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Sean Penn Draws Big Stars for Haiti During Golden Globes Weekend

1/8/2017 6:42 AM PST

Sean Penn drew some big names at his Haiti fundraiser during Golden Globes weekend.

Jason Siegel, David Blaine, Courtney Love, Joel Edgerton, Bill Maher, Jeffrey Tambor, Beck and lots of others showed up to the Friends Haiti Rising Gala at the Montage Hotel in Bev Hills.

Looks like a good time.

Katy Perry I'm the New Snooki ... Brings Back the Bumpit!!

1/12/2016 12:20 AM PST

Katy Perry managed to make Snooki relevant at the Golden Globes by rocking Snook's fave hair accessory on the red carpet ... and admitting it! 

Perry sent the Internet into a nostalgia frenzy Sunday night when she copped to using a Bumpit, as seen on TV. Bumpit's inventor Kelly Fitzpatrick Bennett tells us Katy's 'do generated such insane interest, the company is making moves to get Bumpit back on shelves for the first time in 3 years!

Bennett wants to thank Perry by offering her a lifetime supply and making her the new face/hair of the product. She says she'll even rename it "Katy's Bumpits." 

Cha-ching, Katy. Cha-ching!

Ricky Gervais Things Are Cool Between Me and Mel

1/11/2016 11:48 AM PST

Ricky Gervais has a strong hunch he and Mel Gibson are cool after Sunday night's Golden Globes.

Gervais was out and about Monday morning and told a photog .. the "Lethal Weapon" star knew what he was getting into by agreeing to appear on the show. 

Mel did not seem bent out of shape after the ceremony ... he hit the town with his hot, 24-year-old GF.

Mel Gibson Hits the Town with Hot Young Girlfriend

1/11/2016 11:04 AM PST

Mel Gibson hit the town after the Golden Globes with his  24-year-old, extremely good-looking girlfriend.

Mel and Rosalind Ross hit up the CAA after-party on the Sunset Strip after the big show.

It's the first high-profile event where the 2 locked hands and breezed around the room.

Rosalind's a world champion equestrian vaulter but left her horses for a screenwriting career. 

Sam Smith My Golden Globe Gives Me Great Pleasure

1/11/2016 9:27 AM PST

Sam Smith got to the nub of the matter when he celebrated his Golden Globe win.

Sam tasted sweet victory at the Beverly Hilton Hotel before leaving for an after-party at the Chateau Marmont on the Sunset Strip.

Now we know ... it's way better than a door stop.

David Bowie Dance Party Salute ... Post Golden Globes

1/11/2016 9:05 AM PST

A ton of Hollywood celebs gave David Bowie the perfect salute after the Golden Globes -- a full-on dance party to the icon's biggest hits.

The impromptu tribute went down at HBO's after-party Sunday night. Jon Hamm, Harrison Ford, Rob Lowe, Jonah Hill and even Mel Gibson stopped by for the party at the Beverly Hilton.

We're told when news of Bowie's passing broke, the DJ started spinning Bowie's hits late into the night, and you can see ... the crowd LOVED it.


Katy Perry Orlando Bloom Is a ... Really Close Talker

1/11/2016 7:46 AM PST

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry had a hot night ... of conversation after the Golden Globes.

They seemed to be getting very cozy at the Weinstein Company and Netflix after-party.

But since Katy and her bf just did a duet of "Natural Woman" -- less than 2 weeks ago -- we're sure Orlando was just chatting about his fave John Mayer tunes ... and NOT her enormous boobs.

Cuba Gooding, Jr. Fun Drunk After Golden Globes ... 'I LOVE Black People!'

1/11/2016 6:34 AM PST

Cuba Gooding Jr. had a goood time after the Golden Globes -- partying, shadow boxing, razzing Uber drivers and cutting Sylvester Stallone a break for forgetting to thank black people.

We got Cuba leaving the post-Globes bash at the Sunset Marquis, and he was wound up and ready to go! You've gotta see this celebration ... we know he's playing O.J. Simpson in the upcoming 'American Crime Story' -- but looks like he wants to play Sugar Ray Leonard after that.

Cuba even offered an explanation for Sly forgetting to shout out Michael B. Jordan and "Creed" director Ryan Coogler during his Globes speech.

Watch, it's just fun ... especially the parting shot as his Uber sped off.

Ricky Gervais to Mel Gibson What the F Does 'Sugar Tits' Mean?

1/10/2016 8:10 PM PST

Ricky Gervais interrupted Mel Gibson during his Golden Globes presentation to ask a question that has bugged many for years ... what does "sugar tits" mean?

TMZ broke the story of Mel Gibson's DUI arrest back in 2006, and one of the things law enforcement told us at the time was that Mel referred to a female deputy as "sugar tits."

Ricky couldn't resist, but Mel fired back ... he never said it.  Mel and his people are adamant ... he may have said the other stuff but he's clean on "sugar tits."  

Leo DiCaprio Lady Gaga is Shocking from Behind!!!

1/10/2016 7:28 PM PST

This video is hilarous ... Leo DiCaprio winces and flinches as Lady Gaga walks up to the stage to accept her Golden Globes award.

It's worth watching twice.

Golden Globes Swanky Party on the Strip

1/11/2016 5:46 AM PST

A gaggle of stars were driven a couple of miles from the Beverly Hilton and hit the Sunset Strip for a Golden Globes after-party.  

Leo DiCaprio, Mel Gibson, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Jay Z, America Ferrera and Zendaya hit up the CAA after-party at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Bev Hills, CA.

Ice Cube Dodges Face-to-Face Diss ... From Golden Globes

12/10/2015 9:09 AM PST

Ice Cube narrowly escaped a hugely embarrassing moment during the Golden Globe nominations -- not only did they snub "Straight Outta Compton," but Cube was asked to be there!

Sources close to the award show tell TMZ a rep for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association invited Ice Cube last month to do the live announcement of nominees in L.A. We're told Cube had to decline though, because he was already scheduled to be in NY.  

The Globes' diss of 'Compton' is baffling enough, but imagine if Cube had been standing on the stage when it happened?!!

Fans on social media are already blasting the H.F.P.A. for being out of touch -- but if Cube was there ... they'd have a lot of 'splaining to do.

Jennifer Aniston Dude, Where's My Bleepin' Ride?!! TMZ TV

1/13/2015 6:00 PM PST

Jennifer Aniston is just too damn cool for words. She demanded a ride from a friend in a joking ... yet totally foul-mouthed way.

Like we said -- classic Aniston cool!
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