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Elizabeth Vargas

Checks Back

Into Rehab

8/18/2014 12:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0818-elizabeth-vargas-Getty"20/20" co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas has checked into rehab for alcohol abuse ... the second time she's done that in less than a year.

Vargas says, "As so many other recovering alcoholics know, overcoming the disease can be a long and incredibly difficult process. I feel I have let myself, my co-workers and most importantly my family down and for that I am ashamed and sorry."

Vargas spent a few weeks in rehab late last year for alcohol abuse.

ABC, like it said last time she went to rehab, says they are "squarely behind her" this time as well.

Zac Efron

He Never Stopped Drinking

8/2/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zac Efron
-- who was partying in a bar in Ibiza with Michelle Rodriguez -- is not only back on the bottle ... we're told he was never off it.

Zac has had big issues with substance abuse ... going to rehab twice last year for cocaine addiction. We're told he's also a big drinker.

People involved in Zac's life tell us ... his biggest problem is that he always believes he has the ability to stop.  As one source says, "He'll stop cold for 3 or 4 days when he has to work and then he's back."

It's no secret Zac loves to party.  We're told he's "climbing the walls" just before his various projects end ... waiting for the moment he doesn't have to show up for work in the morning so he can party hard.

Here's the good and the bad.

The good -- Zac's younger brother Dylan is a big influence on him.  We're told Dylan has counseled him about the importance of sobriety and Zac doesn't blow him off.

The bad -- Zac  is 26 but he's acting like an 18-year-old.  The way it was put to us ... "When Zac was 18 and 19, when most kids go crazy, he was kept on a short leash [also known as Vanessa Hudgens]. When they broke up he went off the rails."

Zac Efron

I Needed a 'Social Lubricant'

7/29/2014 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Zac Efron is publicly acknowledging his struggle with addiction ... and he chose to make the revelation deep in the wilderness with Bear Grylls.

Zac doesn't mention any drug or drink by name ... we broke the story he had 2 stints in rehab last year for cocaine and Molly.

The actor says it became impossible to go out in the world because, as he put it, the press followed him everywhere. So he needed what he called a "social lubricant" to muster the courage to venture outside his house.

You gotta hear Zac talk about his problem and how he's now put it in check.  It's interesting.


Apollo Nida

I'll Do Rehab If ...

It Gets Me Out of Prison Early

7/20/2014 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apollo Nida Prison ReleaseConvicted money launderer Apollo Nida already got 22 years sliced off his prison sentence, but ironically a DUI might help him shave off a few more ... TMZ has learned.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ ... the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast member agreed to a 500-hour "intense" drug treatment program during his 8 year sentence -- even though he's not currently addicted to anything.

Law enforcement sources connected to the case tell us Apollo only got into the program because he has a prior DUI -- and we're told his real motivation is lowering his sentence.

Inmates who successfully complete the program typically get early releases.

Of course, there's no such loophole to help him skirt the $1.9 mil he has to pay back to his victims.

'Dance Moms' Star

My Daughter's in Therapy

Because of Abby

6/29/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Dance Moms" instructor Abby Lee Miller so frightened her students ... one pint-sized dancer needed a shrink ... so the mom claims in a new lawsuit.

Kelly Hyland claims Miller made her daughter Paige so nervous during rehearsals ... the girl started suffering panic attacks to the point she couldn't breathe. 

Hyland says in the lawsuit producers made it even worse by shoving cameras in Paige's face during her anxiety attacks.  She says the whole thing was so traumatic, Paige had to go to a psychiatrist.

Hyland claims Miller tormented her, too ... calling her an alcoholic stage mom ... and insulting her with 8 bottles of tequila as an XMAS present.

We reached out to Miller about the lawsuit ... but all she did was brag about her new book. 

Lisa Robin Kelly

Rehab Center Killed My Wife

... Claims Husband

6/10/2014 6:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"That 70s Show" star Lisa Robin Kelly was killed by lousy treatment and an incompetent staff at the rehab center where she was found dead ... according to a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the late actress' husband.

Robert Gilliam is suing Pax House in Altadena, CA claiming Kelly's "treatment and care were improperly administered" ... and that she was neglected for "an unreasonable amount of time" by workers who weren't fit for the job.

TMZ broke the story ... Kelly died Aug. 15, three days after she was admitted to Pax House. The coroner ruled it an accidental death from multiple drug intoxication -- but never identified which specific drugs were in her system.

Gilliam claims in court docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Kelly was last seen alive by Pax workers sometime during the night of Aug. 14 ... and it wasn't until several hours later that she was discovered dead in her room.

He says his wife's death has caused him loss of love, affection, comfort ... and financial support.

Amanda & Lindsay

Rehabtresses Emerge ...

Looking Good!

5/29/2014 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0528-amanda-lindsay-akmgsiHere's Amanda Bynes (left) looking healthy and fit leaving Cardio Barre in Thousand Oaks on Wednesday ... and Lindsay Lohan (right) exiting Chiltern Firehouse in London.

Don't do drugs.

Rob Kardashian

Would You Like Chicken or Fish?


5/19/2014 5:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Kardashian Weight GainRob Kardashian -- brother of the bride-to-be --  was spotted  at LAX Sunday as he and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan began to make their way to France for Kim's big wedding.

Despite reports ... we're told Rob has not been at "fat camp" or any other form of rehab ... rather he's been working out frequently with a big name trainer to battle his weight problem.

Either way ... he's going to have to alter his tuxedo a bit from Kim's last wedding.


Kate Major

Suffers Seizure

at Rehab

5/12/2014 9:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Major SeizureKate Major had to be rushed from her Florida rehab facility to a local hospital after suffering a seizure ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, the episode went down early Monday morning. We're told Michael Lohan's baby mama had a seizure and complained of chest pains and was taken to JFK Medical Center near West Palm Beach.

Major was ordered back to rehab by a judge earlier this year following a DUI arrest.

She had a similar incident in 2011 when she was also taken to the hospital from rehab after suffering a seizure.

2:04 PM PT -- We're told Kate has been admitted to the hospital for treatment for an erratic heartbeat.

Zac Efron

Don't Question My Sobriety

Or I'll Kick You to the Curb

3/30/2014 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0329-zac-efron-tmz-02Zac Efron doesn't have any problems with drugs ... at least that's what Zac Efron thinks, according to his friends -- who say anyone telling him otherwise is quickly 86'ed.

TMZ has learned the actor's friends are scared to broach the subject of Zac's sobriety ... because not only will they be ignored -- but they say anyone who makes an attempt is cut from Efron's life.

We're told Zac refuses to believe he's on a destructive path ... and one of his friends tells us they think he could become the next Cory Monteith if he doesn't get help.

As we previously reported ... Zac's friends say he never went to a real rehab facility last year. Instead, they say he received private therapy at a friends house.


Paul Walker

Daughter to Live With Her Mom

IF She Goes to Rehab

3/30/2014 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

03-19-14-paul-meadow-tmzPaul Walker's mom will back off her demand to become guardian of Paul's 15-year-old daughter, even though that's what he said he wanted in  his will ... but ONLY if Meadow's mom goes to rehab.

Paul's mom Cheryl Walker went to court this week ... ready to do battle with Rebecca Soteros.  Rebecca has a serious drinking problem, with 2 DUIs under her belt.  Her drinking is why Meadow moved from Hawaii 3 years ago to live with her dad in L.A.

We've learned Rebecca and Cheryl came face-to-face and Rebecca grudgingly told Cheryl she would go to rehab immediately.  Cheryl then promised she would drop her bid for guardianship if Rebecca successfully completed the program and agreed to drug testing afterward. 

We're told Rebecca said being with Meadow was the most important thing to her, and she knew there would be an ugly court fight if she didn't comply with Cheryl's demands.  So Rebecca started a detox program Friday, and will enter full-time rehab in a week.

In the meantime Meadow is staying with the Walker family.

Trace Adkins

Wife Files for Divorce

3/26/2014 1:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Achy Breaky News

Lady don't love this country boy -- Trace Adkins' wife has filed for divorce ... after nearly 17 years of marriage.

Rhonda Adkins filed the docs in Tennessee, citing "irreconcilable differences."

According to the docs, the couple was married in 1997 and separated on Monday. They have three daughters (aged 16, 12, and 9).  Rhonda wants primary residential custody as well as child support. She also wants alimony.

And this is interesting ... she wants to be named the sole beneficiary of Trace's life insurance policy.

It's unclear if the divorce is related to Trace's alcohol issues -- as we reported, the singer enrolled in rehab earlier this year after getting into a drunken fight with a Trace Adkins impersonator while on board a country music cruise.


David Cassidy

Ordered Into Rehab After DUI Plea

3/24/2014 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

03-24-14-david-cassidy-tmzDavid Cassidy's ass just got spanked by the legal system after pleading no contest to DUI -- the judge ordered him to enroll in a 90-day live-in rehab facility for alcohol abuse.

TMZ broke the story ... Cassidy was busted for DUI in L.A. back in January -- his third DUI arrest since 2010.

In addition to rehab, Cassidy was also sentenced to 60 months probation. He must also complete a 9-month alcohol program.

We were previously told Cassidy had enrolled in rehab last month. It's unclear if the judge will give him credit for his previous stint.

Cassidy had originally faced up to a year in jail -- so he should consider this a victory. Even if his wife still wants to divorce him.+

5:07 PM PT -- Cassidy's rep tells TMZ, the singer had already been enrolled in an inpatient rehab facility at the time of his sentencing today and the judge will be giving him credit for the 102 days he's served. We're told Cassidy will be transitioning into a monitored outpatient program (with a sober coach) early next month. The rep says, "David is very committed to his sobriety."


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