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Shannon Sharpe Breaks Out Goat Head, Biceps ... For LeBron James

5/21/2018 6:50 AM PDT
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Shannon Sharpe wanted to rub Skip Bayless' nose in LeBron James' greatness Monday morning -- so, he put on the goat head, ditched his sleeves ... and even busted out a Black & Mild! 

... and it was HILARIOUS (and weird). 

Sharpe LOVES Bron -- Skip's a lifelong doubter -- so ... after James brought the Cavs back to life with a dominating 30-point win on Saturday, the ex-NFL star was hyped about it on FS1's 'Undisputed.' 

By the way, 49-year-old Shannon is insanely jacked -- dude looks like he could still play a couple of downs! 

LeBron's Wife Hit Australian Fashion Show ... While Cavs Lost

5/16/2018 6:27 AM PDT
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LeBron James had a rough night ... but his wife was LIVING IT UP in Australia!!

Savannah James was spotted at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday ... rockin' some pretty cool lookin' sweatpants. 

Of course, Sydney is 14 hours ahead of Boston -- where the Celtics beat the Cavs to go up 2-0 on Tuesday. 

LeBron was laser-focused on Game 2 -- and showed up to the TD Garden hours before the game to shoot and prepare. Ultimately, it didn't help ... Cavs lost 107 to 94. 

Meantime, there were a bunch of huge stars at MBFW ... including Shaun White, Joe Jonas and Elsa Pataky

Wonder if Bron wishes he was there ... 

Michael Rapaport LeBron Shut Me Up ... 'Can't Talk Sh*t'

5/9/2018 9:52 AM PDT

LeBron James got Michael Rapaport to cut the trash talking and shut his mouth ... and even Rapaport says he's pretty damn impressed. 

Look, Rap has said a lot of crap about Bron over the years -- he famously called him a "motherf*cker" for dissing his kids back in the day. 

But now, Rapaport says LeBron is playing on such another level ... he's been rendered speechless. 

"I've never seen anybody do what he's done this playoffs," Rapaport says ... "The biggest sh*t-talker, myself. I've got nothing to say. He's been unbelievable."

There is one guy who's still getting the wrath of Rap -- Drake -- who didn't show up to Game 4 of the Cavs vs. Raptors series to watch his team get swept out of the playoffs.

Rap didn't like that one bit. 

Khloe Kardashian Out With Tristan Again ... Nice Day for a Matinee!!!

5/8/2018 4:56 PM PDT

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are taking their rekindled relationship to the next level ... with a daytime movie date.

The 2 were at a cinema a few miles outside Cleveland Tuesday afternoon, and looking very much like a couple again. Khloe and Tristan grabbed snacks together before the movie and were seen leaving in the same car afterward. No word on which flick they caught. 

We broke the story ... Khloe's family is the opposite of thrilled about her getting back together with Tristan, but they're backing off pressuring her to dump him for good.

The new parents have been spending a lot of time together since last week -- cheating scandal be damned -- including Khloe showing up at a Cavs playoff game to support him.

Khloe Kardashian Family Won't Pressure Her to Split from Tristan

5/8/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Khloe Kardashian's family is not happy she's getting back with Tristan Thompson -- and that's a major understatement -- but they're not going to lobby her to kick his ass to the curb. 

TMZ broke the story ... Khloe was spotted with TT at a Cleveland restaurant Friday having lunch with friends and then showed up at the Cavaliers' game Saturday to support her baby daddy.

Our Kardashian sources say Khloe's family is outraged he humiliated and betrayed her right before she gave birth to their daughter. We're told they WISH she'd remain civil with him for the sake of their daughter, but move on. That said, they have enormous respect for Khloe and think she's capable of making decisions for herself.

We're told the family is somewhat surprised by the turn of events, because not long ago it looked like she was done with Tristan ... and the family was down with that decision. She was staying in Cleveland because Tristan was on the road and the baby wasn't able to fly.

And this is interesting ... we're told the family privately feels they may never forgive Tristan, but they're not going to attempt to torpedo the relationship.  

Thanksgiving should be interesting.   

Bob Baffert Raves About 'Justify' He's the LeBron James of Horses!

5/7/2018 6:34 AM PDT

The horse that won the Kentucky Derby can be one of the greatest of ALL TIME ... so says trainer Bob Baffert, who just compared Justify to LeBron James!


Justify beat everyone's ass at Churchill Downs this weekend -- racking up another Derby victory for Baffert, who many consider the greatest racehorse trainer EVER! 

So, when we saw the silver-haired horse god at LAX, we had to ask about his new superstar. 

"Oh, he looks like LeBron," Baffert says ... "Big, powerful, athletic face. Very rare. VERY rare. He's a beast."

We asked if we could start putting Justify in the same conversation as American Pharoah -- who won the Triple Crown -- and Baffert told us it's not a crazy comparison. 

"He's up there with him," Baffert said ... "outstanding horse."

BONUS: Since Bob also has the best hair in the biz -- by far -- we asked for his shampoo secret ... and he told us! 

Drake Gets Warning from NBA Over 'Bad Language'

5/3/2018 3:48 PM PDT
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The NBA has warned Drake about using bad language at NBA games after the rapper reportedly called Cleveland Cavs star Kendrick Perkins a "f***ing p*ssy."

Drake had gotten into it with Perkins on the floor of the Cavs vs. Toronto Raptors game at the Air Canada Centre ... with one reporter claiming Drake essentially challenged the guy to a fight. 

Now, the NBA has issued an official warning to Drake about "the use of bad language" ... this according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski

In fact, Woj says the NBA's exec V.P. of basketball operations, Kiki VanDeWeghe, spoke with Raptors president Masai Ujiri to help get the point across. 

Game 2 is going down right now (Thursday night) -- we'll see if Drake actually heeds the warning. 

Drake Blasts NBA Player You're a 'F***ing P*ssy'

5/2/2018 6:40 AM PDT
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Drake's beef with NBA player Kendrick Perkins went from 0 to 100 real quick ... the two shouted at each other during the Raptors vs. Cavs game -- with Drake reportedly calling him a "f***ing p*ssy."

The two started exchanging words at halftime ... with things getting so heated one of the Cavs players was holding Drake back. 

Things continued after the game when Drake shouted to Perkins that he's a "f***ing p*ssy" and challenged him to come out of the tunnel, according to the Toronto Star's Bruce Arthur

FYI, Perkins is 6'10" and 270 lbs. 

After the game, Perkins told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, "What happened was I was talking to my old teammate Serge [Ibaka] walking into halftime telling him 'We about to win this game,' and Drake butted in talking sh*t to me. So I said something back to him."

Drake's a Raptors superfan -- but he's also friends with a ton of NBA stars. 

Interesting to see how this all plays out ... 

Tristan Thompson Heckled With 'Khloe' Chant ... During Playoff Game

5/2/2018 7:16 AM PDT

Toronto Raptors fans got straight-up PERSONAL when taunting Tristan Thompson during Tuesday night's playoff game ... with hundreds of people in the arena shouting, "KHLOE!!!"

Tristan and the Cavs were at Air Canada Centre for Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals -- when Tristan stepped to the free throw line in a VERY close game. 

The fans tried to do their part in messing with Tristan's head ... and began chanting the name of his baby mama whom he famously cheated on with multiple women. 

But somehow, Tristan was able to tune out the haters ... and hit ALL FOUR of his shots from the line. The Cavs ended up winning the game in overtime.  

As far as we know ... Khloe's still in Cleveland with her new baby. The rest of her family flew the coop soon after she gave birth.

Tristan Thompson Jets Outta Cleveland ... So Many Reasons to Smile

4/19/2018 4:54 PM PDT

Tristan Thomson's temporarily out of the dog house, physically anyway, and he couldn't look happier. 

Tristan was grinning from ear-to-ear as he boarded the Cleveland Cavaliers team plane Thursday, heading to Indiana for Game 3 of their playoff series with the Pacers.

He could be smiling 'cause he's a new dad, or because the Cavs tied the series 1-1 last night. Or maybe he's just happy to get outta Dodge after getting busted cheating.

Considering he hasn't been playing much, we'll go with door #3. As we've reported, his relationship with Khloe Kardashian is in ruins at the moment, and after her family left town there's no buffer between them.

Benched or not ... Indianapolis has to look good to Tristan.

LeBron Back Off NBA Reporter ... Question on Pop's Wife Was Cleared!!

4/19/2018 6:46 AM PDT
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LeBron James wants people to "get off [Allie LaForce's] back" -- saying she did NOT blindside him on air with a question about the death of Gregg Popovich's wife.

LaForce was catching hell on social media Wednesday night from people who thought it was WAY out of line to ask LeBron about Erin Popovich in the moments after the Cavs playoff game.

But, LeBron went to bat for the reporter -- making a video explaining the entire situation and essentially saying LaForce couldn't have been more professional or sensitive to the situation.   

"A lot of people feel that I was blindsided. That is absolutely false."

"Allie LaForce told me that she was gonna ask the question and if it was OK. And once I started talking about it, once I was on air ... that was just my emotions coming straight from my heart."

"So get off her back, man -- she's very professional and she does a great job."

UFC's Stipe Miocic 'Of Course' Cavs Are Winning It All ... 'They'll Start Smashing'

4/18/2018 6:14 AM PDT

Forget the Pacers ... the Cavs are gonna smash on EVERY NBA TEAM standing in the way of their quest for another ring -- so says UFC heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic

We got Stipe -- a proud Cleveland native -- after the LeBrons got rocked in Game 1 of their series with Indiana ... and he told us everyone needs to chill the hell out.

"They're fine. It's one game. It happens," Miocic told TMZ Sports. "They'll start smashing people."

Stipe was so confident, he even Guaran-Sheed the Cavs would crush any Western squad that makes it to the Finals (so, the Warriors or Rockets).

"It's my Cavs, of course they're gonna win."

We also spoke to the champ about the 'Ultimate Fighter: Undefeated' reality show he coached on that premieres Wednesday on FS1 ... and he told us why the fighters this season are must-see TV.

Kardashians Mom & Sisters Jet Outta Cleveland Without Khloe & True

4/17/2018 12:30 PM PDT

Khloe and True are on their own now with Tristan Thompson, because her fam just hopped on a private jet out of Cleveland. 

Kris Jenner and her daughters -- Kim, Kourtney and Kendall -- were wheels up and bound for L.A. Tuesday afternoon. Kris has stayed in Cleveland since last week when Khloe gave birth, but the sisters flew back into Ohio yesterday.

As we reported, Khloe and Tristan's relationship is in ruins right now, and her plan is to bounce out of Cleveland as soon as she and True are medically cleared to make the flight back to Cali. 

For now, we're guessing Khloe's kin trust she's mature enough to deal with Tristan and his cheating scandal on her own. At least until she can fly the coop too.

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