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Buffalo's Marcell Dareus 'I Got the Help I Needed' ... I'm Ready to Kick Ass

10/7/2016 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Buffalo Bills superstar Marcell Dareus says he's PUMPED to make his 2016 debut after serving his 4 game drug policy suspension -- explaining, "I sought out the help I need and I'm moving on."

Dareus joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show on FS1 and told us about the impact his life coach, Bruce Smith, has had on him ... and why he's more motivated than ever to be a great person and player.

Oh, and he also dishes out some smack talk to the L.A. Rams -- telling us how he plans to celebrate in Los Angeles if/when they upset the NFC West leaders.

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Nicole Scherzinger Trashed at Simon Cowell's Bash

10/6/2016 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1005_nicole_scherzinger_simon_cowell_birthday_launchNicole Scherzinger was 3 sheets as she left Simon Cowell's 57th birthday bash Wednesday night in London.

Nicole was holding on for dear life to Simon's baby mama Lauren Silverman.

You can always tell how good the party was by the tightness of a friend's grip.

Jay Z Retirement Suits Me Just Fine

10/5/2016 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1005_Jay-Z-in-nyc-retired-drug-dealer-hat_AKM-GSIJay Z proudly flaunted his former occupation on his head Wednesday while walking around Manhattan.

Of course, he's heard all the criticism about the fact he used to sling drugs back in Brooklyn's Marcy Projects -- so, he's obviously not sweating his haters.

Can't say Jay forgets where he came from, but you gotta acknowledge how far he's come.

His smile here screams ... this phone call just made me a few mil!

Todd Marinovich Charged with Public Nudity ... In Bizarre Drug Case

10/4/2016 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0822-todd-marinovich-mug-shot-tmz-sports-4Ex-NFL quarterback Todd Marinovich has been charged with multiple criminal charges stemming from a bizarre naked drug arrest ... and faces up to 3 years in jail if convicted ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

As we previously reported, the 47-year-old former USC star was arrested on August 19th in Irvine, CA after cops say they found him naked in a random person's backyard ... after ditching a bag of drugs. 

Cops say they later found the bag which contained meth, marijuana, syringes, a pipe ... and Todd's wallet with his I.D. 

Now, the Orange County D.A. says the office is moving forward with 5 misdemeanor charges against Marinovich including meth possession, weed possession, public nudity and 2 trespassing charges. 

If convicted on all counts, officials say he faces a maximum of 3 years in jail. 

He's due back in court next month. 

Playmate Ashley Mattingly Arrested for Drunken Joyride

10/1/2016 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0927-ashley-mattingly-mug-no-wm-no-blue-dot-lbpd-01Former Playmate Ashley Mattingly was arrested for suspicion of DUI after allegedly plowing her golf cart into 4 parked cars, but she's not willing to accept blame.

According to a witness, Mattingly wrecked last weekend while tooling around her Laguna Beach neighborhood. Cops tell us the witness snapped pics, which they used to trace the vehicle back to Ashley. When they got to her house, we're told she appeared to be under the influence, and arrested her.

0927-playboy-golf-cart-sub-asset-TMZ-01Ashley has a different story though -- she tells us someone stole her golf cart and went on a joyride. She adds she wouldn't have answered the door if she had anything to hide from cops. 

As for the DUI -- Ashley admits she does mix extra strong drinks at home sometimes ... which doesn't seem like the greatest defense. That giant gash on her face might also be tough to explain away.


Jay Glazer Demi Lovato Can Save Josh Gordon

10/1/2016 12:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Glazer says he genuinely cares for troubled NFL star Josh Gordon -- and says if there's anyone who can help him deal with his addiction issues, it's his good friend Demi Lovato.

FYI, Gordon trained at Glazer's Unbreakable gym in West Hollywood earlier this year and the two became friends. In fact, Jay says he was texting with Gordon on Friday -- right before we spotted him out. 

"I really do like the kid a lot," Jay said ... "addiction is a disease. It's hard."

Glazer is also tight with Lovato -- who has been open about her own substance abuse issues ... and has gone on to become a co-owner of a rehab center in Los Angeles.  

Jay says he's incredibly impressed with the work Demi's CAST Centers does for people -- especially when it comes to mental health ... and strongly believes it could do wonders for Gordon. 

Glazer even reached out to Gordon and offered to put the two in touch.

No word if he'll take Jay up on the offer -- but Gordon has said he does plan to get help somewhere ... a plan Jay fully supports. 

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Temporary Custody Deal Struck Drug Testing, Therapy

9/30/2016 9:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0922-brad-pitt-angelina-jolie-GETTY-01Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have agreed to a temporary custody deal that was laid down by the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services, and it involves therapists and random drug testing.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us, DCFS has made its recommendations and Brad and Angelina had 2 options ... agree or fight it out in court. We're told they both agreed with DCFS.

Here are the terms of the temporary agreement:

-- Angelina gets temporary physical custody of the 6 kids until Oct 20th.

-- Brad gets visitation, with strings attached. The initial visit is with a therapist present and the therapist then has the power to either allow Brad subsequent unmonitored visits or insist on being present whenever he's around the kids. 

-- Brad is subject to random drug/alcohol testing. As we reported, Angelina believes Brad has issues with alcohol and weed. Our law enforcement sources say Brad's first test was negative for drugs and alcohol.

-- Brad and Angelina will each submit to individual counseling. In addition, Brad, Angelina and the kids will undergo family counseling together.

We're told Angelina agreed with recommendation because her focus is to "heal" her family and her children.

We're told the agreement will only last for another 3 weeks. At that point DCFS could impose new ground rules or possibly turn the matter over to the courts.


Josh Gordon Screened By TSA Last Night ... But No Drugs Found

9/30/2016 9:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0929-josh-gordon-GETTY-02A report that Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon and his posse were stopped by TSA at a Cleveland airport with a pound of weed is completely bogus ... this according to TSA sources. 

The original report claims Gordon and his security detail were detained at Cleveland Hopkins airport after screeners found the pot in checked baggage. Gordon reportedly denied the pot was his. The report says this was the incident that led to Gordon entering rehab

But our TSA sources tell us, "The reports you're seeing are totally false."

One highly connected TSA source explains, "Gordon was screened by TSA last night (Thursday) without incident."

The source also says there has been no TSA trouble with Gordon recently. We also spoke with the Cleveland PD which also shot down the report. 


Boxer Tyson Fury Tests Positive For Cocaine

9/30/2016 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0930-tyson-fury-GETTY-02Cocaine's a helluva drug ... and it will probably cost boxer Tyson Fury his championship belts.

The boxer -- who just pulled out of his Oct. 29th rematch with Wladimir Klitschko -- has tested positive for coke ... multiple sources tell ESPN

Fury's people had said he pulled out because he was "medically unfit" -- but now we know the boxer had failed a Sept. 22nd urine test. 

Fury -- the current WBO, WBA and IBO heavyweight champ -- will likely be stripped of his belts and faces further punishment. 

UFC's Nick Diaz Smokin' with Snoop Look at All That Green!

9/30/2016 7:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

093016_snoop_nate_diaz_primaryNick Diaz's smokin' tour continues ... this time, he stopped by Snoop Dogg's studio and burned with the rapper -- and it was all on video.  

The UFC superstar -- and avid pot enthusiast -- was a guest on Snoop's GGN Network show ... where the two appeared to smoke some weed and hang out. 

Just last week, Diaz lit up with Tommy Chong ... and before that, he kicked it with Snoop backstage at one of the rapper's shows. 

Long story short ... Diaz is proud of his marijuana hobby and clearly doesn't care who knows it. 

Josh Gordon Back to Rehab

9/29/2016 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0929-josh-gordon-TMZ-02Cleveland Browns superstar Josh Gordon is headed back to rehab ... the team just announced.

 25-year-old Gordon just issued a statement saying, "After careful thought and deep consideration I've decided that I need to step away from pursuing my return to the Browns and my football career to enter an in-patient rehabilitation facility."

"This is the right decision for me and one that I hope will enable me to gain full control of my life and continue on a path to reach my full potential as a person."

"I appreciate the support of the NFL, NFLPA, and the Browns, my teammates, my agent and the community through this extremely challenging process."

The Browns also issued a statement saying they support Gordon. 

Josh has been battling substance abuse for years -- he missed most of the 2014 season and all of the 2015 season due to substance abuse policy violations. He was also suspended the first 4 games of the 2016 season after another positive test. 

He was getting ready to make his comeback to the NFL in Week 5 against the Patriots -- but clearly, that's not happening now. 

Gordon is tight with former Browns teammate, Johnny Manziel -- another guy who's battling substance abuse issues. In fact, the two partied at Coachella together back in April. 



Manny Pacquiao 'I Tried All Kinds of Drugs' ... Before I Became a Champ

9/29/2016 10:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0929_manny-pacquiao_tmzManny Pacquiao says he's no stranger to drug use -- admitting that he tried "all kinds of drugs" before he became a boxing champion. 

Pacquiao was talking about Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte and his plan to crack down on drug dealers in his home country ... when he delved into his own history with drugs. 

"I tried drugs ... many kinds of drugs, all kinds of drugs," Pacquiao reportedly said during an interview in his senate office in the Philippines. 

He noted the drug use occurred "before I became a champion."

President Duterte's crackdown has reportedly led to the deaths of more than 3,000 people -- but Pacquiao says he fully supports it because Duterte was chosen by God to "discipline the people."

Police officials in the Philippines say 3,171 drug dealers and users have been killed -- two thirds of which occurred at the hands of unknown assailants. The other 1/3 were killed by police. 

Brad Pitt Urine Test for DCFS Was Voluntary

9/28/2016 10:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0928-brad-pitt-tmz-02Brad Pitt submitted to a drug and alcohol test early on during the investigation into allegations he abused his son ... but it was not something he was forced to do.

Sources close to investigators tell TMZ ... the test went down within a couple days of the alleged incident on the plane. We're told Pitt voluntarily provided a urine sample in an attempt to show he had nothing to hide, and to clear up any "exaggerations."

As we first reported ... both sides agree he drank heavily on the plane, but Angelina Jolie's people say it was after the alleged incident with Maddox -- Brad's camp says it was before.

Obviously, the test -- first reported "In Touch" -- wouldn't show when Pitt had been drinking, but we're told he wanted the test to blunt any claims he's abusing drugs or alcohol. DCFS did not require it for its investigation ... Pitt simply offered.

We're told the test results are not in yet.


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