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Blac Chyna Hit from Behind Checked by Paramedics After Car Crash

6/24/2017 10:30 AM PDT

Blac Chyna got rear-ended in a traffic collision and was placed in an ambulance ... while the other driver was allegedly detained by cops for a possible DUI.

Chyna was in her white Rolls-Royce in Studio City, CA around 2:30 AM Saturday morning when she got into the car accident. She was checked out by paramedics for about 45 minutes before she was released and picked up by another ride.

We're told LAPD officers detained the other driver and administered some DUI tests ... no word yet if there was an arrest.

Blac Chyna's no stranger to car accident drama ... she was sued last year for letting her friend drive her car that ended up involved in a hit-and-run.

Chris Soules Don't Call Person Who Died in Crash 'Victim'

6/16/2017 4:21 PM PDT

Former 'Bachelor' and current defendant Chris Soules wants to block the jury in his felony hit-and-run trial from hearing anyone refer to the deceased as a "victim."

TMZ broke the story ... Chris plowed into a tractor driven by a man named Kenneth Moser who died as a result of his injuries. Chris left the scene before cops arrived and he's been charged with leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in death.

According to new legal docs, Chris' lawyers think it would be grossly unfair to call Moser a "victim," Chris has not been charged or even ticketed for the causing the accident.

Soules' lawyers also want the judge to nix any evidence that Chris bought or consumed alcohol the day of the crash. As we reported, when cops arrived at his house shortly after the accident, he refused to come out and it took several hours to get a search warrant.

When Chris was belatedly tested his specimens were negative for drugs and alcohol.

UFC's Matt Hughes Injured In Car Crash ... Truck Hit By Train

6/16/2017 11:21 AM PDT
Breaking News

UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes was badly injured in a car accident in Illinois on Friday when a truck he was in collided with a moving train, law enforcement tells TMZ Sports

We're told the accident occurred at 10:39 AM. Law enforcement says 1 person was transported to a hospital with serious injuries. Dana White says that injured person is in fact Hughes. 

Investigators are at the crash site trying to figure out what went wrong.

White says Hughes suffered head trauma and his family is on their way out to be with him.

Hughes is a UFC Hall of Famer -- a 2-time welterweight champion who beat stars like GSP, BJ Penn and Royce Gracie. He last fought in the UFC in 2011.

Earlier this year, he mulled a comeback. 

Story developing ... 

'AGT' Contestant Dr. Rogers Died in Single Car Wreck ... 2 Others Survived

6/13/2017 2:25 PM PDT

"America's Got Talent" contestant Dr. Brandon Rogers was riding in the front passenger seat of a car when it veered off the road, leading to his death ... TMZ has learned.

According to the Maryland State Troopers, officers responded around 4:30 AM Saturday for a car that had crashed into a tree. Brandon was one of 2 passengers in the vehicle, plus the driver. 

Cops say the driver walked away unscathed, but both passengers were hospitalized. As we first reported ... Brandon died Sunday from his injuries.

His audition episode on 'AGT' has yet to air, and producers are undecided on whether they'll release it on schedule next month.

Cops say they're investigating the circumstances of the crash, but we're told drugs and alcohol were not involved.

Gisele 'Taxi' Getaway Car Owner Wants It In Museum After It Saved His Life

6/12/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Gisele Bundchen's baller ride from her co-starring role in the 2004 movie, "Taxi," has a shot at history after saving its owner's life ... at least that's what the owner wants to see happen.

Gisele made her acting debut as a bank robber -- opposite Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah -- and drove a bad ass 2003 BMW 760 Li for the role. 10 years later, Zach Schwatz from NY bought the whip for $14,500 from a production staffer. He got it with a new white paint job. 

Cut to last week, when Zach crashed his prized beamer into a tree. He suffered 2 broken feet and banged his head around, but believes it would've been way worse in a lesser ride. He's expected to make a full recovery, but the car's dunzo.

Zach wants his baby to be preserved in the Museum of the Moving Image -- instead of ending up on a scrap heap. He's contacted the museum about making the donation, but hasn't heard back yet.

Maybe they saw the movie. Just sayin' ...

Derek Fisher DUI Crash Car Is Registered to Matt Barnes

6/8/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Talk about making a bad situation worse ... 

The SUV that Derek Fisher wrecked over the weekend in his DUI crash is registered to one Matthew K. Barnes... TMZ Sports has learned.  

Fisher was driving the white 2015 Cadillac Escalade early Sunday morning when he hit a guard rail on the 101 Freeway in L.A. and flipped it while driving home with his girlfriend, Gloria Govan

The car was completely totaled. Fisher was arrested for DUI. 

Of course, Govan was previously married to Matt Barnes. They have two children together. 

In fact, we're told the Golden State Warriors star had given the Escalade to Gloria specifically "for the kids."

So far, no comment from Barnes ... but we're guessing he's gonna want Fisher to pay for the replacement. 

MLB's Luis Gonzalez On Saving Woman from Burning Car 'We Jumped Into Action'

6/6/2017 4:00 PM PDT

World Series hero Luis Gonzalez became a REAL-LIFE hero when he pulled a woman out of a burning car last week -- and now he's telling his story to TMZ Sports.

Gonzo -- who famously got the winning hit in the 2001 World Series for the Diamondbacks -- was driving to dinner in Paradise Valley, AZ on Friday when he saw a head-on collision. 

The ex-MLB star says he jumped out of his car and right into action -- pulling a disoriented and injured elderly woman from her car as one of the vehicles burst into flames. 

"I told her the car behind me was starting to catch on fire, that we needed to get her out."

The story is incredible. Props to Gonzo and all of the emergency responders. 

Derek Fisher DUI Crash Photos ... Violent Wreckage

6/6/2017 10:54 AM PDT

Derek Fisher is incredibly lucky to be alive ... judging by the photos of the SUV he wrecked during his DUI crash Sunday morning.

TMZ Sports obtained photos of the wreckage -- which shows smashed out windows on the passenger and driver's side of the 2015 Cadillac Escalade he was driving at the time. 

You can also see the airbags that were deployed -- which likely had a role in saving his life. 

As we previously reported, Fisher crashed into a rail on the 101 Freeway around 3 AM and flipped the SUV -- while his girlfriend, Gloria Govan, was in the car. Both miraculously walked away with no injuries. 

Fisher was arrested for DUI. He later vowed the situation would never happen again.

Derek Fisher Breaks Silence After DUI Crash 'Glad No One Was Hurt'

6/5/2017 1:38 PM PDT

Derek Fisher says he's grateful no one was seriously injured in his DUI crash over the weekend -- and is adamant the situation will NEVER happen again. 

The ex-NBA star was leaving Leo & Lily restaurant in L.A. with his girlfriend, Gloria Govan -- more than 24 hours after the SUV he was driving crashed and flipped on the 101 Freeway around 3 AM. 

Fisher -- who was arrested for DUI -- was walking without a limp or a scratch (same with Gloria) and said he was grateful for everyone's thoughts and prayers.

Derek Fisher Crashes Car, Arrested for DUI ... Video Shows Wreckage

6/4/2017 10:30 AM PDT
Exclusive Video

3:06 PM PT -- A rep for Derek and Gloria tells TMZ Sports ... "On behalf of Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan, they would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. They are beyond grateful that they are both okay and that no one else was involved. Both Derek and Gloria are home and ask that you respect their privacy." Derek Fisher was arrested on suspicion of DUI Sunday after crashing his car on the 101 Freeway following a night out at Catch in West Hollywood ... and the wreckage looks gnarly.

Derek's Cadillac flipped over just after 3 AM PT Sunday as he was heading northbound on the Ventura 101 Freeway. His passenger was "Basketball Wives" star Gloria Govan. Neither Derek nor Gloria were injured.

Derek was then arrested and jailed after it was determined he'd been drinking. The car wreck could have been deadly from how badly the car had flipped ... based on video obtained by TMZ Sports.

CHP officials say Derek veered into the paved right shoulder of the 101 just east of the 405 interchange. He collided with the raised concrete curb and guardrail, which flipped his car over once. Luckily, the crash left both Derek and Gloria unscathed. 

We got Derek Saturday night leaving Catch at 11:45 PM, but he crashed at 3 AM. He apparently picked up Gloria after dinner, because she wasn't at Catch. He and Gloria have been an open couple since March.

Tiger Woods Police Photos Show Car Damage

5/31/2017 1:50 PM PDT

Tiger Woods was left flat on the road before his arrest ... and the pics cops released make that clear.

Tiger's 2015 Mercedes had 2 flats and it's apparent from the photos he was unable if not incapable of driving further than he did.

The car was also damage to the front driver's side bumper and rear bumper. The rear tail light was also out. There were also white scrapes and scuff marks on the rear bumper. Cops say it was all fresh damage.

NFL Lineman David Parry Gets Probation In Drunken Rampage ... Jail Looms

5/31/2017 10:11 AM PDT
Breaking News

The Indianapolis Colts lineman who attacked a taxi cart driver in Arizona and then threatened police just got 2 years probation ... but he still faces even MORE punishment. 

As we previously reported, 25-year-old David Parry went on a crazy drunken bender in Scottsdale, AZ on Feb. 25 -- that culminated with the 300-pounder puking his guts out in a jail trash can.

During the incident, Parry allegedly carjacked a taxi cart, drove it around -- and then called police "f**king f**gots," "fat f**ks" and "p**syboy."

The case was divided to be prosecuted in two separate courts.

Maricopa County Superior Court handled 3 of the charges -- including misdemeanor disorderly conduct, robbery and felony attempt to commit unlawful means of transportation.

The other charges, mostly related to the DUI part of the incident, are being handled by Scottsdale City Court.

Today, Parry was punished in MCSC -- getting 2 years probation as part of a plea deal.

He's due in Scottsdale City Court next month and there's a real chance he could get jail time -- since he's been charged with "Super Extreme DUI" ... which carries a minimum 45 day jail sentence if convicted.

Indy 500 Crazy Car Crash Drivers Walk Away OK

5/28/2017 12:05 PM PDT

Two drivers in the Indy 500 were lucky to walk away -- let alone be alive -- after a super gnarly crash that flipped one vehicle over multiple times.

Racers Scott Dixon and Jay Howard collided into one another Sunday during the Indy 500 race in Indianapolis ... which sent Scott's car flying into the side rails and tore it to pieces.

After getting checked out by docs onsite ... both drivers were surprisingly left unscathed. 

Scott was also in good spirits afterward in what could have been a deadly moment.

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