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RJ Mitte Face Injured ... In Hunting Accident

11/17/2015 3:50 PM PST

"Breaking Bad" star RJ Mitte got battered and bruised in a hunting accident, and his battle scars were on full display when he got back to L.A. 

Our photog immediately noticed RJ's face was pretty beat up when he landed at LAX. Walt Jr. was pretty open though about what went down during his family adventure in Louisiana.

As he put it, "It all went to s***" when their ATV hit a rut. Check out the full deer tale.

Finally, a happy ending for Bambi. Not so much for RJ.

'Breaking Bad' Star Models R.J. Titty

6/22/2015 7:08 AM PDT

Here's R.J. Mitte walking the catwalk for Vivienne Westwood in Milan.

Rack 'em up, Walt Jr. 

Bryan Cranston Resurrects Walter White at Electronic Music Festival

6/22/2015 6:46 AM PDT

Bryan Cranston didn't just show up to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas this weekend ... he brought Walter White along for the ride.

Cranston crashed the EDM festival and introduced the band Above & Beyond ... who just happened to have a song called "Walter White."

The "Breaking Bad" star growled out a few lines before ferociously dancing onstage with the group ... which he mildly regretted the next day. He wrote, "Leaving EDC—Vegas right now. Pulled an all-nighter. Old, my ass...Old, my head. Old, my feet...Happy Father's Day!" 

Hail Heisenberg!  

Lavell Crawford From Blue Meth to White Belt in Jiujitsu

12/15/2014 11:31 AM PST
"Breaking Bad" is over, so Lavell Crawford has moved onto breaking blocks ... he's taken up jiujitsu.

Crawford has been training at the Gracie Barra gym in Burbank, CA where the guy best known for playing Huell recently earned a stripe for his white belt. Hey, gotta start somewhere!

The gym's owner -- Alberto Crane (standing next to Crawford in the photo above) -- tells TMZ Sports he's been impressed with Crawford so far ... saying most guys Crawford's size can't do what he does.

Crane says Crawford, who is also a standup comedian, has been keeping things light at the gym, telling us, "He is so much fun to work with. He cracks a ton of jokes, he's a real funny guy and a pleasure to have around."

As for getting his first stripe, Crane says Crawford could not have been more excited: "He was pumped up. He said he couldn't wait to brag to his son about his first stripe."

'Breaking Bad' Star Bob Odenkirk You Want A Real Estate Lesson? Better Call Saul

10/28/2014 9:32 AM PDT
Bob Odenkirk made a career playing a guy who protected drug kingpins and their money on "Breaking Bad" ... and now he's ready to cash in legitimately in real life.

The actor who played Walter White's shady lawyer Saul Goodman on BB just listed his home for $2.5 million ...  not bad, because he bought it in '98 for $675K.   

The single-level house is in the same exclusive Oaks area of Los Feliz -- home to celebs like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Zac Efron, Jon Hamm, Alexander Skarsgard and Naya Rivera.

It vaguely resembles the Heisenberg's digs from the outside.

And one more celeb connection. Bob listed the house with real estate guru Sharona Alperin -- she's the inspiration for "My Sharona."

Bryan Cranston Neighbors Are the Ones Who Knock To Say Congrats on Emmy

8/26/2014 1:15 PM PDT

Bryan Cranston is beloved by all his neighbors for playing a horrifying villain, and they let him know it by decorating the front of his house after his Emmy win.

After Bryan won for Best Actor ... the "Breaking Bad" star returned home to find balloons tied to his fencing and a handwritten note congratulating him.

But the thing is ... the note looks like it was written by neighborhood kids -- and we all know ... "Breaking Bad" is NOT fun family viewing.

Maybe they're just "Malcolm in the Middle" fans.

Anna Gunn Ex-Hubby Wants a Piece of Her 'Breaking Bad' Money

5/29/2014 12:40 AM PDT

Anna Gunn
's estranged husband is so into the last season of "Breaking Bad" -- he wants a piece of it.

Gunn's husband -- Alastair Duncan -- filed for divorce in 2008 and the marriage officially ended the next year.   The former couple has 2 kids but Duncan got child support for a short time after the divorce, but then agreed Anna could stop paying.

Things changed during the final season of the show, when Anna raked in more than $1 million ... and the lion's share -- $890,858.83 --- was from "Breaking Bad."    By contrast, he only makes $10K a month as a realtor/actor.

Duncan now says financial circumstances have so significantly changed ... it's only fair for him to get child support again.  He notes Anna has a new show on Fox -- "Gracepoint" -- and other projects including an off-Broadway show.

By the way ... of the million bucks she made last year ... she paid $92K to her agent, $51K to her business manager, $58K to her personal manager and $31K to her publicist. 

Welcome to Hollywood.

'Walking Dead' Star Don't Ruin 'Breaking Bad' for Me!

3/31/2014 6:18 AM PDT

If you want to make "Walking Dead" star Andrew Lincoln spill his show's secrets, there is one way to do it … threaten to ruin "Breaking Bad" for him.

Our photog caught up with Lincoln before the season finale of "WD" aired last night, and we asked him whether he thought the show could eclipse the finale of "BB."

But to our surprise, Lincoln said he's not caught up on the antics of Jesse Pinkman and Walter White.

So if you want to find out what Terminus is really all about ... now you know how.

Broncos RB Ronnie Hillman Good Riddance, Aaron Paul ... Go Be a Raiders Fan!

3/16/2014 12:45 AM PDT
Broncos running back Ronnie Hillman has some advice for "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul -- now that you're off the Denver bandwagon ... go be a Raiders fan!

We spoke to Hillman to find out how he felt about Paul pulling a George Clooney on the Broncos -- ending his Super Bowl love affair with the team and ignoring them completely. 

But the second year running back isn't crying into his Haagan-Daaz ... telling us, "To each his own, I’ll probably go see 'Need For Speed' anyway."

Then came the shot -- "But if he don’t like us, he can always go be a Raiders fan."


Aaron Paul: Sorry Denver ... I'm OFF the Broncos Bandwagon

3/14/2014 6:42 AM PDT

Bad news for Broncos fans ... "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul has given up on your team -- just months after he hopped on the bandwagon in the first place. 

Aaron -- nicest guy ever btw -- was leaving Gallagher's Steakhouse in NYC last night when we started asking him about all the moves Denver's been making in the past few days. 

That's when Aaron -- who proudly rooted for Peyton & the Broncos when he sat behind the bench at the Super Bowl -- made it clear his days of supporting the blue and orange are OVER!

In fairness to Aaron, he was only really a Broncos fan for 1 day to begin with ... but after that Super Bowl performance, we're guessing he's not the only bandwagoner to jump ship. 

'Breaking Bad' Fan Busted for Cooking Meth In Los Pollos Hermanos T-Shirt

2/26/2014 2:02 PM PST
Breaking Bad News

If you're gonna get popped for cooking meth, you might as well dress the part -- some 21-year-old was just arrested in Illinois for making crystal meth inside his house ... and he was hauled in wearing a Los Pollos Hermanos t-shirt from "Breaking Bad."

The Smoking Gun broke the story ... cops pounced on Daniel Kowalski after receiving a tip that he was cooking glass again ... following his first meth arrest in July.

When cops busted Kowalski on Monday ... they claim they discovered glass beakers, burners, chemicals, and instructional materials for making controlled substances in his house.

Kowalski's reportedly been charged with four felonies, including possession of a controlled substance and possession of methamphetamine manufacturing materials.

Gus would be proud. 

RJ Mitte Serial Killers Can Be Funny Too ... Maybe?

2/18/2014 5:45 PM PST

RJ Mitte's attempt at social commentary on the Craigslist murder unintentionally turned into a "hilarious" moment with our camera guy.

Everyone calm down ... RJ's heart was in the right place, he just misspoke. Still funny though. 

RJ Mitte I Feel Terrible ... I Didn't Mean to Laugh at Murder

2/18/2014 12:15 PM PST

RJ Mitte looks like he's aching with sorrow over his comments about the woman who claims to have killed between 22 and 100 people ... saying his words came out wrong and he's really sorry.

RJ was coming out of Pinz Bowling Center Monday night when we asked him about Miranda Barbour and he went off on how hilarious it was.

RJ now says he was really talking about "Dexter" and it just all came out wrong.

Fact is .. we did say Barbour was kinda like Dexter so point taken.

RJ's a good guy ... so THE END.
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