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Floyd Mayweather Gets Welcome Banner ... at Mexico Airport

6/1/2018 12:17 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

They love Floyd Mayweather in Mexico!!

Check out the welcome banner Floyd got at Los Cabos Mexico International Airport on Thursday ... when his private jet touched down for a little getaway south of the border. 

We spoke with a rep at the airport who told us it was just a "friendly" little gesture to welcome Mayweather and his crew. 

Floyd got the VIP treatment once his PJ landed -- a pimped-out sprinter van took Floyd and the rest of his Money Team to their fancy resort. 

Floyd has REALLY racked up the miles this year -- vacationing everywhere from Dubai to Singapore and Monaco, Thailand, Bali, Turks and Caicos and L.A. 

If you're wondering if Floyd ever gets sick of hanging on the beach and spending his money ... no, he does not. 

Harvey Weinstein Sued for Raping Woman ... After Allegedly Assaulting Her on Video

6/1/2018 10:01 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

11:25 AM PT -- Benjamin Brafman tells TMZ ... neither he nor his firm ever met with Thompson or any of the other women named in the suit. He says if Alex Spiro met with any of the women he did so on his own time, and not while working with him. Brafman also says Spiro never met with Weinstein while at his firm and had no connection with their representation of Weinstein.Harvey Weinstein turned a woman's sales pitch into a full-on sexual assault -- which was captured on video -- and followed it up by raping her in his hotel room ... according to an explosive new class action lawsuit.

Melissa Thompson claims she had a meeting with Weinstein at his New York office in September 2011 to pitch her tech company's new video platform to use in the movie biz, but almost immediately he started harassing her. She says there's video evidence of this because her computer's video camera was on for the pitch.

According to the suit ... Weinstein at one point reached down and began caressing her leg and moved his hand under her dress and mumbled, "It's fun when you do this." Thompson claims she ignored it and carried on, fearing he would become angry and aggressive if she rebuffed him.

Thompson says she went to a follow-up meeting with Weinstein at the Tribeca Grand Hotel later that day hoping to secure the video deal, but the meeting quickly moved to his hotel room ... where he forced himself on her. She claims she escaped and went to the bathroom, but when she came out he was naked from the waist down.

According to the suit ... Weinstein tried to force her to perform oral sex on him but she refused, so then he pushed her flat on the bed and raped her. Thompson claims he then masturbated on the bed next to her ... then acted like nothing happened once he was finished.

Thompson claims she felt "dirty and ashamed."

Flash-forward to 2017 -- Thompson says a friend encouraged her to get in touch with attorney Benjamin Brafman to take legal action against Weinstein. She says she got in touch with Alex Spiro, another attorney she claims worked for Brafman, and shared info with him about her alleged incident with Weinstein ... including the video evidence.

According to the docs ... Thompson was shocked to later discover Brafman represented Weinstein.

Thompson and 2 other women have filed the class action suit against Weinstein, Miramax and several other companies for the alleged rape and other instances of sexual misconduct. They're asking for damages.

Spiro tells us ... "I never have and I never would represent Harvey Weinstein, and, in fact, I represent one of the key victims, but Ms. Thompson has never been a client."

We reached out to Weinstein and Brafman as well ... so far, no word back.

Kanye West Dances Around Fire To Songs of Suicide, Kim K & Success At Album Release

5/31/2018 11:28 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Kanye West premiered his latest album, "Ye," to a couple hundred lucky fans by a campfire Thursday night in Wyoming ... and his lyrics ranged from thoughts of suicide, his wife Kim Kardashian West, and success.

Kanye's opening track featured verses discussing thoughts of suicide and murder. Fans hung on every word during the solemn track. He played all 7 songs from the new project on repeat while other celebs, including, Kim, Scott Disick, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, Kid Cudi, Desiigner, Nas, Big Sean, former manager Scooter Braun, Dame Dash and Chris Rock huddled around and sang along with the rapper.

Ye's other tracks included a song which mentioned his wife, Kim Kardashian West, calling the rapper and shouting ... Ye's lyrics, "Wifey call say we could lose it all ... had to calm her down. I say she could leave me now or not at all." Many in attendance thought Kanye was referring to the backlash from his interview on "TMZ Live."

Those in attendance were treated to an extremely up close and personal listening experience with the rapper before making the trek back to Jackson Hole.

Pro Surfer Makua Rothman Insane Wipeout Attempting Historic Wave

6/1/2018 12:50 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Here's the craziest video you'll see today -- pro surfer Makua Rothman wiping out HARD while attempting to ride one of the biggest waves ever documented ... and somehow the dude escaped (mostly) unharmed.

The 33-year-old Hawaii native was at Maxing Cloudbreak in Fiji this past weekend when he went one-on-one with the massive wave ... and Rothman tells TMZ Sports it would result in "a thrashing of a lifetime."

And this wasn't just any wave ... it's being called "one of the waves of the century," and even surfing legend Kelly Slater said, "This stuff is like people going to the moon ... by tomorrow people will say it didn’t happen," when talking about the swell.

Rothman breaks down the wipeout ... saying, "It just shook the living daylights out of me. I can't really explain what it felt like ... maybe if Godzilla or King Kong grabbed you and was just shy of ripping you in half."

But somehow the 2015 Big Wave World champ survived without injury ... and ended up getting right back on his board.


John Cena And Nikki Bella Actively Trying to Work Things Out

5/31/2018 2:25 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

John Cena's desperate plea to get Nikki Bella back might've totally worked -- a month and half after calling off their engagement, the couple is working on their relationship, according to Nikki herself.

Nikki tells us they've seen each other a few times, and are trying to work things out ... day by day. You'll recall, she called off the engagement after having serious questions about their future together. John didn't want kids, Nikki did.

Cena took the breakup hard -- making red carpet pleas for her, and then going on the "Today" show to profess his undying love for his ex. As he put it, "I want to be the father of her children. I just want us to work."

The two were spotted a few days later near her home in San Diego grabbing coffee -- but Nikki says now, they're at least one step closer to reconciling.

Montel Williams Hospitalized After Gym Emergency

5/31/2018 2:51 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Talk show legend Montel Williams was rushed to the hospital in NYC Wednesday after suffering a medical emergency during a workout at a local gym ... TMZ has learned. 

The good news ... we're told he's doing well and expects to be discharged soon. 

We spoke with Montel's rep, Jonathan Franks, who tells us Williams was doing dumbbell squats when something went wrong. We're told he didn't feel right and went back up to his room. While there, he realized the situation was serious and he needed medical attention so he called for help. 

We're told emergency responders got to Montel in less than 5 MINUTES and he was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. 

"The Williams family will be forever grateful for the quick response from NYFD and the excellent care he has received," Franks says. 

Williams is expected to make a full recovery -- but his rep tells us, "We don't take any chances when it comes to somebody with Multiple Sclerosis."

"He's doing well," the rep adds ... noting Montel already wants to get back to work. 

"We just had to cancel a speech and he's extremely unhappy he won't be able to give his speech tomorrow."

Get well soon!!!

Drake Alleged Baby Mama Revealed ... Had Baby Shower with 'Adonis' Cake

5/30/2018 7:45 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

The woman Pusha T claims is Drake's baby mama proudly displayed her pregnancy journey on Instagram for months ... ending with a pic of baby Adonis himself.

We've learned the "Sophie" Pusha T mentions in his new Drake diss track, "The Story of Adidon," is Sophie Brussaux, a former French porn star. She's the same woman who was photographed with Drake in Amsterdam in January, 2017 ... just days after the alleged conception. 

Sophie certainly didn't hide her pregnancy -- showing off her baby bump and even a cake from her baby shower with the name Adonis emblazoned on it -- the same name Pusha T uses in his track.

One thing missing throughout her posts ... any mention of Drake.

TMZ broke the story back in May, 2017 -- Brussaux claimed to have text messages between her and Drizzy supporting the claim he got her pregnant -- the alleged convo read ... 

Drake: I want you to have an abortion.

Brussaux: I can't kill my baby simply to indulge you sorry.

Drake: Indulge me? F*** you.

Brussaux: What?

Drake: You do know what you're doing you think you're going to get money.

Drake's team, at the time, told us Sophie had a very "questionable background." They said, "She has admitted to having multiple relationships. We understand she may have problems getting into the United States. She's one of many women claiming he got them pregnant."

The rep added, "If it is in fact Drake's child, which he does not believe, he would do the right thing by the child."

Auburn Football Recruit Willing to Change CBD Medication ... Dad Says

5/29/2018 1:37 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

A high school football star who takes CBD oil to control his seizures is willing to switch to another medication if it will clear the way to play for a top NCAA school ... his father tells TMZ Sports

C.J. Harris says he was told his invitation to join the Auburn football team as a defensive back was rescinded -- and now there are conflicting reports about whether it was due to his CBD medication or his underlying medical condition, epilepsy. 

We spoke with C.J.'s father who wouldn't clarify the reason Auburn pulled the offer -- but told us C.J.'s medication will not be a problem if any other program is interested in his son. 

"He wants to play," Curtis Harris tells TMZ Sports ... "He's gotta find a way and he’s willing to find something that doesn’t have the THC in it.”

"We don’t want to look back and say we didn’t try, but C.J.’s health is most important."

FYI, C.J. has said the CBD oil -- which contains THC -- helps keep his seizures at bay and he hasn't had an episode since January 2017. 

There are reports that the CBD oil was not the reason Auburn pulled the invitation -- instead sources told Auburn Undercover's Brandon Marcello the Auburn medical staff had concerns clearing a person with epilepsy to play full-contact football at the NCAA level. 

As for C.J.'s future, Curtis tells us ... "Chances are he’ll go to a prep school for a semester and hopefully he’ll pick it back up in 2019 with Auburn or another school."

Harvey Weinstein Will be Charged with a Sex Crime

5/24/2018 12:27 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

1:10 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Weinstein is scheduled to surrender Friday between 7 and 9 AM ET at the Manhattan D.A.'s Office in lower Manhattan. We are told he will receive and post bail the same day.Harvey Weinstein will be charged with a sex crime and will surrender Friday ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ at least one woman is the alleged victim -- Lucia Evans. She claims Weinstein forced her to perform oral sex on him in 2004.

Lucia is one of dozens of women who have come forward with allegations of sexual assault. Although the D.A. has been reviewing several cases, this is the farthest any of the cases have gotten.

Weinstein was in Malibu Wednesday at 1 PM. TMZ obtained the photo of him at Taverna Tony restaurant. This is the first time we have seen the disgraced movie mogul in California since he began his stint in rehab in Arizona.

We're told arrangements are being made for the surrender, which is expected Friday.

The U.S. Attorney in New York is also investigating Weinstein.

Story developing ...

Michael Jackson Estate Disney has Unmitigated Gall Airing 'Last Days' TV Special

5/23/2018 2:35 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

The folks managing Michael Jackson's estate are outraged that ABC would dare do a documentary called "The Last Days of Michael Jackson" and trash the singer and exploit his legacy.

A rep for the estate tells TMZ ... it's especially galling that Disney -- which owns ABC, and sometimes viciously protects its image -- would sully the image of Michael. The rep called Disney's conduct "disgraceful."

The rep went on to say this -- "What if we did a documentary on the relationship between Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and some of the rumors they were drug abusers? How would Disney like that?"

We're told Disney has not paid a cent for photos or music for the upcoming TV special, and the MJ estate will be watching like a hawk to see if any of those assets appear in the show.  But, our sources say, the Estate's issue is not money ... it's that they think the show is irresponsible and dishonors Michael. 

Brutus 'The Barber' Beefcake My Knee's Destroyed ... I Need Help!

5/22/2018 11:26 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake says he busted his knee so badly during a recent fall he needs a full replacement surgery ... but the cost is putting a serious financial burden on his family.

The 61-year-old WWE legend says he has already suffered major damage to his knee from his 35-year wrestling career ... but the fall made it much worse. Now, he's asking the fans for help through a GoFundMe page. 

Brutus says he knows he's been blessed with a great career and a great life -- but tells TMZ Sports he doesn't have a lot of money and needs help to pay for his medical costs. 

"The costs completely overwhelmed me and my wife," Beefcake says.

Brutus says he never got health insurance so everything is out of pocket -- and, while he admits he didn't want to ask fans for money, he feels it's his best move. 

His surgery is set for June 12 -- good luck!!

Tekashi69 Charged with Assaulting a Cop ... After Traffic Arrest

5/22/2018 6:38 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Tekashi69 was charged with assaulting a police officer this week in New York after a traffic violation quickly escalated ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us Tekashi was approached by an officer in Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn Sunday while his SUV was illegally parked in front of a fire hydrant and, when asked to produce a license ... the cop found it was suspended.

Tekashi was taken in to a Brooklyn precinct to be given a desk appearance ticket, but police soon learned there was an open warrant for his arrest in Texas. We're told that's when they cuffed him and tried taking him into custody ... but not before he allegedly got grabby.

Cops say Tekashi squeezed a lieutenant's hand while being apprehended, squeezing it so hard apparently that it caused swelling. He was booked for assaulting a police officer -- a felony -- and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

He was arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court and released on $25k bail.

The New York Post broke the story of Tekashi's arrest.

T.I. I Want Houston's Chain Shut Down For Alleged Attack on Female Customer

5/21/2018 10:24 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

T.I. is fuming and wants a piece of a Houston's security guard he claims manhandled an innocent female customer in Atlanta. 

T.I ripped into the security guard -- who is also an ATL police officer working a 2nd job -- and the restaurant in a video he posted Monday night ... alleging the guard went into the women's restroom to drag a customer out through the restaurant, and eventually out the front door. Tip called out the guard, saying, "I need to see you! Come do me like that!!"

A video shot by the woman's friend shows her being held down by the guard. He appeared to be holding her arm behind her back, while her friends yelled at him to let her go.

One of the friends said she was calling police, and the security guard said he was "detaining" the woman until police arrived.

T.I. posted pics showing the woman's alleged injuries, including a black eye and several bruises on her leg.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, all 3 women -- actresses Britney Lucio, Erica Walker and Asia'h Epperson -- were charged with criminal trespass. Britney was also charged with felony obstruction.

Remember, this incident comes after T.I. organized a boycott against another Atlanta area Houston's last year when a staffer threw out a group of black female customers. T.I. had worked closely with Houston's ownership to improve relations, before lifting the ban.

Monday night he said, "We done tried to do it the Martin Luther way. It's time for Malcolm X!"7:15 AM PT -- We got T.I. Tuesday morning, as he was flying out of L.A., and he says his mission is clear ... shutting down the WHOLE Houston's chain.

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