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Rachel McAdams I'm A New Mom ... And I Love It!!!

9/13/2018 6:33 AM PDT

We're getting our first look at Rachel McAdams as a new mom ... and she fits the part!!!

Rachel and baby daddy Jamie Linden took a family stroll Wednesday in Los Angeles, giving everyone their first glimpse at the couple's 5-month-old son. Rachel kept her pregnancy on the down low and secretly gave birth in April. 

The suspense was killing us, but the wait was totally worth it ... just look at that happy fam!!!

Rachel seems to have this mommy thing down pat ... and Jamie looks extremely pleased to be pushing a stroller -- wouldn't you if "The Notebook" star was your baby mama?!?!

Congrats, Rachel and Jamie, on #FamilyGoals!!!

Mac Miller Body En Route to Pittsburgh For Hometown Funeral

9/12/2018 1:07 PM PDT

Mac Miller's body is on board a flight heading back to his hometown in preparation for his funeral ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Miller's casket was loaded onto a plane in L.A. Wednesday morning and is on its way to Pittsburgh. Our sources say there will be a Jewish service for him at a chapel in the city later this week.

Mac's fans already held a public vigil for him Tuesday night at Pittsburgh's Blue Slide Park.

We broke the story ... Mac was found dead last week at his San Fernando Valley home from an apparent overdose. A tiny amount of white powder was found in the house when cops searched for clues as to how he died, but the cause is still unknown ... according to his death certificate.

The L.A. County Coroner is awaiting toxicology results before officially making a ruling ... which could be a few more weeks.

Richie Incognito Apologizes for Funeral Home Arrest ... 'I'm Not Guilty'

9/11/2018 3:05 PM PDT
Breaking News

Richie Incognito says he didn't threaten to shoot ANYONE during a heated incident at an Arizona funeral home back in August ... but admits he "lost his cool" after his father's death. 

As we previously reported, cops swarmed Messinger Mortuary on August 20 after staffers secretly called 911 and said Incognito had ordered them to "cut his dad's head off for research purposes." They also claim Richie threatened to shoot the funeral director. Police say they found guns in his truck. 

Now, Incognito is finally breaking his silence ... apologizing to his fans while maintaining his innocence.

“I just want to apologize to all my fans, and the people of the Bills Mafia, the Rams, the Dolphins, the University of Nebraska, all these people that have supported me. I let em down," Richie told Pat McAfee on his podcast.

"I AM NOT GUILTY. And you know the court process will play itself out. But I feel like I let everybody down. I lost my cool with my father passing. And I feel confident that I will be vindicated in the court process or whatever the heck we’re in right now.”

Incognito was booked for disorderly conduct and threatening/intimidating people. Unclear if prosecutors will move forward with charges ... but according to Richie, he's not out of the woods yet. 

Cardi B If The Shoe Fit ... I'd Throw It at Nicki All Over Again!!!

9/11/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Cardi B wouldn't change a damn thing about her decision to attack Nicki Minaj -- in fact, she'd even chuck her shoe again in that same situation ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Cardi tell us the "I Like It" MC feels zero remorse about her dustup with Nicki this weekend at a New York Fashion Week event. Our sources are adamant -- Cardi was simply defending her daughter's honor after hearing Nicki had been talking trash about her family ... and she'd still sling her stiletto if she had to do it all over again.

Cardi thinks Nicki has some nerve saying SHE needs an intervention, when Nicki is the one who incites people almost for sport. Nicki denied speaking ill about Cardi's baby on Queen Radio. Cardi says that's just a baldfaced lie.

She also warned Cardi would "die" if she continued to attack people in such brazen fashion -- while going on to call the run-in mortifying and embarrassing.

We should make clear that Cardi isn't seeking Nicki out for another round -- only that she would do the exact same thing she did last week if a similar situation presents itself in the future. 

In other words ... be careful, Chun-Li.

Frank Gore's Son Gets Major NCAA Offer I'm Better Than My Dad!

9/11/2018 12:20 AM PDT

The football genes run in the Gore family ... because Frank Gore's son just got his first major NCAA scholarship offer to Kentucky -- and the high school star tells us he's already better than his dad! 

Okay, he's joking around ... but Frank Gore Jr. is legit on the field -- a star running back at Killian High School in Miami where he's already making a name for himself as a junior. 

"I can return the ball, I can catch the ball, I can run the ball," Gore Jr. tells TMZ Sports.

As for the comparison with his father -- a 5-time Pro Bowler who's been in the NFL since 2005 -- FG2 has his sights set on being the best football player in his family. 

"He's one dimensional -- he can run the ball. I'm shifty, I'm faster than him. But he's stronger, that's it. I'm more explosive."

In fact ... Frank Jr. says it's his pops who's helping him the most when it comes to football and his recruiting process!!

"He talks to me about my name, he knows that people are going to try to come at me differently," Gore Jr. says.

"He just tells me keep your head straight up on, and God has a plan."

As for where Gore Jr. will eventually end up -- everyone assumes it'll be the University of Miami like Sr. ... but the younger Gore tells us that's not entirely set in stone.

And, it sounds like Frank Sr.'s okay with that ... for now.

Justin Bieber & Stephen Baldwin No Hailey Required ... We're Guys' Trippin' in Michigan!!!

9/10/2018 3:23 PM PDT

Justin Bieber and Stephen Baldwin are showing nothing but love for each other in the Wolverine State ... proving in-laws CAN get along.

The Biebs and Stephen spent Monday in Grand Rapids, Michigan where the future father/son-in-law duo hit up a music festival. On their way back to the hotel, they had a touching moment -- placing their arms around each other. That oughta put a smile on Hailey's face.

BTW ... Hailey's giving her guys some dude time because she's busy at New York Fashion Week. She's kind of a big deal there.

Justin went to one of the couture events last week with her ... helping create one of the most epic photos ever sitting elbow-to-elbow with LeBron James, Whoopi Goldberg and Ben Simmons to name a few.

As we first reported, Justin and Hailey are engaged, but in no hurry to get married. We're told they're thinking about tying the knot sometime next year ... they're in no rush.

More time for family bonding!

Beyonce and Jay-Z Beach is Better With A Private Photog

9/9/2018 8:21 AM PDT

Beyonce and Jay-Z are still in the midst of celebrating the singer's birthday ... squeezing in some time for a private photo shoot too.

The pair hit the beach on the Italian island of Sardinia Saturday for a boat tour followed by some cute couple pics shot by a private photog. It's no secret, Jay is crazy about his wife ... and the photo shoot proves it. 

Beyonce turned 37 last week, and the pair has been in Italy celebrating -- seemingly sans kids -- ever since.

The singer posted a message Thursday recapping 36 and sharing her hopes for the year ahead, saying, "I became a new mother of 3. I breastfed twins. I renewed my vows with my husband of ten years. I came back home to the stage to do Coachella, after pregnancy. Then my husband and I released our album together, Everything Is Love."

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Couples Therapy Saved My Marriage

9/8/2018 12:35 AM PDT
Breaking News

Dale Earnhardt Jr. just got REAL candid about his relationship with his wife -- admitting they were crashing and burning in a big way ... until they started going to couples therapy. 

"Every day was like grinding gears,” Earnhardt said about his relationship with Amy Reimann ... "Just a lot of tension and disagreement and misunderstanding."

Dale and Amy started dating back in 2009 -- and got married in 2016 -- but it wasn't always sunshine and rainbows. 

"There were great times -- and then there were days when we would both sort of withdraw and get frustrated with each other and not communicate and hold grudges and, 'I'm gonna show you!'”

Dale fought back tears as he opened up on "In Depth with Graham Bensinger" -- explaining how things finally turned around when they sought professional help from a woman named Jane

"Jane was the reason why we were married. Jane is the reason why we're having a family. And, Jane is the reason why every day is way better."

The couple just welcomed their first child -- a baby girl named Isla Rose -- back in May ... and Dale says even though they still get regular checkups with their therapist -- they're a very happy family now.

Kevin Dillon I'm Not Making 'Entourage' Money Anymore ... Estranged Wife Has Tapped Me Out

9/7/2018 9:41 AM PDT

Johnny Drama ... err, Kevin Dillon -- best known for his role on the hit HBO show "Entourage" -- says he's hauling in way less moolah these days, so he can't fork over any more to his wife ... according to new legal docs.

Kevin just disclosed his current income in connection with his estranged wife's request for him to pay her lawyer's fees in their ongoing divorce case.

Dillon claims he's making $4,000 a month ... clearly way less than he made while he filmed his hit TV show.

He says in his papers he's already paying her more than $10k a month in spousal and child support, so he's tapped out.

He and Jane Stewart are also bickering over who pays for 12-year-old daughter Ava's private school.

Kevin does say money is on the horizon. They own a home with more than a million bucks in equity, which will soon be divided between them.

Donald Trump Jr. 'Senior Official,' My Ass ... Op-Ed Written by 'Some Idiot!'

9/6/2018 5:34 PM PDT

Donald Trump Jr. has a very clear picture of who's behind that anonymous New York Times op-ed -- and it ain't no "senior official" in the Trump administration.

We got the President's son heading into Vaucluse Thursday in NYC with his GF, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and when we brought up the NYT piece -- about White House staffers allegedly working against 45 -- junior unloaded. 

Don didn't name names, but he made it clear he's not buying the Times' report that it was penned by a "senior Trump administration official." He's convinced it's the other end of the ladder.

We broke the story ... Trump's camp wants the Secret Service to launch an investigation to find the culprit.

There are all sorts of theories on the op-ed author's identity -- several cabinet members and even VP Mike Pence have been mentioned. All have denied any involvement and Trump's oldest son is, at least, inclined to believe them. 

Offset Kim K for Prez!!! She's Helping Black People

9/6/2018 11:05 AM PDT

Offset wants to see the first female president in U.S. history ... but he's not talking about Hillary Clinton. Try Kim Kardashian!!!

We got Offset Thursday in the Big Apple ... and the rapper tells us Kim would get his vote based purely on her impassioned work on prison reform -- something he takes very personally.

Offset's been in jail in Georgia multiple times for weapons charges and weed possession -- so, he's 100 percent behind Kim's fight to free prisoners, especially because she's helping black people.

Kim and Kanye 2020?!?!

We also asked Offset about baby Kulture and his wife, Cardi B, and he dropped some hints about when we'll get to see them both in public. 

Good news ... it could be sooner than you think!!! 

Beyonce 36 Was Awesome, But Cheers to 37 & Beyond!!!

9/6/2018 10:03 AM PDT

Beyonce spent her 37th birthday reflecting on what 36 meant to her -- also known as ... living her best life.

She's been celebrating her big day all week in Italy, and just posted these pics of the trip. Yes, she and Jay-Z are living the high life while floatin' around on a yacht, but Queen Bey still took time to do what we commoners do on birthdays ... cut some cake!!!

The singer summed up her last year, saying ... "I became a new mother of 3. I breastfed twins. I renewed my vows with my husband of ten years. I came back home to the stage to do Coachella, after pregnancy. Then my husband and I released our album together, Everything Is Love."

She goes on, "And we’ve been touring with our family around the world, and loving it. This year has been monumental for me. I thank God for everyone in my life. Thank you for all the positivity and for the beautiful birthday wishes. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn from my past, living in the present, and surrendering to the future."

She signed off, "I love you, Hive."

JFK's Nephew Christopher Lawford Dead at 63 After Yoga Studio Emergency

9/5/2018 10:22 AM PDT

10:45 AM PT:  Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Lawford was at a yoga studio Tuesday night when he had a medical emergency and later died. Our sources say the death appears to be from "natural causes." The coroner is performing an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

Actor Christopher Lawford, the son of Peter Lawford and Patricia Kennedy, has died ... TMZ has confirmed.

Christopher -- a longtime Hollywood actor -- appeared on "General Hospital," "Terminator 3," "All My Children," "Fraiser" and various other TV series. He was also a correspondent on "EXTRA."  

Lawford's uncle was John F. Kennedy and his family often hung out with the First Family during JFK's presidency.

Lawford, who got a J.D. at Boston College School of Law, was very politically active all his life. He was active with the Democratic National Committee and worked for his Uncle, Senator Ted Kennedy. He also worked with the Special Olympics, the org his Aunt Eunice Shriver created.

 He was also a New York Times best selling author with his book, 'Symptoms of Withdrawal.'

Lawford had battled addiction issues back in the '70s and '80s. He was reportedly arrested in 1980 for allegedly impersonating a doctor to score prescriptions.

TMZ got Lawford out in 2013, when he talked candidly about addiction.

Lawford was 63.


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