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NFL's Emmanuel Sanders Pregnant Wife Files For Divorce ... Judge Orders NFLer To Stay Away

12/13/2016 12:46 PM PST

1212_emmanuel-sanders_gabriella-waheed-tmz_instagramThe wife of Broncos star Emmanuel Sanders is pulling the plug on their brief marriage, despite the fact she's about to give birth to their 2nd child any day ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Gabriella Sanders -- who is due this month -- filed divorce docs in Texas at the end of October, a few days before the couple's 3 year wedding anniversary.

According to the court docs, GS says "the marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities," but doesn't say exactly what caused the split.

It doesn't seem pretty, cause the judge gave Gabriella a temporary restraining order to keep the wide receiver away from her and their Texas home until further notice.

The judge did give the NFLer "limited access" to their 2-year-old son and future daughter.

In the docs, Gabriella's also asking for child support and a "disproportionate share" of their assets, because she says the divorce is Emmanuel's fault. 

We reached out to his camp, but they had no comment at this time.

update_graphic_red_bar1:50 PM PT -- Gabriella had their baby girl Tuesday afternoon, and Emmanuel was there in the delivery room. He posted a pic which makes it seem like they buried their differences, at least for today.



John Elway On Von Miller Sex Tape Case Mum's the Word

12/8/2016 6:26 AM PST

He's usually a chatty guy ... but John Elway shut down when asked about the Von Miller sex tape case Wednesday night. 

The Broncos GM was leaving Madeo with his smokin' hot wife when we asked how he felt about his biggest star being involved in a crazy sex tape war. It's clear it's a touchy subject. 

Elway was down to talk the last time Von was involved in a big controversy -- saying it was "too bad" when Miller cut Elway out of a White House photo because he was mad about contract negotiations.

As far as the sex tape fight goes, Von's co-star was ordered to surrender her copy of the footage -- she has 24 hours to comply ... or else. 

Broncos' Linebacker Shane Ray HIBACHI, PLEASE! I'm a Benihana Chef Now!

11/30/2016 7:38 AM PST

Denver Broncos linebacker Shane Ray has a fallback plan if the whole NFL thing doesn't work out -- he's a master Benihana chef ... and he's got the certificate to prove it! 

The 23-year-old donned the trademark Benihana chef hat and apron -- and got cookin' on the teppanyaki ... grillin' up everything from shrimp to fried rice!

He even did the "spin the egg" trick! 

Ray's teammate, Taurean Nixon, documented the whole thing -- and though Ray was strugglin' at times ... he did well enough to get certified! 

As for the food ... don't worry, he had a "real" chef standing over his shoulder making sure everything tasted delicious. 

Von Miller Sex Tape Co-Star I Didn't Extort Him I Kept Footage for Masturbation

11/30/2016 12:50 AM PST

Von Miller's sex tape partner says the NFL star is full of crap -- claiming she NEVER set him up or shook him down ... and says she only kept the X-rated footage as a self-pleasuring aid. 

We spoke with Elizabeth Ruiz -- who says Von was the one pushing to record their sexual encounter in Cancun back in June ... and they BOTH shot portions on their own cell phones.

As we previously reported, Von filed legal docs in an effort to block Ruiz from releasing the tape -- and claimed she was trying to extort him for $2.5 MILLION.

Ruiz says the Broncos star is lying through his diamond grillz ... insisting she never asked him for a dollar ... until HIS lawyers made an unsolicited offer.

But Ruiz says the tape was never about getting rich -- it was just about getting off.


Broncos' Brandon Marshall ENDS NATIONAL ANTHEM PROTEST ... I'll Stand from Now On

11/6/2016 4:28 PM PST
Breaking News

1106-brandon-marshall-GETTY-02Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall has decided to end his national anthem protest --- and will STAND when the Star Spangled Banner is played for the rest of the season. 

Marshall was one of the first NFL players to join Colin Kaepernick's protest -- and said he would be taking a knee during the anthem to "raise awareness for social injustice and to start conversation about what all of us can do to make a positive change."

Marshall explained his decision to call off the protest on Instagram before the Broncos vs. Raiders game Sunday night ... saying:

"Going forward, I will be standing for the National Anthem -- not because everything is perfect, or because I'm changing my stance on things. But because of my hope for what we can become."

"Just because I am standing doesn't mean the work will end. There’s much work to be done. I’ll continue to recognize and support organizations that are stepping up as leaders and making a real difference in our community, and I will do my part to be there for those in need."

Marshall added, "I really appreciate the support from my family, teammates, coaches and fans. I’m grateful for those who have taken the time to hear me out. I’m excited for what all of us can accomplish when we truly work together."

For the 1st half of the season, I’ve been taking a knee for the National Anthem to raise awareness for social injustice and to start conversation about what all of us can do to make a positive change. I’m encouraged with the many productive discussions and progress that has taken place as the Denver Police department has decided to review its use of force policy. I’m proud to have joined so many of my peers throughout sports who’ve also made their own statements. Going forward, I will be standing for the National Anthem—not because everything is perfect, or because I'm changing my stance on things. But because of my hope for what we can become. Just because I am standing doesn't mean the work will end. There’s much work to be done. I’ll continue to recognize and support organizations that are stepping up as leaders and making a real difference in our community, and I will do my part to be there for those in need. One of those organizations is the Idriss Stelley Foundation, a grassroots organization in the Bay Area that offer free support to victims of police violence. I’ll be standing for them and the family of the late O’Shaine Evans—on Sunday night in addition to making a donation from my Tackle Change program to further the meaningful work of this group. I really appreciate the support from my family, teammates, coaches and fans. I’m grateful for those who have taken the time to hear me out. I’m excited for what all of us can accomplish when we truly work together.

A photo posted by Brandon Marshall (@bmarshh54) on

Broncos' Halloween Party TUPAC LIVES ... And He's Hangin' with Dr. Evil????

11/1/2016 7:29 AM PDT

Ain't nuthin' but a Broncos paaarty ... 

Tupac, Dr. Evil, the dude from "Coming to America" ... the Denver Broncos busted out some pretty awesome costumes at the team Halloween party Monday night -- and we've got the video. 

Von Miller was Austin Powers' nemesis, DeMarcus Ware was The Mad Hatter, T.J. Ward was Macho Man Randy Savage (RIP) and Aqib Talib was either Willy Wonka or a pimp. 

But the best costume ... Kayvon Webster and his date who went as Tupac and Jada Pinkett from that famous photo. 

Are we sure Tupac isn't alive and playing cornerback??? 

A photo posted by Kayvon Webster (@kw3bb6) on

Broncos' Paxton Lynch 100 Friends, Family In Attendance ... For NFL Debut

10/3/2016 1:40 PM PDT

1003_Paxton-Lynch_GETTYHow's this for fate ...

When Paxton Lynch was called off the Broncos bench to make his unexpected NFL debut this weekend, 100 of his closest friends and family members just happened to be in the stands. 

Here's the deal ... the Broncos were playing in Tampa Bay -- about 90 minutes from where the Denver rookie went to high school. 

100 of the QB's closest friends and family decided to buy tickets to the game to support their boy -- knowing he's the 2nd string QB behind Trevor Siemian ... who's been on fire lately. 

Fast forward to the 2nd quarter -- Siemian goes down, Paxton goes in and balls out -- 14 of 24 for 170 yards and a TD ... and his cheering section LOVED IT!!! 

"We weren't even expecting him to play," Paxton's mother, Stacie, tells us ... "We just went to show support, and were lucky enough to see him get some action."

"He was excited everyone was able to come!" 

We also spoke with Lynch's high school coach, Allen Johnson, who says he wasn't surprised by Paxton's performance -- he'd been preparing like crazy for that moment. 

"I talked to him after the game yesterday briefly," Johnson said ... "He said he’s going to be there for the team and not be the reason why they don’t make it back to the Super Bowl."

Moving forward, Siemian is expected to start next week ... but both Lynch's mom and ex-coach say he'll be ready to go if need be. 

Broncos' Brandon Marshall Kaepernick's Protest Is 'Beautiful' ... He Inspired Me

9/9/2016 11:14 AM PDT
Breaking News

Denver Broncos star Brandon Marshall says Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem protest is a "beautiful thing" ... and his old college teammate inspired him to follow suit Thursday night.

"I thought about it and I felt like this was the right thing to do," the linebacker told "The Jason Smith" show on FOX Sports Radio. 

0909-bradon-marhsall-usatsi-01"I feel like what Kaepernick started, it’s a beautiful thing. A lot of people won’t agree with me, but I feel like it’s a beautiful thing."

(FYI, Kaep and Marshall played together at the University of Nevada.)

"And I won’t just take knees, and that’s why I decided to donate an undisclosed amount to different programs that support the vets, ‘cause, you know, it’s tough for them in this country."

"We send them off to war and they come back and it’s like they don’t get a lot of help. It’s tough for my uncle that’s a vet and family members. So I think this will spark some conversation and help to spark some more change."

There's more ... Marshall says he only told ONE teammate about his plans to protest before the Broncos vs. Panthers game ... tight end Virgil Green

"He told me, 'Look man, just be prepared for all that entails. They’re gonna ask you some tough questions. Just be prepared to answer them.'"

"I told him, ‘Look man, I’m gonna be ready because I thought long and hard about it. And the people that love me are going to support me and I definitely appreciate that.'"

Broncos Brandon Marshall Pulls a Kaepernick In NFL Kickoff Game

9/8/2016 5:43 PM PDT
Breaking News

0909-bradon-marhsall-usatsi-01Ladies and gentlemen, meet your first regular season National Anthem protester ... Brandon Marshall of the Broncos.

The Super Bowl champs' star linebacker followed Colin Kaepernick's lead and took a knee during the Star Spangled Banner Thursday night in Denver during the league's kickoff game.

The Broncos almost immediately released a statement, saying ... “While we encourage members of our organization to stand during the National Anthem, we understand and respect it being a personal decision.”

As we've reported ... Kaepernick's movement has been spreading.

It's just the first game. Sunday should be interesting.

Denver Broncos Corner New Season, New Grill ... Check Out My Diamond Smile!!

9/5/2016 1:05 AM PDT

0902_Bradley-Roby_diamond_grill_gettyVon Miller may have started an expensive new trend on the Denver Broncos defense ... 'cause one of his teammates just got himself a brand new diamond grill ... and TMZ Sports has the pics. 

You already know ... Von spent roughly $100k on insane mouth jewelry this off-season ... and now we've learned cornerback Bradley Roby got himself a shiny new piece as well. 

We spoke with Scott Spira at Cooka T Grillz who says Roby wanted something special to kick off the 2016 NFL season ... so he hooked him up with a 14 karat white gold piece with 220 diamonds in it.

The Denver Broncos ... diamonds in their mouths ... and on their fingers. 



Aqib Talib Shooting Case The Bloody Strip Club Photos

8/10/2016 12:45 AM PDT

0809_aqib_talib_Shooting_scene_police_photos_launchTMZ Sports has obtained photos from inside the Dallas strip club where Denver Broncos star Aqib Talib may or may not have been shot back in June ... and it's a bloody mess.

Talib was shot on June 5th -- and even though he told police it happened at a nearby park, at least one official police document (obtained by TMZ Sports) lists the "offense location" as V Live strip club.

The photos show trails of blood inside and outside of the club -- along with shattered glass, knocked over furniture and shell casings on the ground. 

Cops say at least two other men were shot inside the club that night -- and one of the victims claimed the shooter was a "black male in a white shirt [who] pulled out a handgun and began to fire into the crowd." 

The two men (not Talib) were photographed in the hospital by law enforcement that night to document their injuries.

There are reports Talib accidentally shot himself in the leg while trying to pull out his gun -- but Talib has neither confirmed nor denied that.

So far, no arrests have been made.


Demaryius Thomas Thanks, Prez Obama! For Cutting Grandma's Drug Sentence

8/3/2016 1:45 PM PDT
Breaking News

0803_demaryius-thomas_gettyPresident Obama is now officially the hero of Demaryius Thomas' family after cutting the wide receiver's grandmother a huge break on her life sentence.

Minnie Pearl Thomas is one of the 214 prisoners who got their prison sentences commuted by the Prez on Wednesday. Minnie got sentenced to life in prison in 2000 for running a cocaine distribution ring, but now she's set to be released Dec. 1 ... thanks to Obama.

Demaryius said this "Couldn't be a better day" ... as he gave the President a shout-out for giving families like his "second chances."

The Broncos star already saw his mother get her drug sentence commuted in 2015. She famously attended one of Demaryius' football games for the first time last season.

Broncos' Emmanuel Sanders Von Miller Got BIG MONEY 'Hopefully I'm Next!'

7/18/2016 6:47 AM PDT

Denver Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders has a message for John Elway -- SHOW ME THE MONEY, TOO!!!! 

This video is awesome ... Sanders was leaving Bootsy Bellows nightclub in L.A. (sportin' some very expensive jewelry) when we asked what he thought of his teammate Von Miller signing that MASSIVE $115 million contract! 

"BIG MONEEEYYYY ... I LIKE IT," Sanders enthusiastically said while flashing a wad of cash ... "Hopefully, I'm next!" 

The 29-year-old is reportedly next in line to sign a big contract with Denver -- and could fetch somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 MIL per season. 


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