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Tobey Maguire & Jennifer Meyer Back Together ... At Least for a Night

12/8/2017 7:07 AM PST

Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer split up over a year ago but you could never tell from this photo.

Tobey came out to support his estranged wife Thursday night at a launch party at the Sunset Tower hotel in WeHo for an event celebrating her jewelry collection. She's partnering with Jenna Dewan Tatum and profits from the line go directly to a charity -- Baby2Baby, which supplies diapers and other baby-related stuff to low income families.

Despite being separated, neither has filed for divorce.

Tobey and Jen frequently hang out but their 2 kids are always there ... not last night.

Unclear if there's a reconciliation, but there's definitely smoke.

'Survivor' Star Richard Hatch Splits from Hubby of 14 Years ... Divorce Looms

12/7/2017 11:49 AM PST

The guy who won the first season of "Survivor," Richard Hatch, has split from his husband, and plans on getting divorced ... TMZ has learned.

Richard tells TMZ ... he and his hubby of 14 years, Emiliano Cabral, are no longer together -- and they're headed to divorce soon.

Richard -- who's 56 years old -- says Emiliano, 42, met someone else much younger ... in his 30s.

Hatch tells us he's devastated by the turn of events. That said, he vows to keep living his life and is looking again for love.

Richard and Emiliano tied the knot in Nova Scotia, Canada in 2005 -- but we're told they had a private ceremony amongst themselves in '03. Richard says they split 2 months ago.

Naya Rivera Files for Divorce from Ryan Dorsey

12/5/2017 3:47 PM PST
Exclusive Details

Naya Rivera has filed for divorce ... this after she was arrested for allegedly hitting her husband, Ryan Dorsey.

Naya cites irreconcilable differences for ending her 3-year marriage to the actor.  

In her legal docs, filed by "Disso Queen" Laura Wasser, she's asking for joint custody of 2-year-old Josey. She also wants the court to block either of them from getting spousal support. 

Naya previously filed for divorce in November 2016 but later dismissed it.

Sources tell us the arrest over Thanksgiving weekend was the last straw for her. As TMZ reported, Naya was arrested Nov. 25 for domestic battery after allegedly hitting Ryan in the head over a dispute involving their son. Interestingly, she lists the date of separation as Nov. 24.

Our sources say it's not the first time the police got involved in their marriage. We're told Naya called the cops on Ryan 3 times during their marriage.

Jeremy Meeks' Estranged Wife Tell Your Lawyer Stop Slut Shaming Me!!!

12/5/2017 1:07 PM PST

Jeremy Meeks' estranged wife put him and his attorney on blast for slut shaming her, and going MIA on his son ... financially and otherwise. 

Melissa Meeks just filed legal docs asking for child support and says he stopped paying for his kid. She says he left her to pursue his modeling career while she's left caring for their son, and she wants money from him. She says she's going broke paying the bills.

She also throws shade on Jeremy's attorney, Vicki Greene, saying, "Shame on Ms. Greene for attempting to slut shame me." 

Melissa says Jeremy and Vicki criticized her for talking about her private parts on a reality TV show. She blasts Jeremy as a hypocrite, saying, "Jeremy struts around on a catwalk in his underwear and that's ok for our son to see, but my attempts to help shape my public image are wrong?? I would not even have a public image if not for Jeremy's tabloid adventures."

She adds, "I am shocked that Jeremy and his attorney attempt to slut shame me as they do."

Melissa says in the 130 days since they've separated he's only had their son for 30 days.

Casey Affleck Divorce Final

12/5/2017 6:06 AM PST

Casey Affleck is officially single because his divorce from Summer Phoenix is final ... TMZ has learned.

Summer filed for divorce in July, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple has 2 sons -- 13-year-old Indiana and 9-year-old Atticus. They are getting joint custody of both kids.

Summer said the date of separation was November, 2015.

He had previously asked the judge to deny Summer spousal support but as we reported they came to a financial agreement and settled the conflict.

The couple was married for 9 years.

'Workaholics' Blake Anderson Quick & Easy ... Divorce Finalized

12/5/2017 6:33 AM PST

Blake Anderson finalized his divorce about as quickly as the law will allow ... TMZ has learned.

The "Workaholics" star's now ex-wife Rachael Finley filed for the big D back in late May -- and 6 months later they've reached an agreement and the judge has even given 'em a stamp of approval ... according to court docs. 

The couple got married in 2012, and have a 3-year-old daughter. They agreed to joint legal and physical custody of her.

Under California law there's a cooling off period -- meaning even the smoothest of divorces have to wait 6 months -- which Blake and Rachael did

'Long Island Medium' Couple Theresa & Larry Caputo Split After 28 Years ... But Could Work It Out

12/3/2017 12:39 PM PST
Exclusive Details

The star of TLC's reality hit "Long Island Medium," Theresa Caputo, and her husband of 28 years, Larry Caputo, have split ... but there might be hope for them yet. 

The couple released a statement Sunday saying ... "After 28 years of marriage, we have decided to legally separate. We will always love each other and our two wonderful children."

They go on to say ... "We are united in supporting each other and our family. Please respect our privacy during this time."

However, sources directly tied to the couple tell TMZ that while there are no regrets about their long relationship, there may be room for a reconciliation in the future. We're told they're taking some time apart, but might not be fully done -- as they still love each other.

Theresa and Larry have been featured on the TLC show since 2011 -- with Theresa meeting with people to predict their futures and provide psychic insights. She claims she can communicate with the dead ... and recently indicated on the show her marriage was on the rocks.

Theresa and Larry have 2 adult children together. Here's hoping they can see this one through.

Chris Pratt Files for Divorce From Anna Faris

12/1/2017 4:07 PM PST

Chris Pratt has filed for divorce from Anna Faris... TMZ has learned.

Pratt filed legal docs Friday to end his 8-year marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. But it's not necessarily what you think, because he and Anna carefully orchestrated the move.

Anna filed her response to the divorce at exactly the same time and the 2 documents are mirror images of each other.

They are both asking for joint custody of 5-year-old Jack. They both reserve the right to get spousal support, but it's unlikely either will ask for it.

They list July 13 as the date of separation. They issued a statement on August 6 announcing their separation.

TMZ has learned they have a prenup. We're told the property settlement agreement is almost completely worked out.

Sources connected to Chris and Anna tell TMZ the divorce is "totally amicable."

Chris is repped by attorney Lauren Petkin and Anna is repped by Laura Wasser and Samantha Klein.

Anna has clearly moved on ... she's been seriously dating cinematographer Michael Barrett for months.

Frances Cobain I'm Single!!! But Divorce Wars Continue

11/30/2017 4:42 PM PST

Frances Bean Cobain is finally a single woman in the eyes of the law, even though she's battling her ex in court.

In docs filed Thursday in L.A., the judge declared Frances and Isaiah Silva as officially divorced. There are still a few hang-ups before their divorce is finalized, such as just about everything else.

Spousal support, property division, and attorney's fees still having to be hammered out ... according to the docs obtained by TMZ.

One of the biggest property disputes is over Kurt Cobain's acoustic guitar. Silva is claiming he has the right to hold on to the 1959 Martin D-18E, and Frances has basically said ... over my dead body.

Jennifer Hudson Back to Work and Super Comfy During Custody Battle

11/30/2017 8:56 AM PST

Jennifer Hudson is returning to work while still in the middle of the custody battle with David Otunga, and if nothing else ... she's determined to feel cozy. 

J Hud was in Manchester Thursday, wearing big puffy slippers, sweats and a knitted hat. She's there to shoot her second season as a 'Voice UK' judge.

As we reported, Jennifer lifted the protective order against Otunga on Monday ... allowing him to have David Jr. while she's working overseas.

Don't let the comfortable look fool you ... Jennifer's still in a battle for her son. 

David Otunga Jennifer Artfully Dodged Testifying On Abuse Allegations

11/29/2017 7:37 AM PST

7:56 AM PT -- A source close to Jennifer says the singer would have no issue testifying in court because she has witnesses to back up her account of the altercation that went down the night before she filed the order of protection.

Further, the source says Jennifer would never make up something like this, and put her child through such an ordeal.Jennifer Hudson dropped the protective order against David Otunga so she could avoid a courtroom grilling about the abuse allegations he's always denied ... at least that's how people connected to him see it.

Sources close to Otunga believe Jennifer was NOT being generous, or looking out for their son, when she dropped the order. If she didn't, she would have to show up in court and testify, under oath, to what she wrote in docs -- that she was in fear for her "physical and emotional safety and that of my son."

Our Otunga sources insist he did not behave threateningly toward David Jr. or Jennifer. They say she knows that, and that's why she dodged saying it on the stand.

As we reported, sources on Jennifer's side say she made the move in the best interest of their kid ... avoiding a messy court battle.

One source connected to David says Jennifer simply didn't expect him to defend himself so vigorously -- and she had to back down or admit David was right ... he was NOT a danger to her or their child. 

Mel B & Stephen Belafonte Strike Deal in Divorce He'll Destroy Sex Tapes

11/27/2017 8:01 AM PST

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte have struck a deal in their bitter divorce war ... but a judge still has to sign off on it to make it official.

In legal docs obtained by TMZ ... Mel and Stephen struck a deal on November 8 and agreed to the following:

-- Stephen will destroy any compromising videos of Mel

-- Stephen gets spousal support for the next 3 years but the amount listed in the docs has been redacted

-- Neither will pay child support but will share joint legal custody of 6-year-old daughter Madison

-- Stephen and Mel agree to a schedule for sharing physical custody

-- Stephen gets access to the family house to retrieve personal belongings, including childhood photos, clothing and artwork 

-- Sell the house and divvy up the profits

TMZ broke the story ... the deal comes on the heels of Mel and Stephen settling the domestic violence portion of their nasty divorce. 

Jennifer Hudson Mum's the Word

11/27/2017 7:27 AM PST

Jennifer Hudson isn't dishing much these days in the midst of a custody battle ... except a courteous hello.

We got Jennifer at LAX Sunday where we asked her about her baby daddy David Otunga's upcoming hearing in which he'll ask a judge to vacate an order of protection Jennifer got for her and their 8-year-old son, David Jr. Check it out ... Jennifer waved but kept it at that.

Those headphones come in handy when you want to avoid conversation.

TMZ broke the story ... David got his son for Thanksgiving, which was a legal victory in his custody battle with Jennifer. 

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