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Ezekiel Elliott's Dad Zeke's The Greatest RB OF ALL TIME!!

4/28/2018 12:20 AM PDT

"Ezekiel is the best to ever play the game, remember I said that," -- Zeke's dad. 

TMZ Sports spoke with Stacy Elliott -- who also runs Fifth Down Enterprises -- who tells us his son has been laser focused this off-season and is ready to wreak havoc all over the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys in 2018. 

"He's the G.O.A.T. He's the best to ever play the game," Stacy said.

"This is deeper than Lavar Ball ... this is the actual truth. The truth is in the pudding, or the pudding's in the truth, whatever they say."

Elliott says he's impressed with the new crop of running backs, including Saquon Barkley ... but no one can hold a candle to his son. 

"Saquon's a great running back, great young man. But he's not Ezekiel Elliot in my opinion. Ezekiel is the best to ever play the game."

Tony Gonzalez If Dez Bryant Wants a Ring Sign With The Pats!!

4/18/2018 12:04 PM PDT

Tony Gonzalez says Dez Bryant would have fun hangin' with Odell Beckham in the Big Apple ... but if he wants to win Super Bowls, there's only one place to consider in free agency -- the Patriots!!

TMZ Sports spoke with the NFL legend about Dez's possible new homes now that he's no longer a Cowboy ... and T.G. says teaming up with Tom Brady in Foxborough will guarantee him a ring.

Bryant recently said in an interview it would "be crazy" to play alongside OBJ ... and Gonzalez agrees, but says it's all about gettin' 'ships.

We also asked Gonzalez about Kansas City naming Patrick Mahomes their starting QB ... and Chiefs fans are gonna want to hear his response!

Josh Norman to Dez Forget the Beef Let's Team Up!

4/14/2018 12:35 AM PDT

They've had some epic matchups over the years ... but Josh Norman is willing to bury the hatchet and play nice with Dez Bryant if he signs with the Redskins! 

We actually broke the news to the Redskins star cornerback about the Dallas Cowboys parting ways with Bryant -- and he seemed a little shocked by the move. 

But then ... he quickly started the recruiting process!

"He wouldn't be a bad addition -- hell, come on over!" 

"If he can help us win, that's all that matters at the end of the day."

Of course, Norman and Bryant have gone head-to-head a bunch of times over the years -- and formed a true rivalry that got really heated at times. 

But Norman is willing to move on in the name of winning. 

So Dez ... how 'bout it?!

Ex-NFLer Martellus Bennett Sorry Kanye, ... I'm The Black Walt Disney

4/14/2018 12:10 AM PDT

Martellus Bennett has bad news for Kanye West ... because in the battle to be the "Black Walt Disney" there can only be one, and according to Bennett HE is that one.

You might remember it was a couple of years ago that Kanye West proclaimed that it was HE who was the Black Walt Disney -- really just the next Walt Disney -- during an interview with Sway.

Bennett CRUSHED West's dreams when we got him out in NYC, telling our guy his new career as a children's book author is going to put him over the top in the race to build a chocolate Magic Kingdom.

Now we don't think he was taking a direct shot at West -- he didn't mention his name except to say that Kanye was "cool" -- question is, how will 'Ye take it?

Expect a rant, Bennett.

Michael Irvin on Eagles Skipping Trump Visit: 'Hate That We're at That Place'

4/10/2018 8:13 AM PDT

Michael Irvin says it's a damn shame some Eagles are boycotting Trump's White House ... and hopes the time-honored tradition can continue once POTUS is outta office.

"I hate that we're at that place," Irvin told TMZ Sports. "Hopefully we can get back to that, if not this President's term, maybe the next."

Remember, The Playmaker won 3 rings with the Cowboys ... so it wasn't a surprise when he told us he thinks the ceremony's a BIG deal. 

That said, Mike says he realizes times have changed with #45 in the Oval Office ... so when it comes to Malcolm Jenkins, Chris Long and the other Eagles skippin' out on the visit, he ain't gonna hold it against them.

"That's what politics is. Everybody gets to express their opinions, and those guys are expressing their opinions."

Ezekiel Elliott Ain't Raging This Offseason ... Cowboys Bros Say

3/2/2018 10:03 AM PST

Don't worry about Ezekiel Elliott turning up with booze and broads this offseason -- so say 2 of his Cowboys teammates.

We got stud linemen Tyron Smith and La'el Collins at LAX ... and asked them the question on every 'Boys fan's mind -- is Zeke staying the hell away from situations that could get him re-suspended?!

Good news -- they said yes ... which is important considering the Jones' just announced Elliott won't be subjected to special offseason rules. 

Speaking of which, hope Tyron and La'el ain't breakin' any accords on their vacay ... 'cause they told TMZ Sports they're going to Aspen, but repeatedly told us they're NOT skiing (ya know ... the only thing you do in Aspen). 

Remember, an NBA star recently told us his contract doesn't allow him to shred the pow. Hope that's not the case with these dudes.

Terrell Owens to Dak Prescott: Watch Your Back In Dallas

1/22/2018 9:30 AM PST

Terrell Owens says the Dallas Cowboys have a long history of turning on superstar players and running them out of town ... and he doesn't want Dak Prescott to be the next victim. 

Owens was at LAX when we asked about his weekend Twitter comments ... when he argued that Dallas' disappointing 9-7 record was not Dak's fault. He also argued that Dak is NOT trying to turn the locker room against Dez Bryant, who also had a disappointing season.  

Instead, Owens seemed to argue that the Cowboys coaching staff and other execs are pushing the negative narratives to create a fall guy ... so they can then fire that guy and look like heroes. 

Case in point ... Terrell Owens (according to Terrell Owens). 

T.O. says that's exactly what happened to him back when he sported the star -- claiming Tony Romo and then-offensive coordinator Jason Garrett teamed up to force him out to save face.  

"Everybody knows what went down," Owens says ... insisting there are multiple witnesses from the Cowboys who will attest that he was done dirty in Big D. 

"I just didn't like the way they were trying to say Dak is the problem or Dak is putting the blame or turning people against Dez. That's not fair to Dak."

Cowboys' Chidobe Awuzie Happy Birthday, Mom ... Here's a Brand New Range Rover!!

1/11/2018 9:27 AM PST
Breaking News

Dallas Cowboys CB Chidobe Awuzie is gettin' major brownie points for this one ... the NFL'er bought a brand new RANGE ROVER for his mom's birthday!!

Chido -- a 2nd-round pick in the 2017 draft -- posted the surprise on Wednesday, saying his mother, Victoria, always dreamed of having a Range Rover ... so he surprised her with the new 2018 Velar!!

We know you're wonderin' ... the whip's starting price is around $50k.

But, ya can't put a price on the smile on mom's face!!

Cowboys' Cole Beasley Drops Rap Single ... Shouts Out Dak, Jerry

1/9/2018 9:46 AM PST
Breaking News

Dallas Cowboys WR Cole Beasley ... can rap. 

The 28-year-old slot receiver just dropped the first single from his new album. It's called "80 Stings" and Cole hits on everything from Dak Prescott's throwing ability to his professional relationship with Jerry Jones

He also addresses the fact he's a white rapper -- and how nobody expected him to have real rap skills. 

"Who knew, huh? White dude rappin' too tough."

Spoiler: He's pretty good.

Beasley is dead serious about hip-hop and even started his own record company, ColdNation Records, to put his music out. 

Some of the lyrics from the track ...

"Can’t snap a necklace up off me, cuz I don’t have one. Spent that on college funds for both my sons ... but that’s 4 accounts I’m accounting for. Another 2 that’s yet to come, yes I have enough."

"I’m bossed out but Sunday, Jerry’s boss now when I ball out, I’m a dog when Dak get the ball out."

Michael Irvin to Cowboys Give Dak & Dez Another Chance

1/6/2018 12:07 AM PST

Michael Irvin doesn't wanna see Jerry Jones break up the band just yet ... telling TMZ Sports he thinks Dez Bryant deserves at least another year with Dak in Dallas to prove they can win together. 

The main issue ... Dez will reportedly cost the Cowboys $16.5 million against the cap in 2018, which means the team will likely restructure the deal or ship Dez out. 

But, the Playmaker doesn't wanna see Bryant leave Big D ... essentially saying there was too much drama off the field that messed things up for everyone.

The big question ... can all sides come together to work out a $olution?

Ezekiel Elliott Crushed the Hot Tub In Cabo

12/23/2017 12:40 AM PST

Work hard? Hot tub hard. 

That was Ezekiel Elliott's mentality during his suspension/vacation in Mexico.

TMZ Sports obtained footage of Zeke chillaxin' with friends at the Diamante Resort in Cabo San Lucas. 

The video was shot on December 15 -- but we're told Elliott was a regular at the hot tub during his stay in Mexico. 

Zeke's camp has said the Dallas Cowboys star was hardcore training in Cabo during his 6-week suspension. He came back looking leaner. 

Our sources say in addition to working out, he would party -- with one witness saying he was spotted multiple days popping bottles of expensive champagne with lady friends at the resort. 

Of course, Zeke has adamantly denied physically attacking his ex-girlfriend -- so, if he's not trying to repent, might as well enjoy the trip ... right? 

Post Malone 'NFL F'd Zeke Over' But the 'Boys Will Kick Ass!!

12/20/2017 11:39 AM PST

Post Malone says Ezekiel Elliott was totally shafted by the NFL's handling of his suspension ... but says it's all water under the bridge now, 'cause the Cowboys will still win the Super Bowl!!

TMZ Sports spoke with Posty about Zeke's on-again-off-again suspension and appeal process ... and he says the league should've made its decision and stuck with it instead of treating him like "a cat with a yarn ball."

The "Rockstar" rapper says he's pumped the 'Boys were able to win some games without Zeke, 'cause now they're in prime position heading into the playoffs (if they make it to the postseason.)

Ezekiel Elliott's Dad: Get Ready ... For the Greatest Comeback Ever!

12/19/2017 3:11 PM PST
Breaking News

Ezekiel Elliott's dad is warning NFL teams ... his son is coming back with a vengeance -- and is laser-focused on becoming the greatest running back of all time. 

Now that Zeke has returned to the Cowboys following his 6-game suspension stemming from allegations of domestic violence, his father, Stacy Elliott, is sounding off about the situation. 

"A few things I know about this young man I raised is, he isn’t NO abuser of women and HE gets better under pressure!"

"Adversity makes [you] RISE above whatever YOU think is great! He will be known when it’s OVER [as] the #goat! The greatest to EVER do it!"

He added, "The saga continues!! #americasteam #AmericasRunningBack"

Zeke returns to action on Dec. 24 against the Seattle Seahawks -- and the way they're playing lately, he might be able to make good on his vow to rush for 200 yards!

Stay tuned ... 

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