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Peyton Manning

T-Shirts in the Pool ...

They Ain't Just for Fat Guys!

3/4/2015 8:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0304-peyton-manning-INFphoto-01Peyton Manning has not officially decided if he's coming back to play in the NFL next season, but one thing is for sure ... the Denver Broncos QB needs to retire that t-shirt!

The future Hall of Famer and his family were spotted poolside in Miami Beach this week, where the QB committed the personal foul of wearing a shirt in the pool ... a move usually reserved for offensive linemen.

Too much Papa John's in the off-season, perhaps? 

John Elway


... During Broncos Bye Week

9/29/2014 7:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With the Denver Broncos off this weekend, John Elway decided to blow off some steam by jetting to Vegas to party with his wife ... and some little people ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

After spending some time in L.A., the Broncos' Vice President of Football Operations hit up Sin City this weekend -- where he sat VIP at Beacher's Madhouse in the MGM Grand. 

Elway's wife Paige Green -- a former Oakland Raiders cheerleader -- was there as the couple watched a variety of crazy acts ... including the world's oldest strippers and a performance by Mini-Kanye West and Mini-Psy.

We're told Elway had a blast -- and took photos with some of the mini-performers.

Perfect way to forget about losing to the Seahawks ... for the second time in a row.

Peyton Manning

Legal Weed In CO

Has Been GREAT for Pizza Biz

9/18/2014 8:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
0918-peyton-manning-getty-01Legalized pot has been very, very good for Peyton Manning ... especially in Colorado ... because the QB says new weed-friendly laws in the Mile High State have been great for his pizza business. 

The Denver Broncos superstar -- who owns 21 Papa Johns franchises in the Denver area -- was talking with Sports Illustrated's Peter King when he was asked about voting and laws in CO. 

And that's when Peyton dropped this gem -- "There’s some different laws out here in Colorado. Pizza business is pretty good out here, believe it or not, due to some recent law changes."

Doesn't take a rocket-scientist to figure out he's talking about Colorado's new laws legalizing recreational marijuana ... and clearly, Peyton's learned stoners love pizza. 

So, will Peyton expand into Washington -- the other pro-ganja state? Stay tuned ...

Broncos RB Ronnie Hillman

Good Riddance, Aaron Paul

... Go Be a Raiders Fan!

3/16/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
0314-hillman-paul-getty-01Broncos running back Ronnie Hillman has some advice for "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul -- now that you're off the Denver bandwagon ... go be a Raiders fan!

We spoke to Hillman to find out how he felt about Paul pulling a George Clooney on the Broncos -- ending his Super Bowl love affair with the team and ignoring them completely. 

But the second year running back isn't crying into his Haagan-Daaz ... telling us, "To each his own, I’ll probably go see 'Need For Speed' anyway."

Then came the shot -- "But if he don’t like us, he can always go be a Raiders fan."



Aaron Paul:

Sorry Denver ...

I'm OFF the Broncos Bandwagon

3/14/2014 6:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Bad news for Broncos fans ... "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul has given up on your team -- just months after he hopped on the bandwagon in the first place. 

Aaron -- nicest guy ever btw -- was leaving Gallagher's Steakhouse in NYC last night when we started asking him about all the moves Denver's been making in the past few days. 

That's when Aaron -- who proudly rooted for Peyton & the Broncos when he sat behind the bench at the Super Bowl -- made it clear his days of supporting the blue and orange are OVER!

In fairness to Aaron, he was only really a Broncos fan for 1 day to begin with ... but after that Super Bowl performance, we're guessing he's not the only bandwagoner to jump ship. 

Peyton Manning

My Goatee Is Back!!!!

3/4/2014 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
0304-peyton-manning-twitter2EVIL PEYTON MANNING IS BACK!!!!!

For the first time since 2008, Peyton Manning is rockin' the goatee ... in what appears to be an attempt to find a new identity after that humiliating Super Bowl loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

Evil Peyton and his facial hair surfaced at what appears to be a charity event over the weekend ... where he gave a speech, rocked a tux and even posed for pics with fans. 

Somewhere, Evil Spock is laughing maniacally. 


[H/T Terez Owens


Shannon Sharpe

'Sad, Disappointed, Grateful'

After Being Dropped By CBS

2/18/2014 11:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Shannon Sharpe tells TMZ Sports ... he's bummed out after getting the news that he's out at "The NFL Today" pregame show at CBS ... but says, "I'm grateful I had ten great years."

CBS announced the move today ... Shannon and Dan Marino will not return to the show next season. Instead, Tony Gonzalez will join the cast.

"Things happen," Sharpe says ... "They made the best decision for them and now I have to make the best decision for me."

Sharpe is adamant he has "no hard feelings" toward CBS -- adding, "They've been great to me."

As for Tony G -- Sharpe says they're friends and he wishes Tony the best of luck.

"I know Tony wanted to do this so I'm happy for him and his family."

So, what's next for Shannon? He's still trying to evaluate his options, but it's clear you haven't heard the last from the Hall of Fame tight end.

"I have strong beliefs, ideas and passions. I can do more than just sports ... I don't want to box myself in."

Jeremy Piven:

Peyton's Crappy Game

Won't Kill Pitchman Career

2/13/2014 3:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Before the Super Bowl, Jeremy Piven said Peyton Manning was the GOLD STANDARD for a celebrity pitchman -- but after his pathetic performance, is Peyton's star falling in Hollywood?

Piven was leaving Freewheel Sports in Larchmont today and made a strong case for why Peyton's still the man ... but not everyone's convinced.

Some people in the office think Peyton's marketing power took a serious hit on Feb. 2nd -- and it could open the door for other players like Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman to swoop in on those coveted sports-oriented endorsements.

Then again, no one rocks a pair of stunner shades like #18.


Horrified Hotel Apologizes

For Calling Him Cheapskate

2/7/2014 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
The Dream NY knows where its bread is buttered ... it's now groveling -- BEGGING for forgiveness after its own bar slammed Diddy for stiffing its waitress on Super Bowl Sunday.

Honchos at Dream say they are "embarrassed and offended" by the Facebook post of an employee who works at The Bar inside the hotel.  The employee tore the rap mogul a new one, saying, "Thanks Sean Combs aka P. Diddy for leaving no tip on Super Bowl Sunday."

We just found out ... the employee responsible for the post -- like the Broncos -- got sacked.

This is disastrous for the hotel, because Dream is a mecca for rappers, and Diddy is one of their Gods.

The Hotel execs say, 'We look forward to welcoming you back soon."

We called Diddy.  No word if he's accepting the mea culpa.

Martha Stewart


'He Didn't Crack'

2/5/2014 6:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Martha Stewart is coming out swingin' in defense of Peyton Manning ... telling TMZ Sports he did a "good job" in the Super Bowl ... and kept his composure when his team imploded.

Stewart was leaving The London Hotel in NYC when she went off about the Super Bowl -- explaining that she not only watched the game, but she HATED IT because it was so mismatched.

But when we asked about Peyton Manning ... Stewart made it clear she had his back -- saying, "He held it together. He could've cracked. He didn't."

But the ultimate compliment ... Stewart added, "He's a nice man."

Katy Perry

Blows THOUSANDS On Strippers

After Super Bowl

2/4/2014 1:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Katy Perry tipped a girl and she liked it -- then she tipped more -- dropping STACKS on hot strippers after the Super Bowl Sunday night ... and to make it even more awesome, her BF John Mayer was there too.

We're told Katy and John stopped by Spearmint Rhino in Santa Barbara around 11pm Sunday night after the Seahawks devastated the Broncos.

We're told Katy and John spent in the thousands, tipping the girls BIG and getting multiple private dances. Katy even took photos with the girls.

Beats masturbating at home.


Russell Wilson

Winners Hang Out with Jay Z and Beyonce

2/3/2014 5:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

To the victor go the spoils ... just ask Russell Wilson, who's sitting courtside at the Brooklyn Nets game with Beyonce and Jay Z.

Peyton Manning's whereabouts are currently unknown.

Broncos Fans

Statewide Porn Binge

After Super Bowl Defeat

2/3/2014 1:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Nothing cures the agony of defeat like furious masturbation -- at least that's how Broncos Nation decided to deal with its grief last night ... after losing the Super Bowl 43-8.

XXX giant just released some fascinating stats from last night's porn viewership on its website -- showing overall viewership was down 32% during the big game ... down even more in Denver (51%) and Seattle (61%). Makes sense.

The tide turns around the halftime mark (EST) ... when most of the audience bailed on the game ... but things got even more interesting after the final score.

While porn viewing numbers in Seattle and Washington dropped below average in the wake of their massive victory -- presumably because everyone was out partying -- the numbers in Denver and Colorado surged to 10.8% and 7.6% above average, respectively.

So far, no word from Kleenex or Vaseline.

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