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Pacman Jones Arrested Allegedly Spit On Jail Staffer

1/3/2017 6:04 AM PST
Breaking News

7:10 AM PT -- The Bengals released a statement, saying "We are aware and working to gather full information, but policy is that it's inappropriate for the Club to comment on unresolved legal matters."Another off-season ... another Pacman Jones run-in with police.

This time, the Cincinnati Bengals star was arrested Tuesday morning after allegedly getting violent at a Hyatt hotel ... and then spitting on a jail staffer.

Jones allegedly went ballistic at around midnight -- banging on a door and screaming and at one point, cops say he pushed and poked someone ... according to WLWT. 

When cops arrived, he allegedly resisted arrest and then spit on a jail staffer while he was being booked. 

The 33-year-old was eventually booked on misdemeanor assault, disorderly conduct and obstructing official business charges.

He's also facing felony harassment with a bodily substance for the alleged spit attack.

Jones just appeared in court, wearing a red vest and appearing frustrated. The judge set his bond at $37,500 and said he must stay away from the alleged victim.

Jones is no stranger to legal trouble ... back in 2015, he was kicked out of a casino for disorderly conduct. 

In 2013, he struck a woman in a nightclub incident (he was found not guilty).

In 2011, he was arrested for disorderly conduct while intoxicated and resisting arrest.

He was also arrested in 2005 ... and 2006. 

You get the point. 

Anthony Munoz Marvin Lewis Shouldn't Be Fired It's Not All His Fault

12/31/2016 12:01 AM PST

It might not be a popular opinion, but Bengals Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz thinks Marvin Lewis should be back on Cincinnati's sidelines next season.

The 11-time Pro Bowler says Lewis doesn't deserve all the blame for the Bengals' 5-9-1 record with one week to go in the season ... pointing out the injuries and staff changes that have plagued the team.

"I'm willing to say okay, he's got another year on his contract. Let's see what happens if everybody gets healthy."

"5 straight years in the playoffs, sure you haven't won a playoff game, but he's done a decent job there as a head coach."

Bengals' Carlos Dunlap GREAT NEWS A.J. Green's Already Walking Around!

11/22/2016 4:26 PM PST

Bengals superstar A.J. Green is already up and walking around after suffering what was initially thought to be a season-ending hamstring injury ... so says his teammate Carlos Dunlap

"A.J. was walking around yesterday, getting treatment," Dunlap says.

Great news for the Bengals (and of course fantasy football owners!).

As for Giovani Bernard -- who also suffered a bad injury on Sunday -- Carlos says he hasn't spoken with the running back yet ... but says he knows he'll bounce back from his ACL tear.

Meantime, Dunlap rallied up some of his other teammates like Brandon LaFell, Karlos Dansby and Michael Johnson to host a Thanksgiving dinner for 120 homeless men at the City Gospel Mission in Cincinnati on Monday ... and he couldn't be more proud!

Steelers' Le'Veon Bell DISSES CINCINNATI ... In New Rap Song

11/3/2016 9:50 AM PDT
Breaking News

The Bengals ain't gonna like this one ... 

Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell -- who's also a rapper -- just dropped a NEW TRACK taking aim at Cincinnati ... just 7 weeks before they're set to do battle on the field. 

The song is "Rapping Athlete" -- in which Bell spits the lyrics: 

"All these haters @ me ... 
You need to check my rap sheet ... 
You better take the backseat like you play in Cincinnati."

There's a ton of bad blood between the Steelers and the Bengals -- in fact, it was Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict who ended Bell's season last year during a Week 8 matchup.

As far as the rivalry goes, the Steelers have won 6 out of the last 7 matchups ... so, advantage Le'Veon. 

By the way, he also name drops Johnny Manziel ... saying he's balling the ex-QB -- but back when he was in college! 

Andy Dalton LUGGAGE ADVICE From Bengals Teammate

2/16/2016 3:00 PM PST

Andy Dalton's teammates want the QB to stop losing his bags -- and now, one of his defensive linemen is offering up some advice on how to prevent your luggage from going MIA when he travels. 

We spoke with Domata Peko at LAX -- who says he's NEVER had the Dalton problem ... but definitely feels bad for the guy after AD lost his bags TWICE in the same week. 

There's more to the clip ...

With Paul McCartney getting rejected from a Grammys after-party (possibly due to the bouncer not knowing who he was) ... we asked 31-year-old Peko if he would be able to identify the Beatle based on his face alone. 

What happens next might shock you ... 


2/15/2016 3:59 PM PST

Dude. Seriously?!?!

The search is back on for Andy Dalton's suitcases ... 'cause just 5 days after they fell out of the bed of his truck, they've gone missing ... AGAIN!!!

This time, it appears to be the airline's fault -- with the Bengals QB tweeting, "I can't make this up... #bagsearch2016 is back on. @AmericanAir it's your turn to find the luggage now #unbelievable."


2/10/2016 5:25 PM PST
Breaking News

The search is over ... Andy Dalton's missing luggage has finally been recovered!

The Bengals QB lost his bags early Wednesday morning -- when they went flying out of the bed of his truck while on the way to the airport in Dallas. 

The search became a social media sensation with its own hashtag -- #bagsearch2016 ... but finally, the good news arrived! 

We spoke with the Richardson PD -- who tells us someone found the bags on the side of the road and turned them in to police! 

Andy just tweeted ... "#bagsearch2016 is officially over! Thankful that Robert found our bags. The power of social media is real!"

Nice work, Robert ... free Bengals tickets????

Ickey Woods Bro-ing Out with Nick Lachey

12/16/2015 3:29 PM PST

Don't worry about Ickey Woods this flu season ... 'cause he's running about 98 Degrees! 

Check out this footage of the Bengals legend hanging out with Nick Lachey at LAX ... bro-ing out over Cincinnati's impressive 10-3 record this season. 

Both guys are stoked about Cinci's chances at a Super Bowl run -- even with an injured Andy Dalton -- with Woods saying the red head has a real shot to be one of the NFL's all time greats! 

BTW, Nick grew up in Cinci and happens to be a hardcore Bengals fan -- so we had to ask Ickey where Lachey ranked on the all time Bengals celebrity fan power list. 

His competition -- George Clooney, Woody Harrelson, Carmen Electra ... and (wait for it) Barney Stinson. 

Katherine Webb I'M PREGGO!!!

12/8/2015 11:53 AM PST
Breaking News

AJ McCarron finally got some action this season -- well, enough to impregnate his wife at least ... 'cause Katherine Webb is pregnant!!

The model and the Cincinnati Bengals backup QB just announced they're expecting -- and she's 4 months along the way.

"AJ and I feel beyond blessed and grateful to FINALLY announce after 4 months we have been keeping a secret! We are having a BOY!"

"Thank you all so much for your prayers for us as it hasn't been an easy journey. We thank God everyday for this wonderful blessing and can't wait to share this journey with all of you!!"

NFL's Wallace Gilberry I Had to Help That Family ... I Saw Their Faces

11/26/2015 12:35 AM PST
Exclusive Details

He's the NFL lineman who surprised a family of 7 in a Target store by picking up the check for a PS4 ... and now Bengals star Wallace Gilberry is finally explaining why he did what he did. 

Gilberry's story made national news when someone shot a pic of the 270-pounder approaching the random family Monday night and offering to buy holiday gifts for the kids. 

So ... why? 

"I just went to Target to get some clippers to trim my beard and I saw a family with a dad, wife and five or six kids. The kids were looking at the electronics and I could tell by the mom's face that she was upset about telling the kids they wouldn't be able to afford what they wanted."

"I went up to the family and asked them if they would mind if I bought the kids whatever they wanted. They said that would be so great ... the dad said he was starting a new job and money was tight."

So, Gilberry bought a PS4 and a bunch of video games -- "One of the kids was really excited about a game called Minecraft. I don't even know what that is, but he went crazy."

In the end, Gilberry dropped somewhere close to $800 ... but says it's not about the money. 

"One thing about me is that I grew up with my shirt on my back and that's it. Money doesn't define me. If I have a million dollars, I'm going to try to help a million people."


NFL's Mohamed Sanu Batman's Gonna Hate ... My New Cleats

11/16/2015 12:25 AM PST

It's gonna be a dark night in Cincinnati ... 'cause Bengals wide receiver Mohamed Sanu is planning to rock a sick pair of special Joker cleats during Monday night's game ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

You already know Sanu LOVES to rock custom kicks -- and has sported shoes with Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Dragon Ball Z in the past. 

But now, sneaker artist Kreative Customs tell us Sanu wanted to go with a Gotham theme -- after his nephew gave him the idea to order kicks featuring Bruce Wayne's archnemesis. 

Pretty awesome, right???

Katherine Webb Protect Player Penises NFL Network Violated Bengals

10/19/2015 2:32 PM PDT
Breaking News

Katherine Webb is pissed off that several of her husband's Cincinnati Bengals teammates had their junk exposed during a post-game live shot from the locker room ... saying their genitals simply are NOT for public consumption. 

The clip has been all over the web this morning -- an NFL Network reporter was interviewing Pacman Jones ... while several Bengals players were changing in the background. 

The shot clearly rubbed Webb the wrong way -- since she's married to Bengals backup quarterback A.J. McCarron -- and she went off on the whole locker room interview policy on Twitter: 

"I would rather my husbands ass/penis not be all over TV," Katherine said ... "Would you like to be filmed while naked?"

"Players should have their privacy."

Bengals lineman Andrew Whitworth was also furious about the situation -- saying, "Why do I have to explain to my kids why their dad is naked on tv? Time for a media policy change."

He added, "We work in large massive stadiums. There's plenty of other spaces to interview.   #NoExcuses."

Mohamed Sanu I Am Iron Man ... Marvel-ous Custom Cleats

9/27/2015 12:15 AM PDT

It might be illegal to use J.A.R.V.I.S. in the NFL, but Bengals star Mohamed Sanu is still reppin' the Avengers leader (sorry, Cap) by rocking a pair of Iron Man inspired cleats to take on the Ravens Sunday.

Sanu is a HUGE comic book fan (probably figured that out by now) and his new kicks took over eight hours to create. They have special S.H.I.E.L.D. issued repulsor beams and missile detection technology. Kidding. They're just painted red-orange and gold ... but it works for him.

Yes, this officially makes Sanu a ... grid iron man.

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