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Chelsea Handler

Ass Shot

... Take That, Kim K!

11/12/2014 8:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1112-chelsea-handler-butt-instagramIf Kim Kardashian made the Internet explode with her ass photo ... Chelsea Handler just made the rubble bounce.

Chelsea posed sans oil, and as far as we can see it's not Photoshopped ... which makes it extremely impressive.

Handler is making her body parts a name for themselves ... she went to war with Instagram last month after they took down her topless photo mocking Vladimir Putin.

Did we say she has a nice ass?
Chelsea's going in on IG again -- she just REposted her topless Putin shot with a caption questioning why the app is cool with shots of Kim K's bare ass (and Chelsea's too) ... but not cool with her exposed boobs. She added, "I'm just so confused."


Kim Kardashian

Ass Photo Last Hurrah

Before Getting Pregnant

11/12/2014 7:09 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian shot the instantly iconic ass photo because it's her last stand before getting pregnant again ... TMZ has learned.

We know Kim is telling close friends and family she's about to get pregnant again, and wants to show off her body before the weight gain. She's proud she dumped the weight after North was born and wants to show her tight figure off.

As for Kanye ... we're told he's the opposite of jealous. He loves her public displays.

Our sources say there were a number of pics the photog took and they will be released soon. The photog -- Jean-Paul Goude, is famous for shooting nude celebs, including Naomi Campbell.

The Kim pic is actually a recreation of the famous champagne photograph that Goude shot in 1976. The model is Carolina Beaumont.

Goude shot a similar pic of Grace Jones. And get this ... another photog copied the Grace Jones pic, using Amber Rose as the model. Amber, of course, was Kanye's GF before he hooked up with Kim.

And we're told ... this will not be the last nude photo shoot before Kim gets pregnant again. She plans a few more, but it'll happen soon because she wants baby #2.



Naya Rivera

Shots Fired!!!!!!!!

Over Kim K. Ass Photo

11/12/2014 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1112-naya-rivera-kim-kardashian-twitter-tmz-getty-01Naya Rivera apparently is a member of the minority that's not a fan of the Kim Kardashian asstastic Paper magazine cover photo.

While Kim was breaking the internet, Naya was throwing shade, saying, "I normally don't.'re someone's mother..." It takes some nerve to play that card seeing as Naya changed her face to look like Kim.

They're called MILFs, Naya. Look it up. 


Kim Kardashian

Ass Naked

11/11/2014 5:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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OK, we're spent. Your turn.


Serena Williams

My Ass Is Too Big

... To Run NYC Marathon

11/7/2014 7:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1107_Serena-Williams_butt_getty-2Serena Williams says there's a damn good reason she didn't run the NYC Marathon with her good friend Caroline Wozniaki ... "My ass is too big."

The tennis superstar talked her butt -- and a whole lot more -- during an "Ask Me Anything" thing on Twitter this morning ... even revealing that she "desperately" wants to have children. 

Another interesting moment ... when asked if she was single, Serena wrote ... "Not by choice."

Sad, right? 

Also, her favorite TV show is "The Flash."

Model Nina Agdal

That's a Nice Ass

... Half Court Shot

10/20/2014 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Like hot butts? Like trick shots?

Then you're gonna love Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Nina Agdal hitting a crazy half court shot ... while the camera is trained squarely on her ass.

The 22-year-old Danish model fired off a shot like a pro -- and swished it -- no rim, no backboard.  

Check out the vid (and thank us later) -- this isn't the first time Nina has shown her affinity for roundball -- but we gotta say, it could be the most pleasing.

Who's up for taking a charge?

Kim Kardashian

My Butt is Back!

... And It Wants Taco Bell

10/19/2014 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1019-kim-k-kanye-movie-big-butt-FFN-01Dammmmmmmmmmnn .... is pretty much all you can say about Kim Kardashian's ass-entuating outfit for a Sunday afternoon outing with Kanye West.

The couple hit up a theater in Calabasas for a movie date and on the way out Kim proudly displayed her trademark in cutoff jeans and a back-baring top -- then they hit up a Taco Bell drive-thru. 

You can tell from the photo ... Kanye gives this rearview two thumbs up. Way up. 

Not to be a buzzkill -- but rubbing your bare back on a movie theater seat? Risky business.




Assaulted by Kim K Attacker

But Paris Cops Don't Care

9/30/2014 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

The guy who attacked Kim Kardashian in Paris last week has struck again -- this time Ciara was his victim -- and Paris cops still think it's a stupid, nothing offense and they aren't taking action.

Vitalii Sediuk was standing outside the Valentino fashion show wearing a trench coat, and as Ciara passed him he lost the coat and hugged her hard, wearing a thong. 

Sediuk had something written on his leg referencing a USA ban ... he's been barred from red carpets in the States following his attack on Brad Pitt.

We reached out to Paris cops to see if they'd now take action against Sediuk, but they said they have no plans ... they say it's not important enough to warrant their attention.



Kanye West

She's a Handful!

9/28/2014 9:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0928-kim-k-kanye-butt-grab-instagram-01Kanye West is protecting his gluteus to the maximus.

Kim and Kanye are in Paris for Fashion Week and Mrs. West posted a picture on Instagram of Yeezus showing his affection for her backside.

As we previously reported ... Kim upped her security detail this week after she was almost tackled to the ground by a crazy person during an event in Paris.

Good thing Kanye's got her ass covered.


Jennifer Lopez

Hauls Ass to Singapore

9/23/2014 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez performed at the Singapore Grand Prix and laid down the perfect sequel to her "Booty" music video.

There was so much ass shaking and grinding ... the performance should go down in the annals of history! Or at least of this week.

Jennifer Lopez

Riding the Booty Wave

9/22/2014 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez ButtWith her backside back in the headlines, 45-year-old Jennifer Lopez put her most prized asset front and center while performing Sunday night at the Singapore Grand Prix.

Not that anyone is complaining ...

Jennifer Lopez

'Booty' Video Triggers Lube Deal

9/22/2014 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0921-jennifer-lopez-booty-lube-YOUTUBE-01Jennifer Lopez looks so good in lube in her new "Booty" music video with Iggy Azalea -- she now stands to make a bundle off a company that makes the stuff. 

Reps for Doc Johnson Lube fired off the sticky to proposal to J.Lo after seeing the video last week -- and we're told they were especially inspired by the shots of her covered in a liquid they believe to be personal lubricant.

Bottom line -- Doc Johnson wants to be in the J.Lo butt business ... and the company is offering her a year's worth of its lubrication gel for free to prove it. The good doc also wants to discuss a long term sponsorship deal, if Jennifer's interested.

Something tells us this is NOT right up her alley -- but can't knock 'em for trying.

J.Lo & Iggy Azalea

Over the Moons

For 'Booty' Music Vid

9/20/2014 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez looks amazing grinding her ass on Iggy Azalea’s in their new music video “Booty” ... but is it just a desperate cry for attention?

Scratch that -- it IS a cry for attention ... and it's working.

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