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Macklemore Car Crash Other Driver Absolutely Bombed ... According to Cops

10/12/2017 12:50 AM PDT

The guy who collided head-on with Macklemore had a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit ... TMZ has learned. 

Jake Pitcher's BAC was .19% according to police docs -- and that was nearly 2 hours after the accident! Pitcher was charged last week in Washington with DUI.

As we've reported ... Pitcher was driving a pick-up truck on a winding road in July when he swerved across the lane and smashed into the rapper's Maybach. Incredibly, no one was seriously hurt in Macklemore's car. Pitcher suffered face and head injuries.

Mack recently opened up about the experience, saying he thought he was going to die.

Mischa Barton Sued U Smashed Your U-Haul into Our Building!!!

10/11/2017 3:41 PM PDT

Mischa Barton just got sued for one of the all-time worst parking jobs, which left her U-Haul truck jammed in a carport.

The homeowners' association at The Park Wellington condos in West Hollywood wants Mischa to fork over $26,991.55 for some major repairs that had to be done after her not-so-brilliant move back in February.

TMZ broke the story ... Mischa slammed the truck into plaster covered support beams at the complex.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Mischa told the complex her then-bf, Adam Spaw, had rented the truck ... so they tried to get the dough through his insurance. The claim was denied, and according to the suit ... Mischa is actually listed in the police report as the driver -- so, the Wellington wants her to pay up.

Fun fact: Spaw is one of the guys Mischa later got a restraining order against when she claimed he had a sex tape of them.

Venus Williams Car Crash Autopsy Reveals Fatal Injuries

10/10/2017 3:38 PM PDT

The man killed in the Venus Williams car crash suffered major internal injuries -- including lacerated organs and broken bones in his back ... this according to the autopsy obtained by TMZ Sports

The Medical Examiner has released the report regarding 78-year-old Jerome Barson -- who was in the passenger seat of a 2016 Hyundai which slammed into Venus' Toyota Sequoia on June 9

The reports shows Barson was rushed to the hospital with a lacerated spleen, a tear in his small intestine, damage to his colon, a broken pelvis and multiple spinal fractures. 

The ME says Barson remained in critical condition in the hospital ICU until he died on June 22 from complications from injuries he suffered in the crash. 

Barson's family is suing Williams -- claiming she's to blame for the accident since her car was in the intersection when it wasn't supposed to be ... causing Barson's car to slam into it. 

Williams is fighting the suit -- claiming she is not to blame. 

Larry King Smashup in Bev Hills Whodunnit?

9/26/2017 3:05 PM PDT

Larry King was able to walk away, but his Mercedes-Benz didn't fare so well after he got into a wreck right in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Larry and his suspenders were seen surveying the damage to his Lincoln MK as well as the other vehicle -- a Mercedes-Benz -- involved in the accident. The other driver was on the sidewalk getting looked at by paramedics ... but we're told neither driver was injured.

Although a witness seems to think Larry hit the other driver ... police tell us it's unclear who was at fault. You can bet the insurance companies will sort that out.

We're told both cars were towed, and neither driver cited. 

Cardi B NYPD Cop Put Me in a Choke Hold!!!

9/20/2017 8:46 AM PDT

Cardi B says a New York City cop put her in a choke hold Tuesday evening and slammed her against her car.

Sources connected to the "Bodak Yellow" rapper say the incident went down around 6 PM near Columbus Circle -- Cardi was riding in her new Bentley SUV when another driver hit her.

We're told Cardi wasn't driving, but she and a cousin -- who was also in the Bentley -- got out and started arguing with the other driver, and that's when the NYPD officer got involved. We're told the officer, who Cardi says was white, grabbed her with his arms around her neck and pinned her against the Bentley.

Once everyone involved calmed down, we're told the cop let Cardi go ... and left the accident scene without taking a report or issuing any citations. Moments later she angrily tweeted about the incident and blasted cops for not knowing "how to do they job F**K."


Cardi deleted her tweet after a few minutes. Her sister also posted about it, and later deleted. Our sources say Cardi was not injured by the choke hold, and it doesn't seem, at this point, she's looking to take legal action.

A spokesman tells us NYPD has no records or information about Cardi's claim, and adds it's unclear if police will try to get a statement from her about the alleged incident.

As for the accident ... sounds like Cardi's Bentley didn't suffer too much damage.

Heather Locklear 911 We Got a Celeb Down in the Ditch!

9/18/2017 1:58 PM PDT

Moments after Heather Locklear drove her Porsche into a ditch ... cops got a 911 call reporting the accident -- and Heather's celebrity status was a hot topic.

TMZ obtained the 911 call and law enforcement communications regarding the Thursday evening accident. One of the deputies who responded to the scene ... called into dispatch and made it clear ... we've got a VIP here.

The deputy said, "It's a celebrity. She's huge" -- and the dispatcher responded, "I'll let [the Sheriff's Office] know, and they'll probably get out there a little quicker."

As we first reported, Heather drove into the ditch in Thousand Oaks, CA and managed to walk away with minor injuries. She didn't hit any other property, and will not be cited for the accident.

Heather Locklear All Clear In Car Crash ... Cops Wrap Investigation

9/15/2017 9:02 AM PDT

Heather Locklear can officially rest easy knowing she won't face any criminal consequences following driving her Porsche into a ditch because cops say their investigation is a wrap.

Law enforcement sources tell us they've determined drugs and alcohol were absolutely not a factor in the accident.

We're told cops won't pull Locklear's phone records (to determine if she was distracted) or investigate the speed at which she was driving because it was only her in the wreck, no one else was injured and no property was damaged.

TMZ broke the story ... Locklear drove her Porsche into a ditch in Thousand Oaks Thursday night. The 55-year-old was taken to a local hospital with only minor injuries.

It appears she's just fine ... posting Friday that she was "home and good" and thanking everyone for their concern.

Our sources say it'll be up to Heather and her insurance company to hash things out from here.

I'm home and good. Thank you for your concern!💋

A post shared by Heather Locklear (@heatherlocklear) on

Chris Soules Looks Sharp, Says Zilch at Hearing

9/14/2017 10:30 AM PDT

Chris Soules showed up in court for the first time in nearly 5 months ... this time in a suit and not a bright jumpsuit.

The former 'Bachelor' was flanked by his attorneys at Buchanan County Courthouse Thursday in Iowa for a hearing that lasted 5 minutes. They were there to formalize an agreement with prosecutors regarding evidence.

You'll recall Chris first appeared in court back on April 25 in prison garb. He was told to speak up at that appearance, and this time around he didn't say a peep.

TMZ broke the story ... Chris was arrested after plowing his Chevy pickup into a tractor. The tractor driver later died from his injuries. Chris was charged with felony leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in death, but he's since asked for criminal charge to be dropped.

Macklemore HOW'd He Survive?!! 1st Pics of Head-On Crash

9/12/2017 12:05 AM PDT

The alleged drunk driver who smashed head-on into Macklemore was nearly ejected through his windshield ... which is clear from the first pics of the horrific crash scene.

TMZ obtained the photos of the pickup truck sitting nose-to-nose with Macklemore's Maybach. The fact the truck is on the wrong side of the road shows the driver swerved into Mack's lane.

The gnarly shots of the July wreck also show the rapper's airbags deployed, while the truck driver's windshield was smashed and splattered with blood.

He suffered head and face injuries, and was eventually arrested for DUI. The biggest miracle ... Macklemore and his passengers were left mostly unscathed.

Derek Fisher Pleads No Contest to DUI

8/29/2017 11:13 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Derek Fisher has pled no contest to DUI stemming from a June 5 crash in which he flipped his SUV on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles. 

Fisher previously pled not guilty to 2 misdemeanor counts of DUI -- but struck a plea deal with prosecutors in which he pled no contest to driving with a B.A.C. of .08 and got probation and 100 hours of community service (or 10 full days). 

He's also required to install an ignition interlock device in his car -- which will monitor his breath before he can start the vehicle. 

There's more ... Fisher must participate in a MADD victim impact panel where he will speak with families of victims in drunk driving accidents. Plus, he's been ordered to complete a 3-month-long alcohol education class. 

Miraculously, no one was injured in the crash -- including his passenger/girlfriend, Gloria Govan

After the incident, Fisher told his fans the situation will NEVER happen again

Weston Cage Pleads No Contest in Wild DUI Chase ... Gets to Pick His Poison

8/28/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Weston Cage -- Nic Cage's son -- isn't getting off easy in his drunk driving case but the judge is letting him pick one of 3 doors for his sentence.

Wes pled no contest this month to driving with a BAC of 0.08 or higher after he led cops on a wild chase in February in the San Fernando Valley. He took out mailboxes before crashing into a tree and another car.

Wes already knows he'll be on probation for 3 years, has to complete a 3-month alcohol program, and has to pay a bunch of fines plus additional penalty fees. As for the rest of his sentence, here are Cage's options:

- Door 1: 350 hours of community service
- Door 2: 30 days of community labor
- Door 3: 45 days in county jail

Choose wisely ...

Charlottesville Car Attack Driver and Rally Organizers Sued By Victims for $3 Mil

8/15/2017 3:12 PM PDT

James Alex Fields Jr.'s victims are striking back with a huge lawsuit ... and they're going after more white nationalists they believe were responsible for the Charlottesville carnage.

Tadrint and Micah Washington have filed suit against Fields, as well as many organizers of the alt-right rally in Charlottesville Saturday -- including David Duke, Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler. According to the docs ... the Washingtons were in the car into which Fields slammed, causing a violent chain reaction that resulted in the death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer, injuring 19 others.

Tadrint and Micah claim they were not counterprotesters or involved in any events related to the rally, but were simply trying to drive home and were waiting for pedestrians when Fields plowed into them. According to the docs ... they were left with serious injuries and a vehicle covered in blood.

The suit also names several other white nationalist organizations that were present Saturday. The 2 are suing for $3 million for assault and battery, civil conspiracy and negligence. 

Fields has been charged with second-degree murder and malicious wounding for the attack.

We reached out to rally organizers named in the suit ... no word back so far.

Alt-Right Leader Chased from His Own Presser ... After Charlottesville Chaos

8/13/2017 2:20 PM PDT

A leader of the alt-right group that protested in Charlottesville this weekend tried holding a press conference the day after the chaos ... but had to flee before finishing.

Jason Kessler -- an organizer of 'Unite the Right' -- was chased away from his own presser Sunday as he tried denouncing the violence in Charlottesville on Saturday, while blaming law enforcement, the local government and counter-protesters for the bloodshed.

In prepared remarks, Kessler said cops and local gov officials failed to protect both groups from hurting each other, and went on to say the media failed to show that counter-protesters were the ones who incited the violence against his white supremacist followers.

He didn't get to the end of the speech ... 'cause he had to be rushed away by police from a mob that was coming after him. Kessler took to Twitter afterward to denounce what he called an infringement on his free speech. 

The violence in Chartlottesville left one civilian -- Heather Heyer -- dead when she and a number of others were plowed into by a car ... the driver of which was later apprehended and charged. 2 officers also died in a helicopter crash while monitoring the protests. 

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