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Kylie Jenner Miami Rental Mansion Is Outta This World

12/3/2016 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1203-kylie-jenner-miami-mansion-launch-airbnb-01Kylie Jenner has planted temporary roots in Miami ... and the pad she's calling home looks like it could double as a space station.

Sources close to Jenner say the $15 million, 6 bedroom 7 bathroom mansion is currently occupied by Kylie, Tyga and friends while they hang out for Art Basel. Not only does the place have a rooftop balcony ... it's got a lap pool, futuristic design and is right on the water.

Jenner's been flaunting the crib's elevator during her trip, and if you wanna take a ride ... it can be done for a whopping $8k a night on Airbnb.

Sure beats the local motel. 

'Tiny House Nation' Contractor Sues Clients ... Your Big Mouth's Gonna Cost You $1 Mil

12/3/2016 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1130-tiny-house-nation-fyiA contractor for "Tiny House Nation" has a big problem -- the couple who hired him is talking so much smack, they're crushing his bottom line ... according to the lawsuit he just filed.

Charles Brzezinski built a compact pad for Jared Logan and Vanessa Wesley on season 3 of the FYI reality show, but says they've since accused him of being a fraud and doing a shoddy job.

According to the docs ... Brzezinski says the couple posted a lengthy negative review on a consumers website accusing him of being an unlicensed contractor and crappy builder.

The contractor also says the couple posted pics that show the home falling apart -- but he says the images are of lousy work Jared and Vanessa did by themselves ... after construction was complete.

tiny_house_nation_damages_footer2Brzezinski says the negative online reviews have cost him tons in business and trashed his reputation. He's suing to get the couple to delete the review, and for more than $1 million in damages.

He also points out Jared and Vanessa happily signed a certificate of completion when the house was done ... and even has this video showing the place was immaculate when they got the keys.

Aaron Paul Happy 30th to My Wife ... Let's Do Thai for 10

12/2/2016 1:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1202_aaron_paul_thailand_airbnb_photos_launchAaron Paul sure loves his wife, and his space -- he's renting out a massive private villa in Thailand just for the 2 of them. 

Aaron is sitting beachside in Thailand this week with his wife, Lauren Parsekian, to celebrate her 30th birthday. Rather than getting a hotel room, Aaron basically opted for a compound -- a 10-bedroom, 8-bath estate -- which usually rents for more than $5,000 a night.

We're told Aaron got hooked up from Airbnb, so it probably won't cost him that much to live like royalty. Based on his Instagram, Lauren and Aaron are toughing their way through all this luxury.

"Breaking Bad" success -- the gift that keeps on giving. 

A video posted by Aaron Paul (@glassofwhiskey) on

Kate Upton & Justin Verlander Score Massive Bev Hills Mansion ... Tennis, Anyone?

12/1/2016 12:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1201-kate-upton-justin-verlander-hilton-hyland-01Justin Verlander and Kate Upton are getting the martial house ready to go ... because they just locked up a sweet Bev Hills mansion for $5.475 mil ... and it comes with its own private tennis court!

The Detroit Tigers pitcher proposed to his supermodel girlfriend back in May -- and we're told the house hunt began shortly after. 

Now, we've learned they pulled the trigger on a 5 bedroom, 6 bath East Coast country style home ... it's 5,000 square feet with an enormous pool and hot tub, koi ponds, park area to entertain guests ... and much, much more! 

We're told the couple closed the deal on the private gated estate back in October. Judy Feder and Susan Smith of Hilton & Hyland represented the seller. 

Unclear if the couple is planning on moving in until after the wedding ... but would you let this place sit vacant?? Hell no! 


Colin Kaepernick Buy My Killer $3 Mil Mansion ... Stand Or Sit at My Bar!

12/1/2016 11:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1201_colin-kaepernick_gettyColin Kaepernick is making moves ... selling his San Jose mansion -- in what could be a sign he knows his days as the 49ers QB are numbered. 

Colin bought the 4,600 square foot pad in 2014 for $2.7 million -- but now, he's put it on the market for $2.895.

The place is pretty sick ... 4 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, a dope billiards room, a bar, an office (where he currently displays his trophies), a foyer with an aquarium in the wall! 

The backyard is also very cool -- with great views, a BBQ area and a pool/spa combo with a waterfall! 

No word on where Colin plans to move next.

John Krasinski & Emily Blunt Let's Make a Deal On Our Discounted Home

11/29/2016 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1128_John-Krasinski-Emily-Blunt_home_zillowEverything must go for John Krasinski and Emily Blunt ... at least on the West Coast, where they just struck another deal to unload a home, but for way below the original asking price.

John and Emily bought the Ojai, CA home for $2.15 million back in 2012 ... then put it on the market last year with realtor Patty Waltcher for $4.25 mil. They didn't get any takers, so they slashed the price, and slashed ... and slashed some more before finally accepting an offer for around $2.75 mil.

The 5 bed, 5 bath home's now in escrow. It features 4,177 sq ft of hardwood floors, 4 fireplaces, a pool and gorgeous mountain views. It's the second SoCal property the couple's dumped this year.  

Kendall Jenner snagged their hip WeHo home in June.


T-Pain His Lawn Is Sprung But His Ass Is Grass If He Doesn't Mow

11/27/2016 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1122_tpain_trash_yard_compositeT-Pain is letting the grass grow under his feet ... and it could cost him big time. 

Officials in Leon County, Tallahassee issued the singer 2 notices last week to clean up his front yard by early December, or face daily fines that could stack up to $20k. 

The county's Code Enforcement Board heard testimony last month which painted T-Pain as a hoarder and a slob when it comes to basic landscaping. He was a no-show for the public hearing. 

According to court docs, his front yard grass and shrubbery are already longer than 18 inches -- and he has a ton of "junk" that's been sitting in the yard for more than 2 weeks. 

Greener? Who knows, but it's definitely longer at T-Pain's crib.

We reached out to him ... no word back.

Charlie Sheen Infamous Bachelor Pad Up for Sale

11/26/2016 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1123_charlie_sheen_home_zillowCharlie Sheen has a big real estate secret for those who can afford to listen.

We're told he's quietly selling the Bev Hills mansion where he hosted various "goddesses" over the last decade. There were wild parties fueled by drugs and alcohol, and epic sexual escapades.

It's also the house where Charlie's Bentley was famously stolen from the driveway and launched off a cliff.

Charlie bought the house for $7.2 million and is trying to snag $9 mil. He's got a shot ... the house is in one of the most desirable gated communities in the city.

We're told Charlie wants to move not to greener pastures but the bluer surroundings. He's eying places in Malibu, near the home of his parents.


Riff Raff I Hate Math ... 12 - 2 = $69,000 for My Landlord

11/26/2016 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1121-riff-raff-tmz-3Rap genius Riff Raff confused the number 12 with the number 2 -- at least according to the landlord who says Mr. Raff came up way short on his rent checks. 

The rapper's been ordered to cough up 10 months of unpaid rent plus interest and court costs -- which comes out to $69,288 ... according to docs. RR signed a 12 month lease for the San Fernando Valley pad in July 2014, but the landlord says he was gone by September. The place appears to be unoccupied these days.

1123-riff-raff-house-tmz-01On the bright side ... Jody Highroller wasn't ordered to pay for any damage to the house, so we're assuming the 40 gallon fish tank is still intact.

Kanye West Home Remodel Riddled With Conflict

11/25/2016 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1122_kanye_west_house_costruction_launchKanye West and Kim Kardashian went through emotional turmoil during their recent home renovation, with Kim complaining she was footing the gigantic bill herself.

Our sources say during the final taping of Khloe's talk show in April, Kim was grousing that they had sunk $8 million into their Hidden Hills remodel and it was all her money.  

We're told the renovation costs swelled to $10 mil. Our sources say the main reason they sunk so much into the $20 million estate ... Kanye couldn't make his mind up. He would order a change and when it was completed he'd take a look and tell contractors to rip it out and do it another way.

We're told the remodel process has been frustrating and a source of tension for both of them, and to this day they have not spent a single night in the house that they bought 2 years ago.


Tyrese I'm So Rich ... I Opened My OWN Dry Cleaner!

11/23/2016 9:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tyrese's wardrobe is just so fresh and clean, and it ain't gonna cost him a fortune anymore -- suck it, dry cleaners.

The singer/actor is proudly launching Voltron Cleaners, but don't get too excited ... it's just for him. Tyrese installed a full service laundromat, including a dry cleaning machine, in his house!

Sounds great -- except who's gonna do all the work, right? Tyrese has that covered too.

Perfect companion piece to his Benihana-style backyard restaurant and outdoor theater.

Tyrese. Self-sufficient since 2016.

'Boy Meets World' House Live Like Cory for $1.5 Mil

11/18/2016 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1118-boy-meets-world-house-for-sale-launch_2The house from the '90s hit show "Boy Meets World" is now ready and waiting for one nostalgic fan to snatch it up.

To be clear, the show starring Ben Savage as Cory Matthews wasn't shot on location, but this Studio City, CA crib was used for the show's exterior shots. It's a 2 bedroom, 2 bath on a .27 acre lot ... with a sick 2 story guest house.

Veteran actor Joe Campanella -- from "The Guiding Light," "The Practice" and a ton of other shows -- is selling the property for $1.595 million, and Lisa and Scott Sorrentino of Rodeo Realty are his reps.

Kind of a steal if you're a fan or just a wise investor.

'Making a Murderer' Star I'll Take This Crib Over Prison Beds Any Day

11/17/2016 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brendan_Dassey_bedroom_wm_tmz_launch2Brendan Dassey's coming home to a hero's welcome -- from his parents, anyway -- and a room filled with reminders of how famous he's become while incarcerated for more than 10 years.

Brendan won't be going home to his old bedroom ... instead he has a newly furnished one in the Manitowoc County, WI home his family moved into about a year after his 2006 arrest.

It's loaded with a shrine of sorts -- posters, letters, even a guitar ... all sent from fans after "Making a Murderer" became a sensation. There's also a spot dedicated to WWE superstar John Cena. If you saw the Netflix series, you know one of Dassey's biggest complaints about getting arrested was missing Cena in WrestleMania 22.

We're told his family started prepping the room a week ago in hopes the judge would hand down a favorable ruling. As we've reported, Dassey could be released anytime between now and Friday evening.

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