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Jared Fogle's Wife

Divorce Docs Indicate

She Had No Clue Until Yesterday

8/20/2015 9:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


It appears Jared Fogle's wife was blindsided by the severity of the charges against her husband, because she sent him packing at the same time prosecutors charged him with having sex with minors.

Katie Fogle filed divorce papers Wednesday and according to docs, obtained by TMZ, she lists the date of separation as the same day.

Prosecutors held their cards close to the vest until they filed formal charges yesterday, detailing Jared's sexual liaisons with underage girls. Until yesterday, it appeared the only charges involved possessing child porn.

Katie expressed shock when she announced yesterday she was going to divorce Jared. Bottom line ... it seems the underage sex charges were an enormous, hideous surprise.  

As for the divorce ... she says she'll offer a specific custody proposal when the judge hears the case, but wants to make it clear the order should be in the best interests of the couple's 2 kids.

She says she wants the financial assets divided in a "just and reasonable" manner.

She cites "irretrievable breakdown of the marriage" as her reason for filing

Donald & Shelly Sterling

So, This Is Divorce ...

Everything's Wonderful

8/20/2015 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Sterling's got a funny way of divorcing -- 2 weeks after he filed docs to split from Shelly Sterling ... he had his arm around her strolling through Beverly Hills.

Yeah, we were pretty shocked to see the former first couple of the L.A. Clippers looking like they're still a thing, so we had to ask ... is the divorce off? 

Donald was tight-lipped as usual, but Shelly told us ... "Everything's gonna be wonderful."

The Sterling's 60th anniversary is this week, so maybe it was a ... celebration?

Anyway, check out Shelly's response when we asked if she still loves Donald. 

Jared Fogle's Wife

Filing For Divorce

8/19/2015 8:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news



5:45 PM PST -- According to court records ... Katie has officially filed a petition for divorce.

update_grey_gray_barJared Fogle is losing more than his freedom .... he's losing his wife, because she's filing for divorce. 

Katie Fogle wasted no time after the news of his plea deal came out, saying she was "shocked and disappointed," and therefore ... bailing on Jared.  

Katie said, "I am in the process of seeking a dissolution of the marriage. My focus is exclusively on the well-being of my children. Neither I nor my family will have any further comment on the matter."

Fogle reached a plea deal under which he agreed to serve at least five years behind bars. The judge has yet to sign off on the deal.

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green


8/19/2015 7:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have separated after being together 11 years.

The couple married in 2010 and has 2 sons together.

Us Weekly, which broke the story, cites sources saying the decision to separate was made 6 months ago. They've rarely been seen together in public over the last several months ... the last time was back in June.

No word on whether they've decided to file for divorce yet. 

This was the first marriage for both of them -- although Brian has a son with his previous longtime GF, Vanessa Marcil.



Terrence Howard Testifies

I Used to Do Coke, Ecstasy and Smoke Weed

With My Ex-Wife

8/17/2015 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0811-terrence-howard-michelle-ghent-tmz-gettyTerrence Howard said under oath he's a changed person after divorcing Michelle Ghent, but when they were together he fell into the dark world of drugs.

Howard testified he and Michelle would often smoke weed and do cocaine and ecstasy together. He also said they watched a lot of porn. 

Terrence says all that has changed since they split ... he said, "I refuse to get high, I refuse to watch porn." 

Howard and Ghent have been fighting over his spousal support payments. She is angling for more money, claiming $5,800/month payments don't cut it and he needs to pony up more money based on his recent success with "Empire."

Howard has claimed he only agreed to the settlement because she blackmailed him with threats of releasing naked photos and videos.


'Pretty Little Liars' Nia Peeples

Files for Divorce

I Want the Trailer!

8/17/2015 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0817-nia-peeples-sam-george-tmz-gettyNia Peeples is ditching her husband and she wants to keep the trailer they rode in on.

Nia filed for divorce from professional surfer Sam George, and in her docs she says the home on wheels is hers. Maybe that's a little misleading ... the "trailer" is actually a fancy Malibu mobile home which has an ocean view and is valued at $875,000.

The "Pretty Little Liars" star also wants to keep her 2005 Honda Element but she's ok with him keeping his pickup.

Peeples and George were married for 7 years and they have no kids together. So they only thing to fight over is that fancy trailer. 

Terrence Howard

Here's What Lucious Would Do

In My Court Case

8/15/2015 7:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Terrence Howard can't talk about Friday's testimony -- that his make-out scene with Jennifer Hudson triggered an insane reaction from then-wife Michelle Ghent -- but he was quick to tell us how Lucious Lyon would handle the court case ... and it's pretty violent.

Speaking of Lucious .... Terrence was chatty on the subject of "Empire," and whether all the guest stars in season 2 could ruin the show's vibe.

Terrence Howard

Ex-Wife Went Crazy

Over Jennifer Hudson Make-Out Scene

8/14/2015 6:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Terrence Howard testified his relationship with the ex-wife he's now suing was so bad, she kicked food all over him in a jealous rage over a make-out scene with Jennifer Hudson.

Howard -- who's trying to dismantle their settlement agreement because he claims Michelle Ghent extorted him -- testified Friday they were in South Africa when he was filming "Winnie Mandela" and they got into a huge fight because she became jealous the script called for him to make out with Jennifer Hudson. He says Michelle flew into a rage, hurling food all over him.

He also testified they were no longer sexually compatible once he tried becoming a Jehovah's Witness and used "applied Bible principles" to his sex life.  

He explained he was trying to rein in his urges. As he put it, he was trying to go from "apple pie a la mode" to just plain "apple pie," and she wasn't biting.

Howard also said things got so bad he faked a suicide attempt by telling her he swallowed a bottle of pills. He says he did not actually do it.

Terrence Howard

Cries on Stand

8/14/2015 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0814-terrence-howard-michelle-ghent-tmz-instagramTerrence Howard broke down on the stand today when he testified he signed a settlement agreement with his wife because she threatened to release medical information that would make it impossible for him to ever work in Hollywood again.

Howard was referring to a conversation he taped when Michelle Ghent was on the phone threatening to telling various people he had an STD.

He also testified he felt pressure to sign the settlement agreement -- giving her an unusually large sum of money -- because she threatened to release a sex tape featuring him and another woman.

Howard blew his nose as he fought back tears on the stand, taking deep breaths as he testified.

He's trying to undo the settlement -- giving her $5,800 a month in spousal support and a chunk of his "Empire" earnings -- on grounds he signed the doc under extreme duress.


Five Finger Death Punch Singer

This Lady Is A Liar

... We Were Never Married

8/14/2015 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0814_Holly-and-Ivan_twitterFive Finger Death Punch singer, Ivan Moody, says the divorce papers filed against him don't make sense 'cause he was never married to the lady who filed them. 

Ivan's manager tells TMZ ... this is just a shameless attempt by Holly Smith to grab attention ... saying her domestic violence claims are bogus and were dismissed back in July ... and that there's no marriage certificate anywhere. 

The manager tells us Holly also made false claims about Moody being the father of her child.

TMZ broke the story ... Holly is filing for divorce and accusing Ivan of trying to strangle her. He was arrested for domestic battery after his hands allegedly ended up around her neck during a dispute over cheating claims. That charge was later dropped. 


Khloe Sources

Don't Listen to Lamar ...

He Really Did Ambush Her

8/14/2015 8:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0814-khloe-lamara-getty-tmz-01Khloe Kardashian is calling BS on Lamar Odom, who insinuated she did him dirty by not shooting down the story that he ambushed her ... so say sources close to Khloe.

The sources tell TMZ, she has had NO contact with Lamar for weeks and in fact changed her number a few weeks back and never gave him the digits.

TMZ broke the story ... Kardashian sources and eyewitnesses at SoulCycle Wednesday claim Lamar surprised Khloe on her way in at 6:45 AM, began shouting at her and put his hands on her shoulder before she told him to get away. Khloe jumped in her car and beat it.

0814-subasset-soul-cycleLamar told TMZ he and Khloe had communicated before the meeting and said it was absolutely not an ambush. But our sources say in no way did she invite him there and she had no idea he would be there.  

We're told Khloe does not feel physically threatened, but says she's concerned for Lamar's well being.


Fox in a Bind

Do We Pay Terrence for 'Empire'

... Or His Ex?

8/14/2015 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0813-terrence-michelle-tmz-instagram-01The honchos who run "Empire" don't know how to pay Terrence Howard because his ex-wife is gunning for his paycheck, so they've asked a judge for help in determining the payee. 

Twentieth Century Fox is in a bind. Terrence is making big bank for the hit show, but according to his settlement agreement with Michelle, she's entitled to a chunk of his "Empire" salary.

Michelle has asked Fox to deduct the amount she's owed from Terrence's check and send it to her. Terrence is demanding the full amount, because he believes the settlement agreement is invalid.

So here's the bind. If Michelle's right, but Fox pays Terrence the full amount, they may be on the hook to her. If Terrence is right, but they pay Michelle what she's demanding, Fox may have to pay that amount again to him.

So Fox wants a judge to lay down the law once and for all, and tell them who gets the money. 

Margaret Cho

Finally Pulls the Plug

on Marriage

8/13/2015 3:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0813_Margaret-Cho_tmzIt took her nearly a year, but Margaret Cho has finally filed docs to legally separate from her husband after announcing they were splitting last December.

Cho announced last December that she and hubby Al Ridenour were splitting up, but she filed separation docs in L.A. on Wednesday. In the docs she says they've actually been separated since September, 2014.

Cho and Ridenour got married in 2003, and have no kids.

The comedian announced she was bisexual in 2013, and has also said she and Al had an open marriage. 


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