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Draya Michele

I Still Love Orlando Scandrick

... It Ain't Over Yet!

6/10/2015 6:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don't cue the fat lady just yet ... 'cause "Basketball Wives LA" star Draya Michele says her relationship with the NFL's Orlando Scandrick is STILL ALIVE -- telling TMZ Sports, "I love him."

Their relationship has been a bit complicated ... and just last month they announced they had broken up after 2 years together. But Tuesday night, Draya told us she's not "finished" with the Dallas Cowboys star. 

Check out the clip ... it doesn't seem like they're officially back on just yet ... but Draya says they're definitely trying to work something out in private. 

Stay tuned ... 

Chris Brown

I Got Mixed Signals

About Karrueche Reunion

6/9/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Chris Brown got burned by friends who told him Karrueche Tran was dying to get back together with him -- which led to the nightclub blowup that made Chris look like an obsessed ex-BF.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ ... Chris got a table at Playhouse, right next to Karrueche because their mutual friends told him to do it. The friend network was pumping Chris up ... telling him KT was ready to work things out. 

So, as you can imagine ... Chris was shocked that night when Karrueche stormed out of the club. 

Fact is, Karrueche never told anyone she wants to get back with Chris. According to our sources, she and Chris figured out the next day that they'd been had. We're told they're cutting off the so-called "friends" behind the conspiracy.  

For his part, we're told Chris is fine with moving on ... and wouldn't have gone to Playhouse if he hadn't been set up. It was the first time Chris had seen Karrueche since they broke up over his baby ... and a total disaster.


Brittney Griner

I Knew About Pregnancy

'Surprised' By Announcement

6/8/2015 2:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Brittney Griner says she was blindsided by Glory Johnson's pregnancy announcement -- but it wasn't the fact she was preggo that shocked her, it was the timing.

Griner sat down with ESPN's Kate Fagan and said she was surprised that Johnson went public with the news when she did because "it's very early. It's too early to post or say anything about it."

As TMZ Sports previously reported, sources connected to the couple tell us Johnson has only been pregnant for less than a month. 

It's still unclear whether or not Griner wants to have a relationship with the child -- or if she plans on helping out Johnson with the financial situation. 

During the interview, Griner re-stated that getting married to Johnson was a "huge mistake" and said she only agreed because she felt pressured into it. 

"With everything going on ... counseling, classes ... it wasn't the right way to start off a marriage like that."

Ariana Grande

I'm Over Big Sean

... I'm Not His Property!!

6/7/2015 11:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0607-ariana-grande-tmz-01Ariana Grande just came out swinging ... saying she's sick and tired of being referred to as "Big Sean's ex" -- because, "I do not. Belong. To anyone. But myself."

The singer just went off on social media -- saying she HATES the label because, "I am tired of living in a world where women are mostly referred to as a man’s past, present or future PROPERTY/POSSESION."

Grande then blasts society ... saying for the past 8 years she's been made to feel like she needed to have a man by her side or else she would be considered a loser. 

"After being on my own now for a few months I am realizing that that's just not the case ... I have never felt more present, grounded and satisfied. I've ever laughed harder or had more fun or enjoyed my life more."

Grande also attacks society's sexual double standard -- saying:

"If a women has a lot of sex (or any sex for that matter)….she’s a “slut”.
If a man has sex….HE’S. A. STUD. a BOSSSSSS. A KING.
If a woman even TALKS about sex openly….she is shamed!
But if a man talks or RAPS freely about all the women (or more commonly used “bitches”/”hoes”…how lovely) he’s had…he is regaled.
If a woman is seen with a friend with a penis, there is an immediate assumption of romance or sex and she is labeled!!
IF a man is seen with a woman… his status is elevated / celebrated. “AWW SHIIIIT HE SMASHED!!!1!!1!”

As we previously reported, Grande and Big Sean split back in April -- and we're told a big part of the breakup was that Sean referenced Grande's vagina in a song ... saying she has a "billion dollar p***y."

There were also rumors that Grande had rebounded with One Direction's Niall Horan -- but she told The Sun, "A girl can be friends with someone with a d**k and not hop on it."



Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran

Fool Me Thrice ....

Leave Club Together, But ...

6/5/2015 6:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A love child won't stand in the way of burning love ... at least not for Chris Brown who made sure he left the club WITH Karrueche Tran -- but it looks like her friends weren't down with it.

CB rolled up to Playhouse Thursday night in a sick new Lambo ... Karrueche showed a short time later. It seemed she was there because her BFF Christina Milian was the host for the night ... something Chris clearly knew.

Apparently Chris performed a magic show inside -- because he and Karrueche left together in the same SUV, leaving the Lambo behind. But pay close attention to the end of the video. One of KT's friends asks Chris to stay out of their SUV, but he tells her ... "Move to the back" ... and hops in anyway.

A second angle (below) shows that Chris ended up squeezing on to the same seat as Karrueche.

So, the question is -- did she WANT him to get in, and if NOT ... why didn't SHE get out? You'll recall ... Karrueche said she was done with Chris for good when baby Royalty hit the scene.

He should give seminars. 


Bobby Flay

The Sign of a Bitter Divorce

6/2/2015 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0602-bobby-flay-getty-01Bobby Flay got a big honor Tuesday with his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but it was not exactly a banner day for the famous chef. 

As Bobby raised his fist in victory, someone else gave him the fist ... in the form of a flying indictment, calling him a "Cheater."

0602-SUB-bobby-flay-hollywood-star-cheater-TMZ-03The banner -- tethered to an airplane high above Hollywood -- clearly refers to allegations in his super bitter divorce with estranged wife Stephanie March. The actress has alleged in legal docs that Bobby cheated on her.

We don't know who commissioned the banner, but it flew around the area for about an hour.


Jean-Claude Van Damme

Change of Heart

We're Not Getting Divorced

5/31/2015 7:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jean-Claude Van Damme's wife has had a change of heart,  according to him, because he's no longer headed for divorce court.

The awesome actor is all over the place in our video, explaining the reason for the reconciliation.  First he suggests it's for the benefit of their kids, but then waxes poetic about his love for wife Gladys, who filed divorce docs back in March ... pulling the plug on their 15-year marriage.

The Muscles from Brussels and Gladys were married before ... between '87 and '92.  They remarried in '99.

Hopefully, third time's a charm.


Cody Simpson

Over Gigi Hadid ...

'Single Life is Pretty Sweet'

5/28/2015 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cody Simpson isn't crying his baby blues out over his split from supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Our photog caught the Aussie pop singer with a gang of pals – hot, young females included -- in Hollywood Wednesday night and asked about his new-found freedom ... and Simpson didn't exactly say it sucks.

On the flipside, Hadid’s been spotted having a good time on rich guys' yachts in the Mediterranean the feeling must be mutual.



Nicole Scherzinger To Ex

You Can Have Kendall Jenner

I Have This Sexy Body

5/28/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Scherzinger made it clear without saying a word ... her ex-BF may be with Kendall Jenner but he's missing out on a lot. 

Our photog practically tripped over his tongue when he spotted the 36-year-old leaving The Sayers Club in Hollywood. He mentions Nicole's former BF, Formula 1 champ Lewis Hamilton, but mum's the word.

As we reported, all signs point to Lewis hooking up with 19-year-old Kendall, but at nearly twice Kendall's age ... Nicole's gotta still make Lewis think about his choices.



Bobby Flay's Wife

Screw You And The Horse You Rode In On

5/26/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Bobby Flay's estranged wife says Bobby is so gross he gave her a racehorse as an anniversary gift and pocketed more than a hundred thousand dollars in purses. 

Stephanie March claims in her divorce case Bobby bought her "Dad's Crazy" back in 2009 for their 4th wedding anniversary. Turns out the equine was a champ, raking in $130k in winnings.  

Stephanie claims when it came to the horse Bobby was a hog, not only keeping the purse money but selling the horse for $60k and pilfering every penny.

As we previously reported, March and Flay have been at each other's throats in an ugly divorce battle that just gets uglier. She wants the prenup set aside, claiming it's grossly unfair.

As for the horse scratch, Flay admits he registered it in her name, but denies lining his own pockets with the winnings. 

Giddy up.  



Tyson Beckford

Tells Chris Brown

Your Threats Don't Scare Me

5/25/2015 7:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0525-tyson-beckford-instagramChris Brown had a meltdown Sunday after Tyson Beckford dared to post a pic of himself with Karrueche Tran, but Tyson made it clear, he's not scared one bit.

It started Sunday when Chris saw the pic, then posted a flurry of tweets, saying among other things, "U wanna keep walking them runways.  I need ta legs for that.  Keep playing like I ain't wit the bulls***." 

Chris deleted the tweets, but Tyson fired back, seemingly impervious to the threats, saying, "It's all about fun in Vegas, come thru papa."

Tyson then posted video of himself shooting a gun range, saying, "Just in case your forgot!"

But Chris wasn't done.  Late Sunday night, Chris posted a pic of Vegas cops behind a building, saying, "This n**** Tyson got the whole Vegas PD out here.  Suckah!  This fruitz!"

Chris has been making a play to get Karrueche ever since she found out he had a child by another woman.  

Don't know whether this helps or hurts Chris' chances.


Michelle Rounds to Rosie

I Want Full Custody…

Of Our Baby Pictures

5/25/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0522-rosie-odonnell-michelle-rounds-tmzRosie O’Donnell's divorce has gotten so bitter it's gone from fighting in divorce court to battling over the rights to Instagram.

Michelle Rounds is on the attack, claiming she took a picture of their daughter, Dakota, and Rosie had the nerve to post it on Instagram.

Michelle says the law is crystal clear -- she took the pic so she owns the rights to it, and therefore Rosie has no right to post the pic anywhere.

Michelle has contacted Instagram, demanding that the pic be scrubbed from the site. So far the company has taken no action.

Rosie and Michelle are both under a gag order, prohibited from disparaging each other in the media ... social or otherwise. 


Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone

In the Market for Each Other ... Again

5/24/2015 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone did what people who aren't together rarely do ... grocery shop.

Andrew and Emma were at Ralphs in Malibu Saturday lookin' all domestic.  It's the first time they've been seen together since their heavily-rumored breakup  back in March.  

Andrew and Emma were together for 3 years.  They hooked up on the set of "Spiderman."

Check out the shopping cart.  It's really good news for realtor Kathy Doyle, right? 

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