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Tyga Tupac Was More of a Father to Me Than My Real Dad

3/9/2016 7:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tyga's biggest male role model was the rapper he listened to and idolized while growing up ... without his father.

Tyga was at LAX when he explained his recent tweet ... a side-by-side of himself and Tupac, which he captioned, "Dad."

The video is interesting ... we rarely see a serious side of Tyga, but he was straight-faced as he talked about his fatherless childhood.

Speaking of which ... he also gave Rob Kardashian props as a possible stepdad to his son with Blac Chyna.



Bobbi Kristina Family Plans BDay Celebration

3/4/2016 3:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0304_Bobbi-Kristina_gettyBobbi Kristina's family and friends will gather Friday night on what would've been her 23rd birthday.

It's a difficult day made even tougher for Bobbi Kristina's family following the medical examiner releasing the autopsy report -- but BK's brother Landon Brown says the family's focus is celebrating Bobbi's life.

Landon tells us Bobbi's friends and family will be gathering at a private residence in L.A. tonight to share memories and talk about the good times. We're told Bobbi's siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles will be there but her father, Bobby Brown, will most likely not be attending.

We're told her relatives in Atlanta have a similar evening planned.

Landon released a song Friday about his sister as a way to honor her memory. He tells us he recorded it in the hospital while he was staying with Bobbi during the months she remained in a coma. Landon says he recorded it next to her bedside, hoping she'd hear the song.

Nick Gordon's legal team also spoke out today, saying Nick feels vindicated by the autopsy findings.

Nina Simone's Family Nina Would Be Outraged By 'Blackface' Actress

3/4/2016 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0303-sam-waymon-nina-simone-getty-01Nina Simone would go ballistic if she knew a light-skinned actress with dark makeup was portraying her in an upcoming biopic ... so say members of the late singer's family.

Nina's brother, Sam Waymon, tells us Nina would blanch at the studio's choice of Zoe Saldana -- whose skin was drastically darkened to resemble her. Sam says "painting up" a light-skinned actress is insulting, and "raping Nina's legacy."

Nina was a civil rights activist, and Sam says there are plenty of qualified dark-skinned actresses who could have pulled off the role ... like Viola Davis or India Arie.


Hilary Duff Me & My Ex Break All the Rules

3/2/2016 9:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hilary Duff doesn't find anything awkward about the Hawaiian vacation she went on with her ex-husband Mike Comrie.

We got Hilary at LAX, and asked about her Maui trip with Mike and their 3-year-old son Luca ... a week after their divorce was finalized. For a lot of people ... it seemed way too civilized, especially for a Hollywood couple.

Check out Hil's answer ... she's writing a new rule book.



Frank Stallone When Sly Lost ... I Was Just an Italian Emotional Brother

3/2/2016 6:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Frank Stallone walked it back a mile Tuesday, when he explained his Twitter rant about brother Sly losing the Oscar was based on famiglia. 

Frank was in Bev Hills when we asked about his tweets on the heels of Sly losing the Best Supporting Actor Oscar to Mark Rylance.  

Come to think of it ... Frank does apologize, but just as quickly he throws shade at the Academy voters.  


Christian Slater Sued by His Dad ... I Don't Have Schizophrenia

2/24/2016 3:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0224_christian-slater_tmz_2Christian Slater destroyed his father's acting career by going public with allegations his dad is suffering from mental illness ... according to a new defamation lawsuit.

Thomas Knight Slater -- who's acted under the name Michael Hawkins -- says his son did an interview last year where he described his father as suffering from "manic-depressive schizophrenia."  

Hawkins denies the comment and points out his son has no medical creds to make such a diagnosis.

In the suit -- filed Wednesday in L.A. and obtained by TMZ -- Hawkins says the article resulted in him being "blacklisted" in Hollywood. He says he was hoping to land more roles in the "autumn of his life," but that won't be possible after Christian's lies.

Hawkins had roles in soap operas like "Ryan's Hope" and "As the World Turns" in the '70s. He's also had small roles in some big movies -- 'Amityville Horror,' "Midnight Run" and "Mommie Dearest."

Dad is suing for at least $20 million.

Blac Chyna Attacks Kris Jenner For Stocking Rob's Cabinets

2/24/2016 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Blac Chyna went ham on Kris Jenner and her family for daring to help stock Rob Kardashian's new kitchen with healthy food. 

Check out the video ... Chyna scoffs at the food choices, including fat free sorbet, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, wheat tortillas, oatmeal and quinoa. BTW ... there's also pizza crust mix, although it's wheat.

TMZ broke the story ... Kris helped Rob buy a house in the Calabasas community where his sisters live. It seems Chyna's none too happy his family is back in the picture.

Our Kardashian sources tell us they think it's despicable Chyna's making fun of Rob's family for trying to help him beat his diabetes and weight issues. 

To Chyna's credit, Rob has lost around 40 lbs on her watch. 

Rob made it clear which sides he's picking between Chyna and his fam with a very descripitive IG post late Tuesday night ...



Robert Kardashian Family Celebrates 72nd Birthday

2/23/2016 6:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0223-robert-kardashian-birthday-gallery-launchRobert Kardashian may be gone, but his memory burns bright, because almost the entire Kardashian brood turned up to celebrate what would have been his 72nd birthday.

Kris Jenner hosted the bash at her Calabasas home. Kim, Kourtney, KhloeKendall, and Kylie were all there, dining on traditional Armenian food, including, hummus, pita bread, stuffed vine leaves, bulgur wheat, string cheese and baklava.

Interestingly, we're told Lamar Odom and Scott Disick were also there.

Rob was a no-show.  

Kris Jenner BOOOOOOOOD At iHeart 80's Concert

2/21/2016 6:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

Kris Jenner was roundly and thunderously booed off stage at the iHeart 80's concert Saturday night.

Kris took the stage at The Forum in Inglewood to intro Culture Club and -- how to say in Italian -- they no like-ie.

Jo Frost Ex 'Supernanny' Reports Dad for Child Beating

2/19/2016 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jo Frost's reality TV crew recorded footage of a father disciplining his child with a belt, and she felt the incident was so severe she reported it to child services ... TMZ has learned. 

While recording an episode of her new show "Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour" ... Frost visited a family last October in Gwinnett County, GA. Sources connected to production tell us the Spivey family contacted the show because their 3 kids don't respect mom's word around the house ... only dad's.

After Jo's visit the show left surveillance cameras -- with the Spiveys' approval -- which captured a scene where the father sends his 9-year-old son up to his bedroom, takes off his belt and then goes into the bedroom. The boy was in trouble for using dad's charger.

The episode, which aired Thursday night on the UP channel, doesn't show any beating, but you can hear the boy wailing from behind the closed door.

As part of her follow-up with families ... Frost reviews the footage and we're told when she saw what happened between Chris Spivey and his son, she immediately reported it to DCFS. 

We spoke to the Spiveys, who confirmed DCFS investigated. Mr. Spivey admits using corporal punishment in the past -- which is legal in Georgia as long as the child isn't injured -- but he denies hitting his son in the video. He claims he only "hit his bed," and claims the boy was crying because "he was frightened."

The Spiveys say DCFS ultimately found no wrongdoing. We've contacted the agency, but haven't heard back. Our show sources say Jo thought it was important for the episode to air because she's staunchly anti-corporal punishment, and wanted to start a conversation. 

Big Ang Final Wish A Disco Send-Off

2/18/2016 9:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0218-big-ang-TMZ-01Big Ang had a dying wish -- a disco party in Brooklyn.

Ang loved a discotheque in her hood called Pastels. She wanted her family and friends to have a hard-drinking night where the music would reign supreme. Ang felt this was more appropriate to celebrate her life than a stodgy memorial service.

Here's the problem. Pastels has been shut down for a while. It's unclear if the family will find another venue.

As for a final resting place, we're told one thing's for sure -- no cremation, because Ang was freaked out by fire. She'll be buried, but as of this moment the family hasn't chosen a site.

Ang passed away Thursday morning after battling cancer. She was 55. 


Kanye West Yeah, I Was Pissed at Kylie Over PUMA

2/17/2016 3:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West acknowledged Kylie Jenner blindsided him by secretly signing with PUMA and he WAS pissed off ... and he says PUMA's competition, Adidas, saved him.

Our photog asked Kanye a slew of questions Wednesday at LAX, and Kanye's choice of words is interesting ... "It's possible to go under and still make it out." Kanye was talking about him sinking $53 million into his fashion biz, and getting no bites from investors.

Kanye has lots of love for Adidas ... which sounds like his peace treaty with Kylie could get problematic. 


Kanye West I Made This Magician Famous

2/16/2016 2:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Undeniable proof Kanye West is a changed, more patient man ... he actually sat through a freakin' magic show with Kim Kardashian and North

Audience members at magician Dan White's small NYC show tell us Yeezy even seemed impressed with the tricks on Sunday night -- so much so, he stepped up when White asked for a volunteer to help with the final card trick.

Check out the video ... Kanye looked totally baffled by White's sleight of hand.

The magician's only mistake was asking Kanye what his magical hand gesture would be. He quickly replied with a double bird salute.

C'mon, that was too easy. 

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