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Salma Hayek's Brother

Cops May Recommend Manslaughter Prosecution

Over Car Crash

4/22/2014 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Salma Hayek
's brother Sami may have gunned his muscle car just before getting into a fatal car crash, and cops are thinking of referring the case to the D.A. for manslaughter prosecution.

LAPD got a search warrant -- obtained by TMZ -- which allowed them to root through the car Sami was driving -- a 2006 Ford GT.  Cops were zeroing in on a device called an RCM -- restraint control module, which is like a black box for cars.

Cops believe the RCM will confirm the stories of some eyewitnesses ... that Sami gunned his car and lost control, which then caused him to fishtail over the center line and hit a car coming in the opposite direction.

According to the search warrant, cops reveal they anticipate sending the case to the L.A. County D.A. for possible felony vehicular manslaughter prosecution.

The legal docs don't reveal the results of the RCM analysis.

And, according to the search warrant, Salma and her husband OWN the car and he often drove it when they were out of town.  Under California law, if the victim's family sues, the registered owners could also be on the hook.


MTV Reality Star Chris Tolleson

Rescued Crash Victim

Right Before the Car Exploded!

4/15/2014 10:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
0415-chris-tolleson-instagram-02"Are You the One?" star Chris Tolleson was the one ... who along with a few friends, rescued a guy from a burning car just minutes before it burst into flames.

Tolleson tells TMZ he was in a car with a group of friends in Virginia Beach a few weeks back when they drove up to an accident scene and discovered a car that had just crashed into a tree ... and was ON FIRE.

Tolleson says he and his friends ran out of their car and found a guy unconscious in the passenger seat (there was no driver to be found) but the door was blocked by a tree. He says he and his friends pulled the tree back enough so they could open the door and dragged the guy out of the car.

After Tolleson says they dragged him 50 feet or so, he says they could hear the car starting to crackle, so they dragged him another 50 feet. Tolleson says the car blew up just a few minutes later. 

Tolleson says his other two friends suffered first degree burns from the fire, while he got cut up from helping to remove the tree. 

The victim suffered serious injuries.  No word on his progress.


Brooke Burke Charvet

I Drove into That Fence


4/3/2014 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
040214_brooke_burk_launchBrooke Burke Charvet was so afraid her car would veer into oncoming traffic yesterday, that she drove it up a hill and into a fence on purpose ... to avoid a bad accident.

Brooke got into a minor accident yesterday in Malibu and scratched up her sweet Maserati. Cops were suspicious enough that they gave her a field sobriety test.

But Brooke was stone cold sober, explaining the ABS system on her Maserati had failed. She said her only concern was for the safety of the small children in her car ... and that's why she drove it into a fence ... rather than risk hitting another car.

Brooke joked everything would have been fine if she had been driving her trusty Escalade ... which only reminds us again ... BUY AMERICAN.

Brooke Burke

Gets the Drunk Treatment

After Maserati Crash

4/2/2014 2:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Burke Charvet walked a thin line with police after her Maserati accident Wednesday AM -- she took a field sobriety test -- and TMZ has obtained the footage showing she's stone cold sober.

As we reported, cops suspected the actress might be under the influence after her Mas crashed up an embankment in Calabasas. She passed the field sobriety test with flying colors, but the video is great.

We're told Brooke blamed a faulty steering wheel for the crash. 

Brooke Burke

Bangs Up Maserati

My Steering Wheel Screwed Me Over!

4/2/2014 9:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Brooke Burke Car AccidentBrooke Burke Charvet crashed her Maserati early this morning, but TMZ has learned she's blaming the whole thing on a faulty steering wheel.

According to law enforcement sources, Brooke drove her car through a chain link fence in Calabasas early this morning. We're told the accident caused only mild damage to her pricey ride.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they gave Brooke a field sobriety test on the scene ... and she passed with flying colors.

Our sources say she told police there was a problem with the steering, and that's what caused the crash.

Buy American.

‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Josh Altman

Crashes Range Rover into House of Blues

11/6/2013 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Josh Altman – star of "Million Dollar Listing" – crashed his Range Rover into some prime real estate this morning ... the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd. ... TMZ has learned.

We know ... at least 3 cars were involved in the accident -- and several witnesses are saying it was all caused by a 4th car that made a dangerous turn across busy Sunset Blvd. traffic.

TMZ spoke with Josh's brother Matt who tells us ... the dangerous turn caused the driver of a red Honda to slam on the brakes. The Honda was hit by a taxi van, which was hit by Josh's Range Rover.

We're told Josh tried to swerve around the taxi ... but ended up clipping the car and slamming into the House of Blues.

Cops responded to the scene. We're told they're currently looking into the situation.

Fortunately, Josh didn't appear hurt in the crash and nobody involved suffered any serious injuries.

As for the HOB, we're told management is making plans to repair the damage ASAP and no shows will be cancelled as a result of the incident.

Tony Shalhoub

Multi-Car Crash

at Paramount Studios

10/24/2013 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
"Monk" star Tony Shalhoub -- and his dog -- were involved in a multi-car accident right outside the Paramount Studios lot Wednesday, TMZ has learned ... and fortunately BOTH emerged unscathed. 

We obtained a photo of the crash scene ... showing Tony's electric SUV (the one marked EV) across from a Mercedes that appears to have suffered damage to the hood. 

A witness tells us ... Tony was rear-ended and propelled into another vehicle. By the look of things, it's likely the "other car" was the Mercedes. 

It appears a piece of the Benz was knocked into the street. 

Another SUV was hanging off the curb -- it's unclear if that car was struck in the collision or if it just swerved to get out of the way. 

Tony's ride didn't appear to suffer any real damage either. His dog can be seen in the front seat. The animal seems to be in good health as well. 

1024-tony-shallhoub-car-accident-wm-4We're told no one involved in the wreck required immediate medical assistance. After the crash, Tony was pictured on the side of the street and appeared to be OK. 

One witness tells us Tony was swapping information with the other drivers involved -- and was in good spirits considering the situation. Cops arrived to the scene, but left after the drivers assured them everything was under control. 

We called Tony's rep for comment, Mary Goldberg -- but she didn't know jack about her client's condition.


'Big Time Rush' Star


After Scary Motorcycle Wreck

5/30/2013 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
What happens when you fall off your bike in a gnarly motorcycle crash? YOU GET YOUR ASS BACK ON ... especially if you're "Big Time Rush" star Logan Henderson.

TMZ has learned ... the Nickelodeon actor is back up on two wheels after a frightening crash in Hollywood back in December that he luckily escaped from with only scrapes and bruises.

Henderson's motorcycle was badly damaged in the wreck -- when he was cut off by another driver and thrown from his bike. But Henderson was determined to ride again ... and had the bike repaired.

The final bill -- $8,000 ... but luckily for Logan, we're told the other driver's insurance covered the cost.

After the repairs, Logan was so pumped to get back on his bike -- he rode it to set for the taping of the season 3 finale of "BTR" ... and don't worry, he made it there safely.


Lil Twist

WRECKS Justin's Fisker

Then Flees

3/8/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
If Justin Bieber continues to trust Lil Twist with his ultra-expensive cars, then he deserves what he gets, because TMZ has learned Twist had yet another mishap, and this one involves a hit and run.

We've learned Lil Twist was driving Justin's chromed-out Fisker Karma Tuesday, just after 6PM, when he crashed into cement poles protecting a wall at a San Fernando Valley liquor store ... damaging the poles and badly damaging the front-end of the car.

Sources tell us ... either Twist or one of his passengers told an eyewitness, "Do you know whose car this is? It's Justin Bieber's car." 

We're told a few minutes later, a BMW roared up to the parking lot and the driver told Twist and the passengers, "Get all the pieces from the car [that fell] and put it in the car [the BMW]."  After putting the Fisker parts in the BMW, the 3 men took off in the BMW, leaving the Fisker behind.

Sources say one of the 2 passengers was Chris Brown.  His reps have not confirmed or denied.

FYI -- it's a crime to leave the scene of an accident that causes injury or property damage without exchanging info with the victim -- in this case the liquor store owner.  We're told this was NOT done.

You'll recall ... Twist also caused thousands of dollars worth of damage when he bottomed out Justin's Ferrari in the Four Seasons Hotel parking lot.  And Twist was speeding in Justin's Ferrari January 1st when he was stopped by the CHP.  A photog died while taking pics of the scene.

Justin -- don't be an idiot.  Cut him off.

8:17 PM PT... Chris Brown's people just got back to us and said he wasn't in the car and wasn't even in town the day of the crash.


Paulina Rubio

Breastfeeding Helped Her Avoid Jail

6/26/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
The charges against Paulina Rubio were so minor, Miami police didn't plan to take her to jail yesterday -- but according to the police report, the final factor in their decision ... Rubio told cops she had to get home to breastfeed her child.

According to the report, after Rubio got into a car accident, the first officer on scene instructed her to get out of her car and onto the sidewalk. Rubio refused to get out of the car, the report states, at one point cursing at the officer in Spanish.

Once the officer told Rubio she was under arrest, got her out of the car, and placed the handcuffs on her, Rubio screamed out, "Help! Help! I didn't do anything! Look what they're doing! Help! Abusers! You bunch of liars! Help!"

The report says Rubio continued to yell at the officers even from inside the patrol car. An hour later, according to the report, Rubio calmed down and apologized. The officer says he issued her a summons to appear in court, and didn't take her in to jail, because she claimed to have "an extenuating circumstance (she breast feeds her 6 month old child)."

As TMZ first reported, Rubio was charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice and refusal to obey a lawful command.

A rep for Rubio had no comment.

Paulina Rubio

Arrested After Minor Car Accident

6/26/2011 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Paulina Rubio was arrested by police in Florida on Saturday afternoon after she got into it with cops following a small car accident -- but she was not taken into custody ... TMZ has learned. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Rubio was involved in an accident just blocks away from the ocean in Miami.

According to law enforcement, the accident was relatively minor -- and Rubio was not at fault -- but she got into some kind of argument with officers on scene and was subsequently arrested.

We're told she was busted for disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice and refusal to obey a lawful command -- but the charges were small enough that Rubio was not taken into custody. Instead, she was issued a summons to appear at a later date.

Calls to Rubio's rep were not immediately returned.

'Real Housewives' Car Acciden

He Attacked Me!

2/10/2011 7:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Vanderpump tells TMZ she just got attacked by a lumber truck driver in Beverly Hills.

Lisa Vanderpump Car Accident
Lisa tells TMZ ... she was driving on Benedict Canyon Drive when some lumber from the truck in front of her fell off.  Lisa tried to avoid the wood by attempting to quickly pass the truck, but she says the truck driver intentionally tried squeezing her to the curb.

Lisa says the truck actually attached to her Bentley, causing "serious damage."

And Lisa tells us, "I'm not feeling so good.  I'm going to see a doctor."

Lisa's "Real Housewives" co-star Kyle Richards showed up at the scene to help.

021011_mr_vanderpump_videoShe says she's not going to file a police report.

After the accident, Lisa's husband Ken Todd told us some great news ... their dog Jiggy wasn't involved in the crash.

Tara Lipinski

Skates in Fender Bender Lawsuit

10/10/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Tara Lipinski just scored a perfect 10 in her legal battle against a dude who claims the former Olympic gold-medalist wrecked his car and caused him "serious injuries" -- in fact, girl got off the hook scot-free.

The guy in question -- named Bryan Fuller -- sued Lipinski for $7,500 in July, claiming she backed into him with her SUV while he was exiting an L.A. parking lot last year ... and as a result, he suffered "serious injuries to his neck, back, left shoulder, left arm" ... and the list goes on.

Dude claimed his medical bills totaled $2,279 after the incident -- not to mention "at least" $1,223.02 in damages to his vehicle -- but clearly the judge wasn't buying his case ... because when the gavel came down earlier this week, Mr. Fuller was awarded jack squat.

Lipinski has a history of sliding by.

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