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Ben Affleck Going Method After Rehab Stint Filming Role of an Addict

10/23/2018 10:27 AM PDT

Ben Affleck's immersing himself in a new role that ya might say came along at the perfect time -- because he's playing an athlete-turned-addict who's trying to make a comeback.

Cameras were rolling in L.A. Monday as Ben filmed a scene for his new film, "Torrance," in which he stars as a former All-Star basketball player who's battling addiction while taking a high school coaching gig at his alma mater.

You can see he's pretty beefed up for the part, which explains those recent shots of him hitting the gym and showing off an impressive set of guns.

Ben completed a 40-day rehab stint for alcohol earlier this month, and is currently in outpatient care dealing with his real-life addiction issues. We broke the story ... his ex, Jennifer Garner, took him to rehab after she staged an intervention

You gotta think his experience in rehab will have some impact on this performance.

Denver Broncos Cocaine on the Brain! For Team Halloween Party

10/23/2018 9:29 AM PDT
Breaking News

The Denver Broncos had a Halloween party ... and man, did it blow.

Von Miller hosted his annual All Hallows' Eve bash for his teammates on Monday ... and the unofficial theme seemed to be people who famously dabbled in the booger sugar, nose candy, devil's candy ... you know, COCAINE! 

Check out linebacker Brandon Marshall who transformed into Bobby Brown, complete with a gold chain and king-sized bag of yayo. 

Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders rubbed white powder all over his face to become the legendary "Chappelle's Show" crackhead Tyrone Biggums.

And, not to beat a dead (white) horse ... O.T. Genasis was there performing his drug-inspired anthem, "Coco."

Oh yeah, and Pacman Jones was Boba Fett. Good stuff.

Say no to drugs, kids. 

Washington Redskins Heiress Convicted In Anti-Semitic Altercation

10/23/2018 7:36 AM PDT

The daughter of former Washington Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke has pled guilty to disorderly conduct stemming from an incident where she allegedly attacked a man after hurling an anti-Jew comment.

Jacqueline Kent Cooke appeared in an NY courtroom on Tuesday -- where she was sentenced to 3 days of community service for the incident. 

As we previously reported, Cooke -- whose father owned the NFL team from '61 to '97 -- allegedly hurled anti-Semitic language at a 77-year-old woman while leaving a fancy Manhattan restaurant on New Year's Eve. 

The victim claims Cooke was being aggressive at the coat check -- so her son confronted her outside and she struck him with her glass purse, causing 2 lacerations on his head. 

There's video of the aftermath -- and Cooke appears to be a boozy mess while the two parties cuss each other out on the street. 

Cooke is due back in court in January.

DC Young Fly I Still Want Redman & Method Man For Next 'How High' Flick!!!

10/23/2018 12:20 AM PDT

DC Young Fly has nothing but high praise for Method Man and Redman -- and says he was highly disappointed when the OG stars didn't pop up on set of the latest "How High" sequel.

We got DC Monday in the Big Apple, and had to ask him about his new gig ... co-starring with Lil Yachty in "How High 2." For starters ... DC tells us the actual name of the made-for-TV flick. It's pretty damn fitting, honestly. 

He also tells us how he's kept high hopes while shooting the movie in Atlanta ... for a potential Meth and Red cameo. No luck ... at least not yet. As we first reported, there's still a chance the duo could make a cameo in a future flick in the franchise.

Speaking of which, DC broke some news to us about the possibility of 'HH3: Pack a Bowl & They Will Come.' That's our working title for it, anyway.

Blac Chyna Wasted Appeal to Voters It's the Midterm, Bitches!!!

10/22/2018 3:01 PM PDT

Blac Chyna is ripping a page out of Taylor Swift's electoral playbook -- except Chyna's version sounds a bit more drunken ... and hysterical, TBH.

BC was leaving Mastro's in Bev Hills and, right off the bat, it was clear she had more than water at dinner. She did have a designated driver, who failed miserably at stopping Chyna from ranting about the importance of registering to vote and lots of other stuff.

Yup ... BC was dead serious about the midterm elections, but her execution was lacking. She could barely keep her balance before imploring everyone to look up their state's deadlines for voter registration.

She almost slurred her way through a breast cancer awareness statement.

Imagine how much more effective Taylor's message could have been if she had a couple margaritas beforehand!

Fittingly, her bizarre news conference came to a crashing halt when she got into an altercation with one of the photogs recording her.

Politics ... it ain't for everyone.

Jenelle Evans Hubby Paints Picture of Love ... Following Domestic Violence Incident

10/20/2018 7:49 AM PDT

Jenelle Evans doesn't have a care in the world after a horrific domestic violence incident ... at least if you're buyin' the video her husband shot.

David Eason recorded his dinner with Jenelle and their kid Friday night at a North Carolina restaurant ... and he sounds like he's going a little overboard to make everything seem all kumbaya.

It's in glaring contrast to Jenelle's desperate 911 call last weekend, in which she graphically explains how she was the victim of domestic violence at his hands.

Jenelle did not follow up with a police report, and almost incredibly the police are taking no action to even investigate. It's unclear if Child Services is doing its own investigation, which sometimes happens when there's alleged violence involving the parents. 

Bobbi Kristina Friend Who Found Her OD'd Died of Fentanyl OD

10/18/2018 7:53 AM PDT

Max Lomas -- the friend who discovered Bobbi Kristina submerged in a bathtub with a toxic mix of drugs in her system -- died from a fentanyl overdose himself ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us Lomas' official cause of death was "fentanyl toxicity," and his death was ruled accidental. We broke the story ... Lomas died of an overdose in Mississippi earlier this year, but it was unclear at the time what drug had caused it. 

As we've reported ... Lomas was the guy who found Bobbi Kristina lifeless in a tub all those years ago, which eventually led to her death after she was taken off life support. A bunch of drugs were later found in her system.  

Lomas was ID'd by some authorities as Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon's drug dealer, but he denied that. He was at their home in the hours leading up to her death. 

His fentanyl overdose is telling in the wake of multiple overdoses over the past few years that have affected both celebrities -- male and female -- and the public alike. Epidemic is an understatement. 

Alex Morgan Leads Shirtless Dance Party After USWNT Championship

10/18/2018 7:08 AM PDT
Breaking News

No shirts ... no problems for the U.S. Women's National Team -- 'cause they got their turn up on without their jerseys after winning the CONCACAF Championship Wednesday night!!

It all went down in Frisco, Texas -- where the U.S. women's soccer squad beat Canada, 2-0 ... and then hit the locker room for some post-game booze and partying.

Alex Morgan led the fiesta with flutes of champagne while P!nk's "Raise Your Glass" fittingly played.

Emily Sonnett hit a little nae nae ... Kelley O'Hara got in some twerking ... and Mallory Pugh gave some fist pumps while chowing down on a sandwich. Good times were had by all.

As for Alex ... glad to see her Disney World drama ain't slowing down her party roll.


Tommy Chong Let's Get Stoned, Eh ... Canada Legalized Weed!!!

10/18/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Tommy Chong is blowing smoke in the face of President Trump's supporters and laughing all the way north of the border ... 'cause Canada just legalized recreational pot!

Tommy tells TMZ ... the United States and the rest of the world needs to get with the program and follow the Canadian trailblazers ... because getting blazed is just way too beneficial to be illegal. 

It's funny ... the pothead poster boy says he was supposed to celebrate legalization Wednesday in Canada, but he lost his passport. Typical stoner move. 

Don't worry, nothing can stop Tommy from taking his first legal toke in his native country ... he's about to embark on a ganja gallop through Canada.

Tommy says he's been anticipating legalization for years ... and he's already looking into ways to make some green off legal green. 

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin House Hunting at Demi's Old Crib ... Where She Suffered OD

10/17/2018 2:25 PM PDT

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin appear ready to become L.A. homeowners -- but one of the houses they're checking out has some ominous vibes ... 'cause it's the one in which Demi Lovato nearly died.

The newlyweds were seen leaving Demi's old Hollywood Hills home Wednesday in a black SUV, with Hailey behind the wheel and JB riding shotgun.

This is the property where Demi overdosed earlier this year -- which she put on the market last month. You'll recall, she's currently in rehab and we've seen her out and about.

The home is listed right around $10 million with 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and 5,546 square feet. Pricey, but considering JB is plunking down $100k/month on a new rental he just snapped up in the valley, it ain't so bad.

Unclear if the two were aware the pad was Demi's ... but might make for some weird stories in the future. 

John Wall One Last Ragin' Dance Party ... Before NBA Season

10/17/2018 1:09 PM PDT

How do NBA superstars prep for the regular season?? If you're John Wall, you dance your freakin' face off at the club ... and TMZ Sports has the video!!

Two nights before the Wizards' season kicks off, the All-Star guard hit up The Park at 14th Tuesday night for one final rager ... straight-up gettin' it while Lil Wayne's "Uproar" blasts in the speakers.

You can see in the footage Wall is having a blast -- dancing with everyone right in front of the DJ booth and sippin' on some Ciroc with the owner of the club.

Wall's famous for his dance moves -- and Troop 41 even released a song dedicated and inspired by his trademark dance. 

Wall's regular-season opener is Thursday night -- Washington takes on the Miami Heat at the Capital One Arena in D.C. 

Dennis Hof No Drugs Found at Death Scene ... Was Healthy Weeks Before

10/17/2018 9:03 AM PDT

Dennis Hof was the picture of health before his untimely death, and there are no obvious signs he was under the influence when he died ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us no drugs or alcohol were found near Hof's body Tuesday when paramedics arrived at his Love Ranch home in Crystal, Nevada. An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

Sources close to the late owner of the famous Bunny Ranch brothels say Hof did not drink or take drugs of any kind -- and insist even his signature cigar was fake. 

Also interesting ... we're told 72-year-old Hof was given a clean bill of health just 2 weeks ago after undergoing cataract surgery at the Mayo Clinic. Our sources say Hof appeared to be in tip-top shape last weekend during his birthday celebrations.

We're told friends became concerned Tuesday when they weren't able to get a hold of him, as sources say he was always up by 4:30 AM and easily reachable by cell unless he had company.

Since he wasn't answering Tuesday, his pals assumed that was the case ... until Ron Jeremy discovered his body at his home around 11 AM. 

Hof was in the middle of a campaign for State Assembly in Nevada before he passed.

Roseanne Barr How 'The Conners' Killed Me Off

10/17/2018 6:01 AM PDT
Breaking News

Spoiler alert ... Roseanne Barr's character on "The Conners" was killed off by an opioid overdose. 

The series premiere of the 'Roseanne' spin-off jumped right into Barr's death ... with writers wrapping up her storyline a mere 5 minutes into the show. 

Turns out ... Roseanne had it right last month when she revealed her opioid OD in a gigantic spoiler.  

Getting killed off the show was a foregone conclusion. You'll remember ... Barr got the ax from the "Roseanne" reboot only hours after she posted a tweet comparing former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett to the "muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes."

Roseanne is gone from the spin-off, but she's still keeping busy ... appearing on podcasts and hosting her own talk show.

10/17 -- Roseanne responded to her TV death on Twitter Tuesday night after the show, "I AIN'T DEAD, BITCHES!!!!"

Originally published -- 10/16 5:19 PM PT

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