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Mariah Carey James Packer Tells Team, 'F*** Off' I'm Getting Married!!!

11/2/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


update_graphic_red_barWe spoke to a rep for James Packer who tells TMZ, the prenup offer "is grossly inaccurate and completely untrue."update_grey_gray_barMariah Carey has demanded $50 million from ex-fiance James Packer because that is the amount she would have walked away with had they signed their prenup ... sources close to the singer tell TMZ.

TMZ has seen an email chain from back in mid-February going back and forth, from Mariah's team to Packer's. The billionaire was clearly itching to tie the knot with Mariah, upset that his people were not moving fast enough to nail down the prenup so he could marry her on March 1st in Bora Bora.

Packer's lawyers clearly felt the prenup was complicated, sending Mariah's team a 100 page document outlining the specifics. The details in the document are fascinating. Among the many conditions ... if Packer gave Mariah a piece of jewelry or anything else, she would have to give it back if they broke up UNLESS he sent her a signed note saying it was a gift.

The prenup draft also provided that Mariah would get $50 mil if they broke up. TMZ broke the story, that's exactly the amount she's demanding from him now.

Short story ... Packer's lawyers were telling him they could not get the prenup signed, sealed and delivered by March 1st. His response ... "I don't know who's working for who because there are a lot of names I haven't heard before on this email chain. The people who work for me -- message -- do as I say or f*** off. I want to get married on March 1st. James."

We're told at the time of the email chain, Mariah already had a dress, the flowers were ordered and all the flights for the guests were secured.

BTW ... there was no way they could marry, because Nick Cannon hadn't signed the divorce docs. Mariah and James knew this, but they were going to call the wedding a "commitment ceremony" and pass themselves off as husband and wife.

The prenup was never signed, and Mariah believes that's when his people started trying to tear them apart.


Larsa Pippen 2nd 911 Call ... Help, Scottie's Breaking Stuff!

11/1/2016 12:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larsa Pippen made a tearful 911 call -- just 3 days after she placed a very similar call to police -- and said Scottie had "gotten crazy again."

The NBA legend's wife called Fort Lauderdale PD on Oct. 4, and this time she was more defiant and insisted police come to their home because he was breaking things.

As we reported ... her first 911 call was made as Scottie stood next to Larsa, telling her to cancel the call for help. The second time around, Larsa is by herself, crying and providing details about the alleged incident. 


Mariah Carey to Backup Dancer Baby, You Can Drive My Cart

11/1/2016 9:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1101_mariah_carey_bryan_tanaka_halloween_launch_2There's a new dude in Mariah Carey's driver seat, and James Packer's gonna be pissed.

MC hit the road with her choreographer/dancer, Bryan Tanaka, on Halloween -- he was behind the wheel of her golf cart, sporting a king's crown -- when she took 5-year-old Monroe trick or treating in their Calabasas 'hood.

TMZ broke the story ... Tanaka is the dude Packer went toe-to-toe with when he thought Mariah was getting too close to him. Our Mariah sources say she and Bryan definitely were NOT banging -- but Mimi's gotta know hanging out with him so much will get under Packer's skin.

The scene with Tanaka should look familiar. Mariah's usually riding with Nick Cannon for Halloween, but he was in NYC this year.


NBA's Chandler Parsons Single & Ready to Mingle After Split from Victoria's Secret Model

11/1/2016 9:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1101-chandler-parsons-toni-garrn-TMZ-INSTAGRAM-02Sad news ... NBA star Chandler Parsons and his ex-Victoria's Secret model girlfriend, Toni Garrn, are officially over ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

The two had been dating since last summer -- months after she split with Leonardo DiCaprio -- and they seemed to be getting pretty serious as of late.

But a source close to the former couple tells us the two have "amicably split" -- and despite the fact they've scrubbed each other from their Instagram accounts, they're still on good terms.

So, what went wrong? We're told work got in the way. They're both focusing on their careers -- Toni's doing the modeling thing and Chandler's working on getting back on the court with the Memphis Grizzlies after knee surgery back in March. 

Don't worry, he's a rich NBA star (signed a $94 MILLION contract back in July) and she's a super hot model -- they'll be fine. 


Mariah Carey For This I Divorced Nick Cannon???

11/1/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1031-nick-cannon-mariah-carey-james-packer-tmzMariah Carey's timing is worse than a Jewish dance troupe's ... her divorce from Nick Cannon became final after years of waiting ... just days before her relationship with James Packer exploded.

TMZ broke the story, Mariah was trying for more than a year to get Nick off the dime and sign divorce papers. She's wanted to get married to billionaire James Packer for months, but the divorce made it a non-starter.

We've learned at the end of the summer, right before Mariah and James boarded a yacht in Greece, Nick signed the docs and the divorce was a done deal, clearing the way for a wedding day. That plan was shattered onboard the boat, when James allegedly had a bad incident with Mariah's assistant.

As for the divorce, we're told Nick and Mariah agreed on joint custody of their 5-year-old twins. Neither gets child support.

We're also told the prenup made a property settlement easy ... she gets what she earned during the marriage, and he keeps what he earned.


NFL's Donald Penn Wife Files For Divorce After He Allegedly Knocked Up Reality Star

11/1/2016 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1031-donald-dominique-penn-TMZ-INSTAGRAM-01Raiders star Donald Penn's wife is calling quits on their marriage ... TMZ Sports has learned.

As we previously reported ... Donald's wife, Dominique Penn, BLASTED the star lineman over social media earlier this month after he allegedly knocked up a reality TV star.

At the time, Dominique vowed to stick by Donald's side ... but something clearly changed ... 'cause only days after calling out her husband and his alleged baby mama, Dominique filed for divorce in L.A.

In court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, Dominique -- married to Donald since June 2012 -- lists "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the split.

In the docs -- filed on October 20th -- she asks for spousal support and joint custody of their 3 kids.

We reached out to Donald's rep ... who had no comment.

Penn reportedly made over $47 million playing football ... in other words, this could be costly for D.P.

Mariah Carey James Packer Super Lovey Dovey Before Yacht Trip

10/31/2016 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


James Packer was hopelessly in love with Mariah Carey, even giving her his name ... just a month before an ill-fated yacht trip in Greece.

Packer sent emails to Mariah as late as last month, referring to her as MCP -- Mariah Carey Packer -- TMZ has confirmed.   

In another email a few weeks earlier, Packer wrote, "I'm in love with you and can't wait to get married and be together forever."  He continues, "There's a song I'm listening to now that's got lots of meanings and I hope it makes u smile.  When you get caught between the moon and New York City best that you can do is fall in love."

And there's more ... "All my love, laughter, light, respect and appreciation and admiration ... Thank you my fiancee and soulmate."  And the subject line reads, "Will U marry me soon MCP pls -:)))))."

And, just a week before getting on the boat on Sept. 14th, Mariah gave James a Cartier wedding band as a birthday present.

TMZ broke the story, Mariah believes everything changed when Packer's right hand guy, Tommy Davis, began questioning his spending and targeting the gifts Mariah got. She insists he was the central figure in ruining their relationship.


Mariah Carey, James Packer Deep in 'Settlement Negotiations' She Blames Ex-Scientology Honcho for Breakup

10/31/2016 7:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1028-mariah-james-tmz.jpgMariah Carey was ordered out of the house she was sharing with billionaire James Packer, but she's staying put and demanding that he buy her an L.A. mansion as PART of a settlement in what has become a nasty breakup ... so say sources connected to Mariah. 

Our Mariah sources say she doesn't blame the breakup on James ... she blames it on famed, former Scientology bigwig Tommy Davis ... who worked closely with Tom Cruise until Davis broke from the org.

Mariah believes Davis has had an extreme influence on Packer, whom they say has not been himself since Davis got in his ear. Our Mariah sources believe Davis poisoned the relationship, complaining to Packer he was spending an exorbitant amount on lavish gifts for her.

Other sources tell us Packer brought Davis in partially to help curb wasteful spending, and he immediately ID'd gifts to Mariah as prime examples. BTW, Davis played a similar senior role as Chief of Staff for Tom Barrack's private equity firm, Colony Capital. This situation became a very contentious thing between Davis and Mariah's manager, Stella.

One source pointed out that Mariah has a multi-million dollar home in NY.

As we reported, Mariah said peace out after an alleged incident on a yacht in Greece between James and her assistant. Our sources say when she returned, she was ordered out of their Beverly Hills home, but she refused.

TMZ broke the story ... Mariah is demanding $50 mil from Packer, partly because she uprooted her family to be with him in L.A. and partly because the breakup left her so distraught she had to cancel a leg of her tour.

We're told part of Mariah's demand is that Packer buy her a home in L.A.  

Our sources say Packer is expected to respond to Mariah's demand Monday.


Mariah Carey I Have the Ring of Truth on My Side

10/31/2016 6:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Carey is suddenly out every night after her breakup with James Packer ... making a statement with her presence and her ridiculously large engagement ring.

We got Mariah leaving Au Fudge in WeHo Sunday with her kids, and she was mum on whether she's a single lady. FYI ... she is.

As we reported, we know Mariah intends to keep the $10 million ring and is demanding a $50 mil settlement from Packer. They're negotiating now.

Mariah's manager, Stella, was coy about what happened on that yacht in Greece, but insinuates it's eyebrow raising.


Mariah Carey Catch Me if You Can

10/30/2016 7:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Carey clearly wanted to be seen Saturday night ... rolling into Catch, the restaurant du jour always swarmed by paparazzi, but she was short on words.

Mariah and backup dancer Bryan Tanaka arrived and left together, and there's no doubt she's trying to make a statement.  He was with her the night before at Nobu, another restaurant where you can count on good sushi and plenty of paps.

We're told Tanaka was a sore point in Mariah's relationship with James Packer, so it's pretty clear what she's telegraphing.

Mariah Carey Rejects Cheating Rumor No Premarital Sex for Me, Ask Packer

10/29/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1028-mariah-carey-james-packer-bryan-tanaka-tmz-getty-instagram-01Mariah Carey has the ultimate defense against claims she was banging her choreographer -- namely, she doesn't bang before marriage, and yeah ... that includes James Packer

Sources close to Mariah tell us rumors about her relationship with Bryan Tanaka are completely false. We're told Mimi has a long-standing rep as a "traditional girl," and wouldn't blow that for anyone.

That stance extended to her now ex-fiance. We're told even though they lived together and spent weeks at a time on his yacht, they never got sexual. They always had separate rooms in their homes and on their boats.

Mariah's ex, Nick Cannon, can testify to her puritanical values. He's admitted in interviews he had to wait 'til they got hitched to round the bases.

Our Mariah sources say she and James were more like lovesick 12-year-olds -- they made out plenty, but never sealed the deal -- and that's one reason he was pushing hard to get married ASAP.

Ahh ... best laid plans.


'House of Cards' Star Molly Parker Husband Files For Divorce ... In Super Chill Fashion

10/29/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1024_Molly-Parker_gettyMolly Parker's husband is ending their marriage, but he really took his sweet time doing so.

The "House of Cards" actress married Benedict Matthew Bissonnette in 2002, and he says they separated 7 years later in 2009. Now -- after another 7 years -- he got around to filing for divorce.

Benedict cited irreconcilable differences, but it's been so long you gotta wonder if he remembers the exact nature of the differences.

The good news -- everything seems super cordial. Bissonnette's filing for joint custody of their 10-year-old son and doesn't want either to pay the other spousal support. He also says there are no assets to split.

If only Frank Underwood was this easy to work with.

Mariah to James Packer Pay Me $50 Million for My Troubles

10/28/2016 8:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Mariah Carey has privately made a demand to James Packer ... he needs to pay her $50 mil ... or else.

Sources connected to the now warring ex-couple tell TMZ ... Mariah believes James has cost her tens of millions of dollars, and here's why:

-- She claims he got her to move from New York to L.A., uprooting her entire life, so he could be near his kids. 

-- She claims the incident on the yacht in Greece -- where she says he did something awful to her assistant -- has traumatized Mariah so much she had to cancel the South American leg of her tour. 

-- He made various financial promises to her. 

No comment from Packer.


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