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Brad Pitt Struggles to Maintain Relationship with Kids

8/9/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are at war in their divorce case, but the more immediate struggle is the co-parenting situation that even has a judge issuing a warning to cool it ... or else.

We're told Brad has been spending the bulk of his Summer in England -- where Angelina and the kids live -- so he can see his 6 children. The judge in the divorce case set out a schedule for Brad to visit with his children in London beginning in mid-June for 10 hours a day. The visitation increased last month to 4 consecutive days at a time.

Our sources say Brad and Angelina never interact with each other, and the handoffs are always through nannies and assistants.  

It's clear there have been issues over Brad interacting with the kids. The judge in the divorce case already issued an order saying Angelina tried to restrict Brad's access that the judge believed was "harmful" to the children. The judge even said Brad had a right to call and text the kids whenever he wanted, and Angelina could not monitor the contacts.

TMZ broke the stories about Angelina claiming Brad has only provided minimal child support, and Brad fired back in legal docs that he's paid her $1.3 mil in child support since they split nearly 2 years ago ... and he loaned her $8 million to buy a house.

From what we're told, things are getting worse, not better, between the two. 

Kourtney K & Larsa Pippen Yes, It's Ladies' Night & The Feel ... Whoa, Whoa Watch Out!

8/9/2018 6:37 AM PDT

Kourtney Kardashian channeled Kool & The Gang with a ladies' night post-Younes Bendjima -- and then she channeled 'Fast & the Furious' ... emphasis on the furious. 

Kourt hit the town Wednesday with her good pal, Larsa Pippen, who joined her at Madeo in Bev Hills for some grub. As they were leaving, paps lit up like a bunch of hungry seagulls -- ourselves included -- and peppered the eldest Kardashian about her split with Younes.

She was tight-lipped on her feelings about the dude, but was a little more fast and loose with her steering wheel while trying to get the hell outta there. 

Our guy didn't get touched by her car, btw -- so no harm, no foul. Single hot mama coming through ... make way, fellas! 

Kourtney Kardashian I Got Younes in My Rearview ... And Granny Up the Road!!!

8/8/2018 2:01 PM PDT

Kourtney Kardashian didn't have to go over the river and through the woods to get to her grandmother's house, and wasn't looking back at Younes Bendjima either.

Kourt was spotted visiting her nana, Mary Jo Shannon, in Calabasas Wednesday -- where the Kardashian klan relocated the family matriarch from her old home in La Jolla. As you can tell, Kourtney seems to know her way around the crib ... gate code included.

She's clearly not thinking about her now-ex, Younes, on the heels of their split -- and why should she? There's grandma-made cookies to be eaten and stories to be heard. 

Looks like family time has been the best remedy for Kourtney so far. Younes who, right?  

Kourtney Kardashian Dumped Younes ... Says He Cheated

8/8/2018 12:13 PM PDT

3:30 PM PT -- Another source just contacted us and said it was distance -- which had always been an issue for them -- and not cheating that caused the split.Kourtney Kardashian sent Younes Bendjima packing recently ... after she said she had the goods he was cheating on her.

Sources close to Kourtney tell TMZ ... Kourtney and Younes broke up the second week of July, shortly after their trip to Italy.

We're told days after that trip, Younes jetted off on another vacation without her and she says that's where he cheated on her ... so she dumped him. The bad blood between them was evident in mid-July when Younes shaded one of Kourtney's booty pics.

The pics of Younes in Mexico this week where he got handsy with Jordan Ozuna were not the catalyst for the breakup ... that happened nearly a month before.

We're told Kourtney laughed off the Mexico pics and said it's just her ex trying to stay relevant.

Kourtney Kardashian Just Broke Up But I'm Far From Broken Up

8/7/2018 6:15 PM PDT

Kourtney Kardashian appears to be laughing off her breakup with Younes Bendjima -- literally, she couldn't stop smiling while hanging with her kid and Kim Tuesday.

Kourt surfaced in Century City after TMZ broke the story that she and her model BF had split recently -- and after photos of her now-ex showed him boo'd up with another chick ... who he called just a friend.

She doesn't seem to have a care in the world by the way she's carrying herself -- confident, sexy, and, more importantly, HAPPY, with her daughter Penelope and sis nearby. They were also joined by Miami mogul David Grutman, who was tagging along for the (escalator) ride.

Yeah, based on her reaction here ... we're guessing Kourtney's gonna be just fine. 

Kourtney Kardashian Splits with Younes Let the Ass Fiesta Begin!

8/7/2018 11:30 AM PDT

4:17 PM PT -- Younes has taken to social media to clap back at the pics suggesting he was boo'd up with Jordan, saying she's nothing more than a friend. Looks like Kourt's sisters aren't buying it though. Khloe commented on his responses, saying she's "heard it all before" -- and Kim praised the pics from his "boys trip," adding a Pinocchio nose emoji. 

Younes Bendjima's relationship with Kourtney Kardashian has gone south ... and now, so has he -- heading to Mexico to bang hot senoritas and we've got the pics.

Check out Younes in Mexico Monday ... chasing around a smokin' hot non-Kardashian normie (who we're told is BFF's with Johnny Manziel's wife, Bre Tiesi). The woman is Jordan Ozuna, a former Hooters waitress who dated Tyga and Justin Bieber.   

Our sources tell us ... it was Kourtney who pulled the plug on the relationship -- but, judging by the rebound pics, Senor Bendjima ain't too broken up about it. They've also both unfollowed the other on Instagram.

Remember -- Bendjima took a lot of heat for a nasty comment he left on a booty pic Kourtney posted last month -- but we're told it wasn't the reason for their split.

Kardashian and Younes started dating back in 2016 when she met the Givenchy and Balmain model at a bar during Paris Fashion Week, just before Kim's robbery.

The two were most recently spotted together on a trip to Italy with Kourtney's kids.

As for Kourt's baby daddy, Scott Disick ... he and 19-year-old Sofia Richie are still goin' strong ... and Richie turns 20 later this month.

Angelina Jolie I Want to Be Single, STAT!!!

8/7/2018 10:19 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Angelina Jolie is sick of being married to Brad Pitt and is asking the divorce judge to end her marriage and make her single again, even before the judge deals with some nasty child custody issues.

Angelina's new lawyer just filed legal docs asking the judge to issue a final divorce decree this year.

Her attorney also claims in the docs Brad Pitt has not paid "meaningful child support" since their separation nearly 2 years ago. She says there has been an "informal arrangement," but Brad has not even lived up to that agreement.  

She wants the judge to issue a formal child support order and make it retroactive against Brad.

TMZ broke the story ... Angelina's lawyer, Laura Wasser, is going to quit because Angelina has been very difficult to work with and is making the divorce way more contentious than necessary. The document that was just filed is revealing, because she now has 2 new lawyers -- presumably the ones who will replace Wasser.

Jack Osbourne Shows Up at Lisa's House ... Days After Punching BF

8/5/2018 7:17 AM PDT
Breaking News

Jack Osbourne went to his estranged wife's house without incident Saturday ... this after a run-in days earlier in which Jack punched her boyfriend in the head.

Jack looked stoic as he walked up the driveway. TMZ broke the story ... Jack went to the family home last Monday at around 1 AM and ended up going after actor/model/boyfriend Michael Gabel, who apparently showed up after things got heated between Jack and Lisa Osbourne.

Cops showed up, but Gabel decided he didn't want to press charges, so the case was dropped.

Jack and Stelly are going through a divorce and at the time they announced their marriage was over they said they were trying to take a page out of the Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin playbook, especially since they have 3 kids. 

It seems things may be back on track ... hopefully.

Bristol Palin Confirms Marriage is Dunzo ... I'm 'Freshly Divorced'

8/1/2018 12:27 PM PDT
Breaking News

It took several months, but Bristol Palin has finally confirmed she and Dakota Meyer are no longer husband and wife ... and she's single.

TMZ broke the story in February ... the couple called it quits less than 2 years after their wedding and were no longer living together. We later found out Meyer filed the divorce docs January 29 in Texas.

But the newest 'Teen Mom' didn't make the news official until Wednesday, when she replied to a question on her Instagram Story about whether she was dating anyone with ... "freshly divorced & single forever lezzbereal (I am not ready to date)"

Bristol and Dakota were married in 2016 and have 2 daughters together. It's still unclear what arrangements have been made between the exes about child custody or support.

As we've told you ... Bristol is set to join the cast of "Teen Mom OG" this fall.

Richie Sambora Orianthi & I Can Still Jam ... Despite Taking a Break

8/1/2018 11:15 AM PDT

Richie Sambora is in an incredibly good mood despite some sad news in his love life -- and it might be because he's down to keep a working relationship with his now-ex.

We got the Bon Jovi guitarist Wednesday at LAX just a day after he and longtime GF Orianthi announced they were taking a break to focus on family and other endeavors. Richie echoed what he and O had already promised their loyal fan base ... we'll be back. 

TMZ broke the story ... Richie and Orianthi issued a joint statement saying they were temporarily ending their 4-year relationship -- thanking fans for supporting their music act, RSO, and vowing to rekindle in the future for more tunes. 

Sounds like Richie's still down for future collabs, and doesn't seem the least bit bummed out about the split. He's mum on ex-wife Heather Locklear though ... who's been dealing with her own problems of late. 

Richie Sambora & Orianthi Splitsville ... For Now

7/31/2018 10:50 AM PDT

Richie Sambora and and his Australian rocker girlfriend, Orianthi, are splitting up -- but they're leaving the door open for a rekindling in the future ... TMZ has learned.

Richie and Orianthi -- who began dating in 2014 and have performed alongside each other for a long time now -- released a statement to TMZ which they described as a "note to our fans," saying ... "Thank u to all our fans who have bought the new RSO record ['Rise'] and attended our shows, we love and appreciate you all."

Their statement continues ... "We love and support each other but are taking the summer off to focus on family and other endeavors. We will regroup in the near future with our music. Peace and love to you all and thank you for your continued support."

Their PBS debut as RSO has been a smash hit. 

John Cena Was Really In Love with Nikki Bella ... Says Ex-WWE Star JTG

7/31/2018 6:46 AM PDT

John Cena isn't putting on an act -- he was REALLY in love with Nikka Bella and it "sucks" that she kicked him to the curb ... so says ex-WWE superstar JTG

"I know John Cena was really in love with her. I've never seen him like that," the former Cryme Tyme tag team member told us while sitting in a Lamborghini in Beverly Hills. 

JTG says he's known Cena for a long time -- including during his marriage to ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau -- but explains, "I've never seen him head over heels for a female like he was with Nikki."

As we previously reported, the couple decided to end their relationship for good after quasi-attempts at a reconciliation. 

JTG also had some kind words for Brian Christopher Lawler -- and tells us why Grandmaster Sexay belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame. 

And, as for JTG's wrestling future ... we asked if there's a chance he returns to WWE. 

Nikki Bella & John Cena It's Over ... Once and For All

7/30/2018 11:45 AM PDT

Nikki Bella and John Cena are officially donzo, and that's not based on her reality show ... that's what they're telling friends in real life.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ ... the exes are telling friends their on-again-off-again relationship has finally gone kaput because they've grown apart ... figuratively and quite literally.

Remember, while Nikki was filming "Total Bellas," John was tied up in China ... and that distance further fractured their already-teetering relationship.

Our Nikki sources say she also realized while watching Sunday's finale of 'TB' how unhappy she was and hated the feeling of being confused and living in a gray area. Watching that high level of uncertainty reminded her why she ultimately chose not to walk down the aisle with John, despite his pleas.

We're told Nikki doesn't regret her decision, but dating someone new is the LAST thing on her mind. She's now focusing on her career. We broke the story ... Nikki's moving out of John's place and finding her own spot.

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