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Dana White There's Still Hope Conor Fights Floyd ... I Want Conor to Get Rich!

3/15/2017 4:19 PM PDT

Dana White says Conor vs. Floyd is still a real possibility -- telling TMZ Sports, "It doesn't make a lot of sense for my business, but I would never keep Conor from making that kind of money."

The UFC boss was out in Bev Hills when he laid out Conor's opportunities ... some real big fights. He also said Conor's waiting for his kid to be born before he fights again.  

There's more ... including the real reason we haven't seen Nate and Nick Diaz back in the Octagon. 

Darrelle Revis Friend Tells Judge I KO'd Guys In TMZ Knockout Video

3/15/2017 11:51 AM PDT
Breaking News

0315_darrelle-revis_getty-2update_graphic_red_bar11:49 AM PT -- The judge in the case just DISMISSED all charges against Revis. update-grey-gray-barDarrelle Revis' childhood friend just testified in court that it was HIS voice on video admitting to knocking out two men in a Pittsburgh street fight back in February. 

Revis is in court to face 4 felony charges connected to the incident in which he's accused of beating up 2 men outside a bar. 

In footage shot immediately after the fight (and posted by TMZ Sports) you hear a man say, "I knocked both of these motherf**kers out!" 

Revis' friend says he not only made the comments in the footage but fessed up to KO'ing the men as well. The friend was in court along with his own attorney. 

The friend says he only got involved because the other men had jumped Revis -- and he pulled them off and fought back to protect himself. 

Story developing ... 

Radio Host Michael Savage Involved in Restaurant Melee

3/15/2017 10:56 AM PDT


Conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage was attacked in a Bay area restaurant Tuesday night, and it sure seems there's a Trump connection.

We're told Savage was eating dinner at Servino Ristorante in Tiburon at around 8:30 PM, when a guy started mocking Savage's legal last name, screaming, "weener, weener." We're told the guy threw Savage to the ground, after allegedly shoving Savage's poodle, Teddy, out of the way. 


Savage is one of Trump's favorites, frequently appearing on his radio show. During the campaign Savage claimed Hillary Clinton may have Parkinson's.

The guy who slammed Savage also allegedly punched someone in the face who tried to get in between the 2 men -- according to Rich Lieberman at 415 Media, who first broke the story.

Savage and the guy each made a citizen's arrest ... cops came but released both on the spot.

Savage says the guy who pushed him knew who he was and had "beef" with him.

Jared Fogle's Prison Attacker I Beat His Ass Because Pedophiles Made Him a 'God'

3/14/2017 9:48 AM PDT

0314-jared-fogle-steve-nigg-TMZ-Composite-01Jared Fogle is treated like royalty by fellow child molesters in prison, and that's why he got the crap beat out of him ... so says the inmate who handed out the beating.

Steve Nigg -- the 61-year-old who attacked Jared last year in a Colorado prison -- wrote a letter, obtained by TMZ, saying Jared was disgustingly revered as an almighty figure among pedophiles in prison.

In the letter, Nigg says "Jared is their hero," and "You would not believe how arrogant Jared was. He hired bodyguards and the other child molesters looked at him as if he was a god." That changed, briefly at least, when Nigg left Fogle with a bloody nose, swollen face and scratches on his neck.

Fogle's doing 15 years for child porn and crossing state lines to pay for sex with minors.

As we reported ... Nigg ultimately was moved to an Oklahoma prison. Nigg says he's since "lost good times (time off his sentence) and spent many months in the hole, plus the loss of commissary and email."

Still, he says ... "I have no regrets."

NASCAR's Jeff Hammond Joey Logano Had It Coming

3/13/2017 2:37 PM PDT

Joey Logano should've been EXPECTING a fight with Kyle Busch this weekend ... especially after the way he was driving ... so says NASCAR analyst Jeff Hammond

Hammond was covering the Kobalt 400 for FS1 and says he loved the passion Busch showed when he confronted Logano after some "aggressive driving" on the track. 

Bottom line ... the whole "leave it on the track" mentality doesn't apply when you spin out a race car around 180 MPH. 

"In Joey's situation, you should expect that kind of a retaliation. You gotta be looking for it. Your head's gotta be on a swivel."

In fact, Hammond says MORE drivers should show the kind of passion Busch did. 

Hey, more fights? We're down! 

NASCAR Kyle Busch Fights Joey Logano After Kobalt 400 Spin Out

3/12/2017 6:39 PM PDT

0312-kyle-busch-blood-foxKyle Busch thought Joey Logano did him dirty during NASCAR's Kobalt 400 race ... so he went after the guy with fists after spinning out.

Busch rushed Logano and his crew on pit road Sunday after Logano appeared to have made Busch spin out in the race ... costing him a shot at victory. 

You can see Busch stomping over like he's on a mission, and that's when Logano's pit crew got involved.

Busch left the rumble fuming with a bloody forehead. Clearly he doesn't like being cut off. 

ATL Braves Pitcher Allegedly Pulls a 'Cash Me Ousside' ... Cops Called to Chick-fil-A

3/12/2017 12:30 AM PST

0310-mike-foltynewicz-gettyAtlanta Braves pitcher Mike Foltynewicz got into it with a fan at a Chick-fil-A in Florida -- allegedly telling the guy to "meet me outside" ... this according to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports

Mike -- who's in Kissimmee for Braves Spring Training -- was chillin' at the chicken joint in nearby Osceola County with his wife on March 9 when he was confronted by a man asking for an autograph.

The fan says Mike cussed him out and challenged him to a fight saying, "We're gonna do this man-to-man" and "Meet me outside!"

Cops were called but Mike was gone when they arrived. They spoke with employees who said Mike did cuss but didn't pose a real violent threat.

Surveillance footage shows Mike trying to walk away from the fan and sit at a table in the back -- before eventually changing his order to go ... and leaving. 

Cops say the fan is leaving to go back to Tennessee and likely won't ever encounter Mike again ... so they're not pushing forward with a case against the MLB player.

In short, no one was caught outside ... how bow dah?!

Faizon Love Valet Is Damn Lucky ... I Didn't Even Punch Him Once!

3/9/2017 12:42 PM PST

Sometimes punk kids talking trash need a lesson in respect ... and that's how Faizon Love describes the beatdown he handed a valet in Columbus Airport.

We talked to Faizon about Judge Mathis' advice on how the comedian should handle his criminal case going forward, and he was actually open to it. He still believes he was in the right though because the valet allegedly spit at him.

Love admits he probably could learn some lessons from his airport attack too, but backing down from a fight is definitely not one of them.

UFC's Roy Nelson Breaks Down Faizon Love Fight ... Here's What I Woulda Done.

3/9/2017 10:48 AM PST

This is great ... some Faizon Love Post-Airport Fight Analysis ... with a real UFC star. 

We spoke with Roy "Big Country" Nelson about the throwdown in Ohio -- and he told us the heavyweight actor showed real fighting skills ... almost like he's done it before. 

But, what woulda happened if Love picked on someone his own size?

Nelson has some thoughts.  

Cain Velasquez Called Out By UFC Star Let's Rumble, Bro!

3/9/2017 6:50 AM PST

If you thought there wasn't a man alive crazy enough to call out former 2-time UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez, you're wrong ... 'cause TMZ Sports found the MMA badass willing to do it.

We got Francis Ngannou -- the #6 ranked heavyweight in the UFC -- out in NYC, and we asked the 6'4" 260 pounder who he wanted to fight next time he steps in the Octagon ... his answer was simple.

"My next opponent I want is Cain Velasquez."

Cain's last fight was this past summer when he beat down Travis Browne (like everyone does) and Francis TKOd Andrei Arlovski back in January for his 9th straight win.

Time to put this collision on course.  

Judge Mathis Tough to Defend Faizon Love But ...

3/9/2017 7:06 AM PST

Judge Mathis says Faizon Love has one way out of his assault case ... but hizzoner thinks the attack video will be hard to overcome.

Mathis was at LAX Wednesday when he told our photog Faizon should be proactive by showing contrition in advance of his trial.

Thing to remember here ... we got Mathis before Faizon told us he was threatened and had spit hurled his way. 

As for how bad the video is on a 1 to 10 scale ... Mathis doesn't have good news for Faizon.

Faizon Love Comedy Club Wins Big After Arrest!

3/9/2017 12:10 AM PST

0308_faizon_love_tmz_funnyboneFaizon Love beating the crap out of a valet, and getting arrested in Ohio is really good for biz ... based on ticket sales for his next stand-up show.

As we reported, Faizon was arrested Tuesday after the brutal attack -- captured on surveillance video. The arrest came 8 days before his headlining gig at Funny Bone Comedy Club in Columbus. Perfect timing.

Management at the club says they sold nearly 100 tickets on Wednesday alone ... the day after the comedian's arrest. By comparison, they only sold 24 tickets the day before. The spike puts his 2 scheduled shows on March 15 at just over 80% capacity. Also, management says no one's asked for a refund yet.

As they say, no such thing as bad publicity. Although Faizon's lawyer might beg to differ.

Faizon Love Valet Spit at Me ... He Deserved Ass Whooping!

3/8/2017 3:00 PM PST

Faizon Love says he flew into a rage at a valet because the guy spit and threatened to get violent BEFORE Faizon attacked ... which is why he's NOT apologizing.

The actor told us he was ticked off about a $1,000 charge for long-term parking at Columbus airport, but says it was the valet who got lippy first ... threatening to "put hands" on Faizon. He says his breaking point came when he turned his back, and heard the valet clear his throat to spit.

The spit is not apparent in the surveillance video, but Faizon insists he did ... it just missed him.

Faizon thinks the guy needed to be taught a lesson about talking smack to people. As he puts it ... real life ain't Twitter.

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