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T.J. Miller Whip it Good Driver Says Here's Proof T.J. was High

1/7/2017 12:20 AM PST

0104_tj_miller_alleged_evidence_launchThe driver suing T.J. Miller for getting high and smacking him around might have some visual proof his story's true -- at least the "getting high" part.

TMZ obtained photos of Whip-It! refills the driver claims T.J. left behind. The driver claims in his lawsuit T.J. was super high when he went on a tirade after the 2 got in an argument over Trump.

We broke the story driver Wilson Deon Thomas III claims T.J. was inhaling nitrous oxide from Whip-Its! and became increasingly violent before striking him on his head and shoulder.

The photos show a box of Whip-It! refills and a bunch of empty canisters in the backseat.

However, T.J.'s attorney says the driver's full of it and only trying for a money grab ... he also points out the fact there's no evidence that links Miller to using the empty canisters in the pics. 

'Hollyweed' Sign Culprit High-ding ... Fears Being Arrested

1/6/2017 12:40 AM PST

0105_Zach-Fernandez-AKA-Jesus-Hands-tmz_wmThe guy who transformed the Hollywood sign into a beacon for stoners has gone underground ... and he's brought enough weed to stay in hiding for a while.

Zach Fernandez -- aka "Jesushands" -- is lying low in an undisclosed location on the heels of his "Hollyweed" stunt. Sources close to Zach tell us he's afraid he'll be charged with a crime.

We're told he's left L.A. and doesn't plan to return anytime soon ... especially after getting a flurry of calls from LAPD. He also caught wind cops were contacting his friends and co-workers too.

LAPD tells us Zach agreed to meet with detectives early this week, but never showed. He's been MIA ever since. Cops aren't exactly throwing out a dragnet because he's only facing a trespassing charge. Translation: they've got bigger fish to fry.

Even though he's on the lam, Zach's getting praise from the pot community and a major gift of green. We're told Tommy Chong gave him the POUND of weed seen in the pic before he left town.

In all it's glory.🙏🏼✌🏼💜 #hollyweed photo: @strapsbyelroobs

A photo posted by Zach Fernandez (@jesushands) on

Warren Sapp Battery Accuser Got DUI On Night of Incident

1/6/2017 12:30 AM PST


The 'Paul Blart' actress suing Warren Sapp for battery was arrested for DUI just hours after the alleged incident ... TMZ Sports has learned.

As we previously reported, Paula Trickey -- who was a recurring character on "The O.C." -- claimed Sapp drunkenly knocked her to the ground during a 2015 ESPN Super Bowl party in Arizona.

Trickey claimed Sapp was being kicked out of the party around 1 AM when he tried running through the crowd and slammed into her ... causing serious injuries.

We did some digging and found out just a few hours later at 3:40 AM, the Scottsdale PD popped Trickey for DUI claiming she reeked of alcohol, bombed the "walk the line test" and blew a .119.

For her part, Trickey denied she was wasted -- claiming she only had 1 glass of wine that evening at Jim McMahon's house .... yeah, THAT Jim McMahon. She later pled guilty to DUI.

Sapp adamantly denied knocking Trickey down and claimed he wasn't even at the party that night. We looked through hundreds of pics from the event and couldn't find 1 shot of Sapp.

Now, with this new info you gotta believe Sapp's team will try to argue that Trickey was drunk and might have confused him with another big, black, bald football player.

Lamar Odom Rehab Was 'Life-Changing' ... Mulling Over Reality TV Comeback

1/5/2017 4:25 PM PST

He's only been out of rehab for a few hours, but Lamar Odom says he's already thinking about his next professional move ... a new reality TV show.

Odom completed a 35 day stint at a San Diego treatment center on Thursday and immediately hit up Beverly Hills to celebrate with a mini-shopping spree. 

He looked and sounded great -- and touted the rehab experience as "life-changing."

We also asked about the Kardashians and his ex-wife, Khloe -- and Lamar told us things are as cool as they can be with his former in-laws.


Randy Gregory's Girlfriend Fires Back at Haters He's Not a Bad Person!

1/5/2017 3:51 PM PST


With Dallas Cowboys player Randy Gregory getting crushed by haters in the wake of his 1 year suspension for a drug test violation ... his girlfriend is coming out swinging in his defense. 

The woman in Gregory's life is Nancy -- the mother of the his 3-month-old daughter -- who clearly doesn't believe the 24-year-old is the screwup people are making him out to be. 

"You're not perfect and you have your flaws but you don't deserve half of the things people say about you," Nancy posted to Randy on social media. 

"You're the father of my child and I will not let the media and fans tear you down."

"You don't deserve the hate you receive. You're an amazing human being and I know you have it in you to be an elite athlete you strive to be on a daily basis."

She added, "God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers and I know you got this one."

Lamar Odom Checking Out of Rehab ... 'Doing Much Better'

1/5/2017 9:13 AM PST

0105-lamar-odom-tmzLamar Odom has completed a 35 day stint in rehab and will be heading back to his home in L.A. today ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Lamar initially checked into the San Diego treatment facility last month as a preventative measure fearing the anniversary of his son's death in 2006 would drive him back to drugs.

He was also struggling with the recent finalization of his divorce from Khloe Kardashian

Sources close to Lamar tell us he's doing much better now after "successfully completing the program" and looks forward to getting on with his life back in Los Angeles.

Here's hoping he finds a clean bill of health in 2017.

Gucci Mane Ambitions As a Rider I'm a Cyclist Now!

1/5/2017 9:00 AM PST
Breaking News

He ditched the drugs ... he ditched the lean ... and now Gucci Mane is 'bout a different kind of life -- CYCLING!

The 36-year-old rap superstar has picked up the sport as part of his new, healthy lifestyle -- and he's even got the Lance Armstrong-style outfit to match. 

Gucci famously battled with weed and sizzurp before he went to prison -- and now that he's out, he's vowed to stay clean. 

Today is day one with the bike ... and he doesn't look half bad.

Keep it up! 

Mariah Carey Super High-Priced Pot Buy in Aspen

1/3/2017 4:02 PM PST
Exclusive Details

0103-mariah-carey-weed-dispensary-AKMGSI-01Mariah Carey was even higher than 7,900 feet above sea level during her Aspen vacay ... assuming she indulged in any of the high grade marijuana she bought there.

Mimi stopped by a local pot shop called The Original Leaf at least a few times over the Christmas weekend ... according to our Aspen sources. We're told she went with a very popular strain called Amafu, which goes for $400 an ounce! Expensive anywhere other than Aspen.

According to OL's site ... it's a sativa strain that's "great for the great outdoors."

As for how much MC bought -- we're told she never breached the legal limit ... 1 oz. per transaction.

It's possible she was just buying a Christmas gift for a friend, or this explains her initially chill response to the New Year's Eve mess.

Boxer Ricky Hatton 'I Tried to Kill Myself Several Times'

12/29/2016 11:04 AM PST
Breaking News

1229-ricky-hatton-getty-01Shocking statements from boxing great Ricky Hatton ... who revealed that he was suicidal after his fighting career came to an end ... saying, "I tried to kill myself several times."

Hatton was 45-3 as a pro -- and fought the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao and Paulie Malignaggi

But in an interview with BBC Radio 4, Hatton says he battled depression after he retired. 

"I used to go to the pub, come back, take the knife out and sit there in the dark crying hysterically."

"There were times when I hadn't had a drink for days and I'd still come home and if something went through my mind I'd start pondering something. It was the same outcome whether I was having a drink or wasn't having a drink."

"But in the end I thought I'll end up drinking myself to death because I was so miserable."

"I was coming off the rails with my drinking and that led to drugs. It was like a runaway train."

Hatton says he's in a better place now ... but says boxers need a better support system to deal with these kinds of issues. 

"If boxing had a professional boxing association or something like that, I think it would be a better place."

Rashaan Salaam Cause of Death Ruled 'Suicide' (Update)

12/29/2016 7:29 AM PST

1229-rashaan-salaam-GETTY-01update_graphic_red_bar8:31 AM PT -- Officials have also released the autopsy report which show Salaam's blood alcohol level was 3 times the legal limit when they found his body.

Officials also note Salaam tested positive for THC -- the key ingredient in marijuana. 

The report says Salaam had a history of depression and "recent life stressors."

Salaam's body was found next to his girlfriend's car ... along with a handwritten note and $63 in cash. update-grey-gray-barRashaan Salaam died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head ... and his official cause of death is now listed as "suicide" ... this according to the Boulder County Coroner's Office. 

The former Heisman Trophy winner was found dead at a park near the University of Colorado on Dec. 5 ... and though all signs pointed to suicide, officials would not release the cause of death until their investigation was complete. 

Cops had previously said a gun was found near Salaam's body

Officials are hoping to prevent tragedies like this moving forward and encourage anyone who may have suicidal thoughts to call the Colorado Crisis Service (1-844-493-TALK) for support.

Salaam was 42. 

Diplo Paris Hilton Rolls the Best Blunts

12/29/2016 8:53 AM PST

If there's one guy who knows about partying, it's Diplo -- who says if there's one person who knows about rolling blunts ... it's Paris Hilton.

We got the L.A. based DJ Wednesday at Think Tank Gallery, where he dished on Paris' turntable skills ... but also dropped a juicy nugget on her expertise with Swisher Sweets.

Sounds like she took a hit in Ibiza and never looked back. Who knew? 


Doug Martin Entering 'Treatment Facility' ... I Need Help

12/28/2016 1:11 PM PST
Breaking News

1228_doug_martin_gettyTampa Bay Bucs running back Doug Martin just announced he's entering a treatment facility after violating the league's drug policy. 

Martin just issued a statement saying, "I was notified last week of a four-game suspension for violating the league's drug policy."

The 27-year-old did not reveal which substance he tested positive for though NFL Network's Ian Rapoport is reporting the substance in question is Adderall.

"My initial instinct was to appeal the suspension and finish the season with my teammates. However, after numerous discussions with people close to me -- including Coach Koetter -- I am starting the suspension immediately so I can enter a treatment facility and receive the help I truly need."

"On the field, I must be strong and determined to push through both pain and injuries to become an elite NFL running back. Off the field, I have tried that same approach in my personal life. My shortcomings in this area have taught me both that I cannot win these personal battles alone and that there is no shame in asking for help."

"I sincerely apologize to the Glazer family, General Manager Jason Licht and the entire Tampa Bay organization, my teammates and our tremendous fans. This was not the season I envisioned and I have let everyone down, including myself. However, adversity yields opportunity and I ask for your support in my battle to overcome these personal issues."

Martin fell off big time in 2016 after a stellar 2015 season in which he rushed for more than 1,400 yards.

He missed 6 games this season due to injury but even when he was healthy he didn't play well ... only averaging 2.9 yards per carry. 


Vince Wilfork's Son Kicked Off Houston Football Team ... After Codeine Arrest

12/27/2016 1:37 PM PST

1227-daundre-holmes-twitter-u-of-h-01Vince Wilfork's son has been booted from the University of Houston football team ... after the 19-year-old safety was arrested for having 381 grams of codeine in his car.

The Houston athletic department tells TMZ Sports, "We are aware of the situation and D’Aundre (Holmes-Wilfork) is no longer a part of the Houston Football program."

We're told this is a direct result of D'Aundre's arrest in Friendswood, Texas on December 21.

D'Aundre was a freshman walk-on for the Cougars and never saw the field this season.

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