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Shailene Woodley Pleads Not Guilty In Pipeline Riot

10/19/2016 11:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1019-shailene-woodley-tmz-01Shailene Woodley pleaded not guilty to rioting at the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the rush is on to cover every second of the case. 

Shailene wasn't in the North Dakota court Wednesday morning, but her attorney entered the plea. She's charged with one count of misdemeanor criminal trespass and one count of misdemeanor engaging in a riot. As soon as local media caught wind of her plea, they filed docs asking for video cameras to be allowed in court.

The judge approved, so if her case goes to trial she'll have another platform to state her protest against the pipeline. 

But since she's facing 2 misdemeanors ... we smell a plea deal.


Bobby Shmurda 7 Year Sentence Is a Screw Job! My Lawyer Forced Me

10/19/2016 10:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1019-bobby-shmurda-twitter-02Bobby Shmurda's desperate attempt to get out of his plea deal fell on deaf ears ... as a judge sentenced him to 7 years in prison for gun possession charges.

The rapper was in court Wednesday and in a last-ditch effort ... told the judge he was forced to take the plea, and tried to withdraw it. He even turned to his lawyer in open court and said he wanted to fire him.

Judge wasn't having it, and stuck with the plea deal Bobby had agreed to last monthwhich he says he took to help his friend ... days before he was to stand trial.

Bobby's already been behind bars for 21 months, so at least he'll get credit for that.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Bus Ain't That Some S***! Cops Investigate Street Dump

10/19/2016 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1019-hillary-clinton-bus-sewage-MIKE-ROBINS-01Hillary Clinton's got your WikiLeak right here ... in Georgia, where her tour bus dumped raw sewage onto the roadway.

It went down Tuesday in Lawrenceville at around 9:30 AM when someone inside the RV got out and opened the sewage drain, which drained onto the roadway and into the storm drain.

The deposit included drying toilet paper and, according to the police report, "a foul smell."

Hillary wasn't on the bus -- she was preparing for the debate Tuesday. 

The Hazmat units responded and cleaned it up. 

The cops just got the name of the bus company and plan on paying a visit today.

Jim Carrey Late GF's Mom Is Money Hungry ... Also Threatened Suicide

10/18/2016 1:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1018-jim-carrey-cathriona-white-tmz-instagram-02update_graphic_red_bar4:40 PM PT -- Sweetman's attorney, Michael Avenatti, tells us "Carrey and his 'fixer' lawyers are trying to deceive the media and the public. They are attacking a grieving mother and making up facts they know to be untrue in an effort to save Carrey's career, which was over when he lied about not having STDs."

He also implored Carrey's team to release the results of a 2013 STD test he claims Carrey took under the pseudonym 'Jose Lopez.'update_grey_gray_barThe mother of Jim Carrey's late girlfriend hit him up for a house, and threatened to take her own life after Cathriona White's suicide ... according to new legal docs filed by Carrey. 

In the docs, Jim says Cat's biological mother, Brigid Sweetman, emailed him in November 2015 to say people were vandalizing her house with foul messages and leaving death threats in response to Cat killing herself. She believed she was getting blamed for Cat's death because of a "horrific and degrading" Facebook post she'd left for Cat on her birthday.

Jim says Brigid told him, "I am on the point of killing myself." He says she asked him to buy a house for her, but he declined and "she became angry and bitter." 

Carrey's filing is a response to the wrongful death suit Brigid filed against him. The actor's legal team is adamant Brigid's suing purely for a money grab, saying she did not love her daughter -- "she loves only money."

Carrey also denies giving Cathriona STDs ... and in the docs, says she profusely apologized for those accusations when they got back together in 2014. He says he thinks she only made it up because she was upset about their breakup. 

Jim went on to say, "I loved her face. I loved her Irish voice. I loved the way she smelled." He says from November 2014 they shared a "beautiful ten-month relationship filled with sweetness, caring and affection."

The docs include several photos of Jim and Cat together while they were dating.


Tyga Kylie Makes Me Sick If You Ask How Much I Spend On Her

10/18/2016 1:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tyga went into serious medical distress mode Tuesday morning when the lawyer for a jeweler started asking him questions about how much loot he shells out for GF Kylie Jenner.

Celeb jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills hauled Tyga into a hearing to determine if he has enough money to satisfy a $200k judgment for a fancy chain and timepiece.

Tyga, who flipped off our photog and aimed a pretend gun at him on the way in, was pretty accommodating, telling Jason's lawyer, Boris Treyzon, about his income and what he owns. But then Treyzon started grilling Tyga about various gifts he's given Kylie, and that triggered a 911-type emergency.

We're told Tyga said he started feeling extremely ill, lost memory and became confused, telling the lawyer he just couldn't go on.

The tricky part ... Kylie has cooed openly on social media about various gifts she's received from her BF, including a Mercedes as a birthday present. If he can afford that, he can afford to pay Jason. But, if Tyga says he didn't give Kylie all that stuff, he's effectively saying she's a social media liar.

The hearing's been rescheduled for November 1st ... the same day Kylie's set to come in for a separate interview. 


Adam Levine Victim of Baseless Child Abuse Complaint ... Case Closed

10/18/2016 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1018-adam-levine-behati-prinsloo-tmz-instagram-02An anonymous tipster called LAPD claiming Adam Levine was abusing his infant daughter and wife ... but cops investigated and found the allegations totally bogus. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... LAPD's Juvenile Division got the tip last Wednesday, alleging Adam hit his one-month-old baby girl in the face. The tipster also alluded to allegations of domestic violence ... claiming Adam struck his wife so hard it knocked her to the ground.

We're told cops paid the Levine family a visit, spoke to Adam's wife, Behati Prinsloo, and found no visible injuries to her or the infant. After meeting with the family, investigators determined the claims were unfounded.

Sources close to Adam tell us it's unfair that being in the public eye means you sometimes fall victim to false, atrocious allegations. Adam, though, appreciates and respects the LAPD and is glad they promptly concluded the claims were untrue.

Our sources say there will be no further investigation and consider the case closed.

Harry Shearer 'This Is Spinal Tap' Studio's Been Ripping Me Off

10/18/2016 9:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1018-this-is-spinal-tap-EMBASSY-PICTURES-01"This Is Spinal Tap" star and co-creator Harry Shearer says he's been getting the short end of the stick for the legendary movie ... to the tune of $125 million.

Shearer's production company just filed suit against Vivendi -- which owns Universal Studios -- and handles accounting on all merchandise and music related to the 1984 mockumentary. According to docs, Vivendi claims the movie's 4 creators -- Shearer, Michael McKean, Christopher Guest and Rob Reiner -- were only owed a whopping $81 for merch, and $98 for music sales ... up until 2006.

Think about it ... that's $179, split 4 ways! The numbers are astoundingly low, if the lawsuit is correct. Shearer -- who also does a ton of voices on "The Simpsons" -- has a two-part solution.

First, he wants Vivendi to fork over $125 mil. Then, he wants his own company, Century of Progress Productions, to take over the film's trademarks.

Doesn't sound like they're gonna do Stonehenge tomorrow.

Jim Carrey Late GF Penned Suicide Notes Long Before Death

10/18/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1017-jim-carrey-cathriona-white-tmz-instagramJim Carrey's late girlfriend wrote multiple suicide notes during their relationship years before she actually killed herself.

Sources tell us investigators uncovered several notes after Cathriona White's death in which she suggested she was going to commit suicide, but didn't. The first was in October 2012 -- a month after her father died and 2 months into dating Jim. She wrote about not fitting in this world and being "too messed up for anyone to really love." She also said she loved Carrey and apologized to him.

The second one -- written right after their May 2013 breakup -- accuses Carrey of giving her STDs and blames him for her suicidal thoughts. She wrote "my blood is on your hands" and "you pulled the trigger on me." Again, she did not kill herself.

1018-cathriona-white-suicide-letters-2012-2013-TMZ-LAUNCH-02Cathriona and Jim got back together as a couple 18 months later. They had a romantic date in Malibu, just 9 days before her fatal OD in Sept 2015.

1017_jim_carrey_cathriona-white_dinner_splash-2The notes could be crucial in the wrongful death suits filed against Carrey by Cat's estranged husband and mother. On one hand ... it's clear she was upset about STDs in 2013. On the other hand, she got back together with Jim in 2014. It also seems she was troubled and distraught about several things besides Jim ... including the 3rd anniversary of her father's death.

The final suicide notes, found near Cat's body, mention heartbreak ... but not STDs. She said in one of the notes to Jim "You are my family" and left him in charge of her burial and estate. She did not in either note mention her estranged husband or mother.


Dream Hotel Founder Arrested for Dog Burning

10/18/2016 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1018-vikram-chatwal-INSTAGRAM-02Lindsay Lohan's friend and Dream Hotel founder Vikram Chatwal was arrested by NYPD Tuesday morning for burning 2 dogs with an aerosol can and lighter.

As we reported ... Chatwal allegedly walked up to the dogs on a NYC street outside his apartment last week and opened fire as they were being walked. We got some bizarre video of him right after the incident.

Chatwal was booked on one felony count of criminal mischief -- and 3 misdemeanors ... torturing an animal, reckless endangerment and arson. 

Russell Crowe & Azealia Banks Alleged Spitting in Security Cam Range

10/18/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1017-azealia-banks-Russell-crowe-tmzRussell Crowe and Azealia Banks' scuffle spilled into a hotel hallway, where it was likely caught on video -- and both sides think the footage will support their version of events ... TMZ has learned. 

Banks insists Crowe choked her while removing her from his Beverly Hills Hotel suite, and then spit on her in the hallway. We're told there are security cameras in that hallway.

Azealia claims the video will show the choking and spitting. It's unclear how much of the incident was captured, but law enforcement sources tell us they will be checking out the footage. Bev Hills PD launched an investigation after Banks filed a battery report.

If the incident was recorded, we're told Russell's camp would be thrilled because they think it will show Banks is lying through her teeth.

We're told police are still trying to interview Russell and Azealia.

James Franco Sued You Ferociously Head-Butted Me Over Lana Del Rey Pics

10/17/2016 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1017-james-franco-TMZ-01James Franco pulled a Zinedine Zidane on a photographer at a Lana Del Rey concert ... according to the photog who says he suffered the blow.

David Tonnessen says he was snapping photos of Lana at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in 2014 when Franco, unprovoked, viciously charged and head-butted him in the stomach.

According to the docs ... Franco was "smiling, rather demonically" when Tonnessen first spotted him, and then -- with a "blank expression of joy on his face" ... knocked him to the ground.

Tonnessen says he was hospitalized and suffered permanent injuries. He's suing for medical expenses and other damages. We've reached out to Franco, so far no word back. 

There's no footage of the incident, but here's Zidane's infamous shot ... just to set the mood. 

Mary J. Blige Estranged Hubby Wants to See Green ... and Lot$ of It!!!

10/17/2016 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1017-mary-j-blige-husband-martin-isaacs-TMZ-INSTAGRAM-01Mary J. Blige's estranged husband is demanding a 6-figure check from her ... EVERY month, while they hash out their divorce.

Martin Isaacs filed for temporary spousal support, and according to the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- he thinks $129,319 per month is a nice, round number. His argument is simple -- Mary was the breadwinner during their 12-year marriage and got him used to their lavish lifestyle.

Martin says Mary earned anywhere from $1.5 to $5.1 million over the last 2 years. Remember, he used to be her manager ... and he points out she's currently on tour with an album about to drop. He, on the other hand, has zero income since Mary fired him shortly after she filed for divorce.

As for that prenup we told you about ... Martin believes it's bogus since he signed it without a lawyer. And he says Mary knows the prenup's BS, as evidenced by the fact she's already cut him 2 checks for a total of $85k. 

'RHOC' Star Lauri Peterson Son Sued By Man He Allegedly Shot ... He Could Have Killed Me!!

10/17/2016 12:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1016-Joshua-Waring-mug-shotFormer 'Real Housewives of Orange County' star Lauri Peterson left the show years ago to help her troubled son ... but now he's in more trouble with a man he allegedly shot.

The man claims ... at 2:30 AM on June 20, Joshua Waring drove up to the sober living home they were staying at and started honking his horn. Residents came outside and told him to leave, which he did -- but then u-turned, came back and started firing shots at the crowd. 

One of those bullets reportedly struck the 35-year-old man in the lower torso. Waring was arrested for the shooting hours later after a police chase and is still behind bars ... facing attempted murder charges.

The shooting victim wants Waring to pay up for his medical bills and all the pain and suffering he's caused him.

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