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Shia LaBeouf Sued You Can't Call Me Racist! Black Customers Dig Me

5/26/2017 6:36 PM PDT

Shia LaBeouf loudly claimed an L.A. bartender "f**ked up" by threatening him over french fries -- but now the bartender's striking back ... with a lawsuit.

You'll recall, Shia exploded in a rage last month, screaming at staffers in Pinz Bowling Alley and Jerry's Famous Deli. It was never very clear why he flipped out, but it was crystal clear that he singled out David Bernstein ... the bartender at Jerry's.

In a lawsuit, Bernstein says Shia lost it because he'd been cut off from booze. He says the actor was "significantly under the influence" ... and pounded on the bar with his fist at the news he would not be served.

In docs, Bernstein says he grabbed a Grey Goose vodka bottle because he was worried Shia was about to attack. The bottle is clearly cocked on his shoulder in videos of the incident. He adds ... Shia calling him a "f**king racist bitch" was an attempt to "incite a predominantly African-American crowd.". 

Bernstein insists in his suit ... all his customers love him, including the black ones.

He's suing Shia for defamation and assault, and seeking damages of at least $5 million.

UFC's Angela Magana I'm Suing Cris Cyborg!! 'She F***ed Up Big Time'

5/25/2017 12:40 AM PDT

UFC fighter Angela Magana says Cris 'Cyborg' Justino is gonna pay for punching her in the face this past weekend ... telling TMZ Sports she's lawyer'd up and is ready to sue.

We spoke to Magana who says she's "most definitely" suing Cyborg for her medical bills and has been cooperating with authorities ... who she claims are pursuing felony assault charges.

(As of now, Cyborg has only been cited for misdemeanor battery.)

Angela also calls B.S. on people who say she had it coming after taunting Cyborg online ... saying Justino needs to have thicker skin.

Magana also sent a message to Cyborg.

"You f***ed up, big time. You can't do what you did. I'm gonna get you as hard as I can get you." 

Justin Theroux Neighbor From Hell's Bullying Us Over Home Renovations

5/19/2017 1:56 PM PDT

May 20, 11:30 PT -- Justin's neighbor, Norman Resnicow, tells TMZ ... "I have acted for one purpose only, which remains to assure my and my wife's health and safety. Smart people can work [this] out and both my wife and I and Justin are represented by smart people."Justin Theroux is in a nasty war with a neighbor who's threatened to cut the actor's water and electricity ... according to a new lawsuit.

Justin and Jennifer Aniston are making renovations to their Greenwich Village co-op, and he says that's not sitting well with the guy who lives downstairs from them. In the suit, Justin says the neighbor's been bitching that the sound-proofing materials going in Theroux's pad aren't good enough. He's demanding Justin spend an extra $25-30k to upgrade.

Justin says when he refused to give in, the neighbor launched a nasty campaign ... including threats to cut the water and electricity lines that run to Justin's roof deck, harassing construction workers at the home and perhaps worst of all ... threatening to prune Justin's ivy.

Them's fighting words in the Village!

Theroux says the guy even threatened to set off a PR nightmare when he emailed ... any legal action would be "opening the door to a broad range of allegations that would become publicly available, and which would not please Justin or his wife or their respective publicists."

Justin is suing for at least $350k plus punitive damages.

Alan Thicke Widow Claims Robin and Brother Want Pot Farm on Dad's Ranch

5/19/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Robin Thicke and his brother, Brennan, are going after Alan Thicke's widow, Tanya, because she won't let them start a pot farm on their deceased dad's property ... so claims Tanya Callau.

As we reported, Robin and Brennan filed legal docs in Alan's probate case, claiming Tanya threatened to go to the tabloids and trash them if they didn't give her what she wanted from Alan's estate. But Tanya's lawyer, Adam Streisand, tells TMZ, the sons are making up false claims to smear her, because she won't let them convert the family ranch into a massive marijuana operation.

The way Alan left things is a little confusing. There's a prenup and Alan's sons claim Tanya wants to challenge it, but her lawyer is calling BS and says she's fine with the prenup ... which gives her a 25% interest in the ranch. Alan also created a trust which allows Tanya to live out her life on the property.

Tanya says the boys are dishonoring their dad, who would have disapproved of them going into the pot biz on his property which sits on 11 acres near Santa Barbara.

Tanya says the boys are also painting her as a gold digger, which hurts because she was with Alan for 17 years and married for 11.

We reached out to Robin's rep ... so far no word back.

Alan Thicke's Widow We Were Going to Have a Kid ... Denies Robin's Gold Digger Claim

5/18/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Alan Thicke's widow says she was far from an opportunist out for Alan's riches, and says she loved him so deeply ... they were about to expand their family when he died.

Tanya Callau tells TMZ she and Alan were finally ready to take the next step in their 11-year marriage ... by getting pregnant in 2017. She says they'd frozen her eggs 3 years ago, and planned to put them to use once Alan's youngest, 19-year-old Carter, moved out.

She says they already had an architect visit their Santa Barbara ranch in early December to draw up plans for a nursery. Alan died suddenly of a massive heart attack on December 13.

Tanya's now facing a possible lawsuit from Brennan and Robin Thicke -- who claim their stepmother is greedy and overreaching for more of their dad's estate than what's laid out in his will. She's calling BS on that, and adds ... she never threatened to go to tabloids as the boys allege.

UFC's Kevin Lee Gunning for Conor McGregor Your Baby Is a Weakness!

5/15/2017 2:21 PM PDT

UFC rising star Kevin Lee says Conor McGregor's newborn baby is going to RUIN his UFC career -- chewing up precious training time ... and he'll pay for it in the Octagon. 

Lee is fighting Michael Chiesa on June 25th -- and says after he "beats the f**k" outta him, he's gunning for Conor's lightweight championship. 

Lee says he doesn't have a wife or kid like Conor ... and while McGregor is feeding his baby mushed-up bananas, he's training his ass off to get an edge on the Irish superstar. 

As for Chiesa, Lee says he only punched him at the big UFC event on Friday because he was defending himself ... and he's pissed that his designer $3,000 glasses got broken in the melee. 

Lee says he'll make Chiesa pay by beating him so badly, "It's gonna change the way he views the world."

Mo'Nique Blasts Oprah, Lee Daniels AND Tyler Perry ... 'Y'all Can Suck My D***!'

5/15/2017 7:57 AM PDT

Oscar winner Mo'Nique went NUCLEAR on Lee DanielsTyler Perry and Oprah ... blaming the trio for her getting shut out of Hollywood -- in not so many words.

The comedian did a standup special Saturday night at the Apollo Theater, and went off about getting blackballed. She insisted that's the wrong term to use. She prefers ... "whiteballed" ... "by some n*****s who had no balls."

Mo'Nique had a falling out with "Precious" director Lee Daniels after she won the Oscar for that movie, and she's made the 'blackballed in Hollywood' claim before. But this is the first time she's lumped in Oprah and Tyler.

She's also never said it this viciously -- "Y'all can suck my d***, if I had one!"

RHOA's Matt Jordan Fight Vid Proves Peter Had a Knife Peter Pleads Self-Defense

5/13/2017 3:24 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Matt Jordan insists the only reason he didn't kick Peter Thomas' ass quicker is because Peter had a knife on him, and now that we've finally seen the video ... Matt might have a point. 

Matt, ex-bf of 'RHOA' star Kenya Moore, tells us Peter pulled the knife out when he went at him. He claims Peter tried to hide it so it would seem like he was beating Matt fair and square.

When we called Peter, he admitted he had a box cutter on him because he owns a restaurant and night club. He says he only pulled it out in self-defense -- "If I was an idiot I would have sliced him, but I'm not. I wasn't there to fight with Matt."

When we slo-mo'd the video, you can clearly see the blade in Peter's hand during the struggle.

Matt, who'd previously made the knife claim, says he was focused on wrestling it away at first, but once he turned his attention to Peter ... he took him down easily. He adds, "Peter knows what it is."

Peter is pressing assault charges, but also feels he got the best of Matt ... as he bragged to us in March, right after the fight went down.

'RHOA' Stars Matt vs. Peter Brawl Vid Leaks ... And It's Awesome!!!

5/12/2017 4:07 PM PDT
Breaking News

Peter Thomas and Matt Jordan's radio station brawl was as epic as advertised -- the video is finally out, and one of them definitely delivered an ass whoopin'.

You'll recall ... the 'RHOA' guys went toe-to-toe back in March during a radio interview in Charlotte. There were several tense moments of trash talking while the host stepped between them ... but Matt eventually had enough, and charged at Peter.

At the time, Peter bragged he'd held his own in the fight. You can decide for yourself.

Peter is pressing assault charges, and our 'Housewives' sources tell us his attorney subpoenaed the video from the radio station. 

Dos Santos to Stipe Miocic: Wanna Go to Dinner After I Beat Your Ass?

5/11/2017 2:14 PM PDT

Junior Dos Santos says he has very specific plans for Stipe Miocic -- he's gonna knock him out at UFC 211 in Dallas this weekend ... and then take him out for a nice BBQ dinner!!

Here's the thing ... Junior says he plans on disposing of Stipe in a very violent way -- a ferocious K.O. early in the fight.

But, just because they're enemies in the Octagon doesn't mean they can't be friends after the fight, right??

Pro Skater Nyjah Huston Charged with Felony Battery For Alleged House Party Beatdown

5/7/2017 12:10 AM PDT

Nyjah Huston allegedly jumped a guy at a party and busted his face, so he was hit with felony battery charges ... but he says he was only defending himself.

The L.A. County DA claims Huston attacked Ryan Sheehy on February 12, 2017 and inflicted "serious bodily injury" on him. Law enforcement sources tell us the alleged injuries include a broken nose and cheek gash.

We're told the skater was arrested on February 27 by the LAPD and later pled not guilty in court. He's facing up to 4 years in prison if convicted. 

We reached to Nyjah's rep ... who provided the following statement on his behalf.

"My actions were a result of someone acting in an aggressive manner towards me and solely defensive in nature. I have the utmost faith in the process and believe that I will be fully exonerated as the truth emerges."

As we reported ... Nyjah's also currently on probation for throwing too many late night ragers in his neighborhood. No word yet if these charges will lead to further punishment.

Kate & Oliver Hudson Allegedly Threatened by Dad's Ex Biz Partner

5/3/2017 12:50 AM PDT

The case was brought before a judge on May 17, however, Hudson didn't show face so the whole thing was dropped.Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver were targeted by their estranged father's business associate when their deal went south ... according to new legal docs.

Bill Hudson says Eric A. Zimmerman got angry about a failed film venture, and fired off multiple texts promising to harm him and "drag your children into this as well" by publicly smearing them in the media. According to docs, Zimmerman also strongly insinuated he would shoot Bill by texting, "the safety is off and I have my finger on the trigger."

Hudson took this seriously enough to file for a restraining order, protecting himself, Kate, Oliver and 2 of his other children. The judge signed off, and Zimmerman is now prohibited from contacting the Hudsons.

Bill's been estranged from his famous kids for years -- they grew up with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn -- and he's said he doesn't think of Oliver and Kate as his anymore.

Obviously, he still takes their safety seriously.

Aries Spears Fight I Was Attacked for Doing My Job! Will Sue Host, Radio Station

5/2/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Aries Spears wants payback from the radio host who brutally attacked him with repeated blows to the head, and he's out to get it in court ... TMZ has learned.

Aries will file a lawsuit as early as today against Zo Williams and the internet-based radio station where the now legendary flurry of fists went down last month. You'll recall ... Williams unleashed punch after punch after punch when Spears joked "light skinned n***as" like Zo always get loud.

Spears didn't put up a fight in-studio, but we're told that will change in court. Aries feels he was booked at the station to be a comedian, and was merely doing that when Williams attacked a "defenseless and innocent" person.

Aries says what he did is the same kinda stuff Chris Rock does, but he got bashed so badly his injuries affected his ability to perform.

We're told he's hired Ben Meiselas of Geragos & Geragos, who will sue the station and Zo. The lawyers claim Zo clearly had a propensity for violence given his conduct, and the station is also responsible because it hired the guy ... and given the circumstances security was clearly lacking.

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