called it quits on his decade long marriage to wife, Mechelle.

Mike filed the divorce docs Tuesday in L.A. superior court ... they've been married since July of 2005 but separated last summer.

Mike is asking for joint custody of their two daughters, Maddie and Mariah, ages 8 and 10. He's reportedly worth $6 million having had roles in some huge flicks like "Next Friday," "Hancock" and "The Hangover" ... no word if there was a prenup.

Mike also has 2 other daughters from a previous relationship.

NFL's Keith Mitchell Dumped By Pregnant GF ... After Dom. Violence Arrest

1/27/2016 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0122-keith-mitchell-sasha-gradiva-TMZ-INSTAGRAM-01It's one strike and you're out when it comes to domestic violence ... so says the GF of ex-NFL linebacker Keith Mitchell ... who says she dumped him after he got violent, despite the fact she's pregnant with his child.

TMZ Sports broke the story ... the former New Orleans Saints linebacker was arrested earlier this month after cops say they noticed a bruise on his GF's face following a domestic incident.

We spoke with the woman at the center of the incident, Sasha Gradiva (who gave us permission to use her name and image) ... and she says there's no 2nd chance when it comes to violence.

Gradiva says she was shocked by Mitchell's behavior -- considering he's now a famous yoga instructor and should be able to channel his anger in a non-violent way. 

"It was not an easy choice to call the police," Gradiva says ... "But I don't think his actions should be tolerated under any condition."

It's especially difficult for Sasha since she's due to give birth any day -- and the last thing she wanted was to have to separate with the father of her child -- but she felt he gave her no choice.

"I have to think about myself and my daughter ... I want her to grow up in a healthy environment."

We reached out to Mitchell for comment -- so far, no word back.


Draya Michele I'm Back with NFL Star ... 'We Worked It Out'

1/25/2016 1:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Right now ... at this exact moment in time ... Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick are back together. 

Despite the fact they flip-flop more than a Washington politician, the former 'Basketball Wives' star says she's reconciled with the father of her fetus ... and they're finally in a good place. 

As we previously reported ... about a billion times ... Draya and the Dallas Cowboys star have dated for a while (and broken up), got engaged (and called it off) and conceived a child (and broke up after that). 

But this weekend ... Draya says they have worked things out -- and this time, they're hoping it lasts forever. 

(Our apologies for the confused photog ... dude was having a bad night). 

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