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UFC's Rose Namajunas Public Humiliation Required If Joanna Wants Rematch!!

5/21/2018 4:41 AM PDT

UFC star Rose Namajunas has a message for Joanna Jedrzejczyk -- want a rematch? Hope you're ready to PUBLICLY stuff your face with a fat ol' piece of humble pie!

Of course, Rose already smashed Joanna TWICE -- ending Jedrzejczyk's historic 14-fight win streak. But Joanna wants a 3rd crack at the 25-year-old champ.   

"She knows I'm the best," Rose tells TMZ Sports ... "But she won't admit it to anybody."

Well, if Joanna wants a third fight, Rose says that's gotta change. 

"If she says that I'm the best PUBLICLY," Rose says ... she'll CONSIDER another rematch.

"Just say it!"

If JJ can't bring herself to make the public declaration, Rose says she's moving on with her life and career ... but doesn't rule out a 3rd clash with Joanna somewhere down the line. 

"I'd be interested to see how she does with somebody else before even entertaining that possibility."

Ball's in your court, Joanna ... 

Shaq I Could've Beaten De La Hoya's Ass ... 'I Held Back'

5/20/2018 12:50 AM PDT

The Golden Boy ain't gonna like this ...

Shaq says he gave Oscar De La Hoya a pass when the two men fought back in 2009 ... telling TMZ Sports he "held back" on ODLH because he didn't REALLY want to beat up his friend. 

Oscar & Diesel squared off for his old TV show, "Shaq Vs." where the big fella would go up against other pro athletes in their different sports ... with awesome results. 

De La Hoya won via decision ... but when we got O'Neal out in NYC he told our guy he basically took a dive.

"I held back 'cause he was my friend."

Not everybody got the homie treatment though ... Shaq told us he had another fight, this time with boxing great Sugar Shane Mosley where he "turned it up a little."

We found the video -- and yeah, Shaq hit Mosley with some REAL power shots and bullied him around the ring like a rag doll. 

Mosley ended up winning that fight in a 5-round decision (and hit Shaq with some power shots of his own) ... but it's clear Shaq was trying to send a message that he's no joke when it comes to fighting. 

Afroman Settles Lawsuit With Punching Victim

5/20/2018 12:30 AM PDT

5/24 10:55 AM PT -- According to court docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Afroman was ordered to pay $65,000 to Byrd ... however, if he fails to pay that amount, it'll balloon to $125,000.

Afroman won't have to go back to court for punching a woman onstage, because he's settled the lawsuit with the victim ... TMZ has learned.

The trial was set to begin Tuesday, but sources close to the case confirm that it's been taken off the calendar ... code for settlement.

Haley Byrd sued both Afroman and Kress Live, the company that owns the venue where Afroman had been performing in 2015 when Haley crashed the stage and got decked by the rapper. She suffered a concussion from the blow.

Afroman already pled guilty to assault, avoiding jail time and getting off with only anger management classes and drug testing. He had blamed the incident on the venue and its lack of security.

No word on the terms of the settlement.

Sylvester Stallone Would Knock Out Hulk Hogan ... Says Sly's Wife

5/20/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Sylvester Stallone's wife is weighing in on the whole Sly vs. Hulk Hogan debate -- saying she's confident if the two ever fought, it would be "Rocky III" all over again! 

Remember, Hulk recently told us he's picking HIMSELF if the two men ever locked horns -- despite the fact Stallone's still a physical freak at 71 years old. 

So, when we saw Jennifer Flavin at LAX ... we had to get her take -- and shocker, she's picking Sly. 

"Sly's got heart," Flavin told us ... "I'm always gonna be on Team Sly."

For the record, Hulk's got the size advantage ... 6'7" and 300 lbs. 

Stallone's only reportedly 5'10" and 195-ish pounds. 

Didn't matter in "Rocky III" though ... when Balboa choked out a raging Thunderlips like a little bitch. 

Good times ... 

Trippie Redd Talks Trump, Tay and Tekashi ... Before Clash with Security

5/19/2018 3:44 PM PDT

Rapper Trippie Redd makes it clear who he f***s with and who he doesn't, but one thing we don't know yet ... why a bouncer was so pissed at his crew.

We got the 18-year-old rapper leaving Delilah in Weho Friday with his entourage, and he's got takes on meeting with President Trump, foul-mouthed 9-year-old rapper Lil Tay, and Tekashi69 ... and that last take's sure to heat up their beef.

But the real fireworks came as Trippie's ride was trying to drive away, but a bouncer from Delilah got in the street and blocked them from leaving. The rapper got around him pretty quick ... but things got heated with the car the rest of his crew was in.

We're told the bouncer was trying to stop them because there was a fight in the restaurant earlier ... and Trippie's guys were allegedly connected.

Clearly, they didn't want to stick around and talk about it.

Tito Ortiz Fight w/ Chuck Liddell 'Hugest Fight In MMA History'

5/19/2018 12:25 AM PDT

Tito Ortiz says he's 100% committed to making Ortiz vs. Chuck Liddell III happen ... and when it does "it's gonna be the hugest fight in MMA history."

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Liddell and Oscar De La Hoya told us they were working on finalizing a deal for the MMA legend to make his return to the cage ... and the desired opponent? Tito.

Ortiz and Liddell have history ... Chuck beat Tito in 2004 and 2006 -- and the guys have been rivals since.

Tito says the match -- "the fight that all the fans want to see" -- is all but set, with a target date of October or November of 2018.

For the people saying 48-year-old Liddell and 43-year-old Tito Ortiz are old and washed up? 

"I feel healthy," Ortiz told us,  "I'm the million dollar man. Let's make a couple more million kicking Chuck Liddell's ass."

"This is gonna build. It's gonna be the hugest fight in MMA history. Watch and see."

UFC Star To Colby Covington I Wanna Punch A Hole In Your Head

5/19/2018 12:15 AM PDT

How freakin' bad does UFC star Kamaru Usman HATE Colby Covington?

"If I see this beady-eyed, snake-head-lookin' dude in any room, my heart rate goes up. I just want to punch a hole through his head."

Yeah, that bad.

We talked to Usman -- the 7th ranked welterweight in the world -- the day before his headlining UFC Fight Night against Demian Maia in Chile.

Kamaru says the whole division knows he's the best fighter -- even champ Tyron Woodley -- but there's only 1 guy who gets his blood boiling.


The beef goes back ... Usman once told us C.C. had "p***y-itis," and they almost came to blows before UFC 223.

So, if Usman leaves the Octagon with a W Saturday ... you know who's next up on the wish list -- and if it goes according to plan, there will be blood. 

"I just want to punch a hole through his head."

Tekashi69 Shut Down At Snoop Dogg Gig By Cops

5/18/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Tekashi69 is already being held on a tight leash by NY cops who blocked the controversial rapper at the door at 1 OAK this week where Snoop Dogg was DJing.

We're told Tekashi went to the gig with the intention of asking Snoop to help him clean his slate on the West Coast, where he's feuding with various rappers and gang members. If you recall ... 6ix9ine was in a brawl with at least 7 dudes at LAX back in February ... the footage is insane

We're told Tekashi has mad respect for Snoop and wanted his ear on how he can fix some of his West Coast drama. 6ix9ine also has plenty of heat on him on the East Coast, so it's understandable why he'd reach out. 

Several NY heavyweights were in the club -- like Lil' Cease, Cedric the Entertainer, Tracy Morgan and Tiffany Haddish -- and we're told Tekashi didn't get to rub shoulders because undercover cops stopped him before he could get in ... to thwart disturbances like the one at the Barclays Center.

He never spoke to Snoop ... but there's always the phone and text messaging. 

YouTuber Vitaly KSI Has a Chance In Logan Paul Fight ... 'Cause He's Black

5/17/2018 7:48 AM PDT

KSI has a REAL shot to beat Logan Paul's ass in the boxing match everyone's talking about ... because he's black ... so says YouTube megastar Vitaly Zdorovetskiy.

Yeah, he really said that. 

Was he joking? Maybe ... Vitaly's "thing" is edgy jokes and pranks ... and his humor has helped build 10 MILLION subscribers on YouTube. 

So, when we saw him at Hyde in L.A., we had to ask about the KSI vs. Logan Paul showdown ... which is going down for real in Manchester, England on August 25. 

Vitaly says he's putting his money on Logan ... but added, "KSI's black so he has a chance."

Sidenote ... Vitaly TRIED to book a fight with KSI before Logan did ... and even called him out back in February. KSI decided to ultimately sign a deal with Logan. 

But keep an eye on this guy ... it's possible he could fight KSI (or another social media star) sometime in the future.

T.I. Arrest He Came Looking for a Fight ... According to Police Report

5/16/2018 2:32 PM PDT

T.I. was ready to fight the security guard who gave him grief when he tried to enter his own gated community ... this according to the police report.

According to the report, the security guard said T.I. pulled up at around 4 AM Wednesday. The guard asked who he was and where he was going and T.I. replied, "Harris, hook me up."

The security guard told cops he did not recognize T.I., so he didn't let him pass. The guard says that's when T.I. began hurling profanities, yelling at him to open the gate. The guard eventually relented, and opened the gate.

T.I. went in but then walked back to the gate, and the guard told cops that's when T.I. began threatening him, saying, "Come outside so we can deal with this man to man. Let go in the street."

The guard told cops he felt threatened and called police. According to the police report, dispatch heard T.I. yelling in the background.

Cops say when they arrived they could smell alcohol on T.I.'s breath.

T.I. was arrested for simple assault, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.

Cardi B, Offset Sued by Beat-Up Autograph Hound ... She Screamed, 'F*** Outta Here N****!'

5/16/2018 10:33 AM PDT

Cardi B and Offset have just been sued by the autograph hound who got beat up by who he claims were Cardi and Offset's hired muscle ... TMZ has learned.

Giovanni Arnold claims he was at The Mark Hotel just after 2 AM on May 8 -- outside a Met Gala after-party -- when Cardi walked out and shouted at him, "F*** outta here n****, I will slap the s*** out of you."  He says he "expressed disappointment with being ignored."

Arnold says shortly after Offset, who was trailing behind his fiancee, said, "Shut up, bro, before a n**** beat you out here."

According to the lawsuit, filed by Daniel Szalkiewicz, Arnold says he tried de-escalating the situation, but within seconds 3 bodyguards attacked him. He says he didn't fight back. All he did was lie on the ground and try to protect his body.

He went to a hospital and says he suffered injuries to his face, neck, back and body.

Cardi's team claims Arnold was super aggressive and obnoxious.

Lucas Glover 911 Call 'My Wife Has Gone Crazy'

5/16/2018 9:57 AM PDT

TMZ Sports has obtained the 911 call in the Lucas Glover domestic violence case ... and there are wild allegations being made by both the PGA star and his wife.

Krista Glover initially called 911 on Saturday to report she had been attacked by her mother-in-law at the Florida home they were renting while Lucas was playing in the Players Championship golf tournament.

"I've been attacked by my mother-in-law," Krista told the operator ... "She's locked herself in the room and attacked us."

A short time later, Lucas spoke to the operator and says his wife was LYING. 

"She's trying to blame it on my mother which is not the case at all," Lucas said ... "My wife has gone crazy."

The operator tells Lucas cops are on the way -- but he tries to stop that from happening, "I don't think anybody needs to come out here, thank you though."

Eventually, cops arrived to the home and determined Krista was the aggressor and had gotten physical with Lucas' mother. She was arrested for domestic violence and cops say she continued to rage on police while they were trying to place her in custody. 

Lucas has since issued a statement saying he's trying to work things out with Krista. 

'Ultimate Fighter' Describes Slap Attack Incident ... with Nate Diaz

5/16/2018 7:08 AM PDT

'Ultimate Fighter' star Tyler Diamond is giving the blow-by-blow about the violent incident at an MMA event where Nate Diaz slapped him in the face ... and it's nuts. 

Diamond -- an undefeated fighter who's killing it on 'TUF' -- says he was at a Combate Americas event in Sacramento on Friday when he saw Nate get into it with his pal, Clay Guida

Diamond says he got in the middle of the ruckus to try and break it up ... but Nate reached out and slapped him in the face before another guy in Diaz's crew followed up with a punch. 

"I get punched from my left side by some big fat dude who don't pack no heat -- I would love to fight that guy, actually."

Diamond says a melee ensued but Nate's crew quickly realized they were outnumbered and retreated. 

Now, the Sacramento Sheriff's Dept. says they took reports for a possible misdemeanor battery and will investigate the incident. 

Diamond says he thinks Nate's a bitch -- but he doesn't want to prosecute. 

Law enforcement sources tell us ... since there were no major injuries, the incident isn't really a high priority for cops. 

Nate's camp had no comment. 

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