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'The Four' Judge Charlie Walk Benches Himself Amid Sexual Harassment Allegation

1/31/2018 2:27 PM PST
Breaking News

6:45 PM PT -- Walk will not appear in the finale of 'The Four' ... saying he made the decision not to attend "out of respect for the contestants, my fellow judges and everyone involved with the show."

He says he doesn't want his presence to be a distraction, but denies the allegations against him by adding ... "there has been an extreme rush to judgment against me in this particular case which is unfair and inconsistent with anything that even actually happened."

'The Four' could be down from 4 judges to 3 very shortly -- FOX is reportedly close to cutting ties with Charlie Walk, the Republic Records honcho accused of sexually harassing a former employee.

The approaching shakeup comes on the heels of Tristan Coopersmith's claim Walk repeatedly groped and harassed her during their years working together at Sony Music. Walk co-judged FOX's new talent search with Diddy, Meghan Trainor and DJ Khaled.

Walk will appear on Thursday night's pre-taped episode of the show, but will not appear next week ... according to Deadline.

Although, Charlie's denied Coopersmith's allegation ... he's also been suspended from Republic Records, which says it's hired a law firm to investigate the claims.

Doc Rivers I'd 'Absolutely' Hire Jason Kidd ... After Bucks Firing

1/23/2018 7:25 AM PST

Jason Kidd just got the boot in Milwaukee -- but he's already got a rebound offer from one of the most powerful head coaches in the NBA!

Well, sorta ... we got Doc Rivers and Tom Thibodeau -- Doc's former Celtics assistant -- leaving Craig's after Thibodeau's T-Wolves edged Rivers' Clippers in L.A. 

Naturally, we had to bring up the shocking J-Kidd firing ... and Doc immediately went to bat for the NBA legend, saying he would "absolutely" add him to his coaching staff.

One problem -- there ain't any vacancies on his bench at the moment ... and he's already got big-name assistants like Sam Cassell and Mike Woodson.

Still ... pretty nice gesture. Maybe next season??

Paul Wall United Screwed My Friend's Pension ... When They Fired Him

1/11/2018 9:36 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Paul Wall can't fathom how United Airlines fired one of his closest friends after 16 years of service ... and in the process put the guy's financial future at risk.

If you haven't heard ... the rapper on Tuesday fired off a couple of tweets claiming United fired a close family friend -- and a combat disabled veteran at that -- for allowing Paul to fly for free using his corporate friends and family privilege. Paul says the friend's been with United for 16 years and was close to retirement.

The rapper tells us he's done it plenty of times, but thinks the airline started digging into his flight history after he dissed them on Twitter. He feels horrible how things went down for his friend.

United tells TMZ, "We restrict this benefit to leisure travel. Mr. Wall used these travel benefits for business purposes, which our policy does not permit." Paul maintains he did nothing wrong.

Phaedra Parks Return to 'RHOA'? Nah, It Made Me Sick!!!

12/10/2017 12:40 AM PST

Phaedra Parks is in recovery from the drama-filled life she was leading while shooting "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" ... and it doesn't sound like there's any chance she'll go back.

Phaedra was at LAX when we asked about her post-'RHOA' life. She was absolutely beaming, and while she doesn't rule out a return ... she makes a pretty solid case for staying the hell away. Plus, she just signed with Wilhelmina Models.

Phaedra gives props to her old co-stars, and every woman on reality TV -- 'cause as she puts it ... real housewifin' ain't easy, y'all!

We broke the story ... Phaedra was pissed at 'RHOA' producers for firing her in May, and said she was getting harassed online because of it. Someone's definitely moved on, happily. 


MSNBC: 'Sluts' OK, 'Hos' Not

4/12/2007 12:47 PM PDT
Four years before Neanderthal Don Imus got tossed by MSNBC, an on-air Michael Savage called one of his own colleagues a "slut" who "looks like she went from porno into reporting" -- and nothing happened.

Ashleigh Banfield was with MSNBC in 2003 when Savage, whom she never met, ripped her on MSNBC's airwaves. Banfield was watching live at the time and immediately went to her bosses to ask for some kind of response. She got nothing.

"I am not sure if a lot of people understand what it feels like to be publicly besmirched by your own team," Banfield told TMZ. "But then to have nothing happen, to have no consequences because of it, is doubly painful."

Imus was dropped after he referred to the Rutgers women's basketball team as "nappy-headed hos." Savage was let go from MSNBC later in 2003 when he said a caller should "get AIDS and die."

Banfield, now with Court TV, says that MSNBC should be commended for not ducking the issue and for taking a stand. "I think it's an extraordinarily difficult decision that MSNBC had to make. But I do think that it's a very bold one and I think they should be applauded for not trying to sweep an issue under the carpet ... I wish they'd taken a bold stand when I was getting ripped in two on the air. " Better late than never.
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