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Jamie Lynn Spears Daughter Leaves Hospital Smiling!!!

2/10/2017 11:35 AM PST

0210-maddie-aldridge-jamie-lynn-spears-helicopter-childrens-hospital-INSTAGRAM-02Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter, Maddie, appears to be out of the woods ... and her adorable little smile's all the proof you need.

Jamie Watson posted a photo with 8-year-old Maddie in a helicopter and saying they're headed home after a grueling week in the hospital following the scary ATV accident. Jamie thanked first responders at University and Children's Hospital in New Orleans.

As we reported, Maddie was awake and breathing on her own Tuesday, a family spokesperson said there's no apparent neurological damage. 




NFL's Chris Johnson MOMMA, I LOVE YA Here's a Range Rover!

2/10/2017 10:22 AM PST
Breaking News

AZ Cardinals running back Chris Johnson is definitely up for the Son of the Week honors -- CJ2K just surprised his mom with his BRAND NEW RANGE ROVER ... and the video is great!

Why the new car? Why not? He's rich and she wanted a new whip. It's that simple.

Johnson's mom couldn't have been happier -- she actually starts busting out a DJ Khaled "I Got The Keys" dance.


Michael Jackson Cousin Trent Says Some of Singer's Siblings Out for Money Grab

2/9/2017 1:53 PM PST

0209-trent-jackson-katherine-jackson-TMZ-AP-01The nephew ordered to stay away from Katherine Jackson says he knows what is really going on ... some of Michael Jackson's siblings are plotting a money grab against the MJ estate.

A judge clearly sees it differently, siding with Katherine, who claims Trent Jackson has been fleecing her out of money and isolating her from her family. Trent, who Katherine says she is now scared he may physically harm her, has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from her and her home.

Sources close to Trent tell TMZ, he's adamant he did nothing untoward and believes some of MJ's brothers and sisters want him out of the way so they have a clear path to Katherine and MJ's estate.

We're told Trent believes some of Katherine's kids will now try and influence her to put pressure on Michael's estate to give her a bigger piece of the pie, and he believes they want to cut themselves in on the action.

Here's the problem with Trent's theory. Katherine has no right to simply get more money because she wants it. She gets a healthy stipend, and the duty of those in charge of the estate is to preserve and grow the assets for the benefit of Michael's 3 kids and his designated charities.

And, Trent has another problem. We're told he refuses to surrender the keys to Katherine's guesthouse where he's been living, but the restraining order is clear ... he has to give up the keys and move out.

Madonna Scored Adoption in Just 2 Weeks ... Normally Takes Months

2/9/2017 9:15 AM PST
Exclusive Details

0209-madonna-malawi-twins-adoption-INSTAGRAM-01Madonna's third time adopting was a charm because what usually takes 3 to 7 months was accomplished in just 2 weeks ... according to Malawi court officials.

Madonna first applied to adopt Esther and Stella on January 25, which is when the story first got out ... and when she flatly denied she was adopting. Court spokesperson Mlenga Mvula tells us Madge returned this past Tuesday to get the court's sign-off on the adoption. Just like that her brood grew to 6.

We're told this isn't a case of celeb favoritism, but more about Madonna already going through the process twice in Malawi. We're told the court took that into consideration, as well as her extensive charitable work in the country.

It's not a done deal -- a government appointed guardian will travel to the U.S. with Madonna and the girls to do a Home Study Report on how she cares for them. Mvula says that could take up to 12 months, but once it's complete ... the adoption will be fulfilled.

0209-madonna-twins-lola-stella-esther-july-2016-INSTAGRAM-01As for the twins -- we're told their mother died 5 days after giving birth, and their father put them in an orphanage because he had 5 other kids and couldn't afford the extra mouths to feed.

Although it was a quickie adoption, Madonna's known Stella and Esther for a while. She posted this pic of Lourdes with them at the orphanage last summer.

We're told the 4-year-old girls have no idea about Madonna's fame ... she's just Mom now.


Katherine Jackson My Nephew Is Abusing Me

2/8/2017 4:50 PM PST

0208-katherine-trent-jackson-tmz-x17Katherine Jackson is the victim of elder abuse at the hands of her nephew ... according to legal docs she just filed in Los Angeles.

Katherine just obtained a restraining order against Trent Lamar Jackson. In her papers she claims he is an "abusive con-man" who manipulated Mrs. Jackson for years so he could take control of her finances, stay rent-free in her guest house and estrange her from her kids.

She believes Trent was taking money from her accounts and says she has to hide in her closet so she can speak freely to her kids. Katherine says Rebbie and some of her other children are willing to testify against Trent.

Katherine also fears physical harm, saying, "Now that he knows his conduct will be revealed, she fears what he may do to her upon her return." She's currently in London visiting Janet.

The 86-year-old says she tried to fire Trent from his job as her nearly 6-figure driver on February 3, with the Sheriff present, but Trent took off just as deputies and her lawyer arrived.

The judge's order requires Trent to stay 100 yards clear of her, move out of her guest house and return all his keys.

Madonna Cops to Adopting Malawi Twins ... Why the Lie?

2/8/2017 10:51 AM PST
Breaking News

0208-main-madonna-instagram-01Madonna now admits she adopted 4-year-old twin girls from Malawi -- something she flatly denied 2 weeks ago when she was in the African nation.

Madonna posted a pic with the girls, Esther and Stella, to announce she'd officially "completed the process" of adopting them. She's now adopted 4 children from Malawi -- she got David in 2006 and Mercy in 2009.

Madonna insisted she was not adopting, and only doing work with her charity last month. It now seems clear she lied in an attempt to keep a low profile until the adoption was stamped and approved ... most likely to avoid the criticism she got after David's adoption.

You'll recall his biological father came forward and said Madonna swooped in to get David after another woman was set to adopt him.

For the record, she now has 6 kids. Your move, Angelina Jolie.


Jamie Lynn Spears Daughter Awake and Breathing On Her Own

2/7/2017 1:03 PM PST
Breaking News

0206-jamie-maddie-spears-instagram-02Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter, Maddie, is now breathing on her own as she recovers from the horrific ATV accident that left her submerged for several minutes.

A Spears family rep says the 8-year-old girl regained consciousness on Tuesday ... "Doctors were able to remove the ventilator today and she is awake and talking." Maddie is still receiving oxygen, but the rep told People it appears she did not suffer any neurological damage.

TMZ broke the story ... Maddie was driving a Polaris ATV Sunday when it flipped and submerged her in a pond.


Jamie Lynn Spears' Daughter Warnings and Lawsuits Over ATV

2/7/2017 12:50 AM PST
Exclusive Details

0206-jamie-maddie-spears-atv-instagram-01Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter, Maddie, probably should not have been a driver or a passenger in the Polaris that flipped over and critically injured her, and we've learned there's been a big problem with the company's ATVs rolling over.

The Polaris in question, the RZR 170, has an instruction manual which reads in part, "Never allow a child under age 10 to operate or ride as a passenger in this vehicle." There is a qualifier ... "Permit continued use only if you [the parent] determine that your child has the ability and maturity to operate safely."

Maddie is not close to 10 ... she's 8 years old.

0206-sub-polaris-age-limit-polaris-manual-01We've also found lawsuits involving RZRs that flip over. In one case, the RZR -- not the 170 -- rolled and the metal portions of the roll cage pinned the driver's head and neck, fracturing his spine.

There's another case in which a RZR flipped and the driver was severely injured when the roll cage collapsed on her.

We contacted the company that appears to have sold Maddie's family the RZR 170, but they had no comment other than to offer prayers to the child.

A spokesperson for Polaris tells us, "The safety of our riders is our absolute top priority. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family."

TMZ broke the story ... Maddie was critically injured Sunday when her RZR flipped over and submerged into a pond, trapping her underwater for several minutes as her mother and stepfather frantically tried to remove her seat belt.


Gigi & Bella Hadid Move to NYC, Ma! But Dump Your L.A. Crib 1st

2/6/2017 2:29 PM PST

0406-yolanda-hadid-home-for-sale-launch-Gigi and Bella Hadid must have really wanted their mom to move to NYC with them ... 'cause she's dumping her L.A. pad and heading East.

Yolanda Hadid just listed her L.A. condo after living there for little more than a year. She wants about $5 mil for the sky-high view from the 4,000 sq. ft home in the famed Westwood Corridor.

Mama Hadid bought it for $4.59 mil, and it includes a private elevator foyer, floor-to-ceiling windows, crystal chandeliers and a separate guest suite in the building.

As for what prompted the move ... we're told Yolanda just wants to be closer to her kids. Even her son, Anwar, is modeling in NYC.

No word on where exactly Yolanda is looking to buy next. We know this ... she'll have a good view of Gigi if she couch surfs with her for a bit.

Jamie Lynn Spears Maddie Got ATV for Birthday Britney Asks for Prayers

2/6/2017 2:27 PM PST

Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter, Maddie, got a Polaris ATV for her 7th birthday and it's matching up as the one in which she was critically injured.

Jamie surprised her daughter in June 2015 with the off-road vehicle. TMZ broke the story, Maddie was riding in a Polaris Sunday when it flipped over into a pond, submerging her for 2 minutes as her mom and stepdad frantically tried to unfasten her seat belt.

0206-britney-spears-tweet-jamie-lynn-spears-daughter-atv-INSTAGRAM-01Britney asked for people to pray for her niece, who remains in critical but stable condition.


J.R. Smith Finally Holds Miracle Preemie 'One of The Greatest Days'

2/6/2017 9:29 AM PST
Breaking News


J.R. Smith's miracle continues ... the NBA star finally got to hold his preemie daughter (born after only 21 weeks) ... and says it's one of the greatest days of his life. 

As we previously reported, Smith's wife gave birth to baby Dakota in early January almost 5 months before her due date. Dakota only weighed 1 pound at birth. 

Now, more than a month later ... Dakota is still fighting and doctors determined she's strong enough to allow her parents to hold her in the NICU. 

Smith posted a photo of their first "skin to skin" session. Smith wrote, "Today is one of the greatest days of my life. Today I get to hold my youngest for the first time! GOD is GREAT! #DakotaStrong."

J.R.'s entire family has been by Dakota's side at the hospital -- even reading to her as she continues to battle.  


Tom Brady Emotional Super Bowl Celebration with Sick Mom

2/5/2017 8:06 PM PST
Breaking News

The crowd booed the living hell out of Roger Goodell ... but Tom Brady didn't care -- he was too busy celebrating the Super Bowl win with his mom ... the woman he dedicated the game to.

Tom had previously revealed that Galynn Brady has been battling an undisclosed illness and hadn't attended a Patriots game all season.

But, when it came time for Goodell to present Robert Kraft with the Lombardi Trophy -- Tom was down on the field with his family, hugging Gisele and their kids and sharing a moment with mom.



Chris Hemsworth I Say These Kids Need a Lift

2/5/2017 8:31 AM PST

0205-chris-hemsworth-elsa-pataky-kids-malibu-park-FAMEFLYNET-01Chris Hemsworth has no problem giving his kids a break from terra firma.

Chris and his wife strolled the Country Mart in Malibu Saturday with Sasha and India.  

Chris' son, Tristan, is also there ... but hey, even Thor has his limits.


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