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Blac Chyna Tyga's Full of Crap He's Making My Life Hell

4/7/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

040616-tyga-blac-chyna-tmzBlac Chyna is privately calling BS on Tyga for pretending to be supportive of her engagement to Rob Kardashian ... we're told her ex is really trying to destroy her life.

Sources directly connected to Chyna tell TMZ, Tyga has gone to great lengths to drive a wedge between their son, King, and her. We're told he's filed legal docs trying to wrestle custody from her and will not back down. 

Our sources say Tyga will not even speak to Chyna ... their only direct contact is email. We're told he changed his cell and won't give her the new number. Most of the parenting decisions are made with their nanny as the go-between.

What's more, our Chyna sources say Tyga and his crew have been on a campaign to destroy her reputation, calling her a "drunk whore," "deadbeat mama" and "nasty bitch." 

Madonna Plays Let's Make a [Custody] Deal ... In London

4/7/2016 7:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0407-madonna-heathrow-airport-SPLASH-02Madonna flew into London Wednesday, presumably to follow judge's orders and hash out a custody deal with ex-hubby Guy Ritchie.

A judge ordered Madge and Guy -- who have been at war for years over how to raise Rocco -- to come up with a plan on how they will handle custody of the 15-year-old, who now lives with Guy in London.

The judge laid down the law last month, urging them to call a truce for the benefit of the boy. And the judge made it clear ... if they don't come up with a plan, he will. 

No word if she bought 2 return tickets.

Mel Gibson Baby Mama Gunning for Epic Payday

3/19/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0318-oksana-grigorieva-mel-gibson-TMZ-01Mel Gibson clearly loves his little daughter, but he's gotta be regretting hooking up with the kid's mom, who's going back to court for a bloody fortune.

Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ, Oksana Grigorieva is asking the family law judge to increase her child support from $20k a month to well over $100,000 a month.

Our sources say Oksana wants significantly more than $10k a month just for security, even though we're told she can't point to any security risk involving 6-year-old Lucia.

The case is about to go to trial, with Oksana claiming she needs to support a lifestyle of vacations, travel, lodging and other items that make Mel look like mobile home material.

TMZ broke the story, Oksana got $20k a month and a house from Mel after a brutal legal fight. 

Lane Kiffin's Wife Files For Divorce 'Irreconcilable Differences'

3/10/2016 3:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0310_Lane-Kiffin_LAYLA-KIFFIN-GETTY-2He said it was coming ... and now Lane Kiffin's wife has made it official -- filing divorce papers in Los Angeles ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Layla Kiffin -- who married the Alabama offensive coordinator back in July 2000 -- pulled the trigger on March 4th ... citing irreconcilable differences. 

The couple has 3 minor kids together -- and she's asking the court for joint legal custody. However, she wants primary physical custody with Lane getting visitation. 

We're guessing the proposed arrangement has to do with Lane's busy traveling schedule. 

Layla is also asking for spousal support -- but notes the two are engaged in mediation to resolve other undisclosed issues. 

Lane issued a statement about the split back in February saying the decision to break up was mutual -- adding, "We will maintain an amicable relationship with respect for each other as we raise these three wonderful children."

Madonna & Guy Ritchie Scolded by Judge in Custody War ... You're Hurting Rocco!

3/2/2016 12:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0202-guy-ritchie-madonna-rocco-TMZ-INSTAGRAM-01Madonna and Guy Ritchie both called into a New York custody hearing Wednesday afternoon, and the judge went after them ... saying THEY are the ones hurting their 15-year-old son Rocco

Here's what went down in court ...

- Rocco is currently enrolled in school in London. Rocco's attorney called it a "great fit for him."
- The judge is pleased about the school decision and doesn't want to move Rocco out of the school.
- Rocco's attorney said the uncertainty of the situation is having a negative effect on Rocco, but the judge says the real problem is the "inability of the parents to come up with a solution."

Bottom line -- the judge isn't forcing Rocco to move back to New York with his mother at this time ... but is urging Madonna and Guy to find an amicable resolution to visitation issues.

If they can't, the judge is ready to intervene. 

Madonna, Guy Ritchie Showdown In Rocco Custody War

3/2/2016 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0301_madonna_rocco_guy_ritchie_getty_instagramMadonna and Guy Ritchie will square off in court Wednesday over custody of their 15-year-old son Rocco, and we've learned Madonna has changed her strategy. 

As we reported, the singer and Guy have not gotten along since their 2008 divorce. In fact, we're told they aggressively dislike each other.

Madonna's initial strategy to get her son back was to trash Guy's parenting skills. She believes he's way too permissive and Rocco suffers as a result. Our Madonna sources say she is an extremely strict and controlling parent ... which often benefits the boy, but at the same time pisses him off.

Now we're told Madonna has changed her tune. Rather than trying to force Rocco back to the U.S. through a judge's order, she's trying to win him back by proclaiming her undying love ... frequently through social media.

That said, as one well-connected Madonna source told us, "She always has to be right. It's her nature. She and Guy have disagreed on every [child rearing] decision they talk about, and it's made her feel like he's a bad parent."

Rocco -- who's been living with his dad since late December -- will have a voice in where he ends up living.


Bristol Palin Daddy Time's Gotta Work Around Teat Time

3/1/2016 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0301_bristol_palin_dakota-meyer_tmz_getty-2Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer are going to war over spending time with their baby girl, and the linchpin to the whole deal is centered around Bristol's boobs.

Dakota filed docs in Alaska proposing a first time meetup with 2-month-old Sailor, and wants to have her alone 10 hours a day, for 4 consecutive days ... so he can develop a father-daughter bond.

But mama bear Bristol filed her own docs saying that plan won't work because Sailor can't be away from her food source -- Bristol's breasts -- for that long. She says she intends to breastfeed Sailor until she's one.

Dakota's already filed a "to go" proposal -- he says Bristol could easily pump breast milk for him to take with Sailor. The court hasn't ruled yet, but Daddy's touching down in Alaska next month.

Louis Tomlinson Baby Mama He Can See the Baby But Keep His New Chick Away!!!

2/29/2016 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0226-brianna-jungwirth-louis-tomlinson-SPLASH-GETTY-01Briana Jungwirth says she'll strike a custody deal with Louis Tomlinson, but his new girlfriend is a deal breaker.

TMZ broke the story, Louis and Briana struck a temporary custody deal hours before an emergency court hearing in which the One Direction singer was set to tell a judge she was holding their 1-month-old hostage in order to squeeze more money out of him.

Sources connected to Briana tell us, she's also deeply concerned about Louis' new GF, Danielle Campbell. Briana does NOT want Danielle to interact with her kid, in part because it could confuse the infant and interfere with a critical bonding period. 

We're told Louis wants to take little Freddie to his L.A. home and spend time ... with Danielle present. Briana is adamant that should not happen. We're told she only wants Louis to spend time with Freddie at her home.

As we reported, the temporary deal gives Louis modest visitation but no overnights. They're still negotiating child support.



Louis Tomlinson Custody War Settled I Get the Baby ... For a Price

2/26/2016 10:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0226-tomlinson-jungwirth-getty-akm-01Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth have reached a shaky temporary settlement in their custody war ... avoiding a courtroom showdown by a matter of hours.

We've learned lawyers for the One Direction singer were going to court Friday morning armed with legal docs and their famous client, asking a judge to formally establish paternity on Louis' part and give him access to his 1-month-old son, Freddie.

TMZ broke the story ... Briana was not giving Louis access to their kid and the dispute was over money. We're told under the temporary settlement, he will have access to the child for several hours at a time during the week, but he will not have any overnight visits.

We're told until a short time ago, Louis was paying Briana's expenses but there was no set amount -- it varied from week to week. Things went south when they tried to establish a set monthly amount ... she wanted way more than he was willing to give.

Our sources say the 2 parents have agreed to a temporary custody arrangement while their lawyers hammer out something formal ... both with custody and child support.


Louis Tomlinson Custody Fight Baby Mama Won't Let Me See My Kid

2/26/2016 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0225-tomlinson-jungwirth-getty-instagram-02Louis Tomlinson has lawyered up to wage a custody war, because he says his baby mama is not letting him see their kid ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with Louis tell TMZ, the One Direction singer claims Briana Jungwirth has gotten greedy and wants money ... and lots of it. He claims she's using their 1-month-old son, Freddie Reign, to leverage a bigger payday. 

It's a surprising turn ... Louis got Briana a 3 bedroom home in Calabasas and he's renting a $21 million home in L.A. to be close to Freddie.  

Louis has not gotten a DNA test but says there's no doubt he's the dad ... they dated exclusively during the period in which she got pregnant.

We're told Louis is gunning for an order forcing Briana to give him some custodial rights, including significant access to his son.


Travis Barker My Custody Deal Sucks ... Shanna Has Drugs and I'm Less Rich

2/26/2016 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

022416-travis-barker-shanna-moakler-tmzTravis Barker is attacking his ex, Shanna Moakler ... accusing her of neglecting their kids, misusing their child support money, and exposing them to drugs and weapons. 

The Blink 182 drummer filed docs demanding some changes STAT to his child custody arrangement with Moakler for several reasons including his concerns that she has drugs and guns in the house with them. He's not more specific about that allegation in the docs. 

Barker also says he found out their son, 12-year-old Landon, was "roaming around" Calabasas earlier this month and hanging with a 15-year-old girl ... without Shanna's knowledge. In the docs, he also says she's sending Landon and their daughter Alabama to school without lunches.

Parenting issues aside ... Travis also has money concerns. He's paying $18k per month in child support, but wants that number slashed -- as low as $2,900 per month -- because he thinks Shanna's spending a lot of the dough on herself. He's also playing the poverty card ... rock star poverty, anyway.

Travis says he was hauling in more than $2 mil annually when they reached their current deal, but says he earned less than $600k in 2015. He's far from broke though ... admitting he has nearly $37 million in assets.

A source close to Shanna tells us she's devastated by Travis' filing, and if he really cared about the kids he wouldn't try to financially destroy their mother.


Russell Wilson Full Stepdad Mode With Baby Future & Ciara

2/24/2016 7:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0204-russell-wilson-twitter-01Future is gonna be piiiiissed.

Russell Wilson and baby Future had the run of Dodger Stadium on Sunday -- running the base paths, and posing for what looks like awesome family photos with Ciara.

As we've reported, Ciara and Future are in a nasty custody battle over their son. Future's already said he's not thrilled about public photos of Russell with his kid ... so, this feels like throwing fuel on a fire.

In the couple's defense, they didn't release the pics -- the Dodgers tweeted them Tuesday.

If nothing else ... it looks like baby Future had a great day, and Ciara got next year's Christmas card? 


Madonna Moms Post the Darndest Things

2/22/2016 7:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0222-madonna-son-rocco-INSTAGRAM-01Madonna's crying out to Rocco again ... posting a pic from happier days.

Madge put up the photo of Rocco grinning with dandelions around his neck and said, "I miss this boy so full of life so full of love!"

She and Guy Ritchie are set to face off in court next month in their custody battle over Rocco ... who's living with Dad in England, for now. Madonna's been reaching out by posting pics with messages for her son.

If you're Rocco, you gotta worry there's a baby bath shot coming soon.

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