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Donald Trump to Omarosa Newly Released Audio ... I Had No Clue You Were Fired!!!

8/13/2018 6:16 AM PDT

President Trump either didn't know his Chief of Staff fired Omarosa or he played dumb ... this according to newly released audio in which Trump tells her he had no idea she got the ax.

You hear Trump faintly express regret as Omarosa explains General John Kelly gave her walking papers the day before. Monday on "Today," she said the President is nothing more than Gen. Kelly's puppet. 

Omarosa also secretly recorded her conversation with Kelly, who would not say if Trump knew he was firing her.

She told TMZ on Saturday ... she believed Trump was a racist who was trying to start a race war. Omarosa says she heard an audio of an outtake of 'The Apprentice' in which Trump allegedly used the n-word.

The White House has lashed out at Omarosa, saying she's a liar and a disgruntled former employee. Trump himself just lit into her, apparently in response to the new audio, saying she was "wacky" and "begged" him for the administration role.  

Glenn Close I Love James Gunn, But Be Smarter on Social Media!

7/26/2018 4:50 PM PDT

Glenn Close seems conflicted about the firing of director James Gunn over his offensive tweets, but she has some advice for him when it comes to social media.

We got the legendary actress Thursday outside a BUILD Series event in NYC for her upcoming movie  "The Wife" ... and asked her about Disney's decision to fire Gunn. She worked with him when she played Nova Prime in "Guardians of the Galaxy."

She deflected on whether she supports Disney's move, and instead said Gunn, and others, should take a different approach before clicking "tweet" or "share." 

As we reported ... Gunn was axed as director of the 'Guardians' franchise after years-old tweets surfaced in which he made crass and offensive comments about 9/11, AIDS, rape and pedophilia.

Martina McBride Sued You Made Interns Clean Toilets!!!

6/12/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Country star Martina McBride used interns to do her dirty work ... so claims a former employee who says he was fired for reporting her to authorities.

Richard Hanson is suing Martina and her husband, John, claiming the McBrides hired unpaid interns and assigned them menial tasks like cleaning bathrooms, setting up and tearing down equipment, and delivering food.

The most alarming allegation -- according to docs obtained by TMZ -- is that John once sent 2 interns to his home to check for an intruder, and handed them a loaded gun for protection.

Hanson says he headed up the internship program until 2017, and continually told the McBrides the interns needed to be paid at least minimum wage. He claims his pleas fell on deaf ears. He says he filed a claim with the Department of Labor and says John fired him in retaliation.

Hanson's now suing for $1 million and other damages. We've reached out to Martina and John ... so far, no word back.'s Company Sued You Fired Me Because I'm Over 40 ... Where Is the Love?!?

6/7/2018 3:26 PM PDT
EXCLUSIVE's company is ageist, according to his former chef who says she got canned purely because she's over 40.

Pamela Bailey is suing Music claiming the Black Eyed Peas singer laid off a bunch of employees in 2017. In the docs, she says everyone who got the boot was at least 40 years old.

Bailey says hired her in 2008 to cook for him and his entourage. She says she was a model employee, never had any issues on the job ... and even got a raise and added responsibilities during her tenure. But, she says she was 61 when the mass firings went down last year.

In her suit, Bailey says straight-up violated the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967.

We've reached out to, so far no word back.

Master P I'm The Perfect Coach For Raptors ... Here's Why

5/14/2018 7:45 AM PDT

Master P says he's the perfect man to take the reins up in the north, now that Dwane Casey's been fired ... and he's stating his case to TMZ Sports.

Before you even start wondering ... P's serious ... he's been angling for an NBA coaching job for some time now, citing his on-court experience and knack for developing players.

The Raptors punted Casey last week, and when we got P in L.A. ... he broke down what Casey did wrong in the playoffs, and how he would've handled things differently if he was running things up there.

BTW ... Toronto is one of the teams P played with during his attempt at an NBA career, so it's not like he doesn't know the lay of the land up there.

SUPER BTW ... remember, P goes WAY back with Raptors star DeMar DeRozan, having coached him during his high school years in Los Angeles.

We're just sayin' ...

Mariah Carey Ex-Mgr. Claims Sexual Harassment ... Singer's ALWAYS Naked!

4/16/2018 10:31 AM PDT

Mariah Carey's former manager claims she was repeatedly sexually harassed by the singer, because Mariah was constantly naked in front of her ... TMZ has learned, but Mariah calls the allegation "baseless." 

We broke the story ... Stella Stolper filed docs putting Carey's team on notice a lawsuit is coming, and now we know what's behind it all. We're told Stella is claiming Mariah rarely wore clothes around her, and was not only naked ... but did sexual things in Stella's presence.

We're told Stella will also allege Mariah has a substance abuse problem, and fails to take her meds for bipolar disorder. Just last week, Mariah revealed she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2001 ... but Stella's claiming that's just a small part of her problems.

Further, Stella will claim she was unfairly fired in the middle of her 3-year contract, and is still due a ton of cash. She's giving Mariah an opportunity to make things right, before the lawsuit is filed.

A rep for Mariah tells us, "If this frivolous and baseless claim is filed, we will defend against it vigorously and successfully."

Kevin Spacey D.A.'s Office Reviewing Sex Crimes Case

4/11/2018 1:21 PM PDT
Breaking News

Kevin Spacey is officially under the microscope of the L.A. County District Attorney's Office, which is reviewing a sex crimes case against him.

TMZ has confirmed the L.A. County Sheriff's Department turned over a case against the actor to the D.A. -- specifically, the Sex Crimes Task Force. As we reported ... scores of alleged victims have come forward against Spacey accusing him of sexual misconduct.

He's also been accused of sexual assault in other states, as well as London, where he's currently under investigation for at least 3 sexual assault claims. 

Spacey was fired from "House of Cards," and was completely replaced in the movie "All the Money in the World" ... after sexual misconduct allegations first surfaced.

He's reportedly been completing sex addiction rehab in Arizona. He's yet to face criminal charges for any of the alleged incidents.

Howard Univ. Protesters Like Rihanna Said ... Bitch Better Have Our Financial Aid!!!

3/29/2018 3:19 PM PDT
Breaking News

Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" is now the battle cry for Howard University students protesting the school's massive financial aid scandal ... and Thursday it was blaring on campus.

A crowd of students stormed the school's administration building and chanted RiRi's lyrics -- a not-so tongue-in-cheek response to the school firing 6 employees for misappropriating more than $1 million intended for low-income students. 

The university's president, Wayne Fredrick, released a statement Wednesday saying the school found out about the allegations back in December 2016, investigated the matter and then fired the alleged thieves last year.

Students on campus only got the news this week when a whistleblower blogged about it -- and they're, understandably, pissed. We suspect Howard has a new unofficial fight song.

Like brrap, brrap, brrap!!!

Clyde Drexler Named BIG3 Commish After Roger Mason Firing

3/15/2018 7:44 AM PDT
Breaking News

Clyde "The Glide" Drexler is the NEW man in charge of Ice Cube's BIG3 basketball league -- replacing Roger Mason Jr. ... who got the ax earlier this week. 

As we previously reported, Mason and BIG3 are in the middle of a legal war -- so BIG3 removed him from the top spot and had Ice Cube fill in while they searched for a new Commish. 

But, the search is over ... BIG3 tells TMZ Sports the 10-time NBA All-Star has signed a 3-year deal to be the new Commish. 

"As Commissioner he will help lead the BIG3’s basketball operations as well as executing the league’s long-term strategy on all fronts," the league said in a statement. 

55-year-old Drexler was the coach of Team Power during the 2017 season -- so he's familiar with how the league runs. 

"Clyde is a consummate professional, revered businessman, and indisputably one of the greatest players to ever play the game of basketball," said league Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Jeff Kwatinetz and Ice Cube.

"We were thrilled to have his early support as a coach for our inaugural season, and couldn’t be more pleased to welcome him to the executive team as BIG3 Commissioner.”

Roger Mason Fired As BIG3 Commissioner ... Ice Cube Replaces Him

3/12/2018 9:28 AM PDT

Roger Mason's out, Ice Cube is in ... with the rap legend replacing the ex-NBA star as the Commish of the BIG3 basketball league after allegations of some seriously shady conduct. 

TMZ Sports has obtained a letter the BIG3 sent to players, coaches and staff explaining the move: 

"We are writing to inform you of the decision by the BIG3 to terminate the employment of Roger Mason Jr. for cause under the terms of his employment agreement with the league."

The letter details a corruption investigation involving Mason and his ties to two Qatari investors who allegedly stiffed the league out of millions of dollars ... investors that Mason brought to the league in the first place. 

BIG3 sued the investors Ayman Sabi and Ahmed Al-Rumaihi -- but Mason allegedly refused to cooperate with the league because of his personal relationship with the men. 

The league says Mason had an obligation to side with BIG3 due to his role as Commish. 

One of the problems, the league says it found evidence the Qataris were showering certain BIG3 employees with gifts and vacations while refusing to pay the league. The insinuation is that Mason was one of the beneficiaries and it corrupted his ability to effectively run the league. 

The good news ... Ice Cube will step into the Commish role effective immediately and will stay in the job until the league finds a long-term replacement. 

We reached out to Mason multiple times for comment -- so far, no word back. 

'The Four' Judge Charlie Walk Benches Himself Amid Sexual Harassment Allegation

1/31/2018 2:27 PM PST
Breaking News

6:45 PM PT -- Walk will not appear in the finale of 'The Four' ... saying he made the decision not to attend "out of respect for the contestants, my fellow judges and everyone involved with the show."

He says he doesn't want his presence to be a distraction, but denies the allegations against him by adding ... "there has been an extreme rush to judgment against me in this particular case which is unfair and inconsistent with anything that even actually happened."

'The Four' could be down from 4 judges to 3 very shortly -- FOX is reportedly close to cutting ties with Charlie Walk, the Republic Records honcho accused of sexually harassing a former employee.

The approaching shakeup comes on the heels of Tristan Coopersmith's claim Walk repeatedly groped and harassed her during their years working together at Sony Music. Walk co-judged FOX's new talent search with Diddy, Meghan Trainor and DJ Khaled.

Walk will appear on Thursday night's pre-taped episode of the show, but will not appear next week ... according to Deadline.

Although, Charlie's denied Coopersmith's allegation ... he's also been suspended from Republic Records, which says it's hired a law firm to investigate the claims.

Doc Rivers I'd 'Absolutely' Hire Jason Kidd ... After Bucks Firing

1/23/2018 7:25 AM PST

Jason Kidd just got the boot in Milwaukee -- but he's already got a rebound offer from one of the most powerful head coaches in the NBA!

Well, sorta ... we got Doc Rivers and Tom Thibodeau -- Doc's former Celtics assistant -- leaving Craig's after Thibodeau's T-Wolves edged Rivers' Clippers in L.A. 

Naturally, we had to bring up the shocking J-Kidd firing ... and Doc immediately went to bat for the NBA legend, saying he would "absolutely" add him to his coaching staff.

One problem -- there ain't any vacancies on his bench at the moment ... and he's already got big-name assistants like Sam Cassell and Mike Woodson.

Still ... pretty nice gesture. Maybe next season??

Paul Wall United Screwed My Friend's Pension ... When They Fired Him

1/11/2018 9:36 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Paul Wall can't fathom how United Airlines fired one of his closest friends after 16 years of service ... and in the process put the guy's financial future at risk.

If you haven't heard ... the rapper on Tuesday fired off a couple of tweets claiming United fired a close family friend -- and a combat disabled veteran at that -- for allowing Paul to fly for free using his corporate friends and family privilege. Paul says the friend's been with United for 16 years and was close to retirement.

The rapper tells us he's done it plenty of times, but thinks the airline started digging into his flight history after he dissed them on Twitter. He feels horrible how things went down for his friend.

United tells TMZ, "We restrict this benefit to leisure travel. Mr. Wall used these travel benefits for business purposes, which our policy does not permit." Paul maintains he did nothing wrong.

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