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ESPN's Byron Scott: Fantasy Auction Sketch Is 'Unacceptable'

8/16/2017 9:50 AM PDT

ESPN analyst Byron Scott says the fantasy football auction sketch that aired on the network is "unacceptable" ... but he's not calling for the producer to get fired. 

The network has already apologized for the sketch which showed a white man auctioning off players (many of them black) to a white crowd. Critics say it resembled a slave auction. 

Stars like Kevin Durant and Odell Beckham made it clear the sketch was NOT cool with them. 

So, we asked Scott -- who often appears on ESPN's "The Jump" -- how he felt about the situation. 

"It is unacceptable ... I thought we've come a lot further than we have. Obviously we have not. We have a ways to go."

Scott says he hopes the producer of the segment can learn from his mistakes. 

With Scott being an avid golfer, we also asked the NBA legend if he would ever play on a Trump course.

Hint: Don't book a tee time at Doral any time soon ... 

John Daly I'm Sad for Tiger Woods ... But Rooting for Comeback

8/15/2017 10:30 AM PDT

John Daly says he truly feels for Tiger Woods -- and he's rooting for the golfer to overcome his Rx pill demons and return to the course ... because the sport really needs him. 

"It's sad what's going on in his life," Daly said in response to Tiger's DUI toxicology report which showed Woods was on multiple prescription drugs and marijuana at the time of his arrest. 

"Me personally, I wanna see him come back."

"He's so close to doing what nobody else has done in the game of golf and I just hope he comes through it and gets healthy and gets back out here 'cause this tour needs him."

Daly -- who's also battled substance abuse issues -- says he really does care about the guy and even has some life advice for him. 

Tiger Woods Traces of Weed In System ... During DUI Arrest

8/14/2017 3:58 PM PDT
Breaking News

Tiger Woods had 5 different drugs in his system at the time of his DUI arrest -- including painkillers and THC, the main chemical compound in marijuana. 

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office released the toxicology report from the May 29 arrest -- in which Tiger was whacked out of his mind when officers found his car on the side of the road. 

The report shows Tiger tested positive for Hydrocodone (painkiller, generic form of Vicodin), Hydromorphone (powerful painkiller known as Dilaudid), Alprazolam (aka Xanax), Zolpidem (sleeping pill also known as Ambien) and THC. 

Woods had chalked up the arrest to an unexpected reaction to prescription medication -- "I didn't realize the mix of medications affected me so strongly."

He never mentioned weed. 

Woods announced he was getting treatment after the arrest and later struck a deal with prosecutors to enter a DUI diversion program

The program essentially means Woods gets 12 months probation and he's required to complete DUI education classes.

Tiger Woods I'm Not Dating Kristin Smith Anymore

8/10/2017 1:19 PM PDT
Breaking News

Tiger Woods has broken his silence about his dating life to let everyone know he broke up with his hot blonde girlfriend, Kristin Smith ... last year.

Photos of Woods and Kristin hanging on a boat surfaced this week -- sparking reports they were galavanting on the day of Tiger's DUI hearing.  

But Tiger says it just ain't true -- claiming they broke up last year and haven't reconciled.  

34-year-old Smith is a personal stylist who was previously married to former Dallas Cowboys player Gerald Sensabaugh

Unclear if Woods has rebounded with anyone else. 

Tiger Woods To Enter DUI Diversion Program ... Official Says

8/9/2017 5:00 AM PDT
Breaking News

Tiger Woods has struck a deal in his DUI case -- and has agreed to enter a DUI diversion program for 1st time offenders as a result of his May 29 arrest, officials say. 

The golfer's DUI case was scheduled to go before a judge in Palm Beach County early Wednesday morning where his lawyer was expected to enter a not guilty plea.

Woods did not personally appear in court -- however, his attorney met with prosecutors and worked out a deal to enter the county's first time DUI offender diversion program, State Attorney's Office rep Mike Edmonson tells TMZ Sports.

According to prosecutors, the program requires offenders to plead guilty to reckless driving -- and in exchange they get 12 months probation and are required to complete DUI education classes.

The offenders are also prohibited from drinking alcohol or taking drugs during the probation period.

This all stems from a May 29 incident -- when cops found Woods passed out behind the wheel of his banged up Mercedes-Benz around 2 AM. 

Woods was completely out of it -- but insisted he wasn't drunk, it was an unexpected reaction to mixed prescription medication.  

Tiger was charged with 3 misdemeanor counts -- DUI, reckless driving and improper stopping. If he completes the DUI diversion program, the reckless driving conviction will be wiped from his record. 

Tiger Woods Ripped Bod Diving ... No Lobsters Are Safe

8/4/2017 7:06 AM PDT
Breaking News

Tiger Woods is teein' off on marine life -- and he's doin' it with a ripped bod.

Tiger shared a photo of him freediving in the Bahamas with his kids on Friday ... and from the looks of it, the golf G.O.A.T. bagged himself a pretty legendary lobster.

Seriously -- that thing is HUGE. Even Tiger looks amazed at the catch.

Not bad for a dude 1 month outta intensive rehab ... after getting booked for a DUI in May.

Keep enjoying that island sun, Tiger!

Golf Channel's David Feherty Son Dies From Drug Overdose

8/1/2017 8:44 AM PDT
Breaking News

Sad news for famed golf commentator David Feherty ... who revealed his son, Shey, passed away from a drug overdose on his 29th birthday. 

"My first born son is gone from me, dying from an overdose on his 29th birthday," Feherty posted on social media ... "Bless his sweet heart, I will fight on."

Shey died on July 29th. Funeral services are set for Tuesday. 

The former PGA golfer has also battled substance abuse himself and previously said alcoholism and mental illness run in his family.

In lieu of flowers, the family is asking mourners to donate to the Center for Addiction and Recovery Studies.


Pro Golfer Jarrod Lyle I'm Gonna Kick Cancer's Ass ... For a 3rd Time

7/26/2017 8:00 AM PDT
Breaking News

Pro golfer Jarrod Lyle already KO'd cancer twice ... and he's ready to do it again after a third diagnosis.

“Just another bump in my road. I will fight like no other,” he told

Lyle, 35, shared the news from a Melbourne hospital on Wednesday ... where a series of tests revealed another relapse.

The Aussie's in an uphill battle ... but he has a history of sensational comebacks. 

He was first diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia at age 17, but came back 2 years later ... eventually winning two PGA tourneys. Lyle suffered a relapse in 2012, and again fought his way back to the Tour.

Rootin' for you, J.L.

Jordan Spieth Chugs From British Open Trophy ... with Country Star Randy Rogers

7/26/2017 6:25 AM PDT
Breaking News

Golf superstar Jordan Spieth brought his 2017 British Open trophy to Dallas Tuesday night -- where he filled it with booze and chugged it onstage at the Randy Rogers concert!!! 

Randy and fellow country star Wade Bowen were performing their Hold My Beer & Watch This show at the House of Blues in Dallas when Spieth made a cameo with the Claret Jug.   

Everyone took turns swiggin' out of the trophy -- and the crowd went wild!

No word on what was inside ... but it's a safe bet it wasn't water.

Spieth won the British Open last weekend and he's been using his trophy as a cup nonstop.

Hey, it's your trophy ... do whatcha want.

Michelle Wie & Genie Bouchard Sizzle in Britney-Themed Shoot ... Crop Tops for Days!

7/17/2017 4:08 PM PDT
Breaking News

Michelle Wie and Genie Bouchard are bringing sexy back to their sports -- giving some golf and tennis unis a Britney Spears themed makeover ... and it's hot. 

The two busted out the scissors for a Nike shoot -- and cut their traditional shirts into crop tops ... matched up with thigh high skirts. Wie said the whole thing had a Britney vibe. She's right.

Funny timing considering tennis and golf seem to be cracking down on dress codes lately. 

This is way better. 

Justin Timberlake Goes 'Lion King' On Random Baby ... At Golf Tourney

7/17/2017 3:33 PM PDT

Throw Justin Timberlake's name in the hat to play Rafiki in the live-action 'Lion King' flick -- 'cause he executed the Simba lift on a baby to perfection at a golf tourney ... and TMZ Sports has the video. 

JT and Steph Curry were in between holes at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Tahoe this weekend -- when a new dad (who happens to be a military vet) asked the guys to take a pic with his kid!

Timberlake obliged and held up the baby for all to see ... while Steph busted out the "Circle of Life" intro.

Speaking of 'Lion King,' Donald Glover is playing Simba in the new movie ... how awesome is that?! 

Peyton Manning: People Told Me Not to Golf with Trump

7/12/2017 9:45 AM PDT
Breaking News

Peyton Manning says he was pressured to REJECT President Donald Trump's invitation to golf with him last month ... but #18 didn't listen ... saying turning down the POTUS would be "un-American."

The NFL legend appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and said he happened to be in D.C. back in June when he got a call from the White House asking him to join Trump for golf.

"I gotta tell ya Jimmy, I had a lot of people telling me not to do it," Manning said.

"I think it would have been almost un-American to have said 'No.'"

Manning said Trump was a gracious host and they had fun golfing together.

When asked if Trump cheated -- as Samuel L. Jackson has previously alleged -- Peyton shot that down too and said he counted Donald's strokes.

Tiger Woods Completes 'Intensive Program' ... For Rx Pill Issue

7/3/2017 3:11 PM PDT
Breaking News

Tiger Woods is out of the woods for his issues with prescription pills ... at least that's what he's claiming now.

Tiger posted a message Monday saying he completed an out of state "private intensive program" to deal with his medication problem that got him busted for DUI in May.

He goes on to say he'll continue to tackle his problem with the help of his doctors, family and friends. 

We broke the story ... Tiger was found by cops asleep at the wheel while driving in Florida. He failed a field sobriety test that was captured on video, and later blew zeros on a breathalyzer ... meaning he was not intoxicated with alcohol. 

Tiger blamed the DUI on a bad mix of prescription pills ... for which he said he'd be getting "professional help." Seems like the job's all done.

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