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Kylie Jenner & Blac Chyna Gotcha! Now Claim BFF Status

4/21/2016 2:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0421_blac_chyna_kylie_jenner_instagramKylie Jenner and Blac Chyna pulled the wool over on EVERYONE ... the famous enemies now say there was never any beef between them over Tyga or Rob Kardashian

Kylie and Blac Chyna just did a Snapchat together (complete with face swap). From the looks of it, Chyna's made it over enemy lines and into one of her future in-laws' homes. 

Kylie captioned the images cheekily, "When we've been best friends the whole time..."

We ain't buying it was fake all along, but it at least LOOKS like they've buried the hatchet over Kylie banging BC's baby daddy -- and Chyna banging KJ's bro.

Blac Chyna also posted with her own caption: "Hanging out with my lil sis." 


Guy Ritchie and Madonna From Whining to Wining

4/19/2016 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0419-guy-ritchie-splash-01Guy Ritchie and Madonna have both done a 180 since Rocco bailed on her ... they're now co-parents who can share a bottle of wine.

Guy arrived at Madonna's house in London Monday night, armed with a half-full bottle of wine. Guy and Madonna would have called it half empty just a month ago, when they were at war over Rocco.

The judge told them to work it out like adults. They clearly have, and Rocco has responded well. His relationship with both mom and dad seems good. 

Christian Slater My Dad Almost Killed Me Before I Was Born

4/19/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

41816-christian-slater-tmzChristian Slater doesn't need a medical degree to know his father is suffering from manic depressive schizophrenia -- he says he's gotten all the evidence he needs from his mother.

The "Mr. Robot" star just filed docs to get his dad Thomas Knight Slater's defamation lawsuit tossed, and in the docs he says his mother first told him about his father's diagnosis. He says she told him Thomas was taken to Bellevue Hospital in a straitjacket in 1972 after threatening to kill her and Christian.

He adds his father also pushed his mom into a busy street when she was pregnant with Christian ... according to her.

And there's this -- Christian included copies of rambling postcards he says his dad sent ... telling Christian he'd be nothing without him. For instance, one read ... "I take FULL CREDIT: I'm the vital ingredient." 

We broke the story, Thomas sued his son for talking about his diagnosis in an interview.

Christian says his dad, an actor, hasn't worked since 1988 due to his mental health issues.

Wrestling Legend Jeff Hardy Rips Brother's Wife 'She's a Witch B*tch'

4/18/2016 2:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Hardy Brothers are in a nasty family feud -- with Jeff not only trashing his brother Matt ... but also going after his wife, calling her a "witch bitch" who's tearing the family apart. 

It all went down on the "TMZ Sports" TV show -- when the wrestling superstars were talking some serious smack to each other leading up to their "I Quit" match on TNA Impact Wrestling Tuesday on Pop TV. 

It started off with the usual threats ... but got crazy personal when Jeff brought up Matt's wife ... calling her a "witch bitch that's casting spells" who's turning the brothers against each other. 

Matt fired back -- warning him about going after his wife ... and promising to "make [Jeff] suffer" when they face off tomorrow on Pop TV. 

Make sure to check out the full interview on "TMZ Sports" tonight on FS1 -- it's war!!

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green One Happy Family ... Except For Whole Divorce Thing

4/18/2016 6:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0418-megan-fox-brian-austin-green-WENN-01Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green hit up their local Farmers Market Sunday with their two sons Bodhi and Noah.

As we previously reported ... they're still getting a divorce, even though he got her pregnant after she filed for divorce.  

Looks like co-parenting won't be a problem.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Meet My Son Joseph ... He's Awesome!!!

4/17/2016 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

41716-joseph-baena-arnold-tmz-04Arnold Schwarzenegger worked it out with the son who has become his spitting image.

Arnold showed Joseph Baena the ropes Saturday at Gold's Gym in Venice.  The 18-year-old is jacked like an up-and-coming Mr. Universe, but the Pepperdine business major has other aspirations.

Arnold was bragging in the gym ... Joseph's pulling straight A's.

We haven't seen a single pic of the Arnold and Joseph together since he was a small boy, although we know the 2 were always in contact.

This kid could end up being the true Arnold protege.  

41716-joseph-baena-arnold-tmz-03Arnold was Mr. Dad Saturday, traveling to Coachella to spend time with son Patrick.



Mohamed Hadid Lisa Vanderpump Is Dead To Me!!!

4/15/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0414-mohammad-hadid-lisa-vanderpump-tmz-01Lisa Vanderpump's calling BS on Mohamed Hadid's kids suffering from Lyme disease, and her accusation is having major repercussions for the 'Real Housewives' shoots.

Sources tell TMZ Lisa and Mohamed's 20 year friendship came to an abrupt end when Vanderpump, for the umpteenth time, asked about his kids, Bella and Anwar, and their Lyme disease. We're told Hadid was embarrassed because Lisa asked while taping at dinner with friends.

Sources close to the situation tell us Hadid will be cordial during shoots, but ANY attempt to renew the friendship -- even for the show -- is out of the question, as far as he's concerned. 

We're told Lisa's husband, Ken, even tried to patch things up, but Hadid's not budging ... and hasn't even been to any of Lisa's 3 restaurants since the drama.

Lucky for him it's a big city.

Dwight Howard Ends War With Famous Ex ... After Years of Hatred

4/14/2016 4:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

041416-dwight-howard-royce-instagramIt's been hailed as the NASTIEST celebrity feud of all time ... but now, the 8-year war between Dwight Howard and his reality star ex, Royce Reed, is finally over ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Saying these two HATED each other might be one the greatest understatements of all time -- he sued her for more than $500 million, she called the cops on him multiple times ... hatehatehate

But something drastic happened in the past few months -- with the two coming together and hashing out a truce ... and we're told it was all for the sake of their 8-year-old son.

Sources connected to both Dwight and Royce tell us family members from both sides teamed up and convinced them to reopen the lines of communication because it would be in the best interest for their son. 

Dwight and Royce agreed and have vowed to end the fighting -- instead focusing on co-parenting. 

As one source put it, "They decided to stop hating each other and made a promise to their son they would get along."

Royce posted a pic of the 3 hanging out at a recent NBA game -- but we're told there have been many more occasions where they've been together ... and so far, everything is peaceful. 

#Props #KeepItUp 

LIndsay Lohan Shows Off Engagement Rock ... Mom & Dad Play Nice?!

4/12/2016 9:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0413-lindsay-lohan-splash-01Lindsay Lohan's engagement ring is so damn powerful it got her parents to share the same air without a single call to police. 

Lindsay showed off the huge rock -- looks to be an emerald in a diamond setting -- while hanging with Michael and Dina Lohan in Brooklyn at Tuesday's Duran Duran concert. Her fiancé, Egor Tarabasov was there as well ... conspicuously behind LiLo and her parents.

041116_lohan_ringTMZ broke the story ... Lindsay got engaged over the weekend to the 22-year-old Russian heir after 5 months of dating.

0413-sub-lindsay-lohan-tmz-01Lindsay got onstage briefly -- she's featured on DD's "Danceophobia" -- and shouted out her sister Ali Lohan ... who's trying to start her own singing career. She might wanna rub that ring 3 times and make a wish. 


Rob Kardashian My Fam's Gushing Over My Engagement

4/13/2016 6:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Kardashian is pooh-poohing stories that his family is upset he's getting hitched to Blac Chyna ... he says it's the opposite.

Rob and Chyna had just left a Century City building after a "business meeting" and beelined it for a gas station convenience store to get some snacks, when the photog asked about the deafening lack of response by the Kardashian klan.

For her part, Chyna scoffed at any notion she's getting tips from Kim K.

Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Quickie Wedding in the Works ... Kardashians Will Be Invited

4/9/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0808_rob_blac_chyna_kardashian_girls_getty_tmzcompositeRob Kardashian and Blac Chyna will be married within a year in front of the entire Kardashian family, or that's at least plan A for the couple ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the couple tell us BC and Rob don't want a long, drawn out engagement -- so they're already talking about ceremony ideas, and even a guest list. We're told they're certain they want Rob's family to be there.

That's an impressive olive branch since, as we told you ... Kris Jenner and Rob's sisters aren't sold the engagement's even real.

As for where they do it -- a quickie wedding makes ya think Las Vegas, and chapels are drooling at the possibility of corralling Rob and his famous fam. Reps at the Little Vegas Chapel are offering "Blac Rob" ... 2 Elvises, 2 showgirls and a pink Caddy convertible for pick up and drop off.

Meanwhile, the Little White Wedding Chapel -- where Britney Spears once married (briefly) -- is aiming high with a helicopter ceremony above the strip. They'll even throw in ground transport with a 14-seat Hummer for the whole family, if they RSVP.

That's a big IF, right now.

Kanye West I'm Grudgingly Team Rob

4/8/2016 12:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West is clearly conflicted over Rob Kardashian's engagement to Blac Chyna, but he's stickin' by him because he's family.

'Ye touched down at LAX Friday sporting his famous grin ... and when asked if the Kardashian Klan supported ChyRo, it was all love ... at least for Rob.

As for the wedding -- Kanye says he's currently sans an invite -- but he'd make a hell of a wedding singer. 

Paris Jackson This Tatt's for You, Grandma

4/7/2016 6:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0407-paris-jackson-instagram-01Paris Jackson's gonna run out of skin if she keeps getting tattoos for family members -- but she reserved a special spot for granny, Katherine Jackson.

Paris got a blue flower with Mandarin Chinese lettering "Kaiselin" inked on her left wrist. She proudly announced the tatt was "for Grandma Katherine."

The new piece looks to be adjacent to the one she just got in honor of her father.

Paris is gonna have to draw a line with Jackson family tattoos at some point. She's in trouble if she gets to Jermajesty territory. 


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