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GSP vs. Bisping Threats, Cussing, Insults ... In Backstage Standoff

10/13/2017 12:36 PM PDT

Things got even crazier than we thought between GSP and Michael Bisping -- with both men threatening to knock the other out during a crazy heated showdown backstage at a UFC 217 media event. 

The guys had just wrapped up a formal news conference in Toronto -- when Bisping confronted GSP backstage and shouted at him for pushing him during the event. 

GSP fired back, "F*ck off man ... I will break you."

At one point, Bisping faked like he was going to throw a punch -- GSP didn't even flinch. 

They continued to cuss and threaten each other for a good 90 seconds before Bisping walked away. 

But watch what happens at the very end of the video -- it's hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. 

Blac Chyna Vandalism Suspect For Smashing Guy's Phone

10/13/2017 6:58 AM PDT

Blac Chyna went HAM on some guy's phone, and then the guy went OFF ... to talk to the police.

Chyna's listed as the suspect in a misdemeanor vandalism report LAPD took Thursday around 3:30 AM. Law enforcement tells TMZ, the man was shooting video of Chyna as she left a Hollywood club and she wasn't happy about it.

That's obvious in this video shot by another photog, where you clearly see Chyna slap something out of a man's hand. Sources close to Chyna tell us she'd repeatedly told photogs she didn't want to be shot. When they persisted ... she flipped, and threatened to get some "real n***as" to kick their asses.

Based on the video, BC didn't need backup.

Michael Buffer Foreman Would Kick Seagal's Fat Ass

10/12/2017 9:19 AM PDT

If George Foreman and Steven Seagal ever really get it on, the boxer would beat Seagal's overweight ass all the way to oblivion -- so says Michael Buffer

We got the legendary announcer outside Craig's in L.A. ... and asked about 68-year-old Foreman challenging the "Under Siege" star to meet him in the ring. 

"My money's on George – even though Steven outweighs him by 1,000 pounds," Buffer told TMZ Sports.

FYI, Seagal -- a self-proclaimed martial arts master -- accepted a challenge from Foreman earlier this month.

Dear fight gods ... please let this happen. 

Kim Zolciak to NeNe I'll Sue You for Calling Me Racist And You Do Have Roaches!!!

10/11/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Kim Zolciak is threatening to sue NeNe Leakes for millions of dollars unless she immediately apologizes for calling her and her daughter, Brielle, racists and KKK members.

Kim hired Allison Hart at the high-powered law firm Lavely & Singer, and it didn't take long for them to fire off a super threatening demand letter. 

The letter was triggered by a video Brielle shot which appears to show roaches crawling on NeNe's bathroom floor.

The letter, obtained by TMZ, references some choice comments NeNe made on social media, including, "Kim & her child did something very wrong & disgusting! Black people and roaches in the same sentence don't work for me boo." She then went on to call Brielle "#racisttrash" and "#KKK," adding, "Kim & her daughter oops whole family are racists!"

The letter calls the statements "outrageous and malicious lies."  

What's more, the lawyer says Brielle never posted the video showing the cockroaches crawling on the floor, but it was NeNe who got the video and posted it on Twitter and Instagram.

The letter makes it clear ... NeNe has roaches, but it's not racist to say that.

What's more ... the letter claims NeNe is going after Kim and Brielle out of jealousy. They have a successful show on Bravo, "Don't Be Tardy," and NeNe is trying to get people to boycott the program with hashtags like, #blackpeopleneedtostopsupportingtheprejudice."

Attorney Hart wants a prominent retraction on Instagram and Twitter and other social media sites where NeNe posted her comments, along with an apology.

If that doesn't happen ... "Your conduct exposes you to multi-million dollar liability."

We reached out to NeNe ... so far, no word back.

Eminem Rips Donald Trump 'You Don't Got The F****** Nuts'

10/10/2017 9:56 PM PDT

Eminem just went nuclear on Donald Trump ... dropping a freestyle at The BET Hip-Hop Awards that ripped The Prez apart.

The nearly 5 minute-long segment touched on everything from Trump's criticism of NFL players taking a knee to his proposed border wall.

Among some of Em's highlight lyrics ...

-"Racism's the only thing he's fantastic for."

-"I'm throwing that piece of s*** against the wall til it sticks."

-And giving a big "F*** YOU" to any of the rapper's fans who support 45.

Eminem ended his freestyle with, "We love our country and we love our military, but we f***** HATE TRUMP."

Snoop Dogg, speaking for roughly half the country, approves.

Floyd Mayweather: I'm Not Scared of GGG!

10/10/2017 7:39 AM PDT

Floyd Mayweather got into a shouting match with a heckler on the streets of NYC on Monday night -- after the fan accused Floyd of running from Gennady Golovkin

Oh, and the video ends with Floyd's bodyguard threatening to choke a dude out. 

Good stuff!!!

It all started after Floyd and his TMT squad left the Knicks game at MSG -- when a very loud fan started screaming at Floyd that he's scared of GGG. 

Floyd yelled back to explain why he's not scared ... more yelling ensued. Floyd tried to jewelry shame the heckler -- asking how many diamonds he has on his watch.

As for GGG, he previously told us he wants to fight Floyd BAD -- and guaranteed he would knock Mayweather out cold. 

NeNe Leakes Fires Back At Heckler I Hope Your Uber Driver Rapes You

10/8/2017 9:19 PM PDT

11:23 AM PT -- A rep for Uber tells us, “Wishing the trauma and violence of rape on anyone is nothing to joke about. Comments like these disrespect those affected by sexual assault and minimizes the seriousness of a societal issue that affects millions.” NeNe Leakes held nothing back in lashing out at a heckler ... telling the female audience member she hoped she'd get raped by an Uber driver on her trip back home.

Leakes was performing stand-up at a show in Oakland Saturday night and the crowd wasn't into it. You can hear the audience booing the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star just before she fires back with the rape comment.

It's the second time in the last week NeNe's gotten into with someone ... she lashed out at Kim Zolciak's 20-year-old daughter, Brielle Biermann -- calling her racist and a fake Kylie Jenner -- after Brielle posted a video from NeNe's house showing a critter crawling across the floor.

It's unclear what the audience member said to NeNe to get her so riled up.

Boxer Danny Garcia Hey, Conor ... I'll Beat You Worse Than Floyd

10/6/2017 8:16 AM PDT

If Conor McGregor really wants to continue his boxing career he might've found his huckleberry ... former welterweight champ Danny Garcia, who says he'd beat Conor's ass ... worse than Floyd did.

McGregor has publicly stated he thinks he'd win a rematch with Floyd, and hasn't ruled out a return to the boxing ring in the future (why not? He reportedly made more than $100 million last time).

We got Danny at Team Watson Boxing in L.A. (where huge fighters train), and he said he's more than willing to kick the damn hell out of Conor, and thinks he'd finish him way faster than Floyd did.

"He ain't going 10 rounds with me, I'm a seek and destroy type fighter, I'm one of the type of fighters you want to run from when you fight, it ain't going past 4."

That's an old-fashioned call out from a legit star ... your move, Conor.

UFC's Tony Ferguson Hey, Werdum ... I'll Seriously Beat Your Ass

9/29/2017 6:05 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Tony Ferguson says he wasn't messing around when he threatened to fight Fabricio Werdum during a UFC media lunch on Thursday ... despite nearly a 100 POUND difference.

Fabricio exploded during the lunch -- shouting insults and threatened to backhand Ferguson during (what was supposed to be) a routine media event.

After the incident, Werdum said he felt disrespected by Ferguson -- and claimed the fighter had a "dark energy" about him.

Ferguson told TMZ Sports it was Werdum who was "rude" -- and if he really wants a piece, he'll gladly beat his ass in front of everyone.

[h/t MMA Fighting]

'Scandal' Star Won't Leaf Me Alone About His Trees ... Claims Neighbor

9/27/2017 3:33 PM PDT

Josh Malina's smack in the middle of a real-life scandal with a neighbor -- who says the actor's accusing him of having a vendetta ... against Josh's landscaping.

Malina, who plays David Rosen on "Scandal," has allegedly been harassing one of his Malibu neighbors ... accusing the guy of poisoning trees on his property. It's gotten so nasty ... the neighbor, Jarod Lam, just filed for a restraining order against Josh.

According to the docs, Malina once came to Lam's door and cussed at Lam's wife, saying ... "You better not f**king cut my tree!" Lam claims the actor got in his wife's face and started to come into their home. 

On another occasion, Lam says most recently, Malina called from a private number, again claiming Lam had poisoned his trees. In the docs, he says Malina's even taken the grudge match digital -- stalking Lam on the Nextdoor app. 

Lam denies laying a finger on Malina's horticulture. The judge granted a no-contact order, forcing Malina to cut off all communication with his neighbor.

Get Olivia on the horn ... this one is NOT handled.

Ty Dolla $ign, YG Threatened with Lawsuit Over Club Beating

9/25/2017 7:30 AM PDT

Looks like Ty Dolla $ign and YG may have allegedly kicked the crap out of the wrong dude, because they're about to be hauled into court.

TMZ has obtained demand letters fired off to the 2 rappers on behalf of a budding Australian soccer star, who claims his career has been sidelined because of the beating.

Nelly Yoa says back in January 2015, Dolla and YG physically assaulted him at Eve Nightclub in Melbourne. As TMZ reported, Yoa claims he was in the VIP area when the rappers and their crew rolled in and tried to shove everyone else out. Yoa refused, and says Dollar and YG began punching and kicking him in the head.

According to the demand letter, Yoa suffered physical and mental injuries, which has prevented him from earning what he says would have been a "substantial income." He says he lost a prospective soccer deal with the Melbourne City Football Club.

The letter is a formality which must be sent before a lawsuit is filed.

We reached out to Dolla and YG ... so far, no word back.

Service Dog Vid Angry Woman's Racist Claims are BS I Recorded it and I'm Mixed Race!!!

9/25/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Claims of racism by Ciara Miller -- the woman seen yelling at restaurant diners about a vet's service dog being allowed inside -- are ridiculous and "shameful" ... says the woman who recorded the video.

Sherra Stanley tells us ... the service dog at Kathy's Crab House in Delaware belongs to her friend Bill, a military vet, and his wife is the woman who approached Miller to explain why his dog, JP, was allowed inside. Stanley claims there were absolutely NO racial slurs hurled ... but Miller went crazy.

Stanley also tells us the racism accusations don't make sense ... because Bill's party at the restaurant was representing multiple races. Specifically ... his stepdad is black, and Stanley herself is mixed race.

As we reported ... Miller claims she was grossed out by the service dog but was leaving peacefully until she was accosted and called the n-word.

In the now-infamous vid ... Ciara argues with several patrons, but doesn't allude to any racist behavior.

WWE's Charlotte Flair Ronda Rousey 'Knows Where to Find Me'

9/23/2017 12:25 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Is Ronda Rousey about to rumble with Ric Flair's daughter?

It's not official quite yet ... but Charlotte Flair just got in the latest shots as they hype up a potential WWE mega-match.

"She knows where to find me," Charlotte told TMZ Sports at LAX ... before hinting that she'd wreck the ex-UFC champ in the ring.

Remember -- Ronda, Charlotte and their gal pals were in a WWE promo a few weeks ago ... sparking rumors of a Flair vs. Rousey super-fight.

We asked Charlotte if the match was already set ... and it kinda seemed like she was holdin' out on us.

Either way, Flair says she's got a ton of respect for Ronda ... cause her ass-kickin' blazed a trail for female superstars in the UFC and WWE.

Fun fact: The Nature Boy's a HUGE Rousey fan too -- WOOOO!!

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