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Disney Attack Child's Body Recovered Body Intact

6/15/2016 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The body of the missing 2-year-old boy has finally been located after an exhaustive search ... and after analyzing the remains, cops believe the alligator drowned the child.

The name of the boy was also released ... 2-year-old Lane Graves from Elkhorn, Nebraska -- and his parents, Matt and Melissa.

The Orange County sheriff said Lane's body was located 10-15 yards from where he was pulled under water ... in about 6 feet of water. They said the body is still intact.

A rep for Fish and Wildlife said they will run forensics on the 5 gators they've pulled out of the Seven Seas Lagoon to determine if one of them is responsible for the child's death. They said if they can't find a match ... they'll continue searching for the culprit.

As we previously reported ... there were no signs warning of alligators in the water at the Disney Resort.

Disney Attack Child Presumed Dead ... Alligators Persistent Problem in Lagoon

6/15/2016 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops have laid to rest any hope of rescuing the 2-year-old boy dragged into a Disney lagoon by an alligator, and they just revealed gators in the area have been a big problem for a long time.

Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings just said the boy is presumed dead. But a Fish and Wildlife official raised troubling questions about a hidden danger at Disney resorts ... gators populating its lagoons.

As we reported, the resort in question did not warn guests about alligators, but now officials say they routinely kill the gators they find in the waters, and that it's hard keeping them away.

Divers are now using sonar to find the child's body.

Disney has closed all beaches around the resort out of precaution. 

Disney Attack Neighboring Resort Warned of Alligators

6/15/2016 7:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


A resort just a few miles from Disney's Seven Seas Lagoon where a 2-year-old was attacked by an alligator had a clear warning sign -- BEWARE OF ALLIGATORS.

The Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress has a lagoon similar to the one at the Disney Grand Floridian Resort. As we reported, the Disney resort has a sign saying NO SWIMMING, but no mention of alligators. The Hyatt went the extra step and warned of gators.

As we reported, a gator was allegedly caught on video in the Seven Seas Lagoon just days before the attack.

We called several other nearby Disney resorts, and we were told there were no signs warning of alligators ... just that the waters were not for swimming.

Disney Attack Evidence of Alligators Prior to Attack

6/15/2016 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A video has surfaced showing an alligator in a lagoon ... and the person who shot it tells TMZ it's the same body of water where a 2-year-old boy was attacked.

The clip shows a lagoon that has the same markers as the Seven Seas Lagoon at the Grand Floridian Resort in Orlando. Check out the raised sandbar. You also hear a small child excitedly yell about seeing an alligator.

The person who shot the video tells us it was recorded a few days ago ... shot from the wedding pavilion at the resort.

0615-sub-gator-polynesian-resort-facabook-01And we got this photo (above) which shows a gator in the same lagoon back last month.

Search and rescue responders have pulled several gators from the water in the last 12 hours, yet there are no signs posted warning people that alligators are in the water.

We contacted Disney but so far no comment.


Disney Resort Gator Attack ... 2-Yr-Old Missing

6/14/2016 8:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News


10:30 PM PT -- Cops say the 2-year-old was with his parents and siblings wading in about a foot of water when the attack happened. A rep for the Orange County Sheriff's Department says the boy's father tried rescuing the child from the gator but was unsuccessful and suffered minor injuries. Cops say there are "no swimming" signs posted around the lagoon. It's estimated the gator was between 4-7 ft. long.

A rep for Disney added, "Everyone here at Walt Disney Resort is devastated by this tragic accident. Our priority is the family and we are doing everything we can to help law enforcement." The family was staying at the resort on vacation from Nebraska.

Florida Fish and Wildlife is currently trying to locate and trap the gator.

update_grey_gray_barA 2-year-old child was snatched by an alligator and dragged into a lagoon at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa in Orlando, officials say ... and now cops are desperately searching the water.

Officials say the attack occurred around 9:30 PM Tuesday ... when the gator pulled the child into the Seven Seas Lagoon -- a man-made lake located between the resort and Walt Disney World.


'Finding Dory' Cash Cow for Fish Stores ... Deadly for the Fish

6/10/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0607-finding-dory-getty-disney-01Disney's "Finding Dory" is causing a rift in the exotic fish community ... which believes the movie could bring a financial boom -- but also massacre the fish population.

We called a bunch of fish dealers who say they've stocked up on blue tangs -- Dory's species -- expecting a rush once the movie premieres. The same spike happened for clownfish after "Finding Nemo."

Tangs ain't cheap -- one goes for $40 to $60 ... So there's big money to be made.

But many experts told us they're worried tons of blue tangs will die when parents flock to buy the fragile fish for kids because tangs require a very specific, exotic tank setup. As one enthusiast put it ... fish novices "will kill these creatures."     

One store owner sounded like he had PTSD from the 'Nemo' craze, and said he's stocking ZERO blue tangs ... just to avoid the "screaming kids."

Shop wisely.


Disney Resorts Sued You Had a Loose Screw That Screwed Me Over Good

6/6/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0603-california-screamin-disney-getty-01A Disney roller coaster ride became unhinged and a visitor, who was on the sidelines minding her own business, got knocked out by a bolt out of the sky ... literally.

Tatjana Goodall claims in a new lawsuit she was sitting on a park bench enjoying a cool drink when an errant bolt that had just flown off the California Screamin' roller coaster nailed her in the head, knocking her off the bench and rendering her unconscious.

Goodall claims she began vomiting, but the nurse at Disney California Adventure assured her the only worrisome sign would be if it was projectile vomiting, and she had the regular kind.

Goodall says she was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, and she says there's permanent damage.

According to the lawsuit, the ride was shut down immediately after the incident.

Disney had no comment.

'Frozen' Look-Alike Elsa Gets Hypnotized

6/4/2016 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Faith Carlson, the smoking hot model who bares a strong resemblance to Elsa from "Frozen", was put in a trance ... and it was so hot Olaf would melt.

Anna was at the MegaCon comic book convention in Orlando last week when she and her friend were hypnotized in front of an audience.

The hypnotist had Elsa stick out her tongue and ride a horse ... pretty tame by hypnotist standards.

We're guessing she just let it go.

Prince Harry Disney's Still a Scream ... Just Like It Was with Mom

5/23/2016 5:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0523_prince_harry_splash_mountain_Coleman-RaynerRexUSAPrince Harry took the same dive at Disney World he took 23 years ago with his mother, Princess Diana.

Harry was screaming through the big drop on Splash Mountain last week in Orlando ... and, no doubt, reminiscing about his 1993 visit to the park with Di and his big bro William.

They grow up so fast ...  


Disney World Sued Mickey's Parade Ruined My Life

4/25/2016 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0418_disney_christmas-parade_gettyDisney World is NOT "The Most Magical Place On Earth" for one man who says he was severely injured ... not on a ride, but while watching the dreaded Christmas Parade.

Michael Amabile claims he was at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando last December waiting for "Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade," when he tripped over a sidewalk.

According to the suit ... Michael says the sidewalk could not be seen due to all the lights being turned off, and Disney cast members never warned him about the elevated step.

Amabile doesn't specify his injuries in the suit, but he wants the Mouse to pony up big money for his medical bills.

A few turkey legs wouldn't hurt either, we're guessing.

Disney's Kelli Berglund Busted at Coachella Too Young to Party Here

4/20/2016 8:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kelli Berglund -- former star of Disney XD's "Lab Rats" -- got arrested at Coachella before the party even started.

Indio PD tells us 20-year-old Berglund was caught last Thursday night with a fake ID. Sources close to the actress tell us she was trying to get into a restricted area to meet up with friends when security spotted the fake and alerted the cops.

Tons of celebs and partygoers -- including Berglund -- showed up early to the Palm Springs area music festival, which didn't kick off until Friday.

We're told Kelli was issued a citation and released back into the wild to party her face off ... which she did. The little arrest thingy didn't stop her from hitting the Paper Magazine party the next night.


Disney Star Debby Ryan Arrested for Drunk Driving

4/13/2016 10:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

041316-debby-ryan-gettyupdate_graphic_red_bar1:45 PM PT -- Debby just took to Twitter about her arrest, saying, "Over the last few days I have had the chance to think about my actions, and I wish I had used better judgement. I recognize that I am a role model and have always worked hard to set a good example for my millions of fans. I am so sorry to disappoint everyone."update_grey_gray_barDebby Ryan, one of Disney's biggest stars, was arrested for felony drunk driving ... TMZ has learned.

The star of "Jessie" was driving in L.A. last week at around 11 PM when she made a left in her 2016 Audi and slammed into a Mercedes. Our law enforcement sources say the driver claimed injury.

Cops came, gave the 22-year-old actress a field sobriety test and promptly arrested her for felony DUI. It's standard operating procedure for cops to arrest for a felony when there's injury.

Debby got a break ... authorities decided to bump it down to a misdemeanor because the injury was minor and she blew a .11 ... not that much over the .08 legal limit. 

Debby -- who's out on $100k bail -- has been charged with 2 criminal offenses ... driving under the influence and driving with a .08 blood alcohol level or higher. 

We reached out to her reps ... so far no word back.


Ex-Mouseketeer Drank Himself To Death

3/31/2016 11:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0331-mickey-mouse-club-marque-lynche-dead-disney-7Marque Lynche ... the former 'All New Mickey Mouse Club' star died of "acute and chronic" alcoholism ... according to the NYC medical examiner.

The former co-star of Britney Spears and Ryan Gosling died back in December, and was found in his NYC apartment by his roommate.

Lynche -- who also shared the spotlight with Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera -- was a Mouseketeer from 1993 to 1995, and also appeared on season 3 of "American Idol."

He was 34.

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