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Utah Jazz's Jeff Withey Accused of Domestic Violence ... By Playmate Ex

4/20/2017 12:20 AM PDT

Utah Jazz center Jeff Withey has been accused of domestic violence in a police report filed by his Playboy Playmate of the Year ex-fiancee, Kennedy Summers ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Law enforcement sources confirm the report was filed in Manhattan Beach, CA on Tuesday and references multiple alleged incidents. We're told cops are focused on one alleged incident from 2016. 

Our law enforcement sources tell us cops were called to an incident involving Withey and Summers last year, but no report was made at the time and nobody was arrested.

Sources connected to Summers tell us she filed the report now because Withey and the Jazz are in an NBA playoff series with the L.A. Clippers and she's concerned for her safety when he's in L.A.

Kennedy’s rep, Zack Teperman, tells us ... "Given the ongoing circumstances, our client now needs to protect herself and come forward about everything so this doesn't happen to her or others in the future."

Withey and Summers have had relationship issues for years -- they broke up back in 2016 after Summers trashed the NBA player on social media when she found out he took someone else on a movie date behind her back. 

They reconciled and got engaged a few months later before finally calling things off for good in October. 

We reached out to Withey's camp for comment. So far, no word back. 

Carmelo Anthony I Can Go Ringless Too, La La

4/18/2017 6:21 PM PDT

It doesn't look like Carmelo Anthony's ever going to win a ring in New York, but now he's ditched his wedding ring too.

The NY Knicks star followed suit with his now estranged wife, La La ... and hit the city streets Tuesday sans wedding band. La La ditched her ring more than a week ago when she moved out of their home.

TMZ broke the story ... Melo and La La are separated and there's next to zero chance of reconciliation. As we told you, a dancer claims she got knocked up by the NBA superstar. 

No ring, but he was wearing a smile today ... for what that's worth.

Scottie Pippen & Larsa Moving Forward with Divorce ... But It's Friendly

4/18/2017 12:06 PM PDT

Scottie Pippen and Larsa have finally made a decision on the state of their marriage -- and will move forward with the divorce ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

The good news ... the NBA legend and the former 'Real Housewives' star are on really good terms and have vowed to remain friends after the split.

We broke the story ... Scottie filed divorce docs back in October after 19 years of marriage. The two have 4 kids together.

But the two spent months trying to work things out and just last week they traveled to Universal Orlando Resort as a family.

In the end, the two sides decided it's just not working and the best move is to split. We're told both Scottie and Larsa have vowed to remain friends and co-parent their kids.

Of course, the couple had issues in the past -- but, as one source put it, "Couples argue. It never got physical."

The good news ... both should do well on the dating scene. Especially Larsa. See proof below.

La La Anthony Ditches Wedding Ring ... After Split from 'Melo

4/18/2017 11:05 AM PDT
Breaking News

La La Anthony is making a big statement in NYC -- going out without her wedding ring ... after separating from her husband, Carmelo Anthony

Sources connected to La La tell us she hasn't worn the ring in more than a week -- since she moved out from the home she shared with the NBA star. 

We broke the story, La La ain't happy with Melo after a woman came forward claiming to be 6 months pregnant with his kid.

So far, no divorce papers have been filed but sources tell us it's just a matter of time at this point.

Rudy Giuliani Don't Judge Carmelo ... Tons of Athletes Cheat

4/18/2017 9:45 AM PDT

Rudy Giuliani says basketball fans shouldn't turn their backs on Carmelo Anthony in the wake of adultery allegations ... because HALF of all athletes cheat. 

The ex-NYC mayor was out in L.A. when we asked how he felt about the standoff between Melo and the NY Knicks ... with Phil Jackson saying he wants Anthony off the team next year. 

"He's a Knick," Rudy told us ... "Once a Knick, always a Knick."

But when we asked how fans should feel about Melo's alleged off-the-court activity, Rudy defended him, saying, "I don't think you judge sports characters based on things like that ... otherwise you'd probably lose half of them."

Carmelo Anthony Allegedly Knocked Up Dancer ... La La Pissed

4/18/2017 12:50 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Carmelo Anthony was messing around with a woman who now claims she's pregnant with his baby -- and as you can imagine, his wife, La La, is pissed ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Multiple sources tell us ... the other woman often works at a gentlemen's club in NYC, and we're told she's claiming to be 6 and a half months pregnant with Melo's child. 

We're also told she has made it clear to Melo she expects him to kick in for medical expenses and other baby related costs. 

Sources close to both Melo and La La are telling us the marriage has been rocky for a while -- and while the pregnancy wasn't the tipping point, it certainly didn't help.

So far, neither side has filed divorce papers but we're told there's virtually zero chance of a reconciliation. 

Carmelo and La La Anthony Separated

4/17/2017 1:11 PM PDT

Carmelo and La La Anthony are separated ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the couple tell us the actress and NBA superstar are now living separately. La La moved out of the family home last week and has her own place in NYC now.

We're told the couple's had ups and downs in the past, but the current NBA season has been extremely stressful on the marriage for several months. Carmelo's been plagued by trade talks ... with the Knicks looking to move him to another team.

Our sources say the split is still amicable. They were together just this past weekend at their 10-year-old son Kiyan's basketball game.

We're told La La and Carmelo have NO plans to uproot Kiyan from his friends and school in NY.

Problem is ... it seems likely Carmelo will have to leave town, because just last week Knicks President Phil Jackson said it was time for him to go.

Neither is talking divorce yet, just separation. The couple got married in 2010.

Ben Affleck, Jen Garner Moving, Moving On and Dating

4/17/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have not even started the process of figuring out who gets what in the divorce, because they made a real attempt during their separation to work things out rather than just end things.

Sources on both sides say there's no animosity between Ben and Jen. We've learned Ben's now dating someone, though "not seriously." He's moving out of the family guesthouse and into a new home. As one source said, "He's ready to move on."

As for Jen ... we're told she cares deeply for Ben, but his stint in rehab was the culmination of a difficult period for the family and she too felt it's now the right time to end the marriage.

We're told Ben and Jen never discussed dividing assets because they were ambivalent about the divorce, so now they have to deal with a fortune in assets. As we reported, there is no prenup, so everything goes into one pot ... property, art and other items must be valued, sold or split.

It will take a minimum of 6 months before the divorce is final, and sources say because of the amount of property, it will probably take longer.

Lisa Vanderpump First Gay Couple She Married Headed for Divorce

4/17/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Lisa Vanderpump's track record as an ordained minster is taking an L because the first couple she ever married just filed for the big D.

Magno and Dominic Salva were the first gay couple to get hitched at Lisa's Pump restaurant, which sits smack in the middle of WeHo.

They got hitched in November 2014 but the marriage hit the rocks. They filed for divorce this week.

It's a pretty clean divorce ... they have no kids and neither wants spousal support. Dominic wants his name restored to Dominic Carlos Pierson.

When they married, Lisa said she was honored to have officiated for a couple entitled to equal rights.

Hunter Biden Speedy Divorce ... Final Settlement Reached

4/14/2017 1:05 PM PDT
Breaking News

Hunter and Kathleen Biden have settled up their divorce just 4 months after she filed, and 6 weeks after his relationship with his brother's widow went public.

According to court docs ... Joe Biden's son and his ex reached an agreement on "all questions relating to custody, support, property rights, and all other rights." Specific terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Kathleen had sought sole physical and legal custody of their minor child, while Hunter wanted joint custody -- a big gap they've clearly bridged. Both sides made accusations of cheating ... before agreeing to quit the mudslinging in public.

As of Friday ... they're both officially single. Hunter's now dating Hallie Biden, who was married to his brother, Beau.

Ben Affleck Ready to Move Out of Guesthouse

4/14/2017 11:20 AM PDT

Ben Affleck is moving on from Jennifer Garner, in more than one way, because we've learned he's planning to move out of the family guesthouse for his own pad.

Ben's been living in the Pacific Palisades guesthouse since the couple split 2 years ago, while Jennifer Garner and their 3 kids have inhabited the main house.

We're told Ben has found a house he likes but no deal has closed. As for location, we're told the priority for both Ben and Jen is to keep the kids together and the parents close as well. The place he'll move will be close to the family home.

TMZ broke the story ... the couple has filed for divorce, and we're told Ben thinks it's time to make the move.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner File for Divorce

4/13/2017 3:26 PM PDT

Jennifer Garner has just filed for divorce from Ben Affleck, TMZ has learned, and it could not be more amicable.

Both Jen and Ben filed pro per -- without a lawyer. Her petition and his response mirror each other completely. The petition and response were filed together, which means it was coordinated.

They both want joint legal and physical custody of their 3 kids. As for spousal support, they left it open, so the judge could award it before the divorce becomes final.

They do not list a date of separation, but in June 2015 they announced their separation.

We've learned there is no prenup, which means all of their earnings during their marriage will be split 50/50, unless they agree otherwise. Ben made a lot more than Jen during the marriage.

There are strong signals the case will not be handled in court, but rather by a mediator, especially by the way the docs were filed. This is the M.O. for disso queen Laura Wasser, who has guided various celebrity couples through mediation and then has them file for divorce pro per.

We're told Ben and Jen are still negotiating a financial settlement. The divorce could become final in 6 months.

Morena Baccarin Spousal Support Discount Judge Shaves $15k!

4/13/2017 2:04 PM PDT

Morena Baccarin won big in court Thursday -- a judge greatly reduced the amount of spousal support she has to pay her ex, partly because her TV and movie gigs ain't a lock just yet.

Morena's lawyer, Samantha Spector, told a judge her client's income was truly up in the air, and she couldn't afford to keep paying Austin Chick $20k per month. 

Spector pointed out Morena's TV show, "Gotham," hadn't been picked up yet for a 4th season -- and she's not a lock for "Deadpool 2" either. She also argued Austin could support himself with a j-o-b ... at Starbucks.

Morena's been fighting to get this discount, claiming Chick was sucking her finances dry instead of finding work. As of June 1, she'll only have to pay him $5k/month.

We got Morena leaving court with her "Gotham" co-star/BF, Ben McKenzie. They were both tight-lipped, but Morena's grin said a lot.