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Michael Jordan Bout That Tequila Life ... In NYC

6/14/2018 9:26 AM PDT
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Looks like Michael Jordan turned up on a Wednesday ... 'cause the G.O.A.T. left his NYC hotel Thursday morning with half a bottle of tequila in one hand -- and a box of booze in the other!

What was he drinking? Seems to be a bottle of Tres Alegres Compadres Extra Anejo -- and, to be honest, we're having a hard time tracking down a price point on a bottle. 

So, if you happen to be an agave juice connoisseur, hit us up! 

We know MJ loves his tequila -- in fact, he once turned up in a San Diego nightclub back in 2015 with a $4,000 bottle of Clase Azul Ultra ... and danced his face off! 

And don't forget the private dance he got from his wife while sippin' on tequila back in March!

No word what the celebration was about this time ... maybe it's because, after the Cavs got swept, he seems to be winning a lot of the LeBon vs. Jordan debates?

Drew Brees 'Absolutely Thrashed' On Kelly Slater's Surf Wave

6/14/2018 8:44 AM PDT
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Drew Brees took more hits on Kelly Slater's surf wave machine than he does on an NFL Sunday ... saying learning to ride the waves from the surfing legend caused him to get "absolutely thrashed."

It all went down recently when the Saints quarterback took a private plane up from San Diego to Slater's wave park in Lemoore, CA ... and took on some of Kelly's epic man-made waves.

Brees couldn't ride the water for more than a few seconds ... with Slater estimating the QB fell on 8 or 10 waves "back to back to back."

But ... the story has a happy ending. Slater switched boards for Drew -- a "Cadillac to a Ferrari," as Brees called it -- and the New Orleans legend finally rode one!!

We're sure Sean Payton liked it ... and enjoyed it even more when his QB came back to practice in one piece.

Gisele Tom's Biggest Problem ... is Da Feet

6/14/2018 6:35 AM PDT
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What's Tom Brady's Achilles heel?? A naked Achilles heel ... 'cause the Patriots superstar's biggest problem is being barefoot! 

TB12's wife, Gisele Bundchen, revealed the random fact in Vogue's "73 Questions" ... when she answered several rapid fire questions about the New England Patriots quarterback.

One of the most interesting parts of the video ... when Gisele reveals how Tom quarterbacked a diabolical scheme back in the day to trick her into thinking her apartment flooded ... so he could propose! 

Tom even makes a brief appearance in the video before Gisele spills all his secrets about their relationship and how she prepares for Patriots games.

But, the most bizarre part is when Gisele -- who's on the July 2018 cover for Vogue -- is asked to share one thing we don't know about TB12, and that's when she says the dude can't stand being barefoot.

Might explain why Brady never played for Rex Ryan ...

The Queen & Meghan Markle First Outing Together ... A Barrel Of Laughs

6/14/2018 7:38 AM PDT
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Meghan Markle is the Duchess of Sussex, but she also took on the role of royal jester during her first official solo outing with Queen Elizabeth.

Meghan accompanied Liz Thursday on several engagements near Liverpool. It's kind of a big deal since it's their first hangout without Harry and the fam in the picture.

They took the Royal Train in and spent the day doing everything from meeting locals in the town center to attending the opening of the Mersey Gateway Bridge ... and there's no denying Meghan's winning the Brits over, especially Her Majesty.

No idea what was so funny, but maybe she dropped a line Prince George fed her from the schoolyard:

Why is England the wettest country?
The queen has reigned for years!

Look at QE2 laughing ... that's definitely what she said.

Canelo Alvarez GGG Rematch Is Officially On!! (Again)

6/13/2018 2:08 PM PDT
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Surprise, surprise ... 

Ya just knew Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin were not about to walk away from MILLIONS ... finally hammering out a deal to set up boxing's long-anticipated rematch ... this according to Oscar De La Hoya.

Despite the fact the two sides were at loggerheads for months, ODLH tweeted out moments ago that a deal has been made and the fight is set for Sept. 15!

Oscar had previously set a noon deadline for GGG to accept his final offer, but c'mon ... with that much money on the line, everyone on the planet knew the deadline wasn't REALLY a deadline. 

Noon came and went ... and finally at 2 PM, the deal was announced.  

Oscar's problem was the GGG's camp wanted a 50/50 revenue share -- and Oscar said that was WAY too much money. 

Unclear what the final deal entails. 

The rematch was originally slated for Cinco de Mayo, but it was derailed when Canelo tested positive twice for PED. As we reported ... Canelo started training again, only this time he knows his next opponent. The fight's set to happen at T-Mobile Arena in Vegas.


Ex-NFL Star DeMarcus Ware Reps Monster 275-Pound Hang Cleans ... 'Basic Tuesday'

6/13/2018 12:00 PM PDT
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Sorry, James Harrison ... there's a new retired linebacker pushin' serious iron in the gym -- and it's just as frightening.

DeMarcus Ware did his best impression of the former Steelers superstar in the weight room Tuesday, hang power cleaning 275 pounds -- FOR REPS.

The video starts in the middle of D-Ware's set ... so, unclear how many times he actually tossed around the nearly three bills ... but it's AT LEAST five.

The craziest part? The soon-to-be 36-year-old Ware -- who retired after the 2016 season -- called the workout a "Basic Tuesday."

FYI ... Ware just signed on to be a part-time pass-rush consultant for his old team, the Broncos ... and he was STILL the most jacked dude out at practice Wednesday.

Think John Elway wishes that coaching gig would come with just a few more in-game reps?

Canelo Alvarez Begins Training While De La Hoya Taunts GGG

6/13/2018 9:42 AM PDT
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He's got no opponent yet ... but Canelo Alvarez has returned to his boxing gym to start training -- while his promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, is now turning up the heat on Gennady Golovkin

Remember, Oscar said the GGG train had left the station because Gennady's team refused to budge from their negotiating terms ... they wanted a 50/50 revenue split. 

Oscar said that wouldn't happen ... and told the media Canelo was now focusing on trying to make a deal with other fighters, including Daniel Jacobs

But moments ago, De La Hoya went to Twitter and wrote, "Tic-Toc, Tic-Toc. If any fight freaks see @GGGBoxing in Russia, perhaps you can lend him a pen. #whereisGGG."

So, seems like the GGG train hasn't left the station after all. 

Both sides have said they want a Sept. 15 fight date -- our bet is the two sides will work something out before then. 

One last thing ... no word on where Canelo is training -- but if he's in Mexico, let's hope he stays away from that allegedly tainted meat!!!

Conor McGregor Returning to NYC To Face Judge In Bus Attack Case

6/13/2018 9:24 AM PDT
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Conor McGregor has boarded a jet and is returning to the United States ... where he's scheduled to appear in an NYC courtroom to face charges for his attack on a UFC bus back in April. 

McGregor is facing several criminal charges -- including felony criminal mischief -- for the April 5 incident at Barclay's Center when he threw a steel dolly at a UFC bus.

Several people were injured in the incident -- including multiple UFC fighters and staff. 

Conor spent the night in jail and eventually flew back to Ireland.

But Tuesday, McGregor posted a photo in front of a private jet -- presumably the plane he'll take to return to the U.S.

McGregor is reportedly working on a plea deal with prosecutors -- and, since he's facing 7 years in prison if convicted, it's in his best interest to cut a deal.

Stay tuned ... 

Ninja & Marshmello Destroy Huge Stars In Fortnite Pro-Am ... Win $1 Million!!

6/13/2018 7:07 AM PDT
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Pete Wentz got murdered ... so did Lil Yachty and Joel McHale -- and it was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

They were all part of a huge celebrity Fortnite Pro-Am tournament at E3 on Tuesday ... where pro gamers were teamed up with other celebs and the top winners got $1 MILLION for charity.

The big winners were the duo of Ninja and Marshmello ... who beat out teams like CouRage JD and NBA star Kenneth Faried (they finished 2nd and scored a $500,000 prize).

Pete Wentz did pretty well too ... the rockstar and his teammate, Ali-A, finished in 5th place and won $80k for charity. 

Other stars in the event included NBA stars like Paul George and Andre Drummond, NFL stars like Tarik Cohen, musicians like Ty Dolla $ign and PARTYNEXTDOOR.

Even Backpack Kid was there!

Check out the gallery and make sure to brush up on your gaming skills -- remember, there's like $100 MILLION in Fortnite money up for grabs this season!

Greg Hardy Gets Brutal 1st Round KO In First UFC Fight

6/12/2018 6:33 PM PDT
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Greg Hardy made one hell of an impression on Dana White -- knocking out his opponent 57 seconds into his UFC Contender Series fight.

Hardy was matched up against another former NFL lineman Austen Lane Tuesday night -- and the winner gets an opportunity to earn a UFC contract ... if White feels like the fighter has earned it.

Hardy -- who was undefeated in his previous 3 amateur MMA fights -- hit the Octagon like a violent tornado ... and rocked Lane -- who was 2-0 with 2 KOs in his previous pro fights -- with a couple of devastating haymakers.

Lane went down ... and the ref called it immediately for Hardy.

Dana White has previously told TMZ Sports he feels Hardy deserves a second chance -- the question now is ... will he get a UFC contract as part of it?

Reggie Bush Rams Ordered To Pay $12.5 Mil ... For 2015 Knee Injury

6/12/2018 3:20 PM PDT
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Reggie Bush is set to get PAID ... 'cause a jury in Missouri just awarded the former NFL star a $12.5 MILLION payout in his lawsuit against the Rams.

Back in 2015, Bush -- a 49er -- was playing the Rams in St. Louis at Edward Jones Dome. While returning a punt, Bush was pushed out of bounds and slipped on a slab of concrete just outside the playing field.

Reggie tore his lateral meniscus -- a serious injury -- which ended his season.

RB filed a lawsuit against the Rams in 2016 -- accusing them of stupidly installing a ring of concrete around the field ... creating a big risk for players in cleats.

Last week the trial started ... and the jury awarded Reggie a massive payout Tuesday. Bush is set to get $4.95 million in compensatory damages -- money he was given to cover lost earnings ... and $7.5 million in punitive damages.

We reached out to the Rams for comment ... so far, no word back.

Prez Trump De Niro's Punch-Drunk 'Low IQ Individual'

6/12/2018 2:30 PM PDT
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President Trump's concerned Robert De Niro is suffering brain damage from his boxing movies, and thinks that's the ONLY explanation for the Oscar winner saying, "F**k Trump" at the Tony Awards.

The Prez turned his attention to De Niro's diss after finishing up with Kim Jong-un in Singapore ... saying De Niro is a "low IQ individual" who "has received to many shots to the head by real boxers in movies."

Yes, call the Irony PD -- POTUS used the wrong "to" while calling out Bobby D's IQ.

Anyway, 45 went on to suggest De Niro's ignoring great economic and employment numbers, and ended his brief Twitter rant with, "Wake up Punchy!"

To be fair, De Niro's been saying "F**k Trump" -- or many variations on that theme -- for roughly the last 18 months. We're pretty sure his evaluation of the Prez has little to do with the economy.

Angelina Jolie Judge Says Let Brad In with the Kids ... Or Lose Physical Custody

6/12/2018 1:07 PM PDT
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6/13 -- A spokesperson for Angelina tells us, "This misleading leak is not in the best interests of the children. From the start, Angelina has been focused only on their health and needs, which is why it was so important that this last court hearing be conducted privately."

The statement continues, "It’s deplorable that someone, for their own selfish reasons, leaked selective portions of the confidential and sealed court record to create an inaccurate and unfair picture of what is really happening."Angelina Jolie is dangerously close to losing primary physical custody of her and Brad Pitt's six children if she doesn't switch up the how she lets the kids interact with dad.

According to a new report, the judge in the couple's divorce case believes it's "harmful" to the children if Angelina continues to restrict access to Brad. 

The judge has even laid down a strict new cell phone policy -- Brad will now be able to call and text each child at will -- without Angelina monitoring the convos.

The report details a new custody schedule for the summer too. Brad will see his kids in London for 10 days in early to mid-June, where he can hang with 1 or 2 of 'em at a time for four hours a day. In late June, he'll get 10 hours a day ... and from early to mid-July he'll get the kids for 4 consecutive days. In late July, they'll be with him in L.A. for about a week. 

A child psychologist has to be present while Brad visits the kids in London -- where Angelina is renting a house right now -- and has to make arrangements to have them see their doctors while in CA. When they're across the pond with dad, Jolie can only call once a day.

As for 16-year-old Maddox, he'll get to decide on his own how much time he wants to spend with dad.

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