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UFC's Alistair Overeem I'm Takin' Out Stipe Miocic ... In The 2nd Round!!

7/14/2016 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alistair Overeem is so confident he'll destroy Stipe Miocic at UFC 203 -- he's calling his round!!! 

Overeem was out in Vegas recently when we asked about his big title fight with the UFC heavyweight champ in September ... a fight in which Alistair will be gunning for his 5th straight victory. 

You can tell his confidence is through the roof. 

By the way, we also asked the Dutch fighter to tell the best thing about Amsterdam ... and no, his answer wasn't the weed ... or the Heineken brewery ... or the red light district. 

Draymond Green Accuser Attack Changed My Life Forever ... I Want Him Punished

7/13/2016 1:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0713_Draymond-Green_Jermaine-Edmondson_gettyThe man who claims he was attacked by Draymond Green has already lawyered up -- and says he's demanding justice for the "unprovoked, unnecessary attack" that changed his life forever.

Attorney Corey Minor Smith says she's officially representing Michigan State football player Jermaine Edmondson -- who claims the NBA star attacked him outside of a bar early Sunday morning. 

"My client is a student-athlete who was punched and assaulted by Mr. Green in an unprovoked, unnecessary attack," Smith said.

"His life has been forever altered by the events of that weekend."

Smith says 22-year-old Edmondson is "fully cooperating with the authorities investigating this unfortunate situation" and welcomes a "full and thorough investigation."

One interesting note ... Smith insists Edmondson was punched in the face by Green -- and not slapped, as suggested by police officers who claim they heard the attack. 

Draymond Green Smiling Mug Shot Accuser Claims NBA Star Taunted Him Over Scholarship

7/13/2016 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ Sports has obtained Draymond Green's mug shot -- showing the NBA star smiling while wearing an "Attack the Glass" shirt ... after allegedly hitting a Michigan State football player. 

Green was arrested on July 10th after allegedly attacking 22-year-old Jermaine Edmondson -- a senior cornerback on the MSU football team. He's 6'0", 185 lbs. Draymond is 6'7", 240 lbs.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ Sports, at least two officers witnessed Green slapping Edmondson across the face outside of Conrad's bar in East Lansing, Michigan in the early hours of July 10th. One officer said, "The sound of the slap was very loud."

Cops say they spoke with Edmondson who says the slap was the culmination of a 2-day feud that began at another bar the night before. 

Edmondson told police he was hanging out with his girlfriend when Green bumped into him. Edmondson says he told Green, "Hey bro, you can at least say 'Excuse me.'"

Green allegedly responded by saying, "Do you know who I am?" ... and added, "I pay for n**gas like you scholarships."

Edmondson says 2 of Green's associates then began to choke him out right in the bar. He later noticed that Green's associates choked his girlfriend as well. 

Edmondson says he and his GF left the bar without contacting police -- and returned to the bar scene the next day to celebrate his birthday. 

That's when he ran into Green again -- and was confronted by the NBA star. Edmondson says he told Green that "last night wasn't cool" and Green started to poke him in the shoulder. 

Edmondson says he told Green to take his hands off him -- and that's when "boom I'm punched in my jaw."

Edmondson says he did not fight back -- and responding cops did not witness any retaliation.

Cops responded and he told officers his neck and face hurt and he did want to take further action against Green.

Cops arrested Green -- and say he was drunk ... with a .10 blood alcohol level. 

During the arrest, cops say Green ADMITTED to slapping Edmondson -- and said "he was sorry" and "wanted to speak with him to make things right."

As for Green -- he issued a statement to reporters Wednesday morning saying, "My legal team is handling it. It will be resolved really quickly."

"As a public figure, I just can't put myself in certain situations. It's something that I'll learn from and just move on."

Brent Grimes' Wife Anti-Semitic Rant Against Dolphins Owner

7/11/2016 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0711-miko-grimes-INSTAGRAM-01The wife of Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Brent Grimes ripped into the Dolphins for cutting him and got a little anti-Semitic while she was at it. 

Miko Grimes -- who was arrested last year for headbutting a cop at a Dolphins game -- started bashing Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and GM Mike Tannenbaum ... who she clearly blames for Brent's demise in Miami.

She tweeted, "Gotta respect ross for keeping his jew buddies employed but did he not see how tannenbaum put the jets in the dumpster w/that sanchez deal?"

The backlash was immediate, although Miko insisted she wasn't being racist and said ... "Why would i want to offend "jewish" ppl?"

That's exactly what she did though. FOX Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer -- who's done MMA training with Brent -- jumped in the fray, pleading with Miko to "please SHUT THE F*** UP! Sincerely, the Jew buddy of ur husbands." 

Miko's reply? "Suck my d***!"


Luke Rockhold Lots of Fighters Use Roids Still, Hard to Fool UFC

7/9/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former UFC champ Luke Rockhold is the latest fighter to say ... a big percentage of his colleagues secretly use steroids.

Luke was at Topgolf in Vegas when our photog asked about Jon Jones getting booted from the fight over a performance-enhancing substance. Luke clearly thinks Jon's a screwup, but doesn't think he's alone in what he did.

That said, Luke's clear the UFC is going after fighters who use these drugs like a rabid dog.

BTW ... he thinks Silva has a shot at beating Cormier in UFC 200, even with short notice. He has recent experience in that department.

Boxing Legend Joe Frazier Jock Strap Hits Auction Block Worn During Ali Fight

7/8/2016 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0706_joes_jock_goldin-auctionsThe jock strap that protected the manhood of boxing legend Joe Frazier 45 years ago when he beat the GOAT, Muhammad Ali, is about to hit the auction block ... TMZ Sports has learned.

The jock dates back to Ali-Frazier I in 1971 ... known as, "The Fight of the Century," one of America's most historic sporting events. Frazier -- who, like Ali, was undefeated -- won by unanimous decision.

Frazier gave the jock to his buddy the night of the fight ... who held onto it for almost 40 years before selling it to a memorabilia dealer in 2009.

The collector hooked up with Goldin Auctions ... who will now be auctioning off the super rare item starting July 11th. Starting bid is $5K.

FYI -- a Nolan Ryan jock strap worn by the Hall of Famer during his 7th no-hitter reportedly once sold for $25k.

Best part about this jock? It's NEVER BEEN WASHED!!

Happy bidding!


Daniel Cormier Will Face One of These Guys

7/7/2016 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0707_dan-henderson_gegard-mousasi_anderson-silva_getty-3The final 3 candidates to replace Jon Jones at UFC 200 are Gegard Mousasi, Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson -- but there are problems with all 3, especially Henderson ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Our sources say Henderson is a front-runner to fight Michael Bisping for his middleweight title, and that bout is coming up soon -- so moving him to take on Daniel Cormier could screw a potential Bisping match.

Mousasi is already on UFC 200's undercard against Diego Santos. So, moving Gegard would create another hole for Saturday night.

As for Silva -- well, he's old.

We're told the Nevada Athletic Commission requires any fighter over 35 to undergo extensive medical testing and there might not be enough time to get it done for 41-year-old Silva. Plus, as we first reported ... he's also recovering from a recent surgery.

Stay tuned ...

Iggy Azalea Gives Big F-U To Nick & Baby Mama

7/6/2016 5:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Iggy Azalea has a big 'ol message to Nick Young and the woman he knocked up -- EFF YOU BOTH!!

Iggy fired off the one finger salute -- which she clarified was directed at Nick and Keonna Green -- while at an airport in Australia on Wednesday ... hours after Keonna spilled her guts to US Weekly about her secret affair with the NBA star. 

Iggy also claims Keonna's a liar -- saying Keonna is simply not telling the truth about an alleged attempt to contact Iggy to clue her in on the adultery. 

Keonna -- who's 22 weeks preggo with Nick's child -- said she was hooking up with Nick since September ... 3 months after he proposed to Iggy. 

Yeah, we kinda get why Iggy's pissed ... 


Miesha Tate I Won My First Fight ... IN 3RD GRADE!

7/7/2016 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miesha Tate won her first fight at 8 YEARS OLD ... beating up a boy in a violent turf war ... and it changed her life forever!! 

The UFC superstar sat down with TMZ's Charlie Cotton to promote UFC 200 on July 9th -- when she regaled us about the first time she opened up a can of whoopass. 

"The boy was a year older than me," Miesha said. 

So, how did it end? Not well for the boy. REALLY WELL for Miesha.

Frances Bean Cobain It's War ... Ex Wants Kurt's 'Unplugged' Guitar

7/6/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0705-frances-bean-kurt-cobain-gettyThe multi-million dollar guitar famously owned by Kurt Cobain -- the last one he played before killing himself -- is at the center of Frances Bean Cobain's nasty divorce.

Frances' estranged hubby, Isaiah Silva, claims she gave him Kurt's Martin D-18E as a wedding present. It's the same instrument the Nirvana frontman famously strummed during his epic "MTV Unplugged" performance.


The acoustic-electric is something of a holy grail for Nirvana fans. For starters, only about 300 were made before Martin discontinued the model. Kurt, who was left-handed, had the bridge and nut replaced so he could play it upside down.

Frances denies giving Isaiah the guitar, and wants it back, with good reason. It was once insured for $1 million and experts now think it's worth several million bucks. 

We got Courtney Love at LAX Tuesday, who squarely sided with her daughter, essentially saying Isaiah's a scammer.


Vince Neil Charged with Brutalizing Autograph Hound

7/6/2016 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0630-vince-neil-tmz-02Vince Neil has been charged with attacking a woman in Vegas ... an incident which triggered a nuclear argument between Vince and Nic Cage.

Vince allegedly went off on an autograph seeker, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her to the ground. Vince claims the woman got all aggro on him and all he did was push past her. Our law enforcement sources say they have surveillance video showing he manhandled her.

After the altercation, Neil and Nic -- with whom he had just had lunch -- walked out of Aria hotel, where Nic and Neil got into it with each other.

Neil's been charged with misdemeanor battery. Worst case scenario ... 6 months in jail.

Nick Carter Settles with Bouncer ... For Loads of Cash

7/5/2016 11:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

070516-nick-carter-tmz-04Nick Carter's pockets just got lighter ... because we've learned he made a 6-figure settlement with a bouncer who accused the singer of choking him out. 

Sources close to the case tell us the settlement fell in the 6-figure range ... and Nick is the one paying the piper.

As for the criminal case ... you'll remember Carter was arrested for misdemeanor battery back in January while partying at a bar in Key West, FL. The battery charge will go away if he completes 25 hours of community service.

Mark DiCowden -- the bouncer's attorney -- says Carter was a "Backstreet thug" who attacked his client for trying to do his job. 

Justin Bieber Lawyer Licking His Chops For a Cleveland Fight Grilling

7/3/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0630_justin_bieber_tmzJustin Bieber's gonna be steamed over Cleveland again if the lawyer in his alleged photog assault case gets his way. 

We're told Bieber was set to be deposed Friday in Miami ... where a photog is accusing Justin's bodyguard of trapping and attacking him. But Justin's lawyers filed docs saying the plaintiff's attorney shouldn't be allowed to bring up 17 other incidents -- such as the Cleveland brawl -- because they're irrelevant.

The photog's attorney, Mark DiCowden, filed a response saying it's all fair game for the depo since incidents like Justin's fight after an NBA Finals game show a pattern of bad behavior, similar to what allegedly happened in Miami.

The judge says he'll decide which side is right ... once they figure out a new depo date.


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