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Hulk Hogan GGG Will Turn Canelo Into 'Canary' ... Gennady Loves It!

9/15/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Hulk Hogan is weighing in on the Gennady Golvkin vs. Canelo Alvarez fight -- telling TMZ Sports his guy GGG is gonna beat on Canelo so badly, he'll turn him into "Canary" Alvarez. 

"His feathers are gonna be flyin' and he's gonna be looking for some bird seed to try to get back on his feet, brother!"

We played the clip for Gennady -- and he loved it ... calling Hulk a legend and hoping he can turn Hogan's prediction into a reality. 

The two finally get in the ring on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Gennady's camp is adamant Canelo is a cheater who purposely took a performance-enhancing drug. 

In fact, GGG's trainer, Abel Sanchez, says Canelo's excuse that he unknowingly consumed tainted Mexican beef (and that's why he tested positive for Clenbuterol) is complete B.S.

Abel told us ... Canelo's nickname should be CCC -- "Canelo Con Carne."

For his part, Canelo has vigorously denied the allegations -- and vows to shut down all the haters on Saturday night. 

Canelo Alvarez PED Scandal Won't Taint Legacy ... Says Boxing Legend

9/15/2018 12:10 AM PDT

Former boxing champ Ray Mancini says Canelo Alvarez ain't like Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Ben Johnson ... cause unlike those guys, PED's won't hurt Alvarez's legacy.

Canelo is set to take on GGG Saturday in the biggest fight of the year ... but there are some people who think that an Alvarez win would be tainted by his positive drug tests from earlier this year.

You might remember, the fight was postponed because the Mexican champ twice tested dirty for Clenbuterol in his bloodstream ... blaming meat from his home country for the positive results.

We got Mancini out in NYC ... and asked the boxing Hall of Famer if Canelo's good name is ruined forever and Ray couldn't have been more clear ... NO.

"Either you can fight or you can't fight, you can punch or you can't, take a shot or you can't."

We feel what Ray is saying ... but we do know one thing that can DEFINITELY hurt Canelo's legacy ... another draw. SOMEONE KNOCK SOMEONE THE F**K OUT THIS TIME.

Eminem to MGK 'Leave My D**k in Your Mouth ... Keep My Daughter Out of It'

9/14/2018 12:15 PM PDT
Breaking News

Eminem just unleashed on Machine Gun Kelly in an extremely homophobic diss track that hit everything from MGK's career to his own daughter.

Em dropped "Killshot" Friday in response to MGK's diss track, "Rap Devil," that he dropped last week. In it, MGK took shots at Eminem's age, his beard and his miserable attitude. Fans weren't expecting Em to sit quiet, and he delivered. Some lyrics ...

"Die motherf**ker like the last motherf**ker saying Hailie in vain."

"You would suck a dick to be more for a second."

"My biggest flops are your greatest hits."

"You're a molehill ... I'll make a whole mountain out of you."

He also took aim at Tupac's death and accused Diddy of putting out the hit -- "The day you put out a hit is the day Diddy admits he put out the hit that got Pac killed" -- though at the end of the song, Em addresses Diddy, and says he's only kidding.

His last shot at MGK ... "Leave my dick in your mouth and take my daughter out of it."

So, we gotta ask ... 


Canelo Alvarez Gunning for 1st Round Knockout ... Against GGG

9/14/2018 11:24 AM PDT

Canelo Alvarez says he doesn't want his rematch with Gennady Golovkin to go to the judges -- he wants to take matters into his own hands and knock the dude out in the 1ST ROUND. 

TMZ Sports spoke with Canelo (via translator) about his upcoming fight with GGG -- and he made it clear, he wants to stop the killer from Kazakhstan by putting him on the canvas.

"Without a doubt, I’ll be going in there to knock him out, that’s what I’ve worked for," Canelo says ... "I’m gonna work from the first round to complete my objective which is to knock him out."

Canelo also responded to GGG's trainer Abel Sanchez -- who labeled the boxer a liar and a cheater for blaming tainted Mexican cow beef for that positive PED test

"What he says brings me more desire to win," Canelo says ... "At this point, I don’t know whether to laugh or get mad at what he’s saying. But, at the end of the day, he’s not gonna be the one getting in the ring."

"I’m gonna demonstrate my victory with facts and by getting in the ring with his fighter on Saturday."

We also asked Canelo if he'd consider joining Oscar De La Hoya's presidential campaign -- maybe push for a V.P. spot -- but it's clear Alvarez ain't one for politics. 

Tyron Woodley Drops Rap Single w/ Wiz Khalifa ... 'I'll Beat Yo Ass!'

9/14/2018 7:59 AM PDT

Fresh off his destruction of Darren Till, UFC champ Tyron Woodley is now targeting the rap game -- dropping his first single with Wiz Khalifa ... "I'll Beat Yo Ass!!!"

The Chosen One gave us a taste on 'The Hollywood Beatdown' -- explaining how a late-night recording session turned into a bangin' new anthem ... and why some of the biggest names in hip-hop are getting involved. 

And, he's already got Snoop Dogg down for the remix!!!!

There's a lot more ...

Tyron also explains how he dislocated his thumb punching Till's face at UFC 228 -- but it won't stop him from fighting Colby Covington at UFC 230 in November ... if the paycheck's right. 

And, Logan Paul vs. Sage Northcutt?? Tyron says Sage better not underestimate the YouTube star ... 

Hell, Tyron says he's even down to TRAIN Logan if he's serious about trying to fight in the UFC. 

Who gets punched in the face this week? Watch and find out. 

Check out 'The Hollywood Beatdown' every Friday on the TMZ Sports YouTube page. 

Gervonta Davis Arrested After D.C. Fist Fight

9/14/2018 6:13 AM PDT

Boxing star Gervonta Davis -- the reigning WBA super featherweight champ -- was arrested in Washington D.C. early Friday morning after fighting in the street ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

We're told the incident began at Rosebar Lounge ... where sources say Davis spent more than $10,000 turning up. 

One source tells us there was a dispute over the bill that escalated -- and Davis and another man took the beef into the street. 

According to the police report, the two guys started to fist fight -- "punching each other with a closed fist about the upper body." 

Several people tried to break it up but the two guys tried to flee -- until cops swooped in and picked them both up. 

Both men -- including Davis -- were arrested for disorderly conduct and transported to a nearby station where they were booked and processed. 

In the video, you can see Davis in handcuffs being walked to a squad car. 

Davis is a rising superstar in the sport -- and is one of Floyd Mayweather's prodigies. In fact, he fought on the undercard at the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight. 

GGG's Trainer Blasts Canelo 'You're An Insult to the Sport!'

9/13/2018 10:46 AM PDT

Gennady Golovkin's camp is coming out swingin' at Canelo Alvarez -- aka CCC -- "Canelo Con Carne."

Yeah, it's a shot at the boxer's positive PED test, which Canelo blamed on tainted beef he ate in Mexico. 

GGG's famous trainer, Abel Sanchez, ain't buyin' Canelo's excuse -- telling us straight-up the guy's a cheater who's a disgrace to the sport of boxing. 

"He did some things that were insulting," Sanchez says ... "insulting not only to the sport, to the fans."

"We feel that an athlete at that level has got to be more cognizant of what is allowed and not allowed and for him to make the excuse that he made I think that it's insulting."

Sanchez says Gennady is also very insulted -- and plans to exact his revenge when the two clash in Vegas on Sept. 15. 

"I think that if Canelo is true to his word that I think this fight ends somewhere after the 10th, when Golovkin has dropped him once or hurt him a couple of times."

"I see Canelo wearing out because of the punishment. Golovkin is a much, much better fighter than Canelo."

Eminem MGK Needs To 'Shut The F*** Up'

9/13/2018 9:06 AM PDT

Eminem isn't sure how he's gonna fire back at Machine Gun Kelly in their heated feud -- but he is making one thing crystal clear ... MGK needs to "shut the f*** up."

In an interview with Sway, Em says he wants to "destroy" MGK but he doesn't want to make Kelly bigger by giving him attention or extra publicity. 

It's a little too late for that. 

Shady took a deep dive into his beef with MGK ... saying it all started 6 years ago when MGK sent a tweet saying Eminem's 16-year-old daughter, Hailie, was "hot as f***" ... and ignited again when Kelly took a direct shot at Em on a collab with Tech N9ne

Eminem feels like he's being forced to respond to MGK's diss track, "Rap Devil," and says the entire situation is "f***ing weird."

Eminem is wary of firing back at Kelly ... 'cause that will open the gates to more beef with "every f***ing body" he dissed on his new album, "Kamikaze." 

Regardless of what Em ultimately decides, he says he doesn't give a f*** about Kelly or his career -- but you gotta see his review of MGK's skills on "Rap Devil." He actually praised him! Begrudgingly.

Ex-Tecate Girls We Got Fired From Canelo vs. GGG ... Over Sexy Video!

9/13/2018 6:43 AM PDT

Is it possible for bikini models to get fired for being TOO SEXY?!?!

Apparently, yes -- according to two former Tecate girls who claim they got axed out of working the Canelo vs. GGG rematch because they made a video that was deemed too hot for the beer brand. 

Meet Kayla Fitz and Dessie Mitcheson -- two ridiculously attractive models who had worked GGG vs. Canelo events in the past ... and spent time with both fighters. 

The women say they teamed up with famed director Chris Applebaum and made a scorching hot mini-movie -- wearing bikinis and drinking Tecate -- but it didn't go over well with their bosses. 

"They said it was too sexy," Dessie told TMZ Sports at the Ignite Cannabis Launch Party. 

"It looked too much like a commercial. No one was paid for it and we got fired. I actually got physically pulled off the stage during weigh-ins and we got canned."

The good news ... the women are now free to do whatever bikini videos they want -- and they plan on dropping MORE later this week. 

Jim Gray Shades De La Hoya ... You Ain't Running For President!

9/12/2018 8:17 AM PDT

Oscar De La Hoya has zero intentions to run for president and is only claiming he's serious about a campaign to try to drum up interest in his GGG-Canelo fight ... so says Jim Gray.

We broke the story ... ODLH told us he's really exploring the idea of becoming president one day because he wants to have a bigger platform to use his voice.

When we got Gray -- a Showtime boxing host -- out at LAX and asked about Oscar's potential candidacy ... Gray was hardly buying it.

"Really? Come on," Gray tells us.

"I think he's trying to promote his fight. I think his fight may not be doing as well as he's hoping. So, he's trying to bring attention. So, what better way to get attention than to say, 'I want to run for president?'"

You be the judge ... does this sound like a man who's lying?!

UFC's Aljamain Sterling I Popped My Opponent's Knee!

9/11/2018 7:45 AM PDT

Wanna hear something gross? Imagine putting your opponent in a KNEEBAR and then hearing it POP!!!!!

That's exactly what happened to UFC star Aljamain Sterling this weekend -- when he was ripping away at Cody Stamann's knee and heard it explode right in the Octagon! 

The "Funkmaster" was ripping Stamann's left leg over his head with an excruciatingly painful move, when he pulled just a little too hard and heard the joint go snap, crackle, POP! 

"I heard it bro," Sterling tells TMZ Sports ... "It was a nasty one!" 

Sterling says he feels bad for Stamann and hopes he heals up soon -- but fears the dude tore his LCL and maybe even more ... judging by the way the injury went down. 

Injury aside, Sterling's victory was super impressive and Aljamain says Dana White took notice -- even promising to send him a little bonus check in the mail for putting on a show at UFC 228. 

Congrats, man ... you earned it! 

Von Miller Sues Undefeated Boxer I Invested In You So Where's My Money?!

9/10/2018 11:12 AM PDT

In one corner ... Von Miller, NFL superstar. 

In the other corner, Travell "Black Magic" Mazion ... a 13-0 boxer who's a rising star in the sport. 

The fight? Von claims he staked Mazion with a $30,000 investment and in exchange, he was supposed to get 20% of all "Black Magic" fight earning. 

The problem? Von claims he forked over his initial check in Feb. 2017 -- and hasn't received a dime. 

Mazion had a fight in April 2017 -- after Von ponied up his dough -- and expected his cut right away. But, Black Magic went M.I.A. and stopped responding to Von's demands for his cash. 

In his suit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Miller says he wants Mazion to cough up pay stubs so he knows how much cash he's owed. 

Mazion's career seems to be on a serious upswing -- he's being promoted by Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions and his fight in June was aired on ESPN. 

Tyron Woodley 'I'm the Greatest Welterweight' Ever ... Sorry, Georges St-Pierre

9/10/2018 8:41 AM PDT

Tyron Woodley says his skull-crushing victory over Darren Till at UFC 228 solidifies him as the greatest welterweight fighter of ALL TIME ... putting him over Georges St-Pierre

"The Chosen One" was fired up Monday morning after notching his 4th title defense in a row -- but admitted to TMZ Sports his elbow and hands were sore from bashing in Till's face. 

"I don't think [he landed one shot on me]. I think the stats show one, but I didn't feel one. His head connected with my elbow a lot. That motherf**ker is sore," Tyron said. 

"I'm like, 'Damn! What's your head made out of?!'"

As far as his legacy is concerned, Tyron says there's no question -- "I am the greatest welterweight of all time. No disrespect to Georges St-Pierre, but I don't have to fight him to prove that."

Tyron goes on to explain why he deserves the #1 spot over GSP.

By the way, Tyron has previously called out GSP to his face on "The Hollywood Beatdown" back in November ... but St-Pierre wouldn't commit to a scrap. 

By the way, we also asked Tyron if there's a chance he'd fight Conor McGregor down the line -- since the two had beef backstage at UFC 205 back in 2016 ... and Tyron's definitely down. 

Tyron told us Conor needs to focus on getting through Khabib Nurmagomedov next month first -- and then "maybe" the two can work something out. 

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