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Klay Thompson's Dad Dishes Dating Advice To Klay Should He Date a Kardashian?

3/24/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Klay Thompson's father has some solid dating advice for his superstar son -- find a "good girl" -- so we had to ask if the famously single Kourtney Kardashian falls into that category.

Klay's been linked to some beautiful women (see here and here) ... but when we saw his NBA champion father Mychal out this week, we wanted to know if dad wants to see his son settle down. 

The short answer ... yes ... but only with the right woman. 

So, would dad support a Kardashian, Thompson coupling? Check out the video. 

PS, Klay has all the qualities the Kardashians look for -- he's rich, he's black and his first name starts with a K. 

Then again, so did Kris Humphries ...  

Adrienne Bailon I'm Born Again in Mexico!!!

3/22/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0321_adrienne_baillon_bikini_boyfriend_launch_2Adrienne Bailon has a new curvy beach bod and boyfriend, who happens to be a Grammy-winning gospel singer, and she showed off both on a Mexican holiday.

The boyfriend first ... Israel Houghton is a famous Christian singer who's got 6 gospel Grammys. Adrienne appeared in the 2013 flick Israel produced called, "I'm in Love with a Church Girl."

Israel just recently became officially available, although he's been seeing Adrienne for a while. They began dating after he divorced his wife of 20 years earlier this year.

Derek Fisher Super PDA with Gloria Govan ... We're Not Afraid!!!

3/17/2016 6:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0317-fisher-govan-splash-01Say it loud ... WE'RE A COUPLE AND WE'RE PROUD!!! 

Here's Derek Fisher and his GF Gloria Govan ... all over each other while on a lunch date out in L.A. this week ... obviously trying to send a message that they're NOT AFRAID of Matt Barnes

The pics come days after Fisher published a middle-finger style article about Barnes -- painting Matt as a violent, crazy ex who attacked Fisher out of jealousy back in October. 

Fisher and Govan have been careful about keeping the PDA out of the public eye for months ... but now it's clear, they want EVERYONE to know they're a couple ... whether Barnes likes it or not. 

Lindsay Lohan Mom Ready to Meet the In-Laws

3/14/2016 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan approves of daughter Lindsay's new boyfriend, but no word yet if HIS family approves of Dina.

We got DiLo outside FOX Studios in NYC, and she copped to being totally smitten with Egor Tarabasov, who perhaps will someday plant a Russian sprout-nik inside her daughter.

Dina told us what will likely be the NEXT step for Lindsay and Egor -- a face-to-face meeting between their parents. Check out why mama's confidence is so high about that meeting.

Baby steps, Dina.

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill We Got Puppy Love ... Even Under House Arrest

3/10/2016 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0310-meek-minaj-snap-01Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill put all the breakup rumors to rest ... and maybe created some new buzz with one freaky social media post.

Nicki showed up on Meek's Snapchat Wednesday night -- the video looks like it's shot in his bedroom and he's definitely shirtless ... which means day 9 of house arrest seemed to go pretty well for Meek.

Meek's been on lockdown since the beginning of March. We're told Nicki flew to Philly on Wednesday morning. As we told you ... the couple had a blowout after she refused to move to Philly for the duration of Meek's 90-day sentence.

Nicki's about to do a tour in South Africa so they're obviously making nice -- doggy style -- before she hits the road. 

Jason Derulo & Daphne Joy Hardcore Beach Bums

3/9/2016 10:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0309_jason_derulo_daphne_joy_beach_launchJason Derulo and Daphne Joy did their own version of "Baywatch" ... flaunting their ridiculous bodies while vacationing in Mexico.

The couple hopped on an ATV, tried their hands at surfing and frolicked on the sand outside Casa Aramara, Joe Francis' celeb-friendly estate in Punta Mita.

Based on these pics ... it's a safe bet Daphne also took Jason for a ride.

Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Finally Make It Official

3/9/2016 8:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0309-cooper-shayk-getty-01Bradley Cooper and his supermodel girlfriend Irina Shayk aren't hiding their relationship anymore ... in fact, they're swapping spit for all to see.

Bradley and Irina finally made their red carpet debut as a couple Tuesday night at the L'Oreal Red Obsession Party in Paris.

It's been a long time coming ... they first began seeing each other last May, but tried to keep things on the hush hush.



Lindsay Lohan I'm Russian Into a New Relationship

3/9/2016 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

030816-lindsay-lohan-instagramLindsay Lohan has landed a mega-rich, Russian boyfriend ... TMZ has learned.

The lucky guy is 22-year-old Egor Tarabasov. He's a Russian heir to a business empire in Yeltsin land.

Egor met Lindsay in London through a mutual friend. They've been dating for 4 months, and it's already pretty serious. He came to NYC with LiLo over the Xmas holidays to meet Dina and the fam.

We're told Egor has the Lohan family stamp of approval ... they think he keeps her out of trouble.

Lindsay's fallen for the dude ... she posted a pic of a faceless guy last week with the caption, "I love him." Turns out that's Egor.

Tarabasov lives in London, where he's starting up his own real estate company, so it looks like Lindsay is staying put.


Carson Kressley I Dated An NFL Player ... A Good One!

3/8/2016 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's the celebrity couple you never heard about ... 'Queer Eye' star Carson Kressley says he once dated an NFL player ... an 8 year veteran who played in the Super Bowl.

FYI ... the guy Carson's talking about is Esera Tuaolo who played DT in the NFL from '91-'99 and saw action in the Super Bowl XXXIII as a member of the Atlanta Falcons.

We got Kressley out at LAX and asked him about the stigma that gay men would somehow be less effective on the football fields of the NFL.

That's when Carson shot down the idea ... and revealed he had dated Tuaolo -- who revealed his sexual orientation after he finished his career back in the day.

By the way, Carson says he and Esera are still good friends. 

Patrick Schwarzenegger Meet My Smokin' Hot New Girlfriend

3/1/2016 11:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0301_patrick_new_girl_launchPatrick Schwarzenegger is moving on from Miley Cyrus nearly a year after their split -- and his new chick is younger, blonder and more Southern than his ex.

TMZ has learned Schwarzenegger just bagged a hot Alabama native named Abby Champion.

Sources close to the pair tell us the relationship is super new -- but 22-year-old Patrick's clearly ready to get couple-y with this one ... the two were spotted running errands together on Abby's birthday.

Champion's signed to Next models and turned 19 on Sunday.

Good job, Patrick. Dad must be proud.


Memphis Depay Date Night w/ Steve Harvey's Step-Daughter ... In $350,000 Whip

2/26/2016 7:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0226-sub-memphis-depay-splash-01Manchester United soccer stud Memphis Depay took his famous girlfriend out in style the other night -- picking up Steve Harvey's step-daughter in a $350,000 Rolls Royce!!

The two hit up a Chinese restaurant in Manchester -- and even the parking ticket waiting on the whip couldn't ruin their evening ... probably 'cause the dude reportedly makes $125k per week. 

As we previously reported, Lori Harvey and Memphis went public with their relationship last month. 


Zendaya On Odell Beckham 'Date, Marry or Kill?'

2/25/2016 11:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Do you date, marry or kill Odell Beckham??

That's the question Zendaya had to answer during a live interview with radio legend Angie Martinez on Power 105.1 ... and you better believe he was paying attention to her answer. 

Of course, the two have been sorta, kinda dating in real life -- with Zendaya's dad telling us the NFL star was still in the "interview" stage during a recent night out. 

So, who was Odell's competition on date, marry, kill? Chris Brown and singer/actor Trevor Jackson

Check out Zendaya's answer ... wonder if Odell is stoked or disappointed? 

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd Engagement Not Ringing True

2/23/2016 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0223-bella-hadid-ring-hand-AKMGSI-01Bella Hadid's rocking a ring on the traditional wedding ring finger ... but she and The Weeknd haven't gotten THAT traditional just yet.

When the couple rolled out of their London hotel Monday evening, photogs took notice of the golden piece Bella was sporting. Rumors immediately flew that Weeknd had popped the question, but hold your congratulations.

Bella's rep tells us there is NO engagement. They've only been together for about 10 months, so it would've been a pretty quick move on Weeknd's part.

Sometimes a ring is just a ring.

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