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Johnny Manziel I Did NOT Hit My Girlfriend or Threaten Suicide

2/4/2016 3:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0204-johnny-manziel-TMZ-01Johnny Manziel tells TMZ Sports ... he did NOT strike his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley during a January 30th dispute saying bluntly, "It didn't happen."

When asked about the police report which says he allegedly threatened to kill himself during the dispute, Johnny denied that too ... adding, "I'm completely stable. I'm safe and secure."

It's interesting ... according to the police reports, as cops interviewed Colleen at her home she became irritated with the officer's questions and became "increasingly uncooperative."  She also refused to allow cops to photograph her alleged injuries. 

Johnny added, "I have great things coming ahead" ... though he didn't expand on what those things are. 

"I know I've been having fun but I just need to get my body right."

"I'm 100% committed to playing football."

Johnny Manziel Police Report He Hit Me Several Times ... GF told Cops

2/4/2016 2:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0204-johnny-manziel-tmz-01update_graphic_red_bar4:44 PM PT -- Dallas PD says Manziel will not be charged with a crime and the criminal investigation is closed ... according to's Mary Kay Cabot.

The Dallas PD issued a statement saying, "The [DPD] has conducted the appropriate investigative follow-up to the report forwarded to us by the Ft. Worth Police Department regarding an alleged incident involving Johnny Manziel."

"Investigative efforts to date have not resulted in the filing of a criminal complaint and the incident is determined to be closed. No further statement is expected at this time."

Similarly, Fort Worth PD's Sgt. Enright tells TMZ Sports there's no investigation there either ... because "no criminal offense was reported to have occurred within our jurisdiction." Colleen lives in Fort Worth ... so police there took the initial report. But the alleged hitting would have happened in Dallas. 

It's pretty clear ... the cops have problems with Crowley's version of events.

update_grey_gray_barJohnny Manziel's girlfriend Colleen Crowley told police the NFL star struck her "several times" during a dispute on January 30th ... this according to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports.

Cops say Colleen described Johnny as being "on some kind of drugs." 

She was insistent he was NOT drunk.  

Colleen told cops she was struck several times by Johnny -- including a strike to her left ear.

WFAA in Dallas says ... during the drive to her apartment, Colleen says she yelled at Johnny, "I hate you." According to the report, Colleen told cops he was going to drop her off and "go kill himself."

She says Manziel "started laughing" and told her to "shut up or I'll kill us both."

According to the document, Colleen told cops ... she had met up with Manziel at the Zaza Hotel in Dallas earlier in the evening with a bunch of friends ... but left together in the same car. 

They both left the hotel in Colleen's vehicle. With Johnny at the wheel, they drove to Ft. Worth but argued in the car "shouting angrily." 

Colleen says Johnny struck her several times while he was driving. 

When they reached her apartment in Ft. Worth, Colleen says she fled the apartment and went to a neighbor to seek help. Johnny fled on foot. 

Cops say in the report they were unable to locate Johnny -- so they launched a helicopter to try to find him. 

We spoke with Johnny Manziel

New Browns Coach Manziel's Not My Problem Right Now

2/4/2016 6:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ Sports spoke with Browns head coach Hue Jackson Wednesday night -- and asked him straight up how he feels about Johnny Manziel -- and his response, "I want to focus on the positive not the negative."


Jackson was at Jay Glazer's Glazer Palooza charity event -- to raise money for Jay's MVP organization for military vets -- when we asked about Manziel's future with the team and in the NFL. 

"Johnny Manziel has to determine that, not me." 

The Browns will reportedly drop Johnny in March -- and judging from this clip, Jackson ain't losing any sleep over it.

Johnny Manziel SO SO DALLAS?! Jermaine Dupri Wants QB with Cowboys

2/3/2016 7:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Issues be damned ... Dallas Cowboys superfan Jermaine Dupri says he wants Johnny Manziel on his squad next season -- telling TMZ Sports, "We need some drama on our team!"

Despite the fact he's an Atlanta legend -- Dupri says he's ALL ABOUT the 'Boys ... and believes Johnny's talents outweigh the risks. 

Manziel is expected to be fired from the Browns in March -- it'll be interesting to see if Jerry Jones feels the same way. 

Jim Brown I Still Like Manziel Hope We Don't Trade Him

1/29/2016 6:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0129-jim-brown-johnny-manziel-tmz-01Johnny Manziel still has one strong supporter in Cleveland ... the greatest Browns player of all time, Jim Brown ... who says he wants his team to KEEP Johnny Football ... no matter what. 

"To be honest, I don't want to see him traded or anything like that," Brown said at the 16th Annual Greater Cleveland Sports Awards. 

"I just never feel that's the answer to anything. But that's my opinion and I don't expect you to feel that way. I like Johnny."

"I don't think that Johnny is a bad guy," Brown said (as reported by 

"But I think he needs someone to deal with him, give him an opportunity to be the nice Johnny, the intelligent Johnny. From all I hear, he should know what is right and wrong, etc. But we never know what is in the background of any of these youngsters."

"I like Johnny and I know a lot of kids that if you don't know how to deal with them, you lose them."

"They don't come ready made, but on the other hand the argument is he's a man. He should know how to conduct himself. He has an opportunity and we've got all of that, but I like him and I hope they are able to relate and if they are able to relate then he will respect the coach."

Johnny Manziel Signs Point to Breakup

1/25/2016 10:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0125-johnny-maz-coll-crowley-instagram-01Johnny Bachelor? 

After nearly 2 years of dating, it appears Johnny Manziel and Colleen Crowley may have broken up ... and the proof? They've both deleted pics of each other off of Instagram. 

The two reportedly began dating before the 2014 draft -- and stayed together through all of Manziel's drama ... including his stint in rehab and a police incident in which she told cops Johnny struck her during an argument. 

But word on the street is things have cooled between the two -- and both Johnny and Colleen have each removed several pics of each other from their Instagram pages ... a typical move from couples who break up. 

Plus, Manziel was spotted out in Dallas this weekend without Colleen ... so, rebounding? 


Johnny Manziel 'Billy Vegas' Tees Flying Off Shelves

1/7/2016 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0106-billy-sirt-01Johnny Manziel's wigged-out Las Vegas adventure is not just urban legend -- it's now a major windfall for the makers of some clever new Manziel gear.

Two different Ohio based t-shirt companies tell TMZ Sports they're cashing in on the reports Johnny Football hit the strip last weekend wearing a blonde wig and mustache. The Internet's taken to calling him "Billy Vegas" or "Billy Football."

Tony Madalone, the owner of Fresh Brewed Tees, says they started cranking out tees with blonde "Billy" in a Browns jersey the day after the story came out. He says they sold 3,000 of 'em in 36 hours ... one of their bestsellers ever. 

Meanwhile, Lamp Apparel's "Billy Football" tees -- which play off the famous Unabomber sketch -- are also flying off shelves, according to their rep, Brandon Fuss-Cheatham.

Even though no actual pics have surfaced yet of Manziel in the wig ... Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot merch has been selling for decades.

Johnny Manziel Wine & Chips Night ... After Vegas Weekend

1/5/2016 8:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0105-johnny-manziel-tmz-03Johnny Manziel made a booze run outside Cleveland Monday evening, but his purchases sounded less like a frat boy rager and more like a rom com night at home.

We got this shot of Manziel at a Heinen's Grocery Store ... checking out with a couple bottles of wine around 6 PM. Witnesses in the store tell us the Browns troubled QB was with a buddy, who ran to scoop up some chips at the last second before they left.

0105-sub-johnny-manziel-tmz-01Looks like he opted for a vintage from the Klinker Brick Winery, specializing in Zinfandels and Syrahs. Again ... smells like Netflix and chill.

On the other hand, the wine run comes on the heels of Manziel's Las Vegas jaunt over the weekend, and missing a meeting with doctors at Browns HQ Sunday morning.

Wine and chips ain't Vegas -- but considering Manziel's track record, it's gotta be interesting to Browns brass who are deciding what the future looks like with Johnny.

Jim Brown Sticks Up For Johnny Manziel ... 'I'm For Him'

12/29/2015 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Legendary Browns running back Jim Brown switched to defense Tuesday ... coming to the rescue of Johnny Manziel ... saying his partying ways won't keep him from being great.

Brown appeared on "The Herd" on FS1 ... and when guest host Jason Whitlock turned the topic to Johnny Football ... Jim seriously gushed about the young QB.

Manziel has yet to fully win over the Cleveland fan base ... so an endorsement from the franchise's most celebrated player is a BIG deal.

Don't let the man down, Johnny.

Johnny Manziel BENCHED ... Demoted to 3rd String

11/24/2015 12:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1124-johnny-manziel-benched-GETTY-01The Cleveland Browns say they're "disappointed" in Johnny Manziel for hitting the club scene during the team's bye week ... and have demoted him from starter to 3rd string QB. 

Browns head coach Mike Pettine issued a statement saying, "Josh McCown will be the starting quarterback on Monday night against the Ravens."

"I’m especially disappointed in his actions and behavior because he has been working very hard. The improvements from last year to this year have been tremendous but he still has to consistently demonstrate that he has gained a good understanding of what it takes to be successful at the quarterback position on this level."

"Everyone in this organization wants what is best for Johnny just like we do for every player in our locker room. It goes well beyond the field. We are going to continue to support him in every way possible, but at this point, we’ve decided it’s best to go with Josh as the starter going forward.”

As we previously reported, Manziel hit up at least two clubs in Austin, TX on Thursday and Friday -- partying with bottles of champagne. 

It was clearly concerning to Browns brass considering Manziel entered treatment earlier this year after a hard partying streak. 


Johnny Manziel Photo from Thursday Night Turn Up

11/24/2015 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1124-johnny-manziel-main-instagram-01More photo evidence from Johnny Manziel's party weekend -- this time, a pic of the Cleveland Browns QB at RIO nightclub in Austin, TX on Thursday night. 

Same hat. Same mustache. Same bracelets as he was wearing in the champagne video from the next night.


Sources in the club tell us Johnny was behaving himself -- not doing anything crazy. 

We spoke with a staff member at the RIO who confirmed Manziel was at the bar on Thursday night. 

Johnny Manziel Starting QB Job In Jeopardy ... Over Party Video

11/24/2015 9:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Manziel's party weekend may have cost him his starting job ... with Browns coach Mike Pettine saying he's not ready to commit to Johnny as the #1 guy on Sunday. 

Pettine just spoke to the media about the TMZ Sports footage of Manziel partying Friday night at an Austin nightclub with bottles of champagne

Pettine says the Browns are still investigating the situation -- but admits he's disappointed in Manziel. 

"I can't stand here and say it's not disappointing," Pettine said ... noting the whole thing was "frustrating."

Pettine says he'll have more information on the QB situation in Cleveland Wednesday. 

Eric Metcalf to Browns: DROP MANZIEL 'Too Much Negativity'

10/20/2015 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1019_eric_metcalf_manziel_getty-2Ex-Cleveland Browns star Eric Metcalf says ENOUGH IS ENOUGH when it comes to Johnny Manziel -- and the team should finally drop the QB because he's a magnet for bad publicity. 

Metcalf -- who was a stud for the Browns back in the '90s -- says the latest example is Manziel's brush with police last week ... in which his GF claimed the QB hit her a couple of times during a domestic dispute, though Johnny was ultimately NOT arrested. 

"I don't think he should be with the Browns, just because of all the things he's gotten into. It's all bad publicity," Metcalf says.  

"He's not really helping the football team right now and every time you hear his name it's negative. At this point they should move on. It's tough to say about a player, but at this point, they should move on."

Metcalf isn't the only guy who feels this way -- Bill Cowher has also called for the Browns to part ways with the former Heisman winner saying, "You're accountable for your actions both on the field and off the field."

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