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Muhammad Ali's Son Stopped Again At Airport Claims Religious Profiling

3/11/2017 7:11 AM PST
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Muhammad Ali's son was stopped and questioned again at another airport ... and his lawyer says  the TSA is lying by trying to minimize the incident.

Muhammad Ali, Jr. was at Reagan National Airport Friday when he tried checking in for a flight at an airline counter.  Ali's lawyer says a computer check flagged Ali and someone who needed to ante up more info about him.  The lawyer says the agent wouldn't accept Ali's Illinois ID, and then put the boxer's son on the phone with Homeland Security.

The lawyer says the call lasted 20 minutes.  Once Ali handed over his passport to confirm his identity, the lawyer says Homeland security cleared him.

TSA says the delay was not 20 minutes -- only 11, adding Ali was never "detained."

Ali was held a month ago for several hours by immigration at a Florida airport ... he and his lawyer say it's clear it's because Ali is a Muslim.   

Robin Thicke and Son Celebrate 40th Birthday With a Little Yellowtail

3/11/2017 7:32 AM PST

Robin Thicke was back with his son in a big way Friday night, celebrating his 40th birthday over Julian's favorite meal.

Robin, GF April Love Geary and Julian hit up Catch in WeHo, where the 6-year-old chowed down on his favorite fish. Julian left with his grandma before Robin and April made their exit.

TMZ broke the story ... Robin and Paula Patton are on the verge of settling their custody war, and the dinner is certainly evidence they're on the brink of burying the hatchet. 

Tony Romo Recruited to Texans By Singing Father/Daughter Fans

3/10/2017 10:46 AM PST
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This might be the most effective recruiting video yet.

A pair of Houston Texans superfans made a singing/dancing plea to Tony Romo to join their favorite team.

Dad's got a decent voice ... but the daughter's dance moves are insane!

Do it, Romo. Broncos fans ain't makin' videos like this.

DeAndre Hopkins Emotional Dom. Violence Talk My Mom Was Violently Abused

3/10/2017 8:31 AM PST
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NFL star DeAndre Hopkins says his mom was blinded and physically scarred for life in a brutal domestic violence incident ... and he's sharing his story with high school kids.

Hopkins was the guest speaker at Wisdom High School in Houston, TX, where he recalled the terrible day when he was 12 years old and his mother was the victim of an acid attack. The assault left her blind in both eyes and caused serious damage to one side of her face. 

The Houston Texans WR says his mother has never seen him play a pro football game as a result of the attack. 

DeAndre's point was to show the students what can happen when an abusive relationship spirals out of control. He advised the kids how to identify warning signs and how to help if someone they know is in danger. 

Hopkins is an advocate for AVDA (Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse) which has operated in Houston for almost 40 years. 

[H/T Mark Berman at FOX26

BBC Interview Hijacked by Hilarious Toddlers And Frazzled Mom

3/10/2017 6:51 AM PST

Normally only tiny children pee in their pants, but a fair share of adults have just done the same thing after watching this video.

The BBC was interviewing Poli Sci professor Robert Kelly from his home about the ousting of the South Korean Prez, when 2 of his kids made surprise cameos.

The interview goes off the rails, and then the piece de resistance is when Kelly's wife bursts in.

Boxing Champ Terence Crawford Breaks Up Violent Girl Fight ... Questioned By Cops

3/8/2017 12:48 PM PST
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Boxing champ Terence Crawford found himself playing the role of referee during a violent girl-on-girl street fight in Omaha ... and one of the combatants was his own sister.

Here's the deal ... a woman named Mystery Wakefield says she was working at the Citi Trends clothing shop in Omaha when she was approached by Terence's sister who wanted to fight.

Mystery says she clocked out of her job (don't wanna fight on company time) and met Iesha Crawford outside ... where they proceeded to throw down.

Terence -- who was recently released from jail -- can be seen trying to break up the fight.

The boxer eventually left the scene, but cops tracked down his car and pulled him over. A gun was found inside the vehicle and he was taken to a nearby station for questioning. He was later released with no charges.

As for why the women were fighting and why Terence was there ... we're still looking into it.

Beyonce Blesses Rodney Peete You May Dine at My Table!

3/8/2017 9:57 AM PST

Rodney Peete got the BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE at dinner Tuesday night ... sitting right next to Beyonce!!!

The ex-NFL QB and his wife, Holly Robinson Peete, were all at dinner at The District By Hannah An in L.A. to celebrate Beyonce's stepfather, Richard Lawson, who turned 70!

And while everyone was celebrating Richard ... Rodney got the REAL honor -- quality time with Queen Bey. 

By the way, he also stood next to B in the group photo (instead of his wife) but it's BEYONCE, so we're guessing she's cool with it. 

Tom Brady Celebrates Women's Day ... Check Out My Fem-Squad!

3/8/2017 8:47 AM PST
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Tom Brady loves his ladies ... and decided to honor the females in his life on International Women's Day with a special photo tribute!

The QB posted a pic of his wife, mom, sisters, nieces and daughter and wrote a pretty touching message to his she-gang.

"Happy International Women's Day! I have been beyond blessed to have the most incredible support system and this picture sums it up."

"To the love of my life, @gisele, my mom, my sisters, my nieces and my little Girlie Girl -- thank you for bringing so much love and joy to my life."

"And thank you for being such great examples of compassion and empathy. The world needs much more of it! I love you all!!"


Lakers' Jesse Buss On Sibling Drama: 'We're Still Family'

3/6/2017 4:32 PM PST

It's the question everyone wants to know -- with the nasty family power struggle going on with the Lakers ... what's Thanksgiving gonna be like at the Buss house????

That's exactly what we asked the youngest member of the Buss siblings, Jesse Buss -- who co-owns the team along with his 5 older siblings. 

The good news ... despite Jim and Johnny going after Jeanie in court, Jesse says there's still love -- "We're still family at the end of the day."

As for Jeanie's decision to bring Magic Johnson on board, Jesse -- who's also the Lakers’ Asst. General Manager & Director of Scouting -- says he's  pumped. 

"I'm super excited to get to work with a legend like him."

Jeanie Buss Blasts Bro Jim Sucked as Lakers Exec

3/6/2017 10:00 AM PST
Breaking News

Lakers honcho Jeanie Buss came out swinging against her brothers in new court docs -- claiming Jim Buss was a failure in his role with the team and Magic Johnson must undo the "damage" he caused.

Jeanie is clearly furious with her brothers, Jim and Johnny, for trying to oust her as controlling owner of the Lakers -- a role she claims her father, Dr. Jerry Buss, intended her to have for the rest of her life. 

The docs spell out a legal argument for why her brothers have no case to block her from continuing her job -- but then she takes the gloves off when talking about Jim, who she recently 86'd from his job as Lakers Exec. V.P. of Basketball Operations.

"It must be pointed out that Jim has already proven to be completely unfit even in an executive vice president role," Jeanie says. 

She goes on to say if Jim and Johnny are left in charge, they might fire Magic Johnson -- "who has been hired to turn around the damage done by Jim Buss."

Jeanie says she gave Jim "ample time" to prove himself as EVP but he blew it, and now she thinks he's trying to oust her as retaliation for his reassignment to a lesser role with the team. 

Jeanie also says she is dedicated to fixing the Lakers -- which she describes as "the most storied basketball franchise in history."

Jerry Lee Lewis Sues Daughter for Abuse You Drugged Me Up and Holed Me Up!!

3/5/2017 12:30 AM PST

Jerry Lee Lewis is going after his own daughter ... claiming she abused him for years by giving him drug cocktails and isolating him in a moldy house.

The rock 'n' roll legend says in new legal docs ... his daughter, Phoebe, took advantage of him while she managed his career from 2000 to 2012, and schemed to spend his fortune with her husband, Ezekiel Loftin. He says she gave him a "heavy cocktail of psychotropic drugs" to keep him under her control.

According to the docs ... Phoebe forced her father to go on grueling tours despite his poor health. Lewis says when he wasn't on the road, she kept him cooped up at home in moldy conditions so bad ... he had to wear an oxygen mask.

Lewis sued Phoebe's husband earlier this week for allegedly spending at least $5 million of his money on luxury cars, real estate and plastic surgery, but is now adding his daughter to the suit.

He's suing to get his money back, and to block the couple from using his name or likeness. We reached out to Phoebe ... so far no word back.

'Cash Me Ousside' Girl Dad's Money Plea Is a Joke He's Trying to Ride My Coattails!

3/4/2017 1:00 AM PST

Danielle Bregoli, the "Cash Me Ousside" girl, wants to send her estranged dad a clear message -- you have ZERO business trying to get into MY business!

Sources connected to Danielle tell us she finds it absurd her pops, Ira Peskowitz, a Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputy ... is trying to weasel his way back into her life after years of being an absentee dad.

Ira started a GoFundMe page saying he needs $50k to cover legal expenses to get his daughter "proper help." He's actually raised $1300 already.

We're told Danielle thinks it's just a money grab ... an attempt to get back in her life because she's now commanding $30k in appearance fees. Not to mention the multiple reality TV offers she's fielding.

Mom has reportedly had primary custody since Danielle was 18 months old, and we're told "Cash Me Ousside" wants dear ole dad to know ... she doesn't need to be saved.

Katherine Jackson Proposal For Grandson To Settle Family War

3/3/2017 12:50 AM PST

Katherine Jackson's fate and fortune may lie in the hands of one of her grandsons ... TMZ has learned.

Trent Jackson, Michael's cousin, and his attorney Ron Rale want TJ Jackson, Michael's nephew, to sit down with Katherine alone and decide who's the victim and who's the villain in what has become a family war.

TMZ broke the story ... Katherine has filed a legal doc claiming Trent has committed elder abuse against her and fleeced her to boot. But, we've now learned Trent and his lawyer have a plan to put the dispute to bed and, at the same time, cast suspicion on the motive of other Jackson relatives.

Rale's proposing that TJ --  the one person whose family loyalty has never been challenged -- sit down with Katherine to discuss the situation at hand. If at the end of the sit-down TJ believes Trent has done harm to Michael's mom, he'll leave for good and if Katherine wants him to stay, he will. 

Trent, we're told, believes TJ's one-on-one with Katherine will not only absolve him of any wrongdoing, in the process he will cast doubt on the motives of other family members ... family members he believes are trying to get him out of the way so they have a clear path to the matriarch's bank account.

Trent and Rale are suspicious of other family members ... especially after a 2012 incident in which Trent and Michael's kids reported Katherine missing, only to learn some of her kids had taken her to Arizona. They essentially called it a kidnapping, saying some family members were trying to brainwash her into challenging Michael's Estate in a money grab.

Michael cut his siblings and his dad out of his will. The Estate pays Katherine a monthly stipend and when she dies the balance of Michael's fortune is divided between his 3 kids and various charities.

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