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Ronda Rousey

I Can Make Breakfast Sexy

... Debuts Carl's Jr. Ad

8/28/2015 7:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Ronda Rousey is following the footsteps of some unlikely people ... Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge and even Kim Kardashian -- she's starring in a hot Carl's Jr. commercial.

The UFC superstar strips down to a sports bra and sexes it up to promote the Cinnamon Swirl French Toast Breakfast Sandwich. 

She looks good ... damn good. 

Gonna assume she got paid pretty well for the spot -- and, while it probably won't put her on the Forbes list, if she can continue to lock down mainstream sponsors like this ... she could definitely get there.  

Seacrest's Ex-GF

Taste Matters

When It Comes to My Men

8/28/2015 8:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We got to know Shayna Taylor when she was dating Ryan Seacrest -- but after this encounter she will forever be known for her skills in the kitchen ... and possibly the bedroom.

Shayna was leaving Nice Guy in West Hollywood when we hit her up for some recipe advice -- she hosts an online cooking show, after all.

The question: What can a woman cook to make a man go crazy for her? Shayna -- in a near-sheer top, btw -- actually had a great suggestion for men AND women ... and tasty too. 

Seacrest (missing) out!


Cheetos’ Chester Cheetah

I Got Maced

Over Serious Dog Issues

8/28/2015 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0827-chester-cheetos-voice-actor-GETTY-FRITOLAY-01Chester Cheetah confronted a neighborhood bully about his barking dogs but got maced in the face instead ... so he says.

Adam Leadbeater, the voice actor behind the Cheetos mascot, says he got pepper sprayed in his PJs when he tried reasoning with his neighbor's son about their barking dogs.

Leadbeater said he couldn't defend himself because he has a condition which prevents him from closing his left eye.

He says he thought the neighbor was about to pull a gun, but instead got hosed with a can of mace.

Leadbeater got a restraining order against the neighbor, so looks like the guy was messing with the wrong cat.

Miss Cleo Lawsuit

Psychic Network Tarot Parts

French Toast Crunch Ad

8/26/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A call to Miss Cleo could cost General Mills a chunk of its cereal fortune -- thanks to a lawsuit you'd think a certain Jamaican lady woulda seen coming. 

The Psychic Readers Network -- which owns rights to the famed psychic persona -- is going after the cereal giant for using MC in new French Toast Crunch commercials. 

In the suit, PRN says it's dropped more than $100 mil in advertising to make Miss Cleo a pop culture phenom -- and then French Toast Crunch came along and jacked the whole Cleo look.

The psychics want all profits attributed to the ad campaign. General Mills had no comment on the lawsuit.

Ex-NFL Star Jason Taylor

I'm About to Lose My Juice

8/25/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0821-jason-taylor-fun-art-getty-01Jason Taylor -- former superstar defensive end for the Miami Dolphins and "Dancing with the Stars" alum -- has just learned juice bars and banks don't blend well.

Seems Jason invested in JuiceBlendz, located in South Florida, famous for its Strawberry Samba, Hangover Healer, and Your Whey. He and his partners borrowed $750k from the bank, but according to court docs stopped paying in April. 

The bank has now filed a lawsuit, demanding money and declaring its intention to foreclose on the business.

It's Your Whey or the High Whey.

Joey Chestnut

I Could Be the Next Subway Spokesman

8/23/2015 7:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joey Chestnut says he may be nutty, but he would carry the Subway banner better than Jared Fogle for sure.

Joey was licking his wounds after losing another eating competition Saturday to Matt Stonie at the Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship at the L.A. Japanese American Cultural Center.

As for Subway, it's unclear if his selling point is that you can eat 50 12-inchers and still not gain an lb.

Pink's Hot Dogs

Car Crashes Onto Sidewalk ...

Of L.A. Landmark

8/19/2015 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Pink's Hot Dogs -- the most iconic eatery in Hollywood -- just had a customer come crashing up to its counter ... driving his or her car up on the sidewalk and smashing into parking meters.

According to witnesses ... it appears no one was seriously hurt when the car came to a stop, just inches from Pink's famed counter top. We're told the car careened onto the sidewalk after colliding with another vehicle in the street.

There's always a long line for the dogs -- so, it's really amazing no one was injured. Even more incredible ... looks like no one dared lose their place in line, despite the car wreck!

Warning to tourists: There is NO drive-thru window at Pink's. 




Come to My New Restaurant

Eat a Meatloaf Cupcake!

8/18/2015 6:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

T.I. is pushing the frontiers of cuisine in his new ATL restaurant, where meatloaf cupcakes are on the menu.

We got T.I. Monday at Equinox in L.A., and he gave us the lowdown on Scales 925, what he calls his upscale soul food eatery. 

T.I. has his fingers in all the pies, testing everything. He gives us menu highlights, but never explains the whole meatloaf cupcake thing.

Maybe it's the next kale. 

Kim Kardashian

I Got One Big Fat Tip for You

8/6/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Kim Kardashian is quickly achieving sainthood in the Big Easy by leaving an insane lunch tip Tuesday.

Kim -- along with BFFs Jonathan Cheban, Simon Huck and a few others -- hit up Brennan's. The bill came to $200, and she left a $300 tip.

The pregnant Mrs. West ordered eggs and french toast. Jonathan ordered turtle soup and although they say they were shocked it was made from real turtles, it didn't stop them from eating it.

BTW ... Brennan's accommodated cameras for Kim's reality show. Would she have left $300 without them? Hmmm.

Ronda Rousey

Brazil Loves Me So Much ...

They Kept My Tradition Going

8/3/2015 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0803-ronda-rousey-buffalo-wings-getty-composite-3Ronda Rousey would not be denied in the Octagon AND in the kitchen -- where a chef whipped up her famous celebratory meal ... even though she was behind enemy lines!

As we all know by now, Ronda celebrates each victory with wings -- but considering Brazil is hardly known as a chicken wing central ... you had to wonder if she could keep that up this weekend.

Well, TMZ Sports has learned RR did manage to toast her whupping of native Brazilian Bethe Correia with a plate full of buffalo wings, and a side of blue cheese dressing! Ronda's camp confirms a private chef at her hotel in Rio made the meal for her specially.

Yes, the wings took longer to eat than the fight -- they always do, these days.


Fetty Wap

Olive Garden

Is Lucky I Paid Anything

8/1/2015 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0731-fetty-wap-olive-garden-GETTY-901Fetty Wap was like, "Hey, what's up? Hello," at an Olive Garden Thursday night ... and then he bolted without paying the bill.

Fetty was dining with a group of friends at the famous franchise in Wayne, NJ when he stormed out of the restaurant.  

We're told he threw down $100 for the apps and drinks, but by the time he left, the bill swelled to $160 ... possibly leaving the server on the hook for $60.

Fetty says he was there for 2 hours and the service was so slow his food never came, so he said "arrivederci."

But Olive Garden employees say he was there for only 30 minutes and it was a simple case of dining and dashing. 

Happy ending ... the server didn't have to pay.

We couldn't reach Fetty for comment.

Andre Berto's Chef


... Your Menu's WEAK!!!

7/29/2015 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0728-berto-jutine-instagram-01Andre Berto's personal chef is serving up a hot, steaming plate of CHEF BEEF ... claiming Floyd Mayweather's chef is WEAK SAUCE when it comes to feeding her fighter! 

TMZ Sports spoke with Chef Justine -- who's in charge of Berto's diet as he preps for the September 12th fight with Floyd in Vegas -- and she tells us Berto has a major advantage when it comes to cuisine. 

"What we are doing over here is 100 times better health-wise than what Floyd's doing," Chef tells us. 

She's clearly referring to Chef Q -- who's been handling Mayweather's food for a while -- and recently told us Floyd's been indulging on all sorts of kick-ass sweets during training camp.  

"I will never ever EVER do what she does," Justine says ... "Her food looks good on the soul food side but I don’t think your heart could last too long eating that all day."

Translation -- CHEF WAR!!!!! 

Justine says she's got Berto on a special "Warrior Diet" -- which means no sugar, no grains, no calories wasted. Instead, he'll be eating a lot of "organic and raw foods."

"Andre is working super hard. He is not taking anything lightly to get his mind and body right," Justine says ... "My diet program will be a huge reason why Berto will win." 


Ariana Grande

Donut Shop 'A' OK

With Health Department

7/15/2015 2:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0715-wolfee-donuts-inspection-grade-A-FACEBOOK-01Ariana Grande screwed over that mom and pop donut shop with her licking antics, but justice has finally prevailed for Wolfee Donuts.

We found out the shop's A grade has been restored. You may recall the Riverside shop had its health code rating downgraded to a B after our video showed the singer licking a donut and then leaving it on the display tray.

Bottom line ... Wolfee didn't fritter its good rating away for good.

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