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Johnny Manziel

Rehab Was Great

... I'm a Changed Man

4/17/2015 7:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Johnny Manziel says he learned a "tremendous" amount about himself during his stint in rehab -- and says he's ready to prove he's a changed man. 

The Cleveland Browns QB just issued a statement ... in which he apologizes for letting down the Browns organization and his fans. 

He also says he takes "full responsibility" for his actions -- and though he doesn't get into specifics, he's clearly referring to his highly publicized alcohol fueled benders last season. 

He concludes by saying he wants to focus on football -- and wants to be "the best possible player, teammate, and man that [he] can be."

Here's the statement in full ... 

"I would like to thank my family, friends, the Browns organization, my teammates, and Browns fans everywhere, for your patience, understanding, and support during my stay at Caron.

The doctors and staff have been amazing and what I’ve learned in the last couple of months has been tremendous. I owe private apologies to a lot of people that I disappointed but a very public one to the Browns organization and the fans that I let down.

I take full responsibility for my actions and it’s my intention to work very hard to regain everyone’s trust and respect. I understand that will take time and will only happen through what I do and not what I say.

I also understand there’s a lot of curiosity about this but anyone who has a friend or family-member that’s been through things like this knows it’s an ongoing process. I’m going to continue to ask folks to try to respect my privacy as I determine to what degree I am comfortable talking about a subject which I consider very personal.

Most of you have been considerate about that and I thank you for it. I look forward to seeing my teammates next week and focusing on football and my desire to be the best possible player, teammate, and man that I can be."

Johnny Manziel

Par for the Course

During Rehab Stay

4/5/2015 8:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Johnny Manziel took a break from his intensive rehab to hit the links with his family.

Johnny, his dad and sister played the front 9 Saturday at East Ridge Country Club in Shreveport, Louisiana.

People who interacted with the Cleveland Browns QB say he was in good spirits and extremely friendly. Johnny took a pic with Brian Hall, one of the golf pros.

We don't know what he scored but he's a good golfer and has played the course before.

Manziel went into rehab at the end of January after tearing up Hollywood with some hard partying. He's reportedly spending more than 2 months there and could get out as early as next week.

Method Man

Hey, Marcus Mariota

Don't Be a Manziel!

3/12/2015 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Manziel has become a cautionary tale ... at least according to rap legend Method Man ... who says he hopes Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota won't make the same mistake JM did. 

The Wu-Tang Clan co-founder is a huge football fan -- especially when it comes to the Jets -- so we had to ask how he felt about all the crazy moves in the NFL this week. 

That's when we brought up Mariota ... and Meth had one big piece of advice for the kid -- FORGET THE STUPID MONEY SIGN!!!

Jim Brown

Praises Johnny Manziel

'Very Wise' to Stay In Rehab

3/11/2015 6:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Manziel is getting some major support from the greatest Brown of them all ... Jim Brown ... who tells TMZ Sports he's proud of the QB for extending his stay in a treatment program. 

The Cleveland Browns legend was leaving Craig's in West Hollywood last night when he told us, "I think [Manziel] made a great move to go into therapy ... I'm very happy for him."

FYI -- the Browns recently announced that Manziel has decided to stay in his treatment program beyond the usual 28-day minimum. 

"I think it's an advantage," Brown said of Manziel's decision ... "I think it's very wise and I'm glad to see him do that ... so quote me please." 

Johnny Manziel

Checks Into Rehab

2/2/2015 7:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Johnny Manziel has checked into a treatment center ... this according to multiple members of Manziel's camp. 

A rep for the Cleveland Browns issued a statement saying, "Brad Beckworth, friend and advisor to Manziel and his family, has confirmed that Johnny entered treatment on Wednesday."

"Johnny knows there are areas in which he needs to improve in order to be a better family member, friend and teammate and he thought the off-season was the right time to take this step."

"On behalf of Johnny and his family, we’re asking for..privacy until he rejoins the team in Cleveland."

The Browns did not say exactly why Manziel is being treated -- but it seems pretty obvious ... considering his penchant for partying. 

Earlier this season, ESPN's Skip Bayless said he'd spoken with several people close to the Browns QB and was convinced Johnny is an alcoholic.

Johnny responded to the criticism by hitting the bar scene -- and after the season, was seen chugging champagne at a hotel pool.


Stephen A. Smith

Fires Back at Josh Gordon ...

'Your Letter's Pathetic'

1/29/2015 4:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
0129_josh_gordon_stephen-a-smith_gettyStephen A. Smith just UNLOADED on Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon -- saying the letter he directed at Stephen, Charles Barkley and Cris Carter is "pathetic," "small minded" and "ignorant."

As we previously reported, Gordon ripped the media members -- claiming they were out of line for personal comments directed at him in the wake of his NFL and legal troubles. He demanded a retraction.  

But Smith just appeared on ESPN Cleveland Radio and tore Gordon (and his letter) apart -- saying, "I'm sad for him. It's pretty pathetic ... the fact of the matter is that it's his actions that got him to this point."

Smith goes on ... "What he's not realizing is that we're not speaking about you as an individual, we're speaking about what you represent" -- a black man who came from poverty and made it to the NFL.  

"So for you to be blowing these kind of opportunities not just speaks to you but it speaks to an abundance of individuals out in this world, particularly those from the African-American community that could possibly find themselves in this position but somehow someway blow it."

"That's what we say when we say 'we care' ... when we say we're disgusted with you." 

"So the fact that [Josh] took the liberty to write this letter ... just also at the same time heightens your level of ignorance, because you're not getting the big picture."


Josh Gordon

Welcomed Back to Sling Cars

... Again

1/27/2015 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
They say when God closes a door, he opens a window -- and for Josh Gordon, that door is being an NFL star receiver ... but the window is selling Fords in Randolph, Ohio.

Gordon is facing a possible one-year suspension for allegedly failing another drug and alcohol test. 

But TMZ Sports has learned he's already got a plan B, if he wants it  -- his old job hawking cars and SUVs for Sarchione Auto Group is once again available. If you remember, Gordon worked there in 2014 during his 10 game suspension ... and Senior Sales Associate Mike Sabatine says the dealership would love to have him back.

Despite Josh's repeated troubles with pot and booze -- Sabatine says he never saw Josh drink or smoke, and says the guy he knew busted his ass on the job "just like the rest of us."

Gordon's suspension is not official yet. He can still appeal, but chances are ... he should start brushing up on Ford's 2015 models.

Johnny Manziel

Drinks Thrown at Browns QB

... at Houston Nightclub

1/5/2015 11:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Johnny Manziel was attacked with drinks at a Houston nightclub this weekend ... after the Cleveland Browns QB got into it with a group of hecklers ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

It all went down at Dekan nightclub in Houston late Sunday night -- Manziel arrived with some friends looking to have a good time when things got chippy. 

We spoke with J.R. from Sticky Promotions -- who was with Johnny that night -- and he tells us people were shouting at Manziel and aggressively trying to take pics. 

At one point, a frustrated Manziel flipped off one of the hecklers -- and that's when J.R. says the drinks started to fly. 

0105-sub-johnny-manziel-tmz-01"I ducked and I looked at Johnny and we grabbed security and they ran us out of there," J.R. says. 

We're told Johnny and some members of his crew were splashed with drinks -- so they went back to their hotel room to change. 

J.R. says he spoke with club security -- who told him the drink-throwers were booted from the joint -- so Johnny and his posse decided to return to the club. 

Once they got back inside -- with Manziel wearing a new shirt -- we're told Johnny partied without incident for the rest of the night and had a great time. 

We spoke to Houston PD -- and we're told cops were never contacted about the incident.



Johnny Manziel

Chuggin' Champagne

... During Miami Getaway

12/31/2014 4:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
1231_johnny_manziel_poolside_champagne_launchJohnny Manziel clearly does not think he's got a drinking problem ... 'cause the Cleveland Browns QB was chugging champagne right from the bottle in Miami on Wednesday. 

Manziel and his girlfriend Colleen Crowley were sitting poolside at a Miami hotel ... sippin' away under the sun on Veuve Clicquot Rose'.  

At one point, someone handed Johnny what appears to be a mixed drink -- and he took that down too. 

Interesting move ... considering he's been under fire for reportedly missing an official team treatment session following a night of hard-partying. 

In fact, ESPN's Skip Bayless went on the air and said he's convinced Manziel is an alcoholic after speaking with several people in the Browns organization. 

Clearly, Johnny isn't fazed.

Johnny Manziel

'He's Not a Bad Teammate'

... Says Browns Player

12/30/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Johnny Manziel Teammates
Johnny Manziel hasn't lost the support of his teammates ... so says a Cleveland Browns player who tells TMZ Sports, "most guys on this team want him to be the one leading us next year."

The player -- who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity -- says everyone knows Johnny made mistakes ... but most teammates are chalking it up to immaturity. 

"He's still learning, He's still a rookie. He needs more time to figure out life at the next level."

The player adds, "Johnny hasn't been a bad teammate" ... and several Browns believe JM's screw-ups have been blown out of proportion by the media because he's so famous. 

"He has to live his life. As long as next year we compete for the playoffs, guys in this locker room will support him in his maturation process."

"We all know his talent and we will help him on and off the field to get this thing going in the right direction."

Johnny Manziel

Hit Cleveland Bar Hard Friday Night

... Multiple Witnesses Say

12/29/2014 3:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
1229-manziel-drinking-tmz-02Multiple independent witnesses tell TMZ Sports ... they each spotted Johnny Manziel partying well past midnight at a Cleveland bar on Friday ... just hours before he missed a team treatment session.  

Our sources -- and they're pretty solid -- all say Manziel was hanging out and drinking at Barley House in Cleveland with a small party (3 to 4 other people) and didn't leave until 1:30 AM on Saturday morning. 

We're told ... Johnny's group was seated in a "secluded VIP-kind of area" ... and sipped on vodka and champagne -- racking up a bill close to $1,000. 

One source snapped a photo ... and though it's not the greatest quality ... it sure does look a lot like Johnny Football. The meta-data on the pic says it was shot at 1:21 AM on Saturday morning. 

Manziel spoke to the media on Monday and denied reports that he "threw a party" that night -- but it seems like the 22-year-old is just arguing semantics at this point. 

We reached out to Johnny for comment -- so far, no word back.

ESPN's Skip Bayless

Johnny Manziel Is An Alcoholic

12/29/2014 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news
122914_skip_bayless_manziel_launch_v2ESPN star Skip Bayless just unloaded on Johnny Manziel ... claiming he's spoken with several people close to the Browns QB and he is convinced Johnny is an alcoholic and a liar. 

Bayless made the comments on "First Take" -- telling Stephen A. Smith he's spoken with many people "in and around the Cleveland Browns" organization and is convinced the 22-year-old has a serious drinking problem.

Skip's comments come in the wake of media reports that Johnny skipped a team treatment session on Saturday following a raging party on Friday night. 

Bayless expanded ... saying, "I believe that even [Johnny's] parents are fed up to the point that they believe he needs to get some help."

Skip says his sources have told him Johnny has been lying to team executives, coaches and teammates -- and they're sick of it. 

We reached out to Manziel's rep for comment -- so far, no word back.

Cleveland Browns LB

I'm In the Hat Biz


12/14/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Cleveland Browns linebacker Zac Diles is officially in the fashion game -- and his company is selling an Italian cashmere baseball cap ... FOR $1,200 EACH!!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... Diles is a part owner of Melin ... a company that specializes in high-end designer headwear.

The company uses everything from antique metals to genuine pony hair to pimp out their products -- with the top item, the $1,200 hat, boasting real ostrich leather.

We spoke with Diles who tells us ... his teammates have been incredibly supportive -- with guys like Johnny Manziel, Joe Haden and Donte Whitner rockin' various items.

"It's always great to see guys in the locker room supporting."

Diles says he's incredibly proud of the brand and how it's grown -- saying,"When I put on my Melin hats, I get that sense of achievement. The sense t hat this is earned."

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