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Meek Mill

Pistol-Whipping Goes Down

On Rival Rapper's Crew

6/10/2015 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Meek Mill's beef with a rival exploded into a pistol-whipping melee on the streets of Philly ... with people fleeing for their lives -- and the violence is crystal clear in this video. 

Meek and his crew were shooting a music video Tuesday evening ... when Louie V Gutta and his homies showed up. Watch the video -- there's a little bit of jawing, a little bit of pushing, tensions rising, and then ... chaos.

A guy standing behind Louie V got CRACKED in the face with what looks like the butt of a handgun -- and then everyone scatters ... fearing a shootout was about to go down. 

No shots were fired, but police were called to the scene. No one got arrested.

Right after the incident, Louie V claimed he wasn't involved but admitted he was there talking to Meek. 

Lil Wayne

I Didn't Spit On Ref, But ...

I Got Up in His Grill for Cheating

6/6/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lil Wayne's face off with a referee in a charity hoops game was definitely violent -- we've got new video to prove that -- but Weezy denies ever unloading a loogie on the guy. 

As we reported ... Wayne lost his temper when the ref repeatedly made calls against his Young Money squad during the recent game in St. Louis. Sources close to Tunechi tell us he went after him dead set on starting a fight.

In the clip, you clearly see him charge at the ref and try to slap the whistle right out of his mouth. But we're told Wayne didn't spit on him. There's no evidence of it from this angle, although the ref does towel off his face at one point. 

Funny moment in the vid -- as the melee erupts, someone yells ... "No! We can't do this two times in a row!!" We think he's referring to the promoter, Loose Cannon Slim's last attempt at a St. Louis stop the violence event.

Why all the fighting? As one Wayne source put it ... "S**t happens.”

Chris Massey Sues

Lil Twist Beat Me Down

AND Jacked My Rollie

6/5/2015 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0605-chris-massey-lil-twist-TMZ-01Lil Twist is having a bad Friday -- not only is he set to be arraigned for allegedly orchestrating a brutal beatdown of Chris Massey ... he's now being sued for it as well.

In the suit, Massey says Twist and four of his friends came into his brother Kyle Massey's apartment last November without permission, and began to punch, beat, kick, push and choke him. Chris also says Twist and his boys used brass knuckles and a screwdriver during the attack.

Chris says he suffered cuts and bruises, and needed stitches over his eye. Perhaps more painful ... in the suit he says Twist and his crew made off with his Rolex.

Justin Bieber's ex-pal has already been criminally charged with six felonies for the incident -- which means he could be looking at significant prison time if convicted.

He'll be arraigned on those charges Friday afternoon.

Chris Brown

Explosive Fight with Karrueche

... After Nightclub

6/5/2015 7:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

update_graphic_red_bar8:35 AM PT -- A police car pulled up outside Karrueche's house early this morning while Chris was there. Law enforcement sources tell us someone called cops to complain about the noise Chris and co. were making at her door.

We're told officers spoke to Chris and Karrueche, but there was no evidence of a crime ... so no tickets, no arrests.

update_grey_gray_barChris Brown's attempted reunion with Karrueche Tran last night did not end well -- with the singer BANGING on KT's front door after she kicked him out of her SUV. 

We're told the drama started INSIDE Playhouse nightclub ... when Chris got the V.I.P. table next to the one Karrueche was at. 

We're told KT was PISSED and left the club ... and Brown followed ... eventually weaseling his way into her SUV.  

Our sources connected to Karrueche say KT did NOT want him inside -- and dropped him off with his friends a short time later. 

Which is why she was even more upset when he showed up on her doorstep around 3:30 AM -- banging and yelling, clearly trying to get KT to open up. 

Tran ultimately left her home -- and went to the famous Norm's Diner.  Brown showed up a short time later. 

Once inside, we're told they began to argue and it escalated into a full-blown shouting match. Eventually, Karrueche left the restaurant and returned home -- without Chris. 

Bottom line -- don't expect a reconciliation any time soon. 


Jenelle Evans

Domestic Violence Charge Dropped

They're Working It Out

6/5/2015 8:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0604-jenelle-evans-tmz-01Jenelle Evans and her estranged baby daddy are trying to work things out between them ... and step one was him not pursuing a domestic violence case against her.  

Evans got popped last month for allegedly attacking Nathan Griffith, but the case was dropped Thursday after Nathan told police he didn't want to press charges.  

A rep for Evans tells TMZ the pair are now on speaking terms and are working on their relationship ... for the sake of their child. 

We're told Evans wants to put the past behind her and focus on the kid and her nursing career. 


The Game

Wanted Man

Charged for Hoops Fight

6/5/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0604-the-game-tmz-01The Game has been slapped with a felony charge related to that fight he got into during a basketball game -- and a judge has issued a warrant for his arrest.

The L.A. County D.A. charged Game this week with one count of making criminal threats, according to docs. The threat came when he allegedly said, "I'm going to kill you" to an off duty LAPD officer.

TMZ broke the story ... Game and the cop got into it back in March while they were playing in a league hoops game. Even though you can clearly see Game punch the guy in the video we obtained ... he was NOT charged with battery.

Our law enforcement sources point out the punch would have just been a misdemeanor -- as opposed to the felony for threats.

Game denies making the threat and claims the cop insinuated he had a gun in his gym bag. 


Dancehall Star DJ Norie

My Wife Cable Box'd Me in the Face

6/4/2015 4:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0603-dj-norie-instagramDJ Norie -- a dancehall artist and NYC radio personality -- got into a fight with his wife that had everything from fists to cable boxes flying around their apartment ... and they both got arrested.

Law enforcement sources tell us Norie -- who's worked with dancehall giants Beenie Man, Bounty Killa and Mavado -- got into an argument with his wife, Yadira, Tuesday morning ... with her accusing him of cheating.

But the verbal spat quickly turned violent -- according to court docs, the Power 105.1 DJ told police Yadira hit him in the face with their cable box, and then pulled a knife and told him to get the hell out.

But Yadira says Norie punched her repeatedly in the face. Cops say both of them sustained facial injuries ... so they both got busted for misdemeanor assault and harassment.

Jackie Chan

Bruce Lee Would Beat My Ass

... No Question

6/4/2015 7:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Lee vs. Jackie Chan ... it would've been more of a MAULING than a fight, so says Chan who tells TMZ Sports -- there's NO DOUBT Bruce was the superior fighter. 

The two actually came face to face on the set of the '73 flick "Enter the Dragon" -- but that beatdown was scripted. 

But when Chan hit the streets of Beverly Hills again Wednesday, he told us a real rumble would've gone exactly the same way. 

There's more ... Chan also updates us with the status of "Rush Hour 4" ... and tells us that when it comes to doing his own stunts, he's toning it WAYYYYY down. 

As Jackie put it, "I'm not young anymore."

Lil Wayne

Brawls with Ref Over Bad Calls

... In CHARITY Hoops Game

6/1/2015 7:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Lil Wayne got so furious at a referee ... in a charity basketball game ... he charged at the guy, allegedly SPIT on him -- and sparked a bench-clearing fight at a "stop the violence" event!

The brawl went down in St. Louis on Sunday night. Wayne's Young Money team was taking on a team coached by the event promoter, Loose Cannon Slim -- and we're told Coach Weezy thought the ref was blowing a bunch of calls.

In the video, Wayne is running after the ref with his whole crew behind him -- and the ref is wisely retreating into the crowd. Witnesses claim Wayne had already spit on the ref at this point.

TMZ has learned someone called police to report an assault, and although cops responded ... no one was arrested.

Again  ... this was all so a guy named Loose Cannon could promote NON-violence.

Disney's Raven Goodwin

Booted From Waffle House

After Cat Fight

5/31/2015 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Disney star Raven Goodwin was ordered out of the Waffle House in Atlanta Saturday night after she got into a fight with another customer over her choice of table.

The 22-year-old "Good Luck Charlie" star was sitting at a table waiting for friends, but it looked like the people at the table next to her were about to leave so she asked to be moved there.

The people at the other table lingered, which apparently pissed Raven off.  We're told Raven ended up in the bathroom arguing with a woman who had been sitting at the desired table.   The woman called Raven a "fat bitch," and Raven fired back by telling her she was broke and need to go make some money.

The Waffle House staff sprung into action, jumping the counter and ordering both women to leave.

The Waffle House ... not always the happiest place on earth.

Johnny Manziel

QB in Water Bottle Fight

5/31/2015 8:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0531-johnny-manziel-cops-bud-light-TWITTER-01update_graphic_red_bar10:08 AM PT -- A rep for the Irving PD tells TMZ Sports ... Johnny showed NO signs of intoxication.

As for how the whole thing got started, Manziel told police he was being harassed by an 18-year-old man who was hounding him for an autograph.

When the man realized Manziel wasn't going to give him one, Johnny claims the guy started "talking trash" and Johnny responded by throwing the water bottle. 

Security stepped in ... and the cops came as well ... but in the end, no one was arrested and everyone went their separate ways.

update_grey_gray_barJohnny Manziel allegedly got into a fight with a buddy of his after a golf tournament Saturday and according to one eyewitness ... Johnny's throwing arm was way off.

Johnny and a group of friends were leaving the Byron Nelson Golf Classic in Irving, Texas, near Dallas, when he got into an argument with a guy in his group.  The eyewitness tells TMZ Sports, the guys were yelling at each other when Johnny threw a water bottle "really hard" at the guy, but missed.

The eyewitness tells us, Johnny's friend sarcastically screamed, "Nice throw, Johnny," which apparently enraged the Cleveland Browns QB.  The eyewitness says Johnny charged his friend, but was stopped by someone in his group. 

Off duty cops who were working security came quickly, spoke with Johnny and his friend, and calmed the situation down.  The pic shows Johnny sitting in a chair and talking to a cop by the Four Seasons hotel.

We believe no arrests were made.

Johnny's rep told a reporter the QB was being harassed. 



Screw Chris Brown

I Can Post Pics of Whoever I Want

5/31/2015 7:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Karrueche Tran got hot as fish grease Saturday night when we asked if she was allowed to still mug with men.

Karrueche was leaving 1OAK in West Hollywood when she bristled at the notion that Chris Brown scared her away from posting pics of herself with other guys.  You'll recall, Brown threatened Tyson Beckford a week ago after she posted a pic of the 2 of them in Vegas.  Chris later apologized.

Get this ... last night Chris and Tyson showed up at the same place -- the iHeartRadio Summer Pool Party in Vegas.  Unclear if they interacted, but no one left bloodied.

Speaking of blood, we joked with Karrueche about the fake blood on her lip ... it's all for a movie.


Brandon Marshall

Ex-NFL WR Has My Back ...

In Nightclub Attack Case

5/31/2015 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0529_brandon_marshall_mike-sims-walker_gettyNY Jets star Brandon Marshall is counting on one of his ex-college teammates (turned NFL player) to go to bat for him in a lawsuit stemming over an alleged attack outside of an NYC club ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

FYI -- Marshall is being sued by a woman who claims the WR punched her in the face during a violent situation outside of a nightclub back in 2012.  

The NYPD investigated the incident at the time, but Marshall was never charged with a crime. Brandon has always maintained he did nothing wrong

But as the civil case continues to move forward, Marshall has listed ex-NFL wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker as a witness who will help prove his innocence ... according to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports. 

Sims-Walker and Marshall go way back ... they were teammates (and both WRs) at the University of Central Florida back in the day.

But the accuser has an ex-NFL witness of her own -- Raymond Edwards, a defensive end who last played with the Falcons in 2012. 

It's unclear what Edwards and Sims-Walker are expected to contribute as far as their testimony goes -- but the case is expected to move forward later this year. 

Stay tuned ... 

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