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Hayden Panettiere My Dog Sitter is a Dirty Dog

7/21/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0721-hayden-panettiere-dogs-twitter-tmz-01Hayden Panettiere claims the woman to whom she paid a queen's ransom for dog sitting services not only grossly overbilled her ... she gave her dogs away.

The dog fight began when Tia Brooks filed a lawsuit against Hayden for more than $8,500 for unpaid services.  

Hayden fired back with a letter from legal pit bull Marty Singer, who accused Tia of giving the 2 dogs away and then having the nerve to continue charging for her services.

Turns out Hayden rescued the 2 rescue pooches ... Zander, a Rottie/Lab mix, and Xena, a Lab/Pit Bull mix. The arrangement was Hayden would pay Tia $30 a day until Hayden could find a permanent home for the dogs.

Singer claims Tia put an ad on Craigslist last month, found a home but continued billing. Tia disputes it and says her bills were all legit.

Get this ... according to Singer's letter, Tia's been caring for the dogs for 6 years, charging a grand total of $119,335.88!!! As for how the bill got so high, Singer claims, in addition to the daily fee, Tia tacked on all sorts of extras, including dog bones, bug spray, tick control, dog beds and other stuff.

Tia tells us a big chunk of the money was for vet bills after one of the dogs got really sick.

It's expensive to be a dog in L.A. 



Moses Malone Jr. I Was Attacked for Dissin' James Harden ... Suspects Charged

7/20/2016 10:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0720_Moses-Malone-Jr_james_harden-gettyThe son of NBA legend Moses Malone told cops the men who attacked and robbed him at gunpoint outside of a Houston strip club were looking to "punish" him for disrespecting James Harden in a Facebook post. 

TMZ Sports has learned ... the D.A. has charged 4 men for the June 25th incident -- in which Moses Malone Jr. says he was pulling up to V Live when he was rushed by a group of guys who threatened him over the Facebook post. Malone claims he was beaten down, someone snatched his $50k chain and at least one person in the group flashed a 9mm handgun. 

Malone told cops one of the alleged assailants -- Darian Blount -- is a bouncer at V Live ... and Harden is a "prominent customer at the location."

Malone told cops the men were upset that Moses had gone to Facebook to publicly criticize the cost of Harden's youth basketball camp in the days before the incident. 

0720_james_harden_youth_camp_sub-2According to the criminal complaint, obtained by TMZ Sports, Malone told cops ... Blount said, "he had disrespected James Harden and that he need to be punished after that."

Blount and the 3 other men have each been charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. 

Important to note that James Harden has NOT been charged with a crime or accused of any wrongdoing. 

Shawn Oakman Ex-Baylor Star Charged with Sexual Assault

7/20/2016 9:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0720-SHAWN-OAKMAN-gettyEx-Baylor football star Shawn Oakman has been charged with sexual assault after allegedly raping a woman at his Waco apartment back in April. 

24-year-old Oakman -- who was a projected high NFL draft pick before he was arrested -- was indicted on the charge of 2nd degree sexual assault. 

Officials investigated the incident -- and Wednesday morning, the McLennan County District Attorney's office presented the case to a grand jury. The grand jury decided there was enough evidence to hit Oakman with the sexual assault charge. 

As we previously reported, the accuser claims Oakman brought her back to his place after meeting at a bar and forced her into his bedroom, tore her clothes off and raped her. 

For his part, Oakman adamantly denied any wrongdoing -- and says the sex was consensual. 

If convicted, Oakman faces up to 20 years in prison.

LSU Football Violence Won't Keep Us Outta Baton Rouge ... Says Prized Recruit's Mom

7/19/2016 10:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0719-Austin-Deculus-twitterViolence and civil unrest in Baton Rouge won't cost LSU one of its prized recruits ... 'cause the kid's mom says they're still headed to the bayou ... despite the recent bloodshed. 

TMZ Sports spoke with Cheryl Deculus ... whose son Austin is the 4th ranked OT in the 2017 class, and asked her if his plans to go to LSU have changed due to the recent issues in Baton Rouge.

There are some who believe the situation in Baton Rouge is only getting worse ... after the Alton Sterling killing, the violent clashes at protests and the ambush murder of 3 cops. 

Cheryl told us while she's aware of everything going on ... she can't see anything swaying her son's decision to wear purple & gold ... or her decision to support him 100%.

"We knew when Austin started playing football at a young age that he wanted to be a Tiger ... we all bleed Purple and Gold and he’s still just as excited to join the LSU family."

As far as his safety ... Cheryl says she's relying on the staff and coaches at LSU to look out for her son ... but knows that danger lurks everywhere.

"These things can happen literally anywhere. We live close to Dallas, and you see what happened there. It’s a similar situation. It’s not like he can go somewhere that doesn’t have some sort of risk. This isn’t just happening in Baton Rouge.” 

Grammy Jewels Delivery Guy Lost $15 Mil of Merch ... Chopard Sues

7/19/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0717-grammy-jewels-getty-2One unlucky Grammy celeb was supposed to get draped in $15 million worth of Chopard jewelry -- but got stiffed when a delivery guy went rogue and lost all the loot ... according to a new lawsuit. 

The Swiss watchmaker and jewelry company says it hired Ferrari Express, Inc. -- no relation to the sports cars -- to transport and safeguard the merchandise back in February ... on the night before the Grammys.

According to the lawsuit, Ferrari's guy decided to take a very costly detour. Chopard says he allegedly brought the van home and parked it on the street -- WITH $15 MILLION in jewels still inside -- in a neighborhood where "vehicle thefts are common."


Naturally, the van and all its contents were gone in the morning. Chopard says Ferrari Express refuses to pay up, so it's suing for the $15 million and then some.  

Major bummer for some celeb though.

German Train Horror Axe Rampage Injures More Than 20

7/18/2016 2:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0718-germany-train-axe-attacks-TWITTER-01An axe-wielding madman attacked a German passenger train -- and more than 20 people were injured ... and several could die.

The horrifying scene played out aboard a train outside the city of Wurzburg. The train line was immediately shut down ... and police responded on foot and with helicopters above.

Police reportedly shot and killed the suspect -- a 17-year-old, originally from Afghanistan -- as he was trying to flee from the train.

At least 3 of the victims are battling life threatening injuries.

Story developing ...

Tom Brokaw I Did Help Save Allen Iverson ... 'But He Deserved It'

7/18/2016 11:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Screw humility ... news legend Tom Brokaw says he knows Allen Iverson might never have made it to the NBA without his help ... but says there's a damn good reason he stepped in. 

The backstory -- back in 1993, a 17-year-old Iverson was sentenced to 15 years in prison for allegedly hitting a white woman at a bowling alley during a brawl. 

Brokaw heard about the situation -- and felt it was wrong for a teen with no prior criminal record to get such a harsh sentence ... so he featured the story on the national news. 

It was a huge turning point -- and the conviction was eventually overturned. Iverson has publicly praised Brokaw for getting the ball rolling. 

So, when we saw Tom out in Cleveland Monday morning -- we asked about the situation ... and Tom explained why he did what he did. 

Chris Darden Too Bad O.J. Didn't Run Into Fuhrman with that Knife!

7/16/2016 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christopher Darden said something pretty shocking ... it has to do with O.J., former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman, and the knife used to kill Ron and Nicole.

Darden appeared on the "Reasonable Doubt" podcast, featuring Adam Carolla and Mark Geragos. Darden joked -- we're guessing it's a joke -- that he wished the detective whose use of the n-word torpedoed the case would have bumped into Simpson sometime around 10 PM on June 12, 1994.

Too soon?

Dani Mathers Criminal Investigation Launched Into Naked Gym Pic

7/15/2016 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0714-dani-mathers-snapchat-01Dani Mathers is now in the crosshairs of cops, because TMZ has learned there's now a criminal investigation over the pic she took in a gym locker room.

We found out the brass over at LA Fitness went to cops Friday and filed the report, accusing the former Playboy Playmate of egregiously violating a member's right of privacy by taking a pic of her while naked in the shower, and then humiliating her by posting the pic with a disgusting caption.

We're told the police investigation is based on a criminal law prohibiting the dissemination of private images.

The woman in the pic has not come forward ... the report lists "Jane Doe" as the victim.

Dani has already been punished ... we've learned Playboy has suspended her from all Playmate activities including her show on Playboy Radio.

On the criminal front Dani could get a big break ... if the victim never comes forward the case might well be dropped.

On the other hand, if the victim surfaces and plays ball, Dani could face 6 months in jail.

Martin Shkreli NY State's Gunning for His Isaac Newton!

7/14/2016 1:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0714-martin-shkreli-tmz-01Martin Shkreli -- the controversial pharma exec people love to hate -- might have to part ways with some rare and historic treasures ... like an Isaac Newton manuscript!

New York state's tax board is going after Shkreli's insane collection of artifacts to pay down the more than $2.8 million he owes in back taxes.

The collection, kept in Shkreli's office, is nuts -- it includes a signed Charles Darwin letter, and an antique Enigma machine -- notably used by Nazi Germany to encode military communications. Also on the table: 

-- Stacked, 2003 photograph of Jeff Koons

-- Original lithographs by Joan Miro

-- Signed letters from Augusta Ada Countess of Lovelace

-- Original Glass & Collage Chessboard sculpture by Dustin Yellin

-- 6 pills by Damien Hirst

The judge hasn't signed off on the order for Shkreli or his company to turn over the items. The infamous one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang album he purchased is not on the hit list.

Not yet, anyway.


Young Buck I Have the Right to Shoot Crooked Cops Before They Shoot Me

7/13/2016 1:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Young Buck doesn't care if you think he's promoting violence against police officers with his new track, "The Get Back" ... he insists it's his RIGHT to take them out.

The G-Unit rapper didn't mince words on "TMZ Live", saying he will absolutely protect himself from "crooked police officers" and he's encouraging everyone else to do the same.

His song includes lyrics like, "Make these n****s load up and go kill a cop right now" ... and although Young Buck expressed condolences for the families of the Dallas officers -- he never backed off his violent message.

Sure sounds like he's echoing the 60's civil rights battle cry, "By any means necessary." Watch and decide for yourself ... he's also got a message for The Game and Snoop Dogg.

Facebook Live Shooting 3 Men Hit While Streaming Video

7/13/2016 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Facebook is square in the middle of a shooting for the 2nd time in a week -- this time the victims are 3 men in Virginia who were chilling in a car when the shots were fired.

The incident went down in Norfolk on Tuesday while the men were listening to music, singing along to Lil Bibby's "Word Around Town" and smoking. They were also on Facebook Live when, without warning, a spray of bullets begins -- more than 20 shots fired.

The video is chilling and the camera remained on throughout the incident. Once the shots stop, you hear what appears to be a bystander telling them to stay awake and hold on for an ambulance.

All 3 were hospitalized and police say one of them has life-threatening injuries. So far no suspects, but police are aware of the FB vid and hope it can reveal any clues.

Exactly a week ago ... when Philando Castile was shot and killed by a police officer, his girlfriend used FB Live to stream the aftermath.

NBA's Mike Scott I Said The Drugs Were Mine But I'm Not Guilty

7/12/2016 7:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0712-mike-scott-getty-01Atlanta Hawks player Mike Scott pled not guilty to all charges stemming from his July 2015 drug arrest ... even though he previously admitted the drugs belonged to him.

As TMZ Sports reported, the 27-year-old forward was arrested last summer in Georgia after he and his brother allegedly led cops on a high-speed chase. When police searched their car, they found 10 grams of MDMA and more than an ounce of weed. 

In a recorded interrogation with cops, Scott tried to take a bullet for his brother and said all the drugs were his. He was charged with two felonies -- possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana. His brother was also hit with a bunch of charges.

According to a rep for the Banks County Court, Scott's lawyer pled not guilty on his behalf to both counts on Monday. 

If convicted on all charges, Scott faces up to 25 years in prison. 

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