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Joey Chestnut Chugs Beer & Slams Fan Through Table ... At Bills Tailgate

12/10/2018 7:04 AM PST
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Wiener-eating champ Joey Chestnut chugged beer and slammed some dude through a table Sunday ... officially becoming a new member of #BillsMafia -- and the video is epic.

It all went down in the New Era Field parking lot before the Bills took on the Jets -- when Chestnut showed up to the most infamous tailgate in the NFL.

J.C. -- who crushed 74 dogs at the 2018 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest -- was clearly wasted ... but that didn't stop him from pounding a Bud Light and throwing a grown man through a plastic table.

Unclear why Joey was there ... the guy is from Northern California and doesn't seem to have any ties to the Bills -- but looks like he fits right in with Buffalo's rowdy crowd anyway.

BTW, the Bills ended up losing the game, 27-23 ... but hey, they're still undefeated in pregame tailgates this season!

KC Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt Team Knew About 3 Violent Incidents ... Before Cutting Him

12/10/2018 7:03 AM PST
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Kansas City Chiefs owner, Clark Hunt, says the team knew Kareem Hunt was involved in 3 violent incidents BEFORE they cut him ... but says the TMZ Sports video took things to another level. 

Clark Hunt finally broke his silence about Kareem to the media after the Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday ... saying, "We were obviously shocked by the video, like anybody who saw it."

He added, "We’d had some issues with Kareem not being truthful with what happened that night and we just really felt for everybody’s best interests we needed to head in a different direction."

As we previously reported, Kareem has been accused of getting violent on 3 separate occasions during the NFL offseason -- allegedly attacking a man at a nightclub in January, the hotel incident in February and another altercation at an Ohio resort in June.

"We did know about [those incidents], yes," Clark Hunt said ... "We were familiar with all 3 of the incidents that he had had in the offseason ... They’d all been reported to the NFL, and the NFL was investigating them."

During the media scrum in the Chiefs' locker room, Clark Hunt was also asked about the NFL's investigation into Kareem Hunt ... and how the league could do a better job handling similar investigations in the future. 

"I’m not sure I’m at a point right now where I can say there was a breakdown and specifically what that breakdown was. The league has spent a lot of time and resources trying to build a department that can handle these types of situations."

"Obviously, it’s imperfect. I’m not sure you can ever reach perfection. There are limitations on the type of information that league security people are able to get, and I’m not sure that we can change that."

Clark Hunt was also asked if Chiefs' draft scouts ever saw any red flags when it came to Hunt's off-the-field actions before they took him in the 3rd round of the 2017 NFL Draft. 

"Our staff felt comfortable with taking him, otherwise we would not have selected him," Hunt said.

"Our scouting staff does a really good job of vetting players. And part of that analysis is their character. Obviously, it’s very hard to learn everything about somebody. Sometimes you have somebody who in college didn’t have any incidents and they get to the pro level and with the fame and fortune and so forth that comes with the position, they do something that you don’t expect."

"So, we’re certainly going to try to get better, but I don’t think you can ever be perfect in that regard."

Despite leaving on bad terms, Clark Hunt says the organization is still rooting for Kareem to better himself

"I think the most important thing for Kareem is that he get some counseling that can help him with his issues ... and I heard today that there was a report that he was going to do that, and certainly we wish the best for Kareem in the future. I hope that at some point he’s able to come back to the National Football League, not sure when that will be."

"But, our message to him was that even though we’re having to part ways with you today, we’re still supportive of you. And, if you need us to get you some help off the field, we’re willing to do that."

Roger the Ripped Kangaroo Dead at 12

12/10/2018 6:20 AM PST
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Australia just lost a true legend ... Roger the ripped kangaroo has died at 12 years old.

Roger -- AKA Kangaroo Jacked -- lit the internet on fire back in 2015 after pics of him crushing a metal bucket with his hands went viral.

The 6'7", 200-lb. 'roo was living at the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Australia ... and his videos and pictures showing off his Schwarzenegger-esque physique were a big hit on the web.

"Sadly Roger has passed away of old age," owner Chris Barnes announced on Facebook. "He lived a lovely long life and was loved by millions around the world."

Barnes rescued and raised Roger as a joey after his mother was killed in a car accident ... and in 2016 announced the kangaroo was dealing with arthritis and vision loss.

"We will always love you and miss you Roger"

Pour one out for Roger. This one hurts.

Stormy Daniels Refuses to Strip!!! Claims Club Owner Used Homophobic Slur

12/9/2018 8:07 AM PST
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Stormy Daniels is taking a stand -- which could lead to another lawsuit -- against a strip club owner who she claims hurled a homophobic slur at her assistant.

President Trump's nemesis (one of his many), was supposed to perform at a Sunrise, FL club called Goldfinger ... but instead, she just gave 'em the finger in this photo -- and ripped the owner for allegedly calling her right-hand man a "f**king f****t."

She also claims the owner asked her to "do something not in my contract." She announced on social media she wouldn't perform ... and set off a war with the club. The owner fired back on IG, denying the incident and claiming she had broken her contract.

In her closing shot at the club owner, Stormy made a not-so-subtle reference to her Trump war, saying ... "When are dips**ts gonna learn that I do not respond well to bullies?"

Paging, Michael Avenatti?

Charlottesville James Fields Jr. Guilty of Murder Plowed into Crowd, Killing Heather Heyer

12/7/2018 2:50 PM PST
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James Alex Fields Jr., the white supremacist who rammed his car into Charlottesville protesters in 2017, is guilty of murdering Heather Heyer.

The jury returned the verdict Friday in the first degree murder trial, and also found him guilty of 5 counts of malicious wounding, 3 counts of aggravated malicious wounding and one count of failing to stop at the scene of a deadly accident.

The 21-year-old hate monger plowed into the protesters as they rallied in response to the white supremacists who had marched through Charlottesville with torches the previous night. 

Video of the horrific act of domestic terrorism made it clear Fields was behind the wheel ... the only question was about his intent. Prosecutors needed to prove he intended to maim and kill.

Several of Fields' victims testified during the trial. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for Monday, and he faces the possibility of life in prison.

Fields could still get the death penalty in a federal trial on hate crime charges.

MLB's Luis Valbuena & Jose Castillo Killed in Car Accident ... in Venezuela

12/7/2018 12:40 PM PST
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12:40 PM PT -- Venezuelan authorities believe Valbuena and Castillo may have been victims of robbers who throw rocks onto roads to cause cars to crash and then steal from people inside the vehicle.

Yaracuy governor Julio León Heredia announced 4 suspects have been arrested after they were found with the players' belongings.

MLB infielders Luis Valbuena and Jose Castillo were killed in a car crash in Venezuela on Thursday ... after a car they were riding in veered off the road.

According to local reports ... 33-year-old Valbuena and Castillo, 37, were leaving their Venezuelan league game with Cardenales de Lara in Yaracuy when their driver either hit or swerved to avoid a rock ... and drove off the road.

The man driving the car was the chauffeur of their teammate, Carlos Rivero -- who survived the crash.

Photos of the accident have surfaced ... showing the van totally damaged and flipped on its side.

Valbuena -- who most recently played for the Angels this past season -- has been in the majors since 2008 ... and has also played for the Astros, Cubs, Indians and Mariners.

Valbuena hit 25 home runs with Houston in 2015.

Castillo played 5 seasons in the MLB with the Pirates, Giants and Astros.

The MLB released a statement Friday morning, saying, "We are saddened by the tragic news that Luis Valbuena and former major leaguer José Castillo have died in a car accident."


Originally Published 6:23 AM PT

Kristaps Porzingis Vs. Vasyl Lomanchenko Who Ya Got?

12/7/2018 11:02 AM PST
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Kristaps Porzingis is 7'3". 

Pro boxing superstar Vasyl Lomachenko is 5'7". 

And, when they get together, they look like cover of the "Twins" VHS box. 

Lomachenko is gearing up to fight Jose Pedraza on Saturday night in New York -- and ran into the Knicks star. 

The picture is just fun to look at, but it begs the question ... be honest -- who wins in a street fight? 

Obviously, Porzingis has the size and strength -- but Lomachenko is a beast ... the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet and a legit boxing savant. 

If the two squared off in an alley ... KP would have to try to smother Loma -- and the challenge for the boxer would be trying to hit Porzingis in a spot that would actually cause damage. 

We've seen Porzingis show off his fighting skills before -- getting into it with Marquese Chriss during an NBA game back in 2016. He's definitely got some fight in him ... 

Lomachenko is 11-1 as a pro -- and Joe Rogan once said, "He might be the best boxer who's ever lived."

He's a 2-time Olympic gold medalist and a champion in 3 different weight classes. 

Dude's a monster. 

So, who ya got? 

Mark Ingram Freaks Out Over Henry's 99-Yd Run ... 'You Get A Stiffy!!'

12/7/2018 7:10 AM PST
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Derrick Henry had arguably the greatest run in NFL history Thursday night ... and his pal, Mark Ingram, couldn't have been prouder -- 'cause he lost his mind watching it!!!

ICYMI ... Henry tied the longest run ever in the NFL with a 99-yard TD in the 2nd quarter of the Titans' blowout win over the Jags -- and the play was epic.

Derrick stiff-armed three dudes, tight-roped the sideline and outran the entire Jacksonville defense to tie Tony Dorsett's longest-ever TD run.

Ingram -- who won a Heisman Trophy at Alabama just like Henry -- went bananas watching the replay ... super proud of his buddy who's taken criticism for not running well this season.

"You get a stiffy! You get a stiffy! You get a stiffy! I see you, boy!"

Henry's night wasn't over there -- the dude ran for another 139 yards and 3 scores -- and yeah, Ingram was just as pumped for those too.

"Tell them we ain't going for it, bruh! Tell them we ain't going for it! We don't need none of that fake love that they was talking, man! We out here, boy! Yeah!"

Ingram wasn't the only guy impressed ... both Le'Veon Bell AND Ezekiel Elliott praised the gallop on their social media pages.

BTW ... Henry's game was the highest-scoring one of any fantasy football player this year -- soooo, hopefully, you didn't keep him on your bench!!!

Mac Miller 1st Grammy Nom ... for Best Rap Album

12/7/2018 7:32 AM PST
Breaking News

Another reason for Mac Miller's fans to celebrate his life and music -- the late rapper just got his first ever Grammy nomination.

The Recording Academy announced Friday morning Mac Miller's "Swimming" is nominated for rap album of the year. The album's got hefty competition ... going up against Cardi B (Invasion of Privacy), Nipsey Hussle (Victory Lap), Pusha T (Daytona) and Travis Scott (Astroworld).

"Swimming" peaked at no. 3 on the Billboard charts when it was released back in August. It returned to the top 10 following his death in September.

TMZ broke the story ... Mac died from an accidental overdose.

"Swimming" got rave reviews, including from Rolling Stone which said Mac revealed "himself to be a sympathetic, even winning presence."

BTW, Mac wasn't the only artist to earn a posthumous nomination. Chris Cornell -- nominated 4 previous times -- is up for best rock performance. Chris died by suicide in May.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Teen Claims Assault ... Dog Denies it, Says He's the Victim

12/6/2018 2:27 PM PST
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Dog the Bounty Hunter allegedly shoved a teenager at the airport -- at least that's what the teen's father claims -- but Dog's side denies the assault and says the kid was verbally abusive.

A police report was filed in Denver ... by the father who claims he and his family ran into Dog and Beth Chapman at the Denver airport last Friday. He says his 17-year-old son approached Dog and asked for a photo. He claims Dog got upset and put a closed fist into the kid's chest and pushed him away.

The father got pissed and got into a verbal altercation with Dog. Beth eventually calmed things down, and she and Dog got on an elevator.

A source close to Dog says when the teen walked up to Dog, he said, "I have a bounty on my head, what are you gonna do about it motherf***er?" Dog admittedly told the kid to get back and he didn't want to deal with it ... because his wife is sick.

We're told the teen's response was, "Tell that fat bitch to get out of her chair. I'll cut her in half." Beth was in a wheelchair at the time.

Dog and Beth had just flown to Denver from L.A. ... where she had emergency surgery last week for a throat blockage. Doctors discovered her cancer had returned.

According to a law enforcement source, cops are looking into the incident as an alleged assault ... but our Dog sources tell us he plans on filing a report for harassment against the kid and his dad.

Gene Simmons Sued Woman Claims He Touched Her Vagina During Photo Op

12/6/2018 3:44 PM PST
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Gene Simmons is getting sued by a woman who claims he inappropriately touched a woman's vagina during a photo op. 

The woman -- who is suing under the name Jane Doe -- said she was working as a dishwasher at one of Simmons' Rock & Brews locations in 2016. In the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- the woman says Gene was visiting the restaurant, and Gene's manager and the woman's coworkers encouraged her to take a photo with the KISS star.

According to the lawsuit -- the woman claims Gene's manager encouraged her to move closer -- and when she did, Gene allegedly, "reached over and forcefully placed his hand on her vagina completely covering it."

The woman says she tried to stop Gene, and once the photo was taken, she showed it to coworkers. 

The woman accuses Gene of acting in a "sexually charged" manner to other women during the visit ... touching their hand and encouraging them to unbutton their shirts.  

Ryan Shazier Killin' Deadlift Workout ... One Year After Injury

12/6/2018 1:14 PM PST
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Ryan Shazier is making some incredible progress in his gridiron comeback ... crushing a deadlift workout just one year after suffering a serious back injury.

The Pittsburgh Steelers star required MAJOR spinal stabilization surgery last December after suffering a severe spinal injury while playing the Bengals during a Monday Night Football matchup.

At the time, there was fear he was paralyzed from the waist down ... but the guy has made some serious progress on his dream of returning to football ... just look at the update he posted on Thursday.

Shazier reflected on the injury on Wednesday -- the one year mark since the injury -- saying "Just a year ago my life changed forever. It was a scary moment for many people. I'm not going to lie, I was one of them."

"It's been a crazy, long journey, but it is not over yet. The best worst part about this journey that I'm on is the unknown. Day by day it's getting better than the day before."


UFC's Rachael Ostovich 'Totally Cool' Fighting on Same Card as Greg Hardy ... Says Dana White

12/6/2018 9:40 AM PST
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Dana White says Rachael Ostovich is "totally cool" fighting on the same card as Greg Hardy in January ... despite his history with domestic violence. 

There's been backlash over the decision to put Hardy on the Jan. 19 card considering Ostovich was JUST involved in a D.V. incident last month -- and claims she suffered bad injuries at the hands of her MMA fighter husband

But, Dana White appeared on TSN in Canada early Thursday morning and addressed the issue head-on -- saying he will NOT move Hardy off the card ... and that Ostovich has "no problem" with the decision. 

White explained that Hardy will be tied to the domestic violence allegations for the rest of his life -- but he's put in the work to rehabilitate himself and White feels he's a changed man who deserves a 2nd chance. 

White says during his conversation with Ostovich, Rachael told him, "[Greg's] story is not my story and I believe in second chances."

Dana says having Rachael's support was a "key factor" in making the decision to keep Hardy on the card. 

Ostovich will Paige VanZant that night. Hardy will square off against Allen Crowder. 

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