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Conor McGregor Meets the Cowboys Hands Out His Whiskey!!!

10/14/2018 3:42 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Conor McGregor might've taken a big L in the Octagon, but he's still winning at life -- just ask the Dallas Cowboys ... many of whom might be guzzling his booze tonight on his dime.

The former UFC lightweight champion hit up AT&T Stadium Sunday before the Cowboys' game against the Jaguars to with meet with players and Cowboys brass. Sources close to the meeting tell TMZ that Conor handed out a ton of bottles of his new whiskey, Proper No. 12, to a number of players on the field ... a lot of whom he also got to meet in person. 

We're told Conor was brought to a VIP suite where he met with Jerry Jones and other Cowboys execs, who also got their hands on his new liquor line. Sources tell us he and Jerry actually had an in-depth convo about handling and expanding his business. 

Conor's in the midst of becoming a full-on businessman, and we're told he took Jerry's advice to heart. Our sources say he was in awe of the Cowboys' stadium and by the energy of the fans. Apparently, this was his first visit there. 

Fighter one day ... budding entrepreneur the next. Rolling with the punches, it seems.

Jerry Jones I Won't Fire Garrett ... He Can Lead Us To A Super Bowl!

10/12/2018 9:22 AM PDT
Breaking News

Sorry, Cowboys fans ... looks like you're stuck with Jason Garrett -- 'cause Jerry Jones just went to bat for the embattled head coach, saying he won't fire him!!!!

"Jason Garrett is absolutely the real deal," the Cowboys owner said on 105.3 The Fan, "There's no fraud in Jason Garrett."

Of course ... many in Texas would disagree -- considering the Cowboys have won just ONE playoff game in J.G.'s EIGHT-PLUS SEASONS ... and are off to a forgettable 2-3 start this year.

But, Jerry's confidence ain't wavering ...

"Does he have some things he could do better? Of course," Jones says.

"But, what I think we have here is an asset that will get us to where we want to go, which is a championship."

You know what that means Dallas??? MORE CLAPPING COMING!!!!!!!!

Dez Bryant Shades Cowboys After Texans Loss ... You Shoulda Kept Me!!

10/8/2018 6:38 AM PDT
Breaking News

Wanna know how the Cowboys coulda avoided another tough road loss Sunday??

Have Dez Bryant on the roster -- at least, that's what the ex-Dallas wideout is saying.

The Cowboys' offense was trash again in a 19-16 loss to the Texans ... and owner Jerry Jones said afterward he sure would've liked a No. 1 WR for Dak Prescott to throw at in games like these.

Enter Dez ... who took to Twitter to say Jerry already HAD a No. 1 wideout -- but cut him last spring.

"Idk what Jerry meant by that #1 WR but I’m damn for sure would have kept them chains moving..." Dez said.

Dez has been begging for a shot to get back in the NFL ... posting workouts and even tweeting last week the Cowboys are still his top option.

But, Jerry brushed Bryant off before the Houston L last week ... basically saying that ship has sailed.

Maybe Dallas needs another Jay-Z and Beyonce concert to rekindle the talks????

Dez Bryant Shows Off Hands In Field Workout ... Message To NFL??

10/2/2018 12:40 PM PDT
Breaking News

Dez Bryant sent a memo to NFL teams Tuesday ... and here it is.

The ex-Dallas Cowboys superstar hit the football field and caught passes with one hand ... with two hands ... and then lying down.

"Monkey started to jump on my back," Dez said of the workout ... "We got some great work in today."

Translation: PLEASE SIGN ME!!!!!!

Dez hasn't found a football home since the 'Boys booted him back in April ... and just days after Terrell Owens told TMZ Sports Dez's career will be over if he ain't signed in the next few months -- Dez hit social media with this.

Coincidence?? We think not.

Somebody give him a chance!!!!!!!!!!!

Terrell Owens If Dez Bryant Doesn't Play This Year ... It's Over

9/29/2018 12:35 AM PDT

Terrell Owens wants to see Dez Bryant back in the NFL -- but warns the WR, if he doesn't get on a roster in 2018 ... his career is over. 

Look, Owens knows how tough it is to get an NFL contract -- he's been trying to get back in the league for years and says it's not always about how well you can play ... it's about perception. 

Owens tells TMZ Sports he strongly believes Dez's priority should be getting on a team now, proving himself -- and then worrying about contract stuff after he's proved all the doubters wrong. 

And, get this ... Terrell also likes the idea of a Dez Bryant/Dallas Cowboys reunion -- telling us there's an upside for both parties ... if the relationship hasn't been fractured beyond repair. 

We think there's hope ... thanks to Beyonce and Jay-Z

Remember, Dez and Jerry Jones kicked it together in a VIP booth at B&J's recent concert in Dallas -- and both men praised each other in public following the event. 

Tony Romo I'm Healthy Enough To Play Right Now

9/27/2018 7:18 AM PDT
Breaking News

Dallas Cowboys fans everywhere rejoice ... Tony Romo is healthy enough to play quarterback in the NFL again!!!!!!!!!

Sooo ... when's the comeback date?!?!

Well ... maybe never.

Romo stoked the rumor mill Wednesday when he said his back, collarbone and everything else he broke in his playing days are good enough for him to get back on the field.

"I played much more hurt back in probably '13 and '14 then I would be now," Romo told the Ben & Skin Show.

"Yeah, I mean, I'm healthy enough. That wouldn't be the issue at all I don't think. That would be the least of my thoughts when it came to a decision like that, obviously."

But, is Tony actually considering it?!?! Romo wouldn't say, poo-pooing the question by saying, "You guys are silly."

Romo's been killin' it in the CBS broadcast booth ... and he's got big-time golf dreams now too. Football seems to be firmly in his past.

So, sorry, Dallas. Looks like you're stuck with Dak.

For now. Maybe.

Jerry Jones Didn't Talk Football with Dez ... at Beyonce Concert

9/14/2018 10:41 AM PDT
Breaking News

Jerry Jones says his Jay-Z and Beyonce concert date with Dez Bryant was strictly bro time ... insisting the 2 didn't talk about football at all during the show. 

Jones and Bryant caused a stir when they were spotted hanging out at the Dallas stop of the On the Run II tour ... leading people to believe a possible Cowboys reunion was in the works.

But J.J. says that's just not true ... revealing he's tight with a lot of his former players -- and Dez's dramatic exit from the team hasn't affected their friendship one bit.

"We didn't talk about football," Jones told the GBag Nation on 105.3 the Fan. "With Dez, that's not uncommon."

"With Dez, a nice percentage of our conversations over the years football didn't come up, and we had other things to talk about." 

Jerry added he wasn't surprised to run into his former WR1 at the show, either ... saying "I knew he was going to be there. It would have been a surprise for him not to be there."

"I’m with our former players from time to time, not only socially, but I’m with them in everyday business. It’s not uncommon for me to have business with former players."

Dez Bryant Hits Beyonce Show w/ Jerry Jones ... 'We're Cool'

9/12/2018 7:04 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

To the left, to the left ... there's Jerry Jones sitting in a box to the left -- OF DEZ BRYANT!!!!

No, this isn't some old pic taken during happier times -- this was shot at the Beyonce concert at AT&T Stadium in Arlington on TUESDAY NIGHT!!!

Dez and the Cowboys owner were sitting in the same VIP box at AT&T Stadium (aka Jerry World) and the two looked to be on good terms. 

Interesting, considering the Cowboys released Dez back in April and there's definitely been some animosity between the WR and the organization ever since. 

So, we reached out to Dez to find out if he's squashed the beef with his former boss and he told us, "Me and Jerry was never on bad terms."

We also asked if there was a chance that he could sign a new contract with the Cowboys and return to his old squad ... but that's when Dez went radio silent on us. 

Of course, the Cowboys could use a playmaker right now -- the offense looked pretty bad over the weekend. 

Is this the first step toward a reunion? Stay tuned ... 

Jerry Rice 49ers Should Sign Dez Bryant ... 'He Can Help Us!'

9/10/2018 9:13 AM PDT
Breaking News

Wanna know how to help fix the San Francisco 49ers' passing attack??

Go get Dez Bryant ... at least, that's what Jerry Rice says.

ICYMI ... Jimmy Garoppolo got wrecked by the Vikings on Sunday -- chucking 3 picks and completing less than 50 percent of his passes in a 24-16 loss.

Jerry noted the WRs could have done better -- saying they've "got to get separation in the Red Zone ... I call it winning at the line of scrimmage."

That's when somebody asked the greatest wideout of all-time if the ex-Cowboys superstar could be the solution ... and it seems Jerry's on board.

"I think he can help us with experience and knowledge about the game," Rice said.

FYI ... Dez revealed two teams on Sunday he'd love to play for -- the Patriots and the Redskins.

Maybe it's time to add S.F. to that list too.

Ex-Cowboys RB Joseph Randle Arrested for Rape, Dom. Violence

9/7/2018 5:55 AM PDT

12:21 PM PT -- The Wichita PD tells TMZ Sports ... they got a call around 1 AM on Friday morning about a "rape in progress."

Cops responded to an apartment complex and found a 28-year-old woman "who had minor facial injuries, and reported being sexually assaulted by Randle."

"Through the investigation Randle was arrested and booked into the Sedgwick County Jail. The investigation is ongoing and will be presented to the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office."

Ex-Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle was arrested for rape in Kansas early Friday morning ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

The details surrounding the arrest are unclear -- but jail records in Sedgwick County, KS show the 26-year-old was booked for rape at 3:43 AM on Sept. 7. 

According to his booking sheet, he's being held without bond at a local detention center. He's listed at 6'1" and 215 lbs.

Randle has been in trouble with the law before -- he was arrested 6 times in 17 months including an incident in which he stole underwear and cologne from a department store while he was still playing for the Cowboys.

Since then, he was arrested at a casino, busted at his ex-girlfriend's home, and allegedly ripped a TV off the wall in jail.

Back in June, he was sentenced to 5 years probation for an incident in which he tried to run over people with his car after losing at a drinking game at a party.

He had been bouncing between jail and mental health facilities after that incident -- but the court ultimately declared him mentally competent to receive his punishment for the crime. 

Randle was a 5th round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft -- and was named the starting RB for the Cowboys during the 2015 season, but was waived by the team later that season.

Story developing ... 

LaDainian Tomlinson Cool With Dak's Anthem Stance ... On One Condition

8/15/2018 1:24 PM PDT

LaDainian Tomlinson tells TMZ Sports he has no problems with Dak Prescott's national anthem opinions -- ONLY IF they're actually his.

Remember ... the Cowboys star backed Jerry Jones just days after the team owner insinuated he'd cut players for kneeling during the anthem.

When we got L.T. out at LAX ... he told us the criticism Dak received for that stance was BS ... but only if that's what the star QB truly believed.

"Dak has to be his own man," the NFL legend says. "Hopefully he's not influenced by ownership or anybody else. He has to be his own man."

Bottom line ... L.T. says players are gonna get flak for their opinions on protests regardless -- so Dak shouldn't even have to think about being a pawn for Jerry.

"You really gotta stand up for what you believe in at the end of the day," L.T. says.

Jerry Jones I'm 'So Proud' of Dak Prescott ... For Anthem Stand

8/9/2018 6:21 AM PDT

Jerry Jones is praising the hell out of his QB, Dak Prescott, for the way he's handling the drama surrounding the national anthem controversy ... telling TMZ Sports, "I'm so proud of him."

Jerry was leaving Mr Chow in Beverly Hills on Wednesday night when we asked if he expected Dak to get a lot of blowback for supporting Jerry's "My players will stand" position on the anthem. 

"I'm so proud of him, just proud of him the way he leads the team ... for not letting it mess with their practices."

We also asked JJ how he felt about Ice Cube standing up for Dak's right to voice his opinion -- and Jerry showed love for Cube as well ... saying, "I'm a fan of Ice Cube!"

By the way, we also caught a glimpse of the inside of Jerry's sprinter van -- and it's awesome!!!!

Ezekiel Elliott Sued For $1 Million ... For Role In Car Crash

8/2/2018 4:05 PM PDT
Breaking News

Ezekiel Elliott is being sued for $1 MILLION by the man who Zeke barreled into with his SUV last year.

According to court docs ... the Cowboys superstar was driving his GMC Yukon in Collin County, Texas, in January 2017 -- when he ran a red light and smashed into Ronnie Hill's BMW sedan.

The accident was described as "minor" by the Frisco PD and cops noted no injuries were sustained.

But now ... Hill is claiming he does in fact have injuries from the crash -- including "serious, life-altering" ones -- and is seeking over $1 mil in damages from Elliott.

Zeke's agent, Frank Salzano, tells TMZ Sports Elliott's inclusion in the lawsuit is only a formality ... and will all ultimately end up being handled by Zeke's insurance company.

"We expect Mr. Elliott's insurance provider to step in accordingly and handle the matter appropriately."

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