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'Pretty Wild' Star Heads into Court ... Then Jail

6/24/2010 12:15 PM PDT
"Pretty Wild" star and Burglar Bunch member Alexis Neiers just walked into an L.A. court a free woman ... and will soon walk out an inmate of the L.A. County jail.

Neiers -- who pled no contest in May to the burglary of Orlando Bloom's home -- was sentenced to spend six months behind bars. Today, she is turning herself in to authorities to begin her sentence.

According to a detective's testimony back in December, Neiers admitted to being drunk the night of the burglary ... and said she threw up and peed in Orlando's bushes.

UPDATE 9:59 AM PT: The judge just ordered Alexis to spend 180 days behind bars -- as expected -- with 4 days credit. Her parents stood up and waved goodbye. Alexis will be heading to the women's jail in Lynwood, CA -- the same place Paris Hilton spent time behind bars in 2007.

UPDATE 9:15 AM PT: Alexis -- along with her mother and father -- are in court.

Alexis Neiers Cops Deal, Gets Jail Time

5/10/2010 1:59 PM PDT
Alexis Neiers just got 180 days in jail for her role in the Burglar Bunch crimes.

Neiers pled no contest and was also placed on three years felony probation and ordered to stay away from Orlando Bloom's home.

Neiers was accused of stealing nearly $600,000 worth of stuff from Bloom -- a hearing was set for a later date to determine how much restitution she must pay.

The "Pretty Wild" star was ordered to surrender by June 24.

UPDATE: According to court documents, the property stolen from Orlando's home includes 5 Rolex watches worth $450,000 total, a $20,000 ring, two paintings worth $25,000 total and $4,000 in cash.

Burglar Bunch Dude I Got Screwed

5/3/2010 3:35 PM PDT
Nick Prugo -- an alleged member of The Burglar Bunch -- claims in new legal docs police and prosecutors betrayed him by using information he gave them to throw the book at him.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Prugo claims he provided assistance in cracking the case -- assistance cops even said was "nothing short of remarkable."

Prugo says he had an "implied contract" with prosecutors -- in return for his cooperation, he'd get a plea bargain.  But Prugo says "the prosecution has chosen to exploit Nick Prugo's cooperation" -- instead of offering a plea bargain, Prugo claims prosecutors used the info he gave them to file additional charges against him.

Prugo and other alleged members of the BB have been charged with burglarizing the homes of various celebs, including Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom.

Prugo also says in the docs he's received death threats from Jonathan Ajar -- aka Johnny Dangerous.

'Pretty Wild' Chick Accused of Club Theft

4/12/2010 11:59 AM PDT
Alleged Burglar Bunch hottie and E! reality star Alexis Neiers is being accused of trying to steal some cash -- only this time from an ordinary peon.

Alexis and her sister, Tess Taylor, hosted a party at Primal nightclub Saturday night. Sources close to the girls (and multiple club employees) tell TMZ during the course of the evening, the "Pretty Wild" sisters went to the employee lounge several times to use the bathroom. At the end of the evening, the girls were stopped by security and their purses were searched.

We're told security found the ID of a female employee and around $200 cash (allegedly belonging to the employee) in Alexis' purse. Cops were called.

Sources say Alexis told the Atlanta PD she had no idea where the ID came from and that the cash was hers. But, to avoid an incident, we're told she gave back the ID and the money. The cops let the girls go. No charges have been filed. 

BTW -- Alexis is due in court this week for the Burglar Bunch's alleged greatest hits.

Primal nightclub just gave us this statement, saying Alexis and Tess "were in no way for certain involved in anything illegal or any other type of misconduct."

Brittny 'Shocked' She Was Burglar Bunch Target

3/14/2010 4:11 AM PDT
Brittny Gastineau was scared to learn she was a possible target for the Burglar Bunch -- and she's even more horrified about the whole thing "being glorified for reality television." Or at least a show she isn't in.

As we first reported, Gastineau was among the celebrity names police said Nick Prugo and the gang scoped out for possible burglaries. Brittny tells us, "I was shocked to learn I was on this supposed burglary list -- it is a horrible, invasive feeling to think someone was planning something so horrific. Even more disappointing is that something as serious as this is being glorified for reality television."

Alleged Burglar Bunch member Alexis Neiers -- who has an E! show premiering tonight -- fired back, telling us, "First of all, Brittny who? I have no idea who she is. It's sad that she would say something without hearing my side of the story. I feel really bad that society has judged me when I haven't had a chance to present a defense. It will all come out on my show."

Burglar Bunch Targeted Even More Celebs

3/12/2010 8:00 PM PST
The Burglar Bunch targeted way more celebs than we first thought ... this according to legal docs just obtained by TMZ.

According to a search warrant affidavit, alleged Burglar Bunch member Nick Prugo says his crew "door-knocked and conducted surveillance on the following celebrity residences:"

- Zac Efron

- Vanessa Hudgens
- Miley Cyrus
- Hilary Duff
- Spencer Pratt
- Channing Tatum
- Brittny Gastineau
- Ashley Tisdale
- Jacqueline Bisset
- Adam Goldstein aka DJ AM

The Burglar Bunch allegedly hit the homes of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge, Orlando Bloom, Rachel Bilson, Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox.

The affidavit we obtained was filed in support of a search warrant that was executed just yesterday at Nick Prugo's home. According to legal docs, nothing was seized.

Burglar Bunch Suspected Leader -- I Didn't Do It

2/3/2010 2:45 PM PST
Burglar Bunch suspect Rachel Lee followed suit of the rest of her alleged cohorts -- and just pled not guilty in court to five felonies stemming from a string of celebrity home break-ins.

Lee -- who cops believe is the "master mind" of the group -- is charged with three counts of residential burglary and two counts of receiving stolen property and is accused of pilfering from Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge and Lindsay Lohan's pads.

Five of the other alleged members of the Bunch -- Nick Prugo, Alexis Neiers, Diana Tamayo, Courtney Ames and Roy Lopez, Jr. -- face a total of 12 counts of felony first degree residential burglary.

Burglar Bunch Kid's Defense -- Peer Pressure!

2/3/2010 2:13 AM PST
Burglar Bunch member Nick Prugo has officially begun his televised tour of contrition -- explaining that he only broke into the homes of Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan and more because he was just "trying to keep my friends."

Sporting his finest Larry Birkhead-esque haircut, Prugo went on "Good Morning America" today where he said he's trying to make amends to the victims and he realizes what he did "definitely wasn't O.K."

Prugo pled not guilty to eight felony burglaries back in December.

Dumbest Alleged Burglar Bunch Crime Yet

1/21/2010 1:50 PM PST
Courtney Ames of alleged Burglar Bunch fame was just charged with one of the dumbest crimes ever.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office just charged Ames with receiving stolen property -- Lindsay Lohan's stolen necklace. Prosecutors say it's the very same necklace Ames stupidly wore to court in November.

A detective confiscated the necklace in the courtroom and now she's been charged. Ames was also charged with a second count of receiving stolen property over a leather jacket belonging to Paris Hilton ... but she didn't wear that one to court.

One more thing .. The D.A. is calling the alleged gang of thieves "The Bling Ring." We strongly prefer The Burglar Bunch.

Burglar Bunch Suspect Turns Herself In

1/13/2010 8:00 PM PST
Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch suspect Rachel Lee just turned herself in to the LAPD ... sources tell TMZ.

The L.A. District Attorney charged Lee with five felonies today -- three counts of residential burglary and two counts of receiving stolen property.

Lee is suspected of burglarizing the homes of Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge and Lindsay Lohan.

We're told Lee is being booked right now.

UPDATE: Lee was just released after posting $150,000 bail.

Warrant Issued for Burglar Bunch Suspect

1/13/2010 6:30 PM PST
A felony warrant has been issued for the arrest of Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch suspect Rachel Lee ... sources tell TMZ.

Our sources say the L.A. County District Attorney issued the warrant today -- which contains three counts of felony residential burglary and two felony counts of receiving stolen property.

Lee was arrested in Nevada back in October for possession of stolen property -- but was never charged for the burglary of any of the celebrity victims' homes.

Five of the other alleged members of the Bunch -- Nick Prugo, Alexis Neiers, Diana Tamayo, Courtney Ames and Roy Lopez, Jr. -- face a total of 12 counts of felony first degree residential burglary.

The Bunch allegedly burglarized the homes of Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Rachel Bilson, Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge, Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox and an L.A. business man.

Burglar Bunch Suspects We Didn't Do It!

12/2/2009 2:30 PM PST
The Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch are really just a bunch of innocent kids ... or at least kids who have now officially pled not guilty.

Nick Prugo was in court today and pled not guilty to eight felony burglaries.

Diana Tamayo -- not guilty to two felony burglaries.

Courtney Ames and Roy Lopez Jr. -- not guilty to one felony burglary.

Bail for Prugo and Tamayo was set at $20,000 -- for Lopez and Ames it was $50,000.

The gang will have a courtroom reunion in January.

Cop: Burglary Suspect Peed in Orlando's Bushes

12/1/2009 3:51 PM PST
One of the Burglar Bunch suspects admitted to peeing and puking in Orlando Bloom's bushes while three others were burglarizing his house ... this according to a detective's testimony today in suspect Alexis Neiers' preliminary trial.

Detective Brett Goodkin said he recently interviewed Alexis in the presence of her lawyer ... and that she admitted to being at Orlando's house on the night it was burglarized.

Det. Goodkin testified Alexis told him she rode with fellow suspect Nick Prugo to Bloom's house -- but was drunk and didn't know why they were going there.

Det. Goodkin said Alexis told him they met two females at Orlando's place -- including fellow suspect Rachel Lee -- and that Lee had already cut the fence outside Orlando's house before they even got there.

A different detective got on the stand after Goodkin, and said Alexis told him when she saw everyone ransacking Orlando's place, she got sick ... then threw up and peed in the bushes outside.

Neither detective said Alexis admitted to taking anything from the house.

: Alexis will stand trial -- she's set to be arraigned on December 15.
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