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Janet Jackson Husband Moves Out of House ... Signs of Divorce

4/12/2017 6:37 AM PDT

Janet Jackson's people will only says she's separated from her husband, Wissam Al Mana, but based on a big move Tuesday it looks much more like divorce.

Movers showed up at their London home and carted away boxes and suitcases.

As we reported, the couple separated in January, just a week or so after their baby was born.

Our sources say the split appears permanent, despite the statement only confirming a separation. The moving trucks seem to accentuate this is more than temporary.

Jodie Sweetin My Ex Rang Twice ... Claims Security Scared Him Off This Time

4/12/2017 12:20 AM PDT

Jodie Sweetin's security team says her ex-fiance popped up outside her house AGAIN ... even though he's been ordered to stay the hell away from her.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Justin Hodak drove by Jodie's crib Monday afternoon, but was scared off by security guards, who then called police. The incident is a big no-no for Hodak because Jodie has a restraining order against him. We're told she was home at the time.

Hodak was long gone when police showed up, but officers filed a report stating he'd violated the court order. LAPD's threat management unit is handling the case.

We broke the story ... cops busted Jodie's ex in March for violating the restraining order when she reported him in a suspicious car outside her house.

As for Monday's incident -- Hodak claims Jodie's security got it wrong. He denies being at her house.

Stephen Belafonte Will Seek Visitation of Eddie Murphy's Daughter

4/11/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Stephen Belafonte not only wants joint custody of Madison, his 5-year-old daughter with Mel B, he also wants the legal right to maintain a relationship with the daughter Mel B had with Eddie Murphy ... TMZ has learned.

Mel B now wants sole custody of Madison, which sets up a custody fight. But now sources connected with Belafonte tell us he will ask a judge for visitation rights for 10-year-old Angel. Belafonte believes he's been the father in her life from birth ... he married Mel B 2 months after she was born.

Belafonte says Murphy has been a marginal presence in Angel's life, and he's been the stepdad. Under California law, a stepparent can get "reasonable visitation" if it's in the best interests of the child.

In a letter Belafonte's lawyer wrote to Mel B's lawyer on March 31, he staked his claim. The lawyer wrote, "Stephen would like to schedule a meeting as soon as possible to discuss the resolution of temporary issues including his ability to see Madison and Angel, whom we would appreciate continuing to have contact with."

We're told Belafonte's lawyers will raise the issue as the divorce proceeds, but under law he could not ask for stepfather visitation in his divorce response.

Our sources say Mel B will strongly oppose Belafonte's move to get visitation rights for Angel.

Mel B Simon Cowell Convinced Me to Leave Belafonte

4/10/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Mel B needed a push to leave Stephen Belafonte for good, and she got it from fellow 'AGT' judge Simon Cowell.

Sources connected to Mel tell TMZ about the time Mel moved out of the family home earlier this year. Simon has seen plenty of Belafonte over the years, from 'X Factor' to 'AGT.'

We're told Simon and others felt something was seriously wrong but Mel B would never own up ... she would make excuses for various injuries and no one was sure what was real.

Simon stepped up and told her Belafonte was "a bad guy" and "bad news" and gave her the confidence to leave him.

The big thing for Mel B ... she has left him before, but she came back ... until now, and we're told she gives some of the credit to Simon.

Mariah Carey & Bryan Tanaka Break Up Over Extreme Jealousy, Expensive Stuff

4/10/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Mariah Carey is done with Bryan Tanaka and vice versa, and we're told it's over 2 things ... his insane jealousy and her shutting the cash register drawer on his fingers.

Our sources say Bryan had unbridled fury over Mariah's relationship with ex-hubby Nick Cannon. She's been chummy with him for sure, mostly for the benefit of their twins. They vacation as a family and go to dinner and parties together, sometimes without the kids. We're told it drove Bryan insane.

We're told Bryan would lash back at her by flirting and even coming onto women in plain view of Mariah.

The last straw came at the Kids' Choice Awards last month, when Nick and Mariah took the twins. We're told Bryan felt the display "disrespected" him and during the event he demanded she come home.

As for the cash register part, we're told Mariah got sick of footing the bills for her BF ... for things like Gucci and Balmain and super expensive shoes. Bryan also loves jewelry, and we're told he was always in the market for expensive watches and chains ... and guess who footed the bills?

She also felt Bryan slid in after she broke up with James Packer, and his endgame was fame.  

They haven't seen or spoken to each other since they went to Cabo together at the end of March.

They were together for a little over 5 months. And we thought this one was gonna last.

Janet Jackson, Wissam Al Mana Separation Date May Have Prenup Implications

4/9/2017 9:42 AM PDT

Janet Jackson's split from husband #3 may have significant financial implications.

Both Janet and Wissam Al Mana are wealthy, but he far more than she. He has an estimated net worth of $1 billion. She's worth an estimated $175 mil. 

Janet, who had a prenup with husband #2 Rene Elizondo, almost certainly had a prenup with Al Mana. Such prenups are typically structured -- so the longer the marriage, the bigger the settlement.

Prenups typically have 5 and 10 year marks, which trigger more money in the pot to be divided. Janet announced in February, 2013 that she had gotten married a year earlier.  Given the date of her reported separation from Al Mana, it seems to be almost exactly at the 5 year mark of marriage.

The couple just had a baby in January, which may also have prenup implications.

Aaron Rodgers & Olivia Munn DUNZO

4/7/2017 6:16 AM PDT
Breaking News

They said it would never last ... and they were right. Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers have broken up just months after rumors swirled that they were engaged.

The Green Bay Packers QB and the 'X-Men' actress began dating in 2014 but have finally decided to call it quits, this according to People.

There was a huge rift between Aaron and his family over the years -- and many people believed Olivia played a part ... though Aaron never publicly addressed it.

No word on why the two split -- but Olivia has been hanging out with her close friend, Ayesha Curry, over the past few days without Rodgers. Our guess is she's leaning on Ayesha for emotional support.

Stephen Belafonte Files Divorce Response I Want Support from Mel

4/6/2017 4:24 PM PDT

Stephen Belafonte has just filed his official response to Mel B's divorce petition, and he made it clear ... he's not going away empty-handed.

For starters ... Belafonte is asking for spousal support, though it's premature to set a figure. In her petition she asked the judge to deny Belafonte support. He wants her to pay his lawyer's fees.

They dispute the separation date. Belafonte says it was March 1, 2017. She says it was December 28, 2016. It matters when it comes to dividing up the property.

And speaking of property, both acknowledge there is community property on the line, which suggests there was not a prenup.

Stephen's asking for joint legal custody of the one child they have together. Now, it's interesting ... when Mel filed for divorce she also asked for joint custody, but earlier this week, in her restraining order docs ... she asked for sole legal and physcial custody.

It's unclear if Mel wants sole custody just in the short term or if she had a change of heart.

As for Mel B ... she's gettin' on with life, and lookin' good.

'Star Wars' Screenwriter Sues Tinder Date Over Disastrous Breakup

4/5/2017 4:24 PM PDT

A big-time screenwriter is suing a woman he met on Tinder, claiming she was using an episode of "Entourage" as a template to ruin his life.

Derek Connolly, whose credits include the upcoming "Star Wars: Episode IX," as well as "Jurassic World" and "Kong: Skull Island," met a woman named Ada Hui last May on the dating app. They dated until late last month, and the breakup was super bad.

He says she exploded in a fit of rage, posting their text messages on Instagram and threatening to damage his career. Connolly says Hui even insinuated he was in harm's way.

Then it got really ugly. Connolly says she told him to drop off her stuff by a certain time, or else it would be "Entourage S7 E7," a reference to Season 7 Episode 7 titled "Tequila and Coke," in which Ari Gold was blackmailed.

He says she threatened to "gut" his identity and self-worth. He says she cautioned, "You won't see it coming" before it hits him "like a ton of bricks."

Connolly is suing for stalking and invasion of privacy. He also wants the judge to order her to stop.

David Schwimmer Splits from Wife After 7 Year Marriage

4/5/2017 9:20 AM PDT
Breaking News

David Schwimmer and his wife, Zoe Buckman, have split after almost 7 years of marriage.

The couple made the announcement, saying, "It is with great love, respect and friendship that we have decided to take some time apart while we determine the future of our relationship."

They add ... "Our priority is, of course, our daughter's happiness and well being during this challenging time, and so we ask for your support and respect for our privacy as we continue to raise her together and navigate this new chapter for our family."

Schwimmer and Buckman have been together for more than 10 years, and got hitched in June 2010. They have 1 daughter together ... this is also their first go at marriage each.

Mel B's Home Fire Sale After Domestic Abuse Allegations Surface

4/4/2017 1:58 PM PDT

Mel B clearly wants to move on with her life, because the very same day estranged husband Stephen Belafonte was kicked out of the family house that has been up for sale for only 2 weeks, she lowered the price by a million bucks.

The Hollywood Hills home was put on the market March 22 for $8.995 mil. On Monday, just after a judge ordered Stephen to leave, the asking price went down to $7.995 mil.

Our sources say Mel B might not even live there while the house is up for sale, because it has a lot of bad memories.

The house is 6,000 square feet ... 4 bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths.

Hunter and Kathleen Biden Request to Seal Divorce Denied ... Judge Says Damage Is Done

4/4/2017 1:18 PM PDT

Hunter and Kathleen Biden's push to keep their divorce battle out of the public eye has been shot down by the judge ... TMZ has learned.

According to docs obtained by TMZ, Joe Biden's son and daughter-in-law claim they and their kids are public figures, and if details of their divorce get out ... it could be "damaging and embarrassing" to the family. Hence the request to seal the case.

The court called B.S., saying if the estranged couple wanted to keep it on the DL, they shouldn't have included the sordid allegations in the initial divorce petition, which was filed publicly. The judge says in docs, "Sealing those documents now will not erase any embarrassment the parties or their children may have already experienced."

You'll recall ... each accused the other of cheating, and she said Hunter blew all their money.

As we reported ... Hunter and Kathleen have toned things down since then, agreeing to cease nasty allegations in public.

Mel B Belafonte Beat Me Physically And Beat Me Down Emotionally

4/4/2017 7:09 AM PDT

Mel B says she was emotionally weak when she married Stephen Belafonte, but it soon became apparent ... whenever she achieved success, he would literally beat her down to maintain control.

Mel B got a restraining order Monday, forcing Belafonte to leave the family home and stay clear of her and her 3 kids. In her declaration, she recounts why she married him. She says, "At the time, I was vulnerable. I was giving birth as a single mother, my self-esteem was very low, and my hormones were out of balance due to the pregnancy."

She says Belafonte "rushed in to help me in every way," saying in the beginning he was nice and supportive.

Shortly after they got married, Mel B says things changed dramatically. She says he would tell her she was "worthless, that he made me 'who I am,' that no one knows how really stupid I am."

She says he destroyed her self-confidence and self-esteem, especially because she was struggling to lose her pregnancy weight.

Mel B says she lived in abject fear he would make good on his threat to release sex tapes of them he recorded, threatening to ruin her career. She also says he threatened to release the videos to Children's Services in an attempt to have the kids taken away.

As we reported, she says it got so bad, in December 2014, she tried committing suicide by swallowing an entire bottle of Aspirin.

She says the final humiliation was when he allegedly began having sex with their nanny, got her pregnant and told her they should all just live together. She says she got up the gumption to fire the nanny and leave him, but he fired back that the nanny would leak damaging stories to the media and Children's Services. She was so scared she re-hired the nanny and stayed with him.

Even after separating from him in December, she began posting messages suggesting she and Belafonte were working things out. She says what finally gave her the push was her father dying last month. She says Belafonte said, "Suck it up. If he's going to die, he's going to die," and that was the final straw.

Belafonte tells TMZ he questions the motives of her accusations.