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NFL's Zay Jones No Charges for Window Smashing After Bloody, Nude Arrest

3/22/2018 2:56 PM PDT

Buffalo Bills receiver Zay Jones will NOT be charged with vandalism after the bizarre incident where he got naked, argued with his brother ... and allegedly smashed out a 30th floor window.

The L.A. County D.A. tells TMZ Sports ... there was insufficient evidence to charge Jones. We broke the story ... Jones was arrested and booked Monday night for felony vandalism.

Video of the incident showed him totally naked in the downtown L.A. apartment building ... telling his brother, Cayleb Jones, he was going to "fight for Jesus."

Witnesses said Zay bolted away from his bro, and kicked in a window -- blood was left on the glass and all over the walls and hallways of the building.

Jones was released from custody early Wednesday morning.

The NFL is still investigating the incident, and it's possible he'll face some punishment ... but criminally, he's in the clear.

Sen. Cory Booker Trump and Biden Should Duke it Out Like Flake and I Did!!!

3/22/2018 4:24 PM PDT

Senator Cory Booker thinks President Donald Trump and Joe Biden should take a cue from his own icy duel with Senator Jeff Flake ... and that, he thinks, could be a battle for the ages. 

We got the New Jersey Dem on Capitol Hill Thursday and asked where his snowball fight with Flake ranks on the all-time list of political battles ... Hamilton vs. Burr, maybe

Booker tells us he's down for a rematch with the Arizona Senator, but only if the weather allows. If not ... he says they'll have to get creative.

As for the high school-style trash-talking between Trump and Biden -- Cory tells us the table's been set for them to settle their beef ... but they better go outside and make it happen quick.

U.S. Senator Dean Heller We're Building Raiders Staduim ... By Blowing Crap Up!!!

3/22/2018 4:09 PM PDT

Get ready for your daily testosterone injection ... 'cause U.S. Senator Dean Heller from Nevada is about to tell the world how he's helping to build the Raiders' new home ... and it involves blowing stuff up.

We got Heller in D.C. and he told us he's really enjoying the construction of the Raiders' new stadium, partly because it involves him getting to be the triggerman on some really big fireworks.

"They're detonating 800 pounds of dynamite everyday. They let me push the switch that imploded 800 pounds of dynamite ... I got to tell you as a male that was pretty fun."

First off, we're sure plenty of ladies would love to blow some stuff up, too. Secondly, 800 POUNDS A FREAKIN' DAY!!!! Seems a little excessive to us.

But, hey, it's Vegas right? What's a little excess.

Kevin Sorbo Comic Convention is Killing My Freedom of Speech!

3/22/2018 3:23 PM PDT

'Hercules' star Kevin Sorbo's says he's being silenced and he suspects it's all being done for a shameless publicity stunt.

ThunderCon, a comic convention in Thunder Bay, Canada, recently rescinded Kevin's invitation for the October event. It was pretty odd because organizers had JUST announced he was attending. When we got Kevin at LAX, he said ThunderCon peeps never contacted him to explain why they were booting him, and left him feeling like they were trying to jack his freedom of speech.

He might have a point. A rep for ThunderCon said they felt Kevin's ultra conservative views were "distressing to their community." Kevin's stance on political and societal issues have drawn criticism in the past ... so, he's certainly used to that.

This time he feels like the convention is using him to make a name for itself -- but ultimately, Kevin says he's not the loser in this situation.

Jacquees' Miami Beach Arrest Cop Used 'Excessive Force' on Me ... Hints at Legal Action

3/22/2018 4:00 PM PDT

Jacquees might be gearing up for a potential lawsuit against Miami Beach PD after one of its officers got rough with him during a traffic stop ... according to Jacquees himself.

The singer recorded a video for his fans, and addressed what he calls the "excessive force" a cop used Wednesday while busting Jacquees for allegedly driving without a seat belt.

He stops short of saying he's suing, but he refers to his legal team -- and its advice for him -- enough for you to read between the lines.

We broke the story ... Jacquees was arrested in Miami Beach Wednesday when cops say he refused to hand over his license, or cooperate with the officers. In the video, you can see an officer give him a good, hard yank by his arm.

One positive -- Jacquees says he's physically and mentally okay after the Ocean Drive incident.

Jacquees was booked for failure to obey a lawful command, and for the seat belt violation. He clearly bonded out of jail and is back on the outside.

Owen Wilson Dances Away with Date After Causing Hotel Evacuation

3/22/2018 1:51 PM PDT

Owen Wilson might need another cigarette after this -- there's footage of the actor carelessly leaving the scene of chaos he just created ... after lighting up a cigarette inside a hotel and causing a mass evac.

The actor and his mystery date were seen smoking near the restrooms inside Miami's Tavern bar at Hotel Croydon after midnight a few weeks back, which set off the fire alarm. In the security vids -- obtained by TMZ -- Wilson and the blonde woman are seen dancing together as they leave the bathrooms and exit the bar ... with alarm lights flashing.

Another camera captures the couple walking through the courtyard right after to leave the hotel ... Owen sets down his drink while his date is seen still smoking her cig. Other hotel guests -- many in their PJs -- are then seen evacuating.

While Wilson's not busted on camera smoking inside, sources at the hotel tell us he and the woman were definitely having a puff in the bar near the restrooms -- there's just no cameras there.

It's unclear if the actor's in any legal trouble over the cigarette snafu, but he might not be welcome back at the hotel anytime soon.

We reached out to Owen ... no word back so far.

Donald Trump's Brother POTUS is a 'Great Sportsman' ... Better Than Me!!

3/22/2018 1:29 PM PDT

Was Donald Trump REALLY a baller athlete growing up ... or was it all just a bunch of fake news??

TMZ Sports spoke with Donald's younger bro, Robert, about POTUS' skills on the field ... and he admits that while he's a good athlete himself, Donald's got him beat.

FYI -- Trump has boasted about his athletic career in the past, claiming to have been the best high school baseball player in the state of New York back in the day. His football teammates have also raved about his talent on the field.

Robert backs it all up ... saying Donald is "a great sportsman" and while they never went head-to-head on the field, it was fun to ball out together growing up. 

Take note, Joe Biden.

Judd Apatow on Garry Shandling I Read Through All His Diaries ... Turns Out, He Achieved Zen!

3/22/2018 1:11 PM PDT

Judd Apatow says his late mentor Garry Shandling became a nicer, wiser guy toward the end of his life, which will be explored in a new documentary about the comedian.

We spoke to Judd on "TMZ Live," and he gave us a rundown on what's behind his new project with HBO -- a 2-part documentary about his deceased pal and comedy great, Garry, that's airing March 26 and 27 on HBO at 8 PM. 

Judd tells us Garry's diaries and journals -- which are the centerpieces in the doc -- revealed the comic became much more compassionate and giving throughout the years ... as neurotic of a creative genius as he was. He says Garry realized giving more to others was a W.

It sounds like a crazy deep dive into the mind of Shandling, who was groundbreakingly innovative with his shows like "It's Garry Shandling's Show" and "The Larry Sanders Show."

And lucky for Judd, he was in Garry's good graces ... until that one year.

Model Adwoa Aboah Sues Management Co. You're Holding My $190k as Ransom!!!

3/22/2018 1:22 PM PDT

Model Adwoa Aboah is getting royally screwed out of tons of dough from her former managers ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Adwoa -- who recently posed nearly nude on the cover of Allure -- is suing The Lions Management, claiming they stiffed her on $190k, and they're holding it as ransom because she left the fold.

In docs obtained by TMZ, Aboah says she earned around $670k between January 2015 and July 2017, but her managers kept almost half of it. She demanded what she was owed, and says TLM wired some, but not all of the cash.

Adwoa eventually left TLM, and says it's holding the money over her head ... just to punish her for bailiing. As she puts it in the suit, "Fashion models are not indentured servants." She's suing to get the remaining balance, plus damages.

We've reached out to Lions Management, so far no word back.

Ric Flair Rock & Jamie Foxx Will Be Drippin' ... In My Custom Suits!

3/22/2018 11:05 AM PDT

The RockJamie Foxx, and NFL star Todd Gurley are about to be stylin’ and profilin’ just like The Nature Boy ... 'cause they’re getting fitted for custom Ric Flair suits!!

We spoke with Ric’s business partner -- suit maker Adam Marks (aka Mr. Custom Made) -- before their official launch on Monday ... and asked him about the biggest names picking something out from Naitch's collection.

We're told over 6,000 people in total have expressed interest in swaggin' out like Offset's favorite wrestler. As for the celebs, Ric is personally picking out the fabrics, colors, and patterns for Gurley, Foxx and Rock's suits. 

But ya don't gotta have celeb money to be wheelin' n' dealin' like Flair ... they're offering hundreds of fabrics in all styles ranging from around $700 to $2,500.

"I've always been custom made from head to toe," Ric tells us ... "now anyone can have a chance to style and profile like me."


Anton Yelchin Family Settles with Automaker In Fatal Jeep Accident

3/22/2018 10:51 AM PDT

4:45 PM PT -- The family says the settlement will go to the Anton Yelchin Foundation -- which focuses on supporting young people in creative arts with debilitating diseases or disabilities -- and will also be used to film a documentary on his life.

Anton Yelchin's family has settled their lawsuit with Fiat Chrysler over the actor's tragic death.

The settlement is confidential, but it's almost certain the auto company that makes the Jeep Grand Cherokee paid a significant amount of money to make the case go away.

TMZ broke the story ... the 27-year-old actor was leaving his L.A. home in June 2016, when he got out of the vehicle possibly to check his mailbox and the Jeep rolled down the driveway, pinning him against a security gate. 

As we reported, Yelchin died almost immediately but his body was pinned for hours before it was discovered.

Authorities had said he thought the shifter was in park when it was actually in neutral. It was apparently a common mistake and the vehicles had actually been recalled for a fix at the time of the accident, but Yelchin had not yet taken the Jeep in.

The Chrysler dealership said after the tragedy the accident was the result of Yelchin's "misuse, misapplication or damage" of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

According to the death certificate, Yelchin died from blunt traumatic asphyxia. 

Bill O'Reilly Sued He's Killing My Career with His Lies Says Ex FOX News Anchor

3/22/2018 9:34 AM PDT

One of Bill O'Reilly's former coworkers isn't standing for what she considers his trash talk about FOX paying sexual harassment settlements -- she's filed a defamation suit against him.

Former FOX News anchor Laurie Dhue is suing Bill for comments he made after FOX News paid settlements to 5 women ... including Laurie, who reportedly got over $1 million. In her suit, Laurie takes umbrage with Bill's statement that he was fired over "completely unfounded claims."

Further, she says his claim, during a Matt Lauer interview, that he "never mistreated anyone on [his] watch in 42 years" is not only a lie ... it's also damaging her career. As she puts it, no one's going to hire a journalist who's been labeled a liar.

And there's this bizarre aside -- Laurie says her image has been used in online ads for male enhancement pills, which also feature O'Reilly. Seems like she's saying she's been unnecessarily dragged into the penis pill market, due to her association with O'Reilly.

A former junior producer at FOX, Rachel Bernstein, filed a similar suit in December against O'Reilly.

We've reached out to a rep for O'Reilly ... so far no word back.

Ben Carson About That $31k Dining Set My Wife's Got Great Taste!

3/22/2018 10:05 AM PDT

Ben Carson's doing his best to get out of the dog house -- after throwing his wife under the bus for buying $31k worth of furniture -- but we're not sure this clip's gonna be enough to get the job done.

We got the HUD Secretary Thursday morning on Capitol Hill, and our guy straight-up asked him what he had to say to women who feel he shamefully put all the blame on his wife when Congress grilled him about the pricey dining room set ... bought with taxpayer's money.

Carson deflected our question at first, making it clear the furniture's been returned ... which we already knew. We persisted with a more personal question about the pieces his wife picked out, and gotta hand it to him -- he fired off the best response possible ... under the circumstances.

Still, the ultimate judge of this clip will be Mrs. Carson. If the homefront looks anything like his Congressional hearing, Ben might wanna invest in a new couch.

On his dime, of course.

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