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XXXTentacion Not Upping Security After KO

6/8/2017 2:42 PM PDT

4:25 PM PT -- XXXTentacion's Thursday night concert in Santa Ana, CA has been postponed. We're told the venue decided to postpone for safety concerns, on the heels of Wednesday's brawl. The show will be rescheduled.The guy who KO'd XXXTentacion at his San Diego show is just jealous of the 19-year-old rapper's success ... and XXX believes there's NO reason to hire more bodyguards.

We spoke to him Thursday after the brutal cheap shot. Although his face seemed pretty swollen, XXX says his attacker got it worse. In the video, you can see security beat the living daylights out of the guy.

Still, police tell us the suspect somehow manged to flee the scene.

According to XXX, his attacker got past 12 security guards to get to him -- which, to him, means there's no point in paying more people to protect him.

One person was stabbed backstage. At the time we spoke to him, XXX thought that person was the attacker. Cops tell us that's not the case and the stabbing victim's injury is non-life threatening.

Cops still haven't named a suspect, and there's no evidence another rapper, Rob Stone, had anything to do with it -- despite an old beef with XXX, and the chants of fans after the fight.

Draymond Green's Mom Heated Exchange with Cavs Fan ... Cops Involved

6/8/2017 8:49 AM PDT

9:33 AM PT -- Draymond's mom says she made peace with the Cavs fan.

"Everyone apologized so it's all good," she tweeted.

"If they would watch the game and enjoy it instead of worshipping it. They would be fine!"More mama drama at Game 3 ... this time, it was Draymond Green's mother who was in the middle of a hostile situation with a Cavs fan -- and security rushed in to break it up.

It all went down right after the game ended -- you can see Mary Babers in the Golden State Warriors jacket getting into it with the Cavs fan.

Unclear what was said to set the whole thing off ... but things got heated and there was some shoving. You can see Cleveland PD officers who were working the event got involved and broke it up. 

You never see Mary get physical. You do see fans holding her back. 

No arrests were made. We reached out to Draymond's camp for comment. So far, no word back. 


Rapper XXXTentacion KO'd Onstage ... One Person Stabbed

6/8/2017 7:03 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

XXXTentacion got sucker punched onstage and knocked out cold during his show in San Diego ... which turned into an all-out brawl that left one person stabbed.

The video of the attack is insane -- XXX was up on the mic performing Wednesday night when the attacker socked him out of nowhere. Security scrambled and beat the piss out of the unidentified puncher.

Law enforcement sources tell us the stabbing happened backstage after the initial punch.

XXX was eventually carried offstage. One of his tour managers tells us he was unconscious for at least 2 minutes. We're also told XXX and his camp believe the attacker was hiding backstage.

Cops say another fight broke out later in the parking lot as well. Fans at the venue seemed to blame rapper Rob Stone for the melee -- they chanted his name as soon as the fight started, but it's unclear if he's really involved.

No arrests have been made. We're also told cops wanna talk to XXX for a statement.

Meanwhile, XXX posted a video afterward blaming the venue and security for setting him up, and he's threatening to sue.

Luke Rockhold 'I Want 3rd Fight with Michael Bisping'

6/7/2017 4:24 PM PDT

Luke Rockhold says he wants to settle things with Michael Bisping once and for all -- telling TMZ Sports he's 100% down for a 3rd fight with the UFC star ... when Bisping's healthy enough to go.

Rockhold hasn't fought since June 2016 -- when he lost to Bisping in their rematch, evening their rivalry at 1-1. 

So, when we spotted Rockhold out in Bev Hills on Wednesday we asked WHEN he's getting back in the Octagon and who he wants to fight next. 

What's interesting ... Luke says he's down to fight at UFC 213 in July if anything happens to Yoel Romero or Robert Whittaker.

There's more ... we also asked about catching the garter at Daniel Cormier's wedding -- and if he plans on getting married anytime soon. Guess how that turned out ...

Aries Spears Sues Radio Station, Host

6/5/2017 5:52 PM PDT

Comedian Aries Spears is following through ... suing a radio host for unleashing a flurry of fists on him while he was a guest, and also the program -- The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show -- for letting the attack happen.

Aries filed the suit Monday, accusing co-host Zo Williams of assault and battery. TMZ first posted the video ... showing Zo go HAM on Aries back in April.

In the suit, Aries doesn't just blame Zo ... he goes after Corey Holcomb, and his entire staff, for standing back and doing nothing during the beatdown. He goes on to say both Williams and Holcomb later made light of the attack when they came on TMZ Live.

One thing Aries does not mention is how the hell the melee started in the first place. As we reported ... Williams went off when Aries cracked a joke, at Zo's expense, saying "light-skinned n****s" get loud. Williams attacked immediately.

Aries is suing for unspecified amount in damages, interest and attorneys' fees. 

Ricky Hatton Conor Won't Hit Floyd 'I Couldn't Even Do It'

6/5/2017 12:35 AM PDT

"I couldn't hit him. Oscar [De La Hoya] couldn't hit him. Canelo [Alvarez] couldn't hit him. Conor's not going to hit him."

Boxing legend Ricky Hatton says he absolutely LOVES Conor McGregor -- but knows in his heart the guy has no shot against Floyd Mayweather.

Ricky famously fought Mayweather back in 2007 -- they were both undefeated at the time -- but Hatton got rocked and lost in the 10th round.

Hatton says he knows from experience how hard it is to land a shot against Floyd -- and says he thinks there's a real possibility Conor won't land a single punch if they actually fight.

"What I think happens in the fight ... it could be a bit embarrassing. And I would not like to see that happen to Conor 'cause I love him to bits."

"If the truth be known, I'd like Conor to splatter him. But I don't ... my heart says it but my mind says 'no,' he probably wouldn't."

Charles Oakley Rejects Plea Deal In Knicks Assault Case ... Bring On the Trial!

6/2/2017 8:18 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Charles Oakley is digging in for war -- rejecting a plea deal in his NY Knicks assault case because he'd rather go to trial in an effort to clear his name.

Oakley was arrested back in February and charged with assault, harassment and criminal trespass for getting physical with security who tried to remove him from Madison Square Garden.

Oakley believes he was defending himself and did nothing wrong. 

Prosecutors offered a deal called an ACD (Adjournment Contemplation Dismissal) -- which means if he stays out of trouble for 6 months, the arrest would be completely expunged from his record.

He would not have to plead guilty to any crime as part of the deal. 

But moments ago in court, Oakley rejected the deal -- instead choosing to go to trial because he feels he shouldn't have to accept any form of punishment. 

On his way out of the courtroom, Oakley said he feels like "Superman" -- and likes his chances at trial. 

W. Kentucky Football Six Players Indicted For Frat House Attack

6/1/2017 9:46 AM PDT
Breaking News

Several members of the Western Kentucky University football team were hit with criminal charges for attacking a guy at a fraternity house in March and are now suspended from the team.

TMZ Sports broke the story ... a group of WKU football players showed up to the Pike frat house on March 5 and attacked an alum. Video footage shows several people tackling, stomping and punching the guy, who ended up in the ER with injuries.

The Kentucky Office of the Attorney General announced charges against seven football players.

RB Quinton Baker, WR Xavier Lane, LB Tyler Obee and DE Cecil Stallings were charged with the most serious crimes -- complicity to wanton endangerment, complicity to assault and criminal trespass. They face up to 6 years behind bars.

WR Jahcour Pearson and DL Chris Johnson were hit with criminal trespass charges. LB Drew O'Bryan (who just transferred to Eastern Kentucky University) was charged with menacing and criminal trespass. 

A rep for the team said the players have been "suspended indefinitely from all team-related activities pending further developments."

'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre' Director's Face Allegedly Bashed By Ex-GF 38 Years Younger

6/1/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Tobe Hooper -- director of the iconic horror film "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" -- got beat up by his ex and has the bruises to prove it ... according to new legal docs.

The 74-year-old was allegedly attacked by 36-year-old Rebecca Hodges 2 weeks ago, and was left with a battered face. Hooper claims there was another altercation in April where Hodges also punched him in the face.

According to the docs ... the 2 used to date and live together, and Hooper's accusations against Hodges were enough to get a judge to order her to stay 100 yards away from him.

We tried to contact Hodges ... no luck so far.

Max Holloway To Conor McGregor: I'm the Champ Now!

5/31/2017 6:48 AM PDT

UFC superstar Max Holloway says Conor McGregor is yesterday's news in the UFC ... and he's the man of the hour. 

Holloway -- the UFC lightweight interim champ who's fighting at UFC 212 -- joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs weekdays on FS1) and was asked how he felt about The Notorious. 

"Conor was the 2015 champion. We're in the year 2017," Holloway says ... "It's about defending your whatever."

Conor defeated Holloway back in 2013 and eventually won the featherweight title in 2015 ... only to leave the division and take the lightweight title from Eddie Alvarez in 2016. 

Holloway says he respects Conor as a fighter -- but sent a strong warning about getting in the ring with Floyd Mayweather.

Boosie Badazz 'Big Ass' Delta Chick Made Me Miss My Flight!

5/30/2017 12:57 PM PDT

Boosie Badazz just destroyed a Delta employee -- with a big ass, apparently -- for making him miss a flight in Miami ... and the "big ass" line was NOT a compliment, in this case.

A pissed off Boosie claims the Delta staffer sent him and his kids to the wrong terminal at MIA, and now he can't catch another flight. He's placing blame squarely on the "big black lady with that big ass."

He added, "You're a real ignorant, selfish bitch and did not try to help somebody who spends over a million dollars on Delta a year. F**k you, bitch!"

Boosie's rant still pales in comparison to Young Thug's against an Alaska Airlines employee. At least Boosie didn't name names or put anyone on camera.

Playboy's Shannon Twins Knock Each Other Silly in Brawl ... Double BUSTED by Cops

5/27/2017 12:20 AM PDT

Playboy twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon -- 2 of Hugh Hefner's former 'Girls Next Door' hotties -- were arrested after they allegedly busted each other up.

Law enforcement sources tell us police were summoned to the Shannon twins' WeHo home Wednesday morning around 3:30 AM.

Cops say Kristina and Karissa had gotten into a violent brawl after a night of drinking. We're told Kristina punched Karissa in the face, and Karissa picked up an ADT security monitor and threw it at her sister ... knocking out teeth.

The twins were arrested for domestic violence on the spot, since they both had visible injuries.

Karissa was booked for felony domestic violence, and Kristina for misdemeanor domestic violence. As for the difference ... Kristina's injuries were way more serious.

Seems like they oughta live up to their TV titles and get their own places.

Stevie J Joseline Assaulted Me With Hot 'Shrooms!

5/26/2017 3:11 PM PDT

Stevie J says Joseline Hernandez put a new twist on her attacks on him -- this time her weapon of choice was, no joke ... a bowl of hot mushrooms.

The alleged fungi fling went down May 10 at Seasons 52 Restaurant in Atlanta. According to the police report, Joseline flew into a rage when Stevie tried to back out of the meeting they'd planned -- with his lawyer. He accused her of  being "in a hostile mood."

When Stevie got up to leave he claims Joseline grabbed a bowl off the table with "about 6 to 8 very hot mushrooms ready to be served and threw it at him." Stevie's lawyer then called police. 

Several restaurant employees told cops they witnessed the 'shroom abuse and added that Joseline's behavior scared other patrons. Officers recovered the ceramic bowl as evidence.

Stevie is once again begging the court to order Joseline into anger management and psychological evaluation.

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