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Gloria Allred If Kavanaugh is a Trump Puppet Abortion Rights Will Die!!!

7/11/2018 3:13 PM PDT

Gloria Allred thinks the new Supreme Court nominee puts President Trump one HUGE step closer to achieving his goal of overturning Roe v. Wade, and she's afraid Senators won't do a thing to stop it.

Allred is fired up about Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to replace Anthony Kennedy on the High Court. The longtime women's rights advocate fears Kavanaugh will do Trump's bidding if he's confirmed. Before he was elected the Prez said he expects Roe v. Wade to be rolled back because he planned to appoint judges who are anti-abortion.

Gloria got very personal, opening up about the nearly fatal abortion she endured.

Kavanaugh has said he would follow Supreme Court precedent on the abortion issue -- but Allred doesn't trust him ... or the Senators who are expected to grill him during his confirmation hearing.

And, as she's always maintained, Gloria says there's only ONE group that should be trusted on such an important issue.

Papa John's Founder Quits U. of Louisville Board After Using N-Word in Meeting

7/11/2018 2:39 PM PDT
Breaking News

7/12 -- Schnatter has now also resigned as chairman of Papa John's International.Papa John's founder John Schnatter is quitting his post at the University of Louisville after he was called out for using the n-word during a meeting to, ironically, discuss his comeback from a different controversy.

Schnatter resigned from the University's Board of Trustees Wednesday hours after the NAACP called for him to step down ... on the heels of Schnatter confirming reports he dropped the racial epithet back in May. The pizza mogul was on a conference call with a marketing agency he'd hired to help him deal with the blowback he faced for criticizing the NFL's national anthem policy.

Forbes reported Schnatter questioned why he was being criticized, because "Colonel Sanders called blacks n***ers" and got away with it. He also reportedly spoke nonchalantly about growing up in Indiana where black people were dragged to death.

The University of Louisville said it doesn't condone racism ... but added it doesn't think Schnatter's comments "reflect his personal beliefs or values."

Schnatter is a major booster at Louisville. His company's HQ is there, and the University's football team plays in Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.

Big Gipp Future's Right To Want Due Credit Young Rappers, Give It Up

7/11/2018 11:10 AM PDT

Future wants some respect put on his name for giving young rappers a style to run with and a way to make a living, and he's got a point ... so says a fellow Atlanta rap legend.

We got Big Gipp -- who's part of Goodie Mob, Dungeon Family and other OG rap groups out of ATL -- and he says Future's recent Twitter rant calling on up-and-coming MCs to thank him for pioneering their styles and ad libs is more than just warranted ... it's overdue.

Gipp does mention a few rap acts by name -- calling out Migos and Lil Baby -- but it's unclear who exactly Future was referring to during his extended gripe.

One thing's for sure though ... Gipp thinks Future is right up there with Gucci Mane (often credited with creating trap music) and should be given the same type of reverence.

Charles Barkley LeBron Can't Save Lakers Alone ... 'Won't Win Next Year'

7/11/2018 6:20 AM PDT

Dear Lakers fans, 

Don't plan the victory parade just yet. 


Charles Barkley 

The NBA legend was leaving Madeo in Beverly Hills on Tuesday when he hit Lakers nation with a cold, hard dose of reality -- LeBron James can't single-handedly save the Lake Show. 

"He not gonna win next year," Barkley told our guy ... "Stop it, dude."

Barkley says Lebron's a great player, but they need to get better -- and tells TMZ Sports Magic Johnson needs to continue building out the roster and bringing in top talent before they can contend with the Warriors.

And, here's more Lakers dream-crushing -- Barkley says there's NO WAY IN HELL Kobe Bryant's coming out of retirement to play in the NBA. 

But, he isn't ruling out a return to professional basketball ... 

Kim Kardashian West CA Lawmaker on Her Prison Reform Plea ... Thanks, But We've Got This

7/10/2018 3:44 PM PDT

Kim Kardashian West isn't alone in her fight to help women in California prison -- the Speaker of the State Assembly is on her side too, but ain't exactly crediting Kim's celebrity for sparking change. 

TMZ broke the story, KKW made a visit to a women's prison Saturday ... then made a plea to Gov. Jerry Brown to sign a bill prohibiting male correctional officers from conducting pat down searches on female prisoners.

Before it gets to Gov. Brown, state lawmakers have to vote on it and Speaker of the State Assembly Anthony Rendon made it clear he's supporting the bill ... but definitely not because of Kim.

His press secretary tells TMZ ... "Unlike Donald Trump, the California Legislature doesn’t need awkward photo ops with Kim Kardashian to do what’s right."


It's an obvious pot shot at POTUS for the pic he took with KKW during her visit to the Oval Office to request a pardon for Alice Marie Johnson

Rendon's office added, "The Speaker looks forward to supporting this legislation again and sending it to the Governor."

Sen. Cory Booker Trump Picked Kavanaugh To Cover Him in Mueller Probe

7/10/2018 10:48 AM PDT

Sen. Cory Booker says President Trump's nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court is nothing more than an insurance policy ... in case Robert Mueller comes knocking.

We got the NJ Senator Tuesday outside the Supreme Court building, and he unloaded on the President's SCOTUS pick ... saying the Trump stands to benefit most. Booker points out Mueller is waging a legal battle to get permission to interview POTUS for his investigation into whether Russia meddled with the election.

The Senator thinks that's where Kavanaugh could end up being Trump's ace in the hole ... because Mueller's legal war could end up in front of the Supreme Court. 

We also asked NY Sen. Chuck Schumer if women should be worried about Kavanaugh's nomination. Okay, we admit it ... that was a lobbed-up softball for Schumer. Not shockingly, the short version of his answer is ... hell yeah.

Robert Griffin III Ready for Ravens QB Battle ... 'I'm Working Hard'

7/10/2018 10:38 AM PDT

RG3 doesn't seem too worried about fighting for a job against Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson -- telling TMZ Sports he's got no fear when it comes to the Baltimore Ravens' upcoming QB competition. 

Let's keep it 100 ... there's a good chance Robert Griffin III will be cut before the season begins -- but, when we saw the 28-year-old in L.A., he seemed ready for the challenge. 

We also asked Robert if he feels he's returned to his 2012 form (when he dominated the league) -- but RG3 explained, "At this point in my career, I don't want to talk about [2012] anymore."

Fair enough ...

Robert says his new focus is making the Ravens' regular-season roster and tells TMZ Sports he's been bonding REALLY well with the other QBs. 

As for his old team -- the Cleveland Browns -- we asked if he thinks the squad has a shot at chalking up a W this year (which they haven't done since he was the QB) ... and he gives a very definitive answer.

Milan Christopher on Teairra Mari There's NO Revenge Porn ... She Posted the Sex Tape Herself!!!

7/10/2018 12:50 AM PDT

'Love & Hip Hop' star Milan Christopher insists his castmate Teairra Mari's revenge porn case is NO case at all ... because he claims SHE, not her ex-bf, leaked the sex video behind the lawsuit.

Quick refresher ... Milan's the guy who was with Teairra when she allegedly smashed her ex Akbar Abdul-Ahad's car with a metal pole. She claims he posted their sex vid to humiliate her after she dumped his ass.

However, Milan tells us Teairra's claims just don't add up when he thinks about the timeline the morning she told him about the allegedly leaked video. He also has a theory about why she'd lie. Hint: it involves professional help.

As we reported ... Teairra sued Akbar, along with 50 Cent ... and her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, claims to have a significant piece of evidence implicating Akbar, who denies being the source of the leak.

We've reached out to Lisa about Milan's claim ... so far, no word back.

President Trump Announces Judge Brett Kavanaugh ... As New SCOTUS Nominee

7/9/2018 6:29 PM PDT
Breaking News

President Trump has tapped his pick for the next Supreme Court justice to replace Anthony Kennedy -- and he's being hailed as a strong conservative choice.

The Prez nominated DC Circuit Court of Appeals judge Brett Kavanaugh Monday, nearly two weeks after Kennedy announced he was retiring. Kavanaugh, a George W. Bush appointee, is considered by many to be an establishment guy, and has even been called the "Forrest Gump of Republican politics." He's also Catholic.

Kavanaugh has quite the resume ... having gone to Yale Law, and working in the Solicitor General's office in George H.W. Bush's administration. He also worked for Ken Starr during his investigation into then-President Bill Clinton, and is credited with pushing for tough questions on Bubba's sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.

Oh, and he also used to clerk for the guy he's replacing on the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh has been serving on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals since 2006. He hasn't weighed in on a whole lot of abortion cases personally, but is reported as saying he would follow Supreme Court precedent on abortion rights, but hasn't disclosed his own views on Roe v. Wade.

The Game Kim K for Prez ... She's Got the Numbers!!!

7/9/2018 9:26 AM PDT

Forget Kanye West running for president, The Game thinks Kim Kardashian West has a real shot at the White House, and it's because she reaches a huge demographic Hillary Clinton does not.

We got Game Sunday night outside Catch in WeHo, and asked him about Kim visiting women in prison to help with their release programs.

Game cut straight to the chase, saying Kim should just run for prez in 2020 because she's got access to millions of 18-year-old, white, female voters who all have something else in common ... thanks to her sister, Kylie.

If there really is strength in numbers, Game makes an interesting point.

Sooo ... Kim/Kylie 2020? Even if they don't run, hard to deny the influence they could have if they seriously endorsed a candidate. 

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Calm Down, America With Restaurant Confrontations

7/8/2018 6:56 PM PDT

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has some words for folks confronting Trump associates in public -- especially at restaurants -- and it starts with c ... CHIIILLLLL OUT.

We got President Trump's Press Sec. Sunday in D.C., where we asked if the country should simmer down with all these restaurant run-ins lately. She says it'd be great if that would happen, and not just for liberals ... sounds like she's talking to conservatives too.

If you've been living under a rock these past few weeks ... Trump staffers have been getting accosted at eateries, and elsewhere, left and right. Sarah was asked to leave the Red Hen restaurant in June, and former EPA chief Scott Pruitt was asked to resign while dining.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was also screamed at by protesters while eating at a Mexican restaurant last month. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell got a taste of that as well this weekend while leaving an eatery in Louisville, KY. 

The heated face-offs have sparked a national debate about civility. From what we hear here, it's clear where Sarah stands ... we can all be a little more civil to one another.

LiAngelo Ball I'm Going To Be A Laker!

7/8/2018 12:30 AM PDT

LiAngelo Ball says he's going to be a Los Angeles Laker!

... Eventually.

We got Lonzo's little bro at LAX on Wednesday ... and we just had to ask about his dad's prediction that Gelo will join up with Zo in the purple and gold.

"Yeah, I will," Gelo says. "Probably later. I think I will."

Just one problem ... Gelo says nobody from the NBA has called about putting him on their roster -- so sounds like it'll DEFINITELY be later rather than sooner.

LaVar is still confident he'll get to the pros -- and guaranteed at least TWO titles once the Lakers sign Gelo. 

As for Lonzo ... we spoke to him about LeBron joining the Lake Show -- and let's just say LaVar currently seems more thrilled about the move.

Arsenio Hall Forgiving Roseanne ... It's Your Own Call

7/7/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Arsenio Hall says that if there were a comedy college, he and Roseanne Barr would've graduated from the same class, but he's sure got a funny way of dealing with her recent racist tweet.

We got Arsenio at the Laugh Factory in WeHo Thursday before his stand-up act at the Wear Your Voice Magazine fundraiser and asked him whether or not it was time to give Roseanne another shot.

The two have known each other for years ... they both had their own TV shows in the late '80s/early '90s and, by the sound of it, they've also spoken since the fallout from her racist tweet.

That said ... Arsenio thinks people need to decide for themselves on whether to forgive Barr or not and, considering he's clearly ready to joke about the incident, we're guessing Arsenio already has.

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