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Waka Flocka Flame NFL Fumbled Halftime ... Performer Should Be Black!!!

9/20/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Waka Flocka Flame is throwing penalty flags at the NFL for choosing Maroon 5 for the halftime performance at this year's Super Bowl in Atlanta, because he believes the performers should be black.

Waka tells TMZ Sports ... he's upset with the NFL's decision to shun the incredibly long list of Atlanta rappers in favor of a more mainstream performer.  

Flocka tells us why Colin Kaepernick's movement could've influenced the halftime show  ... and says the NFL is just plain tone-deaf ... disrespecting so many players and fans. 

Waka gives us his picks for the halftime show ... and how to make the Super Bowl go hard in the paint.

Chip Kelly Winless Start Ain't A Problem Says Ex-UCLA & Ballers Star

9/19/2018 4:30 PM PDT

Chip Kelly's first three games at UCLA have been a disaster -- but it ain't time to panic in Westwood yet ... so says ex-Bruins star, Donovan Carter.

Carter -- a former DL and current star on HBO's "Ballers"-- joined the guys on "TMZ Sports" (weeknights on FS1) ... and preached patience when it came to the embarrassing 0-3 start his alma mater is off to under Chip.

"You just gotta be patient," Carter says. "Rome wasn't built in a day!"

Carter says there are plenty of explanations for why Kelly's team can't find a win -- and he tells us once Chip has the chance to recruit HIS guys to the roster ... W's will come.

"We kinda knew this season was going to be tough," he says. "But, we're kinda building for next year."

Jamal Lewis Pocket QBs Are Dying ... Lamar Jackson Is NFL's Future!

9/19/2018 1:42 PM PDT

Want a glimpse into what the NFL will look like in a few years??

Take a look at the Ravens when No. 8 is on the field ... 'cause Baltimore legend Jamal Lewis tells TMZ Sports Lamar Jackson IS THE FUTURE OF THE LEAGUE!!

"He's the future of offenses period," Jamal says.

"The stand-up, throwing quarterback I think is about to be a thing of old."

It's interesting ... considering the Ravens' current starter, Joe Flacco, is exactly that -- but the ex-Raven says it's only a matter of time before Joe's out and Lamar's in.

"You're going to have to have a more dynamic quarterback to be able to use his legs versus just standing up in the pocket," Lewis tells us.

Don't get it twisted ... Jamal loves Joe, saying he's a "great quarterback" -- but J-Lew clearly thinks it's inevitable.

BTW ... Jamal also says Joe will contribute to Lamar's future success -- comparing it to the way Priest Holmes helped turn him into a beast in 2000!!

Larry Fitzgerald Buys Meals For Massive Crowd Donates $ to Cancer Patient

9/19/2018 12:16 PM PDT

As if you needed another reason to love Larry Fitzgerald ... the NFL superstar hit up a local restaurant and spotted the bill for a HUGE crowd -- and the reason behind the good deed is awesome!!

The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver hit up Casella's Italian Delicatessen in Scottsdale on Tuesday ... in an effort to raise money for the restaurant owner, who was diagnosed with cancer.

Fitzgerald told locals to show up from 12-5 PM for a meal on his dime ... while accepting donations for Joe Casella and his family.

Of course, Fitz drew a MASSIVE crowd ... and we're told so many people took Fitzgerald up on his offer, the line took more than 5 HOURS to get through.

No word on how much was raised for the Casella family ... but just by looking at the line, it was a big success.

Vince Wilfork Josh Gordon Can Be Patriots' Next Moss ... Here's How!

9/19/2018 9:35 AM PDT

If Josh Gordon wants to be the next Randy Moss in New England ... Vince Wilfork is giving TMZ Sports the blueprint J.G. NEEDS to follow.

FYI ... Vince played 11 seasons under Bill Belichick -- including the three years Moss revived his career in N.E. -- so he's the perfect man for the ex-Browns superstar to listen to.

So ... what's the sage advice the Pats legend is offering Gordon for how to be the next Moss??

"Come there ready to work every day, play your role and do your job!" Wilfork tells us.

OK, not exactly chin-scratching wisdom ... but Vince says it's just simply that easy to succeed with The Hoodie and Tom Brady in Foxborough.

"The No. 1 motto that we always had was, 'Do your job,'" Vince says.

"It sounds so simple, but people make it complicated. All you gotta do is just do your job, and you'll be OK."

By the way ... remember that sweet outfit Wilfork rocked on "Hard Knocks" back in the day??

Well, he wore the same getup for us Tuesday ... and, yeah, dude's still got it.

Snoop Dogg Message To Steelers ... Quit Playin' And Pay Le'Veon Bell!!

9/19/2018 8:43 AM PDT

Snoop Dogg ain't panicking about the Steelers' rough start ... but he does have a message for his favorite winless squad -- STOP PLAYIN' AND PAY LE'VEON!!

Of course ... James Conner -- Bell's backup -- was hardly the reason the Steelers couldn't beat the Browns and were mopped by the Chiefs on Sunday.

But, clearly -- Snoop thinks Bell being on jet skis in Miami rather than being on the roster ain't helping matters.

"They need to pay Le'Veon and quit playin', man," Snoop says.

Still ... Snoop ain't ready to hit the eject button on the season yet -- telling TMZ Sports you'll know when that time comes 'cause there will be some classic rants up on his social media.

As for Antonio Brown -- who took to Twitter on Monday and said the team should trade him if they want to find out if he's a product of Ben Roethlisberger's success -- Snoop says A.B. ain't going anywhere.

"We just lost, so we're frustrated," Snoop tells us. "We'll be alright."

By the way ... Snoop also revealed to us which squad he rolls with in Madden -- and let's just say Pittsburgh fans ain't gonna like it.

Eric Dickerson We Want $300k A Year For HOFers

9/19/2018 12:55 AM PDT

Eric Dickerson is demanding Hall of Famers get a respectable salary for life ... and now he's revealing exactly what they deserve, telling TMZ Sports they want $300k a year.

Dickerson announced he formed a committee with a group of HOFers -- including Jerry Rice, Deion Sanders and Jim Brown -- and demanded the NFL provide them with access to health care and a yearly salary.

In a letter to the NFL, the HOFers say they'll boycott future ceremonies in Canton if they can't come to a fair agreement.

We talked to Dickerson ... and he told us exactly what the NFL legends are lookin' for -- and it's a lot of green.

"If it was up to me, I think every Hall of Famer would get about $300,000 a year. I think that would be a proper number."

Do the math ... 318 Hall of Famers multiplied by $300k ... that's more than $95 million a year.

Some players have died -- but are represented by their families (like in the case of Reggie White -- whose widow is part of the committee.)

FYI -- the NFL's 2017 revenue was reportedly in excess of $14 BILLION.

But, that ain't all E.D.'s after ... he eventually wants ALL former players -- not just the NFL legends -- to get a 6-figure salary and health care.

Brady & Belichick Will Keep Josh Gordon in Line ... Says Sen. Warren

9/19/2018 12:50 AM PDT

The biggest Patriots fan on the Hill is straight-up PUMPED for Josh Gordon in Foxborough ... and tells TMZ Sports having Tom Brady and Bill Belichick around will help keep the troubled WR in check.

We spoke with Senator Elizabeth Warren about the Pats' newest addition ... and to say she's stoked would be an understatement, even though some fans are cautious with all his off-field issues.

But, Sen. Warren ain't sweatin' it one bit ... saying having TB12 and coach in a players' corner has worked wonders for players in the past ... and Gordon won't be any different.

We also asked Sen. Warren about Eric Dickerson and fellow Hall of Famers threatening to boycott future induction ceremonies until they get fair pension and a yearly salary ... and she's siding with the players!!

Trey Burton Chicago Debut Cost Me $5,500 ... Best Money I Ever Spent!

9/18/2018 3:55 PM PDT

Trey Burton had to pay money to catch passes for the Bears on Monday ... and he couldn't have been happier -- telling TMZ Sports he's donating tons of cash to a great cause this season!!

The ex-Eagle (and Philly Special star) says for every reception this year he'll give $1,000 ... and for every score, he'll shell out $2,500.

The cause?? Burton says it's all going to the International Justice Mission -- a global org aiming to stop the slave trade and sex trafficking everywhere.

Soooo ... with his performance Monday night against the Seahawks -- Burton had to pony up $5,500 ... and he couldn't have been more pleased to do it.

"The best $5,500 I've ever spent," he says. "Hopefully we can do a lot more!"

Trey tells us his season-long goal is to give out around $60,000-$90,000 -- and he hopes it inspires others to dip into their pockets to help as well.

"With how passionate of a sports town Chicago is," Trey says, "we figured this would be a really cool idea."

NFL's Corey Liuget Claims Trainer Injected Him w/ PEDs ... Sues For $15 MIL!!

9/18/2018 1:13 PM PDT

Chargers star DL Corey Liuget claims his former trainer injected him with PEDs without his consent and cost him over $15 MILLION ... and now he's suing to get that cash back.

The NFL stud -- who's been with the Chargers since '11 -- was suspended for the first 4 games of this season after testing positive for a banned substance.

Now, Liuget's filed a lawsuit ... pointing the finger at his longtime trainer -- Ian Danney.

Liuget claims he went to get treatment for broken foot bones in November 2017 ... when Danney injected him with what he said was a "strong dose of an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory."

He says 2 days later he gave a urine sample ... and it came back dirty.

Liuget says he then confronted his trainer ... who admitted to giving him prescription medication -- but denied giving him a banned substance.

But, Liuget is still pissed ... and says it's cost him a fortune in salary and endorsements -- not to mention the public humiliation he says he's endured.

Liuget's asking for more than $15 MILLION in damages.

He's eligible to return to the field in 2 weeks.

Odell Beckham Jr. Shaq Was My Dad's Roommate At LSU ... The Big Roomie!

9/18/2018 12:39 PM PDT
Breaking News

There's a good chance Odell Beckham's dad came home to a Shaq-sized sock on his door in college ... 'cause the Giants superstar says the two were roommates at LSU!!

OBJ revealed the wild fact to Kevin Hart while taking an ice bath on K.H.'s "Cold As Balls" YouTube show ... admitting the room no doubt smelled "terrible."

It's a crazy story ... but did you also know Odell's dad also played football at LSU while Shaq was ballin' on the hardwood??

It's true ... dude scored seven touchdowns in three seasons!!

By the way, Odell's mom ran track at LSU as well.

It all makes sense now why OBJ's pretty good at football, huh? 

Ex-NFL WR Cecil Shorts Jaguars Can Win Super Bowl ... Like 2000 Ravens

9/18/2018 6:08 AM PDT

Cecil Shorts says the Jaguars can EASILY follow the 2000 Ravens' blueprint all the way to the Super Bowl ... telling TMZ Sports Blake Bortles' win over Tom Brady on Sunday only helps prove that.

Of course, Cecil's a little biased -- dude did play four of his six NFL seasons with the Jags -- but the ex-wideout is confident Jacksonville has that '00 Ray Lewis-type D to win it all this season.

"You've seen defenses of this caliber win Super Bowls," Shorts tells us.

"With the Ravens when they had [Trent Dilfer] and you can go back further with other teams."

Remember ... the '00 Ravens are considered the second-best defense of all-time, only behind the '85 Bears ... so it's high praise from Cecil.

But ... if Bortles plays like he did against the Pats -- Shorts is confident that won't seem like a farfetched comparison by the end of the year.

"If you don't believe in Blake," Cecil says, "[Sunday] was the reason for you to believe in Blake."

Le'Veon Bell Hits the Jet Skis In Miami ... Pay Me Already!

9/17/2018 4:14 PM PDT

Le'Veon Bell is stayin' afloat during his holdout -- zippin' around Miami on a jet ski ... and TMZ Sports has the video. 

Bell was chillin' on a yacht on Monday -- living it up -- when he decided to take one of the jet skis out for a spin. 

Another rider in the area started chattin' Bell up -- and the running back agreed to make a short video with the guy. 

"You already know what it is man, we out here coolin' on the jet skis," Bell said. 

At one point, the other jet skier says, "Give my man his f**kin money" -- to which Bell smiles and replies, "You already know! You already know!"

Interesting to see Bell so happy considering his Steelers lost on Sunday, leaving them winless with an 0-1-1 record after 2 games. 

Of course, Bell is pissed the Steelers won't pony up and give him a fat longterm contract -- and refuses to show up to practice until they do. 

In meantime, at least he's wearing his life jacket!  

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