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Kardashian Family Caitlyn's a Transgender Traitor

8/4/2017 11:33 AM PDT

The Kardashian family believes Caitlyn Jenner has betrayed the transgender community by sticking with Donald Trump after the President vowed to ban transgender soldiers from the military.

Sources with first-hand knowledge tell us, Caitlyn's latest stunt -- parading around Malibu wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap is an affront to the community she claims to champion. The family believes Caitlyn promotes transgender rights in a very selective way -- when it helps her.

They think she's become heartless by flaunting views that hurt the LGBT community and it reaffirms they want nothing to do with her.

As one source said ... "Caitlyn has always been about Caitlyn."

Hilary Duff Staying Afloat with Mommy Duties

8/4/2017 8:00 AM PDT

Hilary Duff is staying above water when it comes to motherhood.

Hilary's soakin' up the sun with her son, Luca, and friends over in Hawaii. She's taking it all in -- some fun on a paddle board, catching some rays and definitely some waves ... all in mommy mode.

Motherhood suits her well ... especially in a striped bathing suit, despite it being understandably PG.

But we've seen her out flaunting the goods before ... a little here and a little there for everyone to enjoy.

Chad Johnson's Daughter 3-Peats at Junior Olympics Gold Medal in 800m Dash

8/2/2017 4:34 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

It's a 3-PEAT for Chad Johnson's daughter Cha'iel ... the 12-year-old track star just DOMINATED to win gold medal in the 800m race at the AAU Jr. Olympic Track & Field Championships for the 3rd year in a row.

Cha'iel -- who's won the competition with ease the past 2 years -- crossed the finish line Wednesday with a time of 2:13.72 ... nearly 2 whole seconds faster than the 2nd place finisher.

Mini-Ocho's not letting up, either ... she finished almost 6 seconds faster than her time 1 year ago (2:19:60).

We spoke with Ochocinco, who says, "It's a blessing to see her excel at such a young age because I sucked at 12."

Nick Cannon My Kid's Talent is all in the Genes ... Whose, Exactly?

8/2/2017 3:36 PM PDT

Nick Cannon says his and Mariah Carey's daughter is a natural born star 'cause her musical talent runs deep in her veins ... but it's unclear who he thinks passed it on.

We got Nick Wednesday in NYC, where we asked for his take on Monroe's stage performance next to her mom -- and his baby mama -- Mariah. He's not surprised she killed it ... like he says, it's in the genes.

What he's not totally clear on is whose genes he's talking about. As you know ... Mimi's the singer in the fam. And, while Nick raps, he definitely doesn't have her pipes.

The former 'AGT' host also addresses his replacement, Tyra Banks. He punts on that one, claiming TV blindness.

Kobe Bryant On a Big, Fat Boat ... Keeps Shirt On

8/2/2017 6:17 AM PDT
Breaking News

Kobe Bryant went from "skins" to "shirts" in Italy on Wednesday -- keeping covered up on a boat in Portofino after being body shamed the day before. 

The ex-NBA superstar was mocking himself about the topless pics that surfaced on Tuesday -- jokingly calling himself "Mamba Thick" and vowing to get shredded again in 30 days ... not that he really needs to. 

Still, he didn't look too concerned during Wednesday's family boat trip -- smiling with Vanessa and his 3 daughters ... and snapping photos from a real deal camera (instead of an iPhone). 

Say "cheese" ... even if it's not on the diet anymore.  

Jennifer Garner I'm Divorcing Ben ... Not His Mom

8/1/2017 3:37 PM PDT

Jennifer Garner's not just good at getting along with her ex -- she's still totally cool with his mom too.

Jen was out for a walk Tuesday with Ben Affleck's mother, Chris, in Brentwood ... and they looked like 2 old friends yukkin' it up.

As we've reported, Jen and Ben have been doing the co-parenting thing like pros, while also having fun with their own friends. But clearly, for Jen anyway, family is family.

Besides ... always a good idea to keep Grandma happy.

Kobe Bryant Vacation Dad Bod Jacked & Hairless (Update)

8/1/2017 6:34 AM PDT

2:36 PM PT -- Kobe has ... (ahem) ... weighed in on the pics -- saying, "Objects on camera may appear larger than they do in the mirror haha."

He added, "ok...ok...ok. Gimme 30 days #challengeaccepted #mambathick #mambabeast."

Kobe Bryant's chest is just like his jumper ... SMOOTH!

The Mamba ditched the shirt for a relaxing poolside session in Portofino, Italy while on vacation with his family -- but just like the rest of us, he couldn't muster up the strength to put his phone away. 

Italy is like a second home for Kobe -- he grew up there while his father played pro ball in Calabria and speaks fluent Italian.

Portofino is poppin' right now for rich people -- Kris Jenner hit up the vacation spot last month. Same with Tiffany Trump. And Heidi Klum was there last week!

Maybe they all use the same waxer?

Golf Channel's David Feherty Son Dies From Drug Overdose

8/1/2017 8:44 AM PDT
Breaking News

Sad news for famed golf commentator David Feherty ... who revealed his son, Shey, passed away from a drug overdose on his 29th birthday. 

"My first born son is gone from me, dying from an overdose on his 29th birthday," Feherty posted on social media ... "Bless his sweet heart, I will fight on."

Shey died on July 29th. Funeral services are set for Tuesday. 

The former PGA golfer has also battled substance abuse himself and previously said alcoholism and mental illness run in his family.

In lieu of flowers, the family is asking mourners to donate to the Center for Addiction and Recovery Studies.


Mariah Carey Child, Please ... Monroe Sings at the Bowl!

8/1/2017 6:44 AM PDT

Mariah Carey is passing her microphone, and tiara, down to her daughter, Monroe ... who made her singing debut at the legendary Hollywood Bowl.

Monroe took center stage at the venue Monday night during Mom and Lionel Richie's concert. When Mariah launched into "Always Be My Baby" ... the diva-in-training got on the mic. Sorta.

It took some encouragement from Mariah, but she busted out a few notes. Monroe's twin bro, Moroccan, was there too, but he's saving his pipes for a solo performance. They grow up so fast.

And just so you can feel old too -- the song is 22 freakin' years old!

Justin Bieber QT with Real Dad ... Perfect Timing?

8/1/2017 1:00 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Justin Bieber's blood father is back on the scene ... just days after some huge events in his son's life, and word he had been leaning on Pastor Carl Lentz for fatherly guidance.

Bieber's pops, Jeremy, flew to L.A. from Ontario, Canada over the weekend with Justin's younger brother, Jaxon, in tow. Jeremy was seen driving around town in a convertible ... tailing Justin who was in his own vehicle.

Sources connected to Bieber say Jeremy's visit is absolutely a direct response to Justin's tumultuous week -- from pulling the plug on the Purpose tour, to accidentally hitting a pap with his truck.

And there's this -- as we first reported, Lentz has stepped up over the last several months as a father figure ... spending time with Justin on the road, and back home in Los Angeles. He's the one Justin turned to when he wanted to discuss ending the tour.

Our sources say Justin's had little, if any, relationship with Jeremy all year. It appears the last time they were together was around Christmastime. We're told Jeremy's here now because he just wanted to reconnect and hang with his kid.

So far, so good. Justin's been pretty chill during the visit.

Shareef O'Neal I'm Gonna Be 1-and-Done ... Won't Play LaMelo

8/1/2017 12:55 AM PDT

Sorry, Shaq and LaVar -- looks like the epic matchup between your sons ain't happenin' ... 'cause Shareef O'Neal says he's gunning to be 1-and-done before LaMelo Ball makes it to UCLA.

We got Shareef leaving LAX with his mom, Shaunie ... and the Arizona Wildcats recruit told us straight-up that he wants to dip outta 'Zona after just one year to go get that NBA money.

Since LaMelo's one year behind him ... that would mean no O'Neal on Ball action -- until the NBA.

There's more ... Shareef says he'd prefer not to follow in his dad's footsteps in the endorsement world ... meaning Reebok's probably off the table. Big Baller Brand isn't on the kid's short list either.

As for the O'Neal vs. Ball rivalry ... Shareef told us IT AIN'T REAL -- and that he hasn't even listened to Shaq's epic diss track.

Yeah ... right.

Wale 'Spraying' is My Heritage Learn Before You Speak, Haters!

8/1/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Wale doesn't mind people calling him out for literally showering his baby girl with cash on her birthday ... because he's used to the cultural ignorance.

We got the D.C. rapper -- who's Nigerian-American -- at LAX and asked what he made of haters criticizing the video of his daughter sitting in a pile of bills at her first bday party. Some people likened it to "making it rain" at a strip club.

Instead of getting pissed off though ... Wale's using this as a teachable moment. He explained the Nigerian custom of "spraying," and encouraged his haters to broaden their horizons.

As he put it ... know before you speak.

Kourtney Kardashian I'm Cool with Scott IF He Follows the Rules

7/31/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are fully back on track as co-parents after some serious conversations and a little family vacation.

Sources close to the situation tell us Kourtney's laid out the rules loud and clear to Scott ... if things are gonna work, there's no more hard partying and he's gotta respect her dating someone else. We're told so far, Scott's obliged and things have gone swimmingly.

The pair recently spent some time in Nantucket with their 3 kids. Our sources say, while they're totally done romantically, they realize the importance of showing their kids they can get along.

TMZ broke the story, Kourtney was furious with Scott after he had a jealousy-fueled party spree back in May ... and even kept the kids from him until he cleaned up his act. For now, we're told it's squeaky clean.

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