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Google Fixes LaVar Ball Mistake 'We Dropped the Ball'

1/2/2018 12:13 PM PST
Exclusive Details

No, LaVar Ball did NOT found the NBA -- despite some Google search results -- and now the company admits they "dropped the ball" when creating an online bio for the Big Baller. 

Backstory ... if ya searched for "NBA founder" on Google on Tuesday morning, the results kicked back a photo of Lonzo's dad. Kinda funny. 

The gaffe was reported across the sports news landscape -- and some people were wondering if it was an intentional "Easter Egg" thing, like Google's been known to do from time to time. 

Fun Fact: Type in "Super Mario Bros" in the search bar and when you see the "?" box, click on it -- and you get a coin and 200 points! Keep clicking, you'll eventually get a 1 UP! 

But, alas, Google says no Easter Eggs with LaVar ... telling TMZ Sports it was a simple mistake. 

"Clearly we dropped the ball. Our team worked to address this issue quickly and within hours of being notified, we were able to fix the issue."

Fun while it lasted ... 

Google Exec's Killer Ordered Deported She's Canada's Problem!!!

4/7/2017 3:49 PM PDT

The prostitute dubbed the "Harbor Hooker" -- convicted in the killing of a Google executive -- has reportedly been ordered deported back to Canada.

Alix Tichelman completed her jail sentence March 29 but that morning she was handed over to Homeland Security. She pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and administering drugs after injecting Goggle exec Timothy Hayes with heroin aboard his yacht back in 2013.

A judge determined her criminal conviction was enough to boot her from the US of A.

The 30-year-old high-end call girl was born in Canada but has reportedly spent little time there. She grew up in Georgia and had a U.S. green card.

She'll be in ICE's custody pending removal arrangements. 

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