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Johnny Manziel's Dad He Needs Help Or He'll Die Before 24th Bday

2/5/2016 7:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1124-johnny-manziel-benched-GETTY-01Johnny Manziel's father says he's tried to get his son into rehab TWICE in the past week -- but Johnny refuses -- and now he's concerned he could die if he doesn't get help, asap. 

Paul Manziel spoke with the Dallas Morning News and said, "I truly believe if they can't get him help, he won't live to see his 24th birthday." 

Paul told DMN his family first tried to admit 23-year-old Johnny to the Enterhealth Ranch addiction facility in Van Alstyne on Saturday (after the incident with Colleen Crowley) -- but he refused to stay.

On Tuesday, Paul Manziel said he tried a second time ... begging his son to enter the Carrollton Springs Hospital ... which specializes in treating patients who suffer from mental illness and/or addiction.

Again, Johnny refused to stay ... Paul says. 

We spoke with Manziel Thursday ... and he insisted, "I'm completely stable. I'm safe and secure."

Justin Bieber Take Your Grandpa to Work Day!

2/4/2016 8:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0204-justin-bieber-x17-01Justin Bieber may have started a new holiday by pulling a late night recording session with his grandfather!

Biebs hit up a studio in Santa Monica on Wednesday with grandpa in tow. Justin's done stuff with gramps on social media, but this is the first time we've seen them hang together at work.    

Here's a couple of the dynamic duo's greatest hits ... so far.

A video posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Archie Manning The Gamblers Are Right Broncos Are Underdogs

2/4/2016 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Motivation or realism?  

Peyton Manning's dad -- legendary QB Archie Manning -- says Las Vegas is DEAD ON with its Super Bowl line ... agreeing that the Denver Broncos are DEFINITELY underdogs on Sunday.

We got Archie arriving into San Francisco to cheer his son on ... and asked his thoughts on Peyton's crew being 5 point dogs going into the big game. 

If you're expecting some fatherly sugarcoating ... you ain't gonna get it here. Archie says that line "sounds about right" but reminds everyone it'll be 0-0 when the ball is kicked off.

Tough love ... it works even if your son is damn near 40. 

Rob Kardashian Chill Out Fam ... I'm Sober!!!

2/2/2016 3:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0202-rob-kardashian-happy-TMZ-01Rob Kardashian says he's sober as a mule and wants his family to get off his back ... sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ. 

Our Rob sources say he's upset his family believes he has slipped back into the world of drugs. Rob is insisting he's clean and actually has improved his quality of life by living with Blac Chyna.

Rob tells his friends he's finally eating to lose weight, and he works out everyday because she has a gym in her house.

The family is dubious, especially because Chyna was busted Friday at the Austin International Airport where cops found ecstasy pills in her sunglasses case. Rob is mum on the bust, but insists he doesn't partake.

What we do know, however, is this ... when Khloe came home early and found Chyna and Rob in her kitchen, there were liquor bottles strewn about the kitchen. The friends say Rob is not claiming he doesn't drink.


Kardashian Family Fears Rob's Back on Drugs Blames Blac Chyna

2/2/2016 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0131-rob-kardashian-blac-chyna-TMZ-01Rob Kardashian is contacting his old party buddies and his family thinks it's a sign he's off the wagon in a big way ... and they blame it all on Blac Chyna

Sources connected to the Kardashians tell TMZ, about 2 weeks ago -- the same day Khloe came home from a trip and found Rob and Chyna in her kitchen -- someone in the family received a call from a guy who used to party with Rob. We're told the guy is now clean and wanted them to know Rob had been calling other party friends as well, and he says Rob was trying to score drugs.

Chyna wanted to make it appear she was making Rob healthy again, cooking for him and inspiring him to exercise. Yet as we first reported, in addition to being drunk in Austin, cops say they found ecstasy pills in her sunglasses case. 

The Kardashians believe it's clear ... Rob is in great danger of relapsing, and they believe it's all Chyna's doing.

What's more, the family is deeply concerned Rob's life is in danger because they think he's not taking his diabetes meds. We've learned when Kris Jenner beelined it for Chyna's house last Friday, she arrived with Rob's insulin and other Rx meds, worried he had stopped taking them.

Problem is ... Rob's not listening to anyone -- except Blac Chyna.


Ronda Rousey's Trainer Shrugs Off Mom's Attack 'That's Her Opinion'

2/1/2016 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0201-ronda-rousey-mom-trainor-fight-TMZ-GETTY-01Ronda Rousey's trainer says he's not bothered by the scathing verbal attack Ronda's mom directed at him over the weekend ... saying Ronda's opinion is the only one that really matters. 

Ronda's mom AnnMaria De Mars went on Submission Radio and launched new insults at Edmond Tarverdyan -- calling him an "idiot" and a "fraud" ... and begging her daughter to cut ties with him. 

But Tarverdyan tells TMZ Sports ... he can't focus his energy worrying about what Ronda's mom thinks -- he's got more important things at hand ... like training her for her Holly Holm rematch

"It's just her opinion," Edmond says ... "I'm just here to train Ronda and it really doesn't matter."

"Ronda knows who I am. I am her trainer and that's really about it."

As for Ronda, she stood by Edmond the first time her mother went after him in public -- and it seems she's committed to him this time around as well. 

Gilbert Arenas 'Behaving Badly' Ordered to Co-Parenting Class

2/1/2016 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gilbert Arenas has been "behaving badly" and needs to change ... so says a judge who just ordered the ex-NBA star to attend co-parenting classes with his ex ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Gilbert and Laura Govan -- the mother of his 4 children -- were just in L.A. County Superior Court ... where they've been battling out a custody arrangement ever since their nasty split last year. 

But on Monday, the judge admonished Arenas in open court -- saying, "Gilbert is behaving badly. He needs to change."

As we previously reported, Laura has claimed Gilbert is a "reckless parent" -- and was furious after he posted a video of their 8-year-old son dangerously riding on the front hood of a Polaris back in December. 

The hostility between Laura and Gilbert goes back way further than that -- but on Monday, the judge told them they NEED to learn to get along for the sake of the kids and ordered them to 12 hours of co-parenting classes, which must be taken together. 

If they don't complete the classes, the judge could alter the arrangement again -- affecting everything from Gilbert's financial obligation to visitation. 

They're due back in court in July -- giving them 6 months to figure things out. 

Good luck ... 

Scott Weiland Ex-Wife Tries to Take Guitar ... Cops Called

2/1/2016 11:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0201-scott-weiland-getty-02Scott Weiland's ex-wife needed cops to keep the peace after going nuclear when she was barred from taking some of his instruments.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... officers were called to a recording studio in Burbank, CA last week -- where Scott's ex, Mary Forsberg, was causing a scene while trying to make off with a keepsake.

Mary showed up with her and Scott's teenage son -- we're told he wanted one of his dad's guitars -- but an employee of the recording studio refused to give them access.

An argument ensued ... and cops were called to calm everyone down.

Mary was told it was a civil issue ... and would need her lawyer to work out any division of property.

The tension's been building -- as we first reported, Mary filed docs stating Scott wanted her, not widow, Jamie Weiland, to be executor of his will

Start the countdown to a lawsuit.


Burn Victim Safyre Terry Thanks for the Card North West!!!

1/31/2016 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0131-safyre-terry-FACEBOOK-01Safyre Terry, the 8-year-old burn survivor who asked for Christmas cards to boost her spirits, belatedly opened one ... from none other than North West.

A flood of cards came from thousands of people around the world, and Safyre's aunt, Liz Dolder, says they're still opening them.  Low and behold, they got 2 handmade cards from North and Penelope Disick.

Safyre also got cards from Kim, Kourtney and Khloe.

Liz says they're finding other gems in the pile ... they got one from Dolly Parton as well.

The card opening was put on hold for a few weeks because Safyre went into surgery to release some tightened scar tissue.


Guy Richie, Rocco Hanging Tight Days Before Madonna Custody Battle

1/30/2016 7:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0130-guy-rocco-ritchie-splash-01Guy Ritchie, his wife and Rocco are going strong as they prepare to battle Madonna next week over who gets the kid.

It's been 2 months since the 15-year-old bailed on his mom during the London leg of her tour and moved in with his dad.  He said then that he wanted to live with Guy, and apparently time hasn't softened his feelings.

Rocco has been ordered to appear in court Wednesday.  Guy has already lawyered up. As we reported, Madonna believes Guy has poisoned their son by talking crap on her.

Khloe, Kourtney Kardashian Won't Take the Jail Bait

1/30/2016 6:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were hit with about a million questions about Rob, Blac Chyna, her arrest and their relationship Friday night as they hit up a club.

Khloe's mouth was as tight as her braids, saying nothing about kicking Rob out of the house after walking in on him and Blac Chyna last week.

If silence is golden, the Kardashians are 24 karat. 

Rob Kardashian I Want Back on Reality TV ... With Blac Chyna

1/30/2016 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0129-kris-jenner-rob-kardashian-blac-chyna-TMZ-01Rob Kardashian wants back on reality TV ... but this time around, his sisters won't be in the act.

We're told Rob wants a show about his life with Blac Chyna. It will chronicle their day-to-day lives, which reinforces what we've heard ... that they're going to be living together for a long time.

As for why Rob wants back on TV -- especially since he's lived like a hermit for 2 years -- we're told it's simply what he knows and how he makes a living.

Here's the rub ... Rob's in deep with the Kardashian TV franchise, and we're told their contract gives the E! Network first bite at any reality show any of them might do. We're told Kris is none too happy about Rob's new relationship, and she has a lot of power at E!.

Even if the network turns thumbs down, Rob can still shop it elsewhere.

Here's the reality about this reality show ... he can probably sell it.

Louis Tomlinson's Son Master of His Own Domain

1/29/2016 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0128-briana-jungwirth-and-baby-louis-tomlinson-INSTAGRAM-01Louis Tomlinson's 1-week-old son doesn't have to worry about his name being pimped out on the Internet, thanks to his mom's family.

Briana Jungwirth's family registered on January 27th ... minutes after Louis and Briana first revealed baby Freddie to the world.

Sources close to the couple tell us once the baby's name was revealed, One Direction fans started creating bogus social media accounts with Freddie's name, and pretended to be associated with the family.

We're told Briana's family wanted to protect the kid's best interests and block any squatters -- after all, he is 1D royalty. Baby Freddie's now free to focus on important things like pooping and breastfeeding.

Not necessarily in that order. 


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