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Logan Paul Aaron Paul's a 'Bully' ... I'd Beat Your Tiny Ass!

7/15/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Same last name ... but NO love between Logan Paul and "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul -- with Logan telling TMZ Sports he would beat Aaron's ass if they ever came face-to-face. 

Their beef goes back a few months ... when Aaron trashed Logan for his video stunt gone wrong in the suicide forest in Japan. Aaron told Logan to "go rot in hell."

Now, Logan is firing back ... calling Aaron an "Internet bully" -- and warning the actor that if he REALLY wants a piece, he'll end up getting hurt. 

Of course, Logan is training for a real boxing match against video game/YouTube superstar KSI next month in England ... and Logan tells us it's going to be one of the biggest pop culture events of the year. 

NBA's Tyler Ulis Crazy '17 Elevator Beatdown ... With Devin Booker

7/13/2018 1:51 PM PDT

NBA player Tyler Ulis was attacked and beat up by 2 guys in an apartment elevator fight in 2017 ... until his friend, Devin Booker, came to the rescue ... and TMZ Sports has the footage.

It all went down in Tempe, AZ on May 26 while Ulis was still playing for the Phoenix Suns. We're told Tyler was trying to hold the elevator for his friends when another group of guys tried to get on.

When Tyler continued to hold it ... they took offense and a scuffle broke out. One guy grabbed Tyler while another man put him in a headlock. The fight spilled out of the elevator and into the hallway.

A short time later, Ulis' friends -- including Suns superstar Booker -- took the elevator to the scene of the fight and found the men who attacked Ulis. Another fight broke out, Ulis threw punches.

Booker -- who covered his face with a bandana -- does not appear to hit anyone.

Eventually, the 2 groups get down to the lobby ... where another man from Ulis' crew (wearing a black shirt) chases their adversaries out of the building and punches one of the guys in the face.

You can see Booker chasing after the other men into the street.

We're told police were called to the scene, but ultimately no arrests were made.

A source close to the Suns administration tells us, "While these guys know they are always potential targets for others trying to cause trouble, it's hard to blame them for defending their friend who is on the bad end of a 4 on 1 attack."

David Arquette Pimp Slapped at Movie Premiere

7/13/2018 8:59 AM PDT

What did the 5 fingers say to David Arquette's face? SLAPPITY SLAP SLAP!!!

The 46-year-old movie star took several open-hand slaps to the face on the red carpet at the 350 Days premiere in Hollywood on Thursday ... when he was ambushed by pro wrestler RJ City

The two -- who happen to be facing off at a wrestling match on July 15 -- started jawing at each other on the red carpet ... but things turned physical and RJ let them hands fly! 

The "fight" was quickly broken up and City was escorted off the carpet. 

Afterward, Arquette told us he's been training his ass off to demolish City on Sunday -- even traveling to Tijuana, Mexico to train with luchadores. 

Until then ... ice up! 

YG Arrested for Robbery ... In Vegas Casino

7/13/2018 12:50 AM PDT

YG's facing a felony robbery charge for allegedly yanking a dude's chain off his neck and taking off with the diamond-laced pendant ... and we're told there's video evidence too.

The rapper was in a Vegas court Thursday after a warrant was issued for his arrest and he turned himself in. YG was hit with felony robbery and he was released after posting $20k bail. 

Vegas police tell us ... the incident went down in late May at the Cosmopolitan around 4 AM, after a man approached YG and asked for a pic but was turned away by his crew. We're told the guy told YG he's not a real celeb ... and casino's surveillance footage shows YG retaliating by yanking a chain off his neck.

We're told the chain fell to the ground, and YG is then seen on video picking up the necklace pendant -- valued somewhere between $3,000 and $9,000 -- before taking off.

We broke the story ... the alleged victim is also suing YG, claiming he had his goons beat him up before he snatched his jewelry. The guy wants at least $250k.

LeSean McCoy Called Cops On GF In 2017 ... Over Jewelry Dispute

7/12/2018 1:04 PM PDT

LeSean McCoy called police on Delicia Cordon in July 2017 after an argument over jewelry -- with the NFL star claiming she refused to return several high-end items she had borrowed.

It's all in police reports obtained by TMZ Sports ... which show cops responded to at least 3 incidents at their Georgia home over the past year.

But the most interesting incident took place on July 3, 2017 -- when the NFL star called the Milton Police Dept. to the home after a "domestic dispute" with Cordon.

When cops arrived, they saw McCoy standing in front of a large mound of D's clothes -- and he explained that they had been having issues and had broken up after she accused him of cheating on her. 

Then McCoy brought up the issue of jewelry. Here's the quote from the police incident report.

"He went on to advise us that jewelers often times loan them high end jewelry items to wear for events. He stated that Cordon had some of these jewelry items and had not returned them."

"He stated that he has asked her multiple times for them but she has not yet returned them."

According to the police report, McCoy expressed serious concern that Cordon might make false accusations about him.

"He stated that he was trying to be very careful about being around her given the climate of domestic abuse in his profession."

Cops eventually spoke to Cordon. At the time, neither party made any allegations of physical abuse. 

The case could be relevant since Cordon claims the assailant who broke into her home and pistol whipped her on July 10, 2018 demanded specific items of jewelry. Cordon told police she believed McCoy was behind the attack.

As for the 2 other police calls to the house, Cordon called cops over a heated argument with McCoy on April 11. And again on June 1, when McCoy's mother came to the home with a crew of people to try to remove property from the house without Cordon's consent.

Pacman Jones Attacker Takes Mug Shot In Hospital Bed

7/11/2018 10:25 AM PDT

The man who attacked Pacman Jones took his official police mug shot in his hospital bed ... and TMZ Sports has the pic. 

Forget "cheese" ... say, "I just got knocked the hell out!"

You're looking at Frank Ragin -- the ABM employee who police say instigated a fight with the NFL star at the Atlanta International Airport late Tuesday evening. 

In the footage obtained by TMZ Sports, you can see Ragin aggressively step to Jones and then attack him

Once Jones found his bearings, he unleashed an attack of his own on Ragin and eventually knocked him out with an overhand right. 

Cops arrested Ragin on 2 counts of battery -- but could NOT immediately take him to the police station to be booked, because he needed to be treated for his injuries. 

Pacman was NOT arrested because cops say he was merely defending himself

Roy Nelson Cormier Will Beat Stipe Miocic ... I've Fought 'Em Both!

7/7/2018 12:35 AM PDT

There might not be anyone more qualified to pick the winner of the big Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic fight than Roy Nelson -- he fought 'em BOTH -- and he's putting his money on the underdog!

The heavyweight brawler battled both guys back in 2013 -- and lost both fights -- but tells TMZ Sports there was one big takeaway ... Cormier hits harder than Stipe!

There's more ... "Big Country" says Cormier is the smarter fighter, and that will pay off big time when they clash at UFC 226 in Vegas on Saturday. 

"I think DC has probably the better game plan and I think he has the overall better skills," Roy says ... "If I'm a betting man, I go with the odds with DC."

As for Nelson's next fight, the Bellator fighter tells us he's eyeing Fedor Emelianenko ... but no word on when they're looking to step in the cage. 

Max Holloway I'm Not Retiring After Medical Emergency

7/6/2018 11:26 AM PDT
Breaking News

UFC star Max Holloway has broken his silence after the medical emergency that forced him to back out of his big fight at UFC 226 this weekend ... and he's vowing to return to the Octagon. 

Holloway was hospitalized this week after presenting concussion-like symptoms in the days before he was set to fight Brian Ortega in Vegas. Unclear what caused Max's condition. 

But now, Max is speaking out on Twitter ... saying simply, "It was what it was."

Holloway also had a message for fans -- saying he definitely plans to fight again as soon as possible. 

"I know this rollercoaster can be frustrating because my team is also on it with you. All I can say is I’m truly sorry and I hope you guys stay buckled in because it is far from being over."

Holloway also shouted out the UFC fighters who offered to fight Ortega in his place

"Respect to Ortega and his team. Thank you @danawhite and the @UFC staff for making my health priority. Also thank you to [Jeremy Stephens] and [Frankie Edgar] for being about that champ life and stepping up. I see you."

Holloway continued ... "Don’t let the bad surprises distract you from the good surprises in this great sport. The best is still blessed #blessyourself."

UFC's Jeremy Stephens To Brian Ortega: 'Shut The F*ck Up And Fight Me'

7/6/2018 8:19 AM PDT

Jeremy Stephens has a message for Brian Ortega after the UFC star wouldn't take him on in a replacement fight at UFC 226 this weekend: "F*ck you, bitch!"

Yeah, Jeremy ain't happy.

After Max Holloway pulled out of his bout with Ortega this weekend after presenting concussion-like symptoms, Dana White offered the fight to Stephens -- but, Brian turned it down because of the short notice.

That has Jeremy livid ... with the fighter saying Ortega cares more about his hair than actually getting in the Octagon.

"I keep telling this kid, man, if you want to make money, and you want to make a name for yourself and you want to be a champion ... you have to fight," Stephens says.

"Like shut the f*ck up and fight. Ain't nobody caring about your hair, ain't nobody caring about what type of flying moves you're doing. I don't give two sh*ts what you do, let's fight."

Ortega reportedly is holding out for Holloway to get better, so he can fight for the title -- but, Stephens says he's ready for the scrap anytime and anyplace.

"If you're a fighter and you're really a true champion, it's only a matter of time until you face me."

Daniel Cormier Jon Jones Has a Secret ... He's A Huge Fan of Mine!

7/5/2018 3:11 PM PDT

Daniel Cormier says there's a secret about Jon Jones everyone should know ... HE LOVES DANIEL CORMIER!

"He may not like to admit it, but he's my fan," Cormier tells TMZ Sports ... "He enjoys watching me compete. He does!"

DC says there's not a doubt in his mind JJ will be tuning in when he fights Stipe Miocic at UFC 226 on Saturday because, despite all the trash talk over the years ... "he likes watching me."

Cormier has a secret, too ... and it has to do with Jon Jones -- admitting he'll use JJ when he's playing the UFC video game because his character is "the best guy in the game."

At the end of the day, Cormier hates Jones -- but he hates losing in video games even more! 

Cormier says he's also aware that he's a heavy underdog going into the Stipe fight ... but has some advice for gamblers out there -- the smart money is on DC, and he explains why! 

Chuck Liddell I'm Getting a Huge Check ... For Tito Ortiz Fight

7/5/2018 9:32 AM PDT

Chuck Liddell says he's not just taking the Tito Ortiz fight because he's missing the sport -- telling TMZ Sports he wouldn't have signed on if he wasn't getting a fat ass paycheck. 

We broke the story ... the 48-year-old legend hooked up with Oscar De La Hoya to return to MMA for the first time since 2010. Chuck and Tito finally signed their deals last week and Liddell is excited. 

"I never get tired of hitting that guy," Chuck told us outside of Sushi Nishi in Calabasas ... "He never stops running his mouth. I really don't like him."

Chuck has scored the W in both of his previous fights with Tito -- and says he's going for the knockout this time around too. 

As for the money, Chuck says he's getting paid handsomely -- and the size of his check was a huge factor in his decision to come out of retirement.

"I wouldn't be doing it if I wasn't getting paid well."

UFC's Matt Serra Subdues Alleged 'A-hole Drunk' ... at Vegas Cafe

7/5/2018 6:09 AM PDT
Breaking News

UFC legend Matt Serra claims some drunk a-hole was threatening the servers at a Vegas cafe on July 4 ... so, he took action -- AND TOOK THE GUY DOWN!

Serra was chllin' at the Grand Cafe at Red Rock Casino -- the night before he's set to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame -- when he saw the alleged a-hole being a jerk to staff. 

The former welterweight champ subdued the patron -- while the guy continued to yell at Serra, "I'm gonna f*ck you up."

Spoiler: he did NOT "f*ck" Serra up. 

Security rushed to the scene and took over. 

Serra later posted the video and a statement saying, "How do you spend the night before your @ufc HOF induction?!? You subdue some a**hole drunk that was threatening waiters then tries to swing on you."

UFC's Stipe Miocic 1st Time I Got Punched? I Ran Home and Cried!

7/4/2018 12:20 AM PDT

UFC heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic wasn't always a stone cold bad ass -- he's man enough to admit the first time he got punched in the face ... he ran home crying. 

Of course, Stipe was only 10 years old at the time ... but Stipe says he's GRATEFUL to the guy who clocked him in the mouth, because it made him into the wrecking machine he is today. 

In fact, Stipe has a message to the guy -- "Thank you for making me tougher."

Now, Stipe is one of the most dangerous men on the planet ... he's defending the UFC heavyweight title at UFC 226 on Saturday against Daniel Cormier.

And DC hits a lot harder than that kid from his childhood!

Then again ... so does Stipe! 

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