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Conor McGregor I'm Close on a UFC Fight with Khabib Maybe 2018, Prob in Vegas

7/31/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Conor McGregor says he's very close to finalizing the deal to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov in 2018 -- and he's bragging that he's already in fighting shape.

The UFC superstar was wrapping up his workout in NYC Monday when he updated Adam Glyn on fight negotiations with Khabib -- a fight expected to go down in October.

Conor raved about how much he loved the city of New York -- in the wake of his plea deal in his bus attack case -- but says the fight will most likely take place in Vegas ... not Madison Square Garden.

There's more ... McGregor also praised his former opponent, José Aldo, for his victory against Jeremy Stephens this weekend. Remeber, McGregor seemed to break Aldo's spirit with that legendary 13-second KO in 2015. 

He even says ... "the whole [nation] of Ireland was happy for José Aldo that night." 

McGregor hasn't fought in the Octagon since his victory over Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 which, at this point, seems like an eternity ago. Of course, he fought Floyd Mayweather last year.  

As for his claim to being in great shape ... just check out his human being squats in the park. Yeah, we believe him.

Pete Davidson His Ariana Bunny Tattoo is Missing

7/30/2018 11:22 AM PDT

3:00 PM PT -- Sources close to the couple tell us there is no trouble in paradise. Davidson covered up the ink temporarily for a movie role.Pete Davidson appears to have wiped a symbol of his fiancee, Ariana Grande, off his body ... and now the question is ... why? 

The 'SNL' star was spotted Sunday in L.A. without Ariana by his side -- but, more importantly, WITHOUT his jet-black neck tattoo of her trademark black bunny mask.

Pete got the Ariana-inspired ink behind his ear early last month by tattoo artist London Reese, who posted a shot of his work on social media at the time. Now, you can still see traces of the tattoo ... but it definitely looks more faded than what it once was. 

He also got a thumb tat with Ariana's initials, but you can't tell here if he's still rockin' that.

Here's the thing ... Pete's in the middle of shooting a movie with Machine Gun Kelly right now, and it's quite possible that he simply had the tat covered with makeup for the job.

Pete and Ariana just recently got engaged, and he already reportedly covered up another forearm tat that was dedicated to his ex. 

Chandler Parsons Dwight Howard Is A Hall Of Famer ... '100 Percent!'

7/26/2018 7:36 AM PDT

Chandler Parsons says there's no doubt in his mind Dwight Howard's a Hall of Famer -- telling TMZ Sports, "He was the best center in the NBA for like 10 years!"

It's been a huge debate in the NBA community ... and fuel was added to the fire when D12 told us earlier this week his HOF resume "speaks for itself."

Chandler couldn't agree more with Dwight when we got him leaving Craig's -- telling us Howard "100 percent" belongs in the Hall.

There's more ... the Grizzlies star -- known as the Association's top playboy -- gave his take on Jimmy Garoppolo dating a porn star ... and offered some great advice to the Niners QB.

R. Kelly's 'I Admit' Calls Out Harvey, Legend for Attacks In Epic 19-Minute Song

7/23/2018 7:58 AM PDT

R. Kelly's spewing out ALL his feelings about the sex cult allegations, his financial problems, the 3 celebs he wants to get off his back ... and much, much more in a 19-minute long song.

The track's called "I Admit" and in it, Kelly goes right after John Legend, Steve Harvey and radio host Tom Joyner for being critical of him. Kelly sings, "Why would they want to tear down another brother?"

He also pleads to women to "show black men some love, 'cause black men we go through enough" -- and says he needs his 'hood's support more than ever. In the song, Kelly claims he's broke and has to keep touring "just to pay rent." 

Kelly addresses some of the sex cult allegations ... admitting Joycelyn Savage's father brought her to one of his shows, and says he and Joycelyn were into each other immediately. He dismisses claims he restricts his girlfriends from eating or leaving his homes -- and points out "I'm not convicted, not arrested."

He also claims he was molested by a family member up until the age of 14.

There's a lot more in there -- it's 19 minutes long, after all.

XXXTentacion Murder Ruined Career of Aspiring Rapper

7/22/2018 12:50 AM PDT

XXXTentacion's murder has brought a rapper's career to a screeching halt ... so says the rapper himself, who at one point was linked to the murder.

Rapper Soldier Kidd tells TMZ ... his career's been derailed ever since online accusations of his possible involvement in XXX's shooting caught the eye of investigators.

TMZ broke the story ... cops working on the case were homing in on the Florida rapper after he posted a pic of himself with a gun while he was at a fish and chicken joint not far from the crime scene.

A grand jury indicted 4 people in the murder case. 

Kidd -- who btw says he could be the next XXX -- says he couldn't have been happier he's legally in the clear, but he says in the court of public opinion he's still suffering.

Halsey Backs Her Ex ... G-Eazy & Demi Are Just Friends!!!

7/19/2018 2:49 PM PDT

G-Eazy has NOT jumped to dating Demi Lovato after his split from Halsey ... and that's coming straight from his ex, Halsey.

We got her Thursday at LAX, and had to ask her about the speculation G's hooking up with Demi. There were reports they hit up a Hollywood club last weekend. Even though that turned out to be false ... the rumor's taken off.

Halsey, who announced the breakup from G-Eazy earlier this month, says NO CHANCE. He denied the Demi buzz at the ESPYs, and his ex is fully backing him.

As for ever reuniting with G-Eazy -- Halsey has a strong take on that.

Ariana Grande 'God Is A Woman' Vid is No Rip-Off ... I Got Permission!!

7/19/2018 9:49 AM PDT

Ariana Grande's gotten a lot of heat for allegedly ripping off a scene in her new music video from a '90s ad campaign ... but we've learned she did it all by the books.

Ariana's "God is a Woman" dropped last week and was immediately attacked by critics who noticed similarities between the video and an ad by Jean Paul Gaultier from 1993.

Sources close to Ariana tell us the scene was absolutely inspired by JPS ... however, it wasn't art theft -- it was an homage to the designer. We're told Ariana's team reached out and obtained permission to use the concept -- and for what it's worth -- we've seen the proof.

"God is a Woman" is the latest single from Grande's album, "Sweetener," set to drop next month. 

As for the music video, it's doing just fine, with more than 30 million views already racked up.

Corinne Olympios Wake Up, 'Bachelor' Nation Colton's Definitely Not a Virgin!!

7/17/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Corinne Olympios isn't buying what Colton Underwood is selling on this season of "The Bachelorette" -- insisting the ex-football player's already swiped his V card. 

The villain from Nick Viall's 'Bachelor' season was in Venice on Monday when she weighed in on Colton confessing to Becca Kufrin that he's a virgin. He still got a rose, but Corinne thinks Becca got taken.

First off, she says Colton's too hot to still have unwrapped goodies. She also says his so-called confession is one guys use all the time for sympathy. That said, she thinks it's hurting him more than helping. He did get eliminated on this week's episode, so ... Corinne might've had a point.

As for whether the jock has what it takes to be the next 'Bachelor' ... Corinne scoffs and takes a shot at all of Becca's suitors this season. Bitter ... table for one?

G-Eazy Dodges Questions About Halsey Breakup

7/16/2018 7:02 AM PDT

G-Eazy is taking the silent route when it comes to his failed relationship with singer Halsey.

We got Gerald at LAX Sunday where he looked like he was in a chipper mood until our camera guy started asking about his ex.

The two broke up abruptly a couple of weeks ago after dating for almost a year. Halsey recently hinted he cheated on her over Twitter.

G-Eazy was reportedly spotted leaving Warwick in L.A. Saturday night with Demi Lovato -- but we've learned the two were not together.

Looks like he's not a kiss and tell guy.

Selena Gomez Back To Work ... With Rumored BF in Tow

7/13/2018 10:11 AM PDT

Selena Gomez is keeping herself busy -- on the heels of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber's engagement announcement -- by throwing herself back into acting, and she's not doing it alone.

Gomez was seen Thursday on the set of the zombie-com "The Dead Don't Die." The film stars Bill Murray and Chloe Sevigny and is shooting in Fleischmanns, New York, almost 3 hours north of the Big Apple in the Catskill Mountains.

Also spotted on set was Gomez's rumored new boyfriend, Caleb Stevens. Stevens is the younger brother -- he's reportedly only 18 -- of one of Gomez's close friends.

There have been conflicting reports as to whether or not the two are an actual couple ... but, while on set, Caleb made a run for Cheetos and an iced coffee -- so if he's not a love interest -- he's at least scored a sick summer job as her assistant.

As for the big elephant in the room, Selena's still hasn't said anything about her ex's engagement.

LaVar Ball Lonzo's Injury News Didn't Come From Me ... 'I Don't Leak Nothing!!!'

7/6/2018 6:17 PM PDT

LaVar Ball says he had absolutely nothing to do with word of Lonzo's knee injury getting out, and neither did anyone in his camp family ... because the Balls don't roll like that.

We got LaVar at LAX Friday and asked about the recent report that the Lakers think someone on Zo's side leaked news of his torn meniscus and potential surgery to keep him from getting traded ... he calls BS.

"I don't leak nothing. I always say what's on my mind, so you don't never see me saying, 'I think I should say this now and let it leak.' I don't do that."

LaVar says he's never babied his son or even talked about him being hurt ... so the media should look for leakers elsewhere.

He also touches on Lonzo's relationship with his new teammates -- LeBron and Rondo -- but tells us he's been busy with his own business this summer ... so he doesn't have all the answers.

Of course, we already know how he feels about LeBron in L.A.

Roseanne I've Gotten TV Offers ... And There's One I Might Accept

7/3/2018 6:25 AM PDT

Roseanne Barr says things are not all bad for her after her racist tweet got her fired from her own show ... she says TV offers are coming in and there's one that has intrigued her.

Barr appeared again on Rabbi Shmuley's podcast and told him she may be down but not out. She makes it seem as if she's close to accepting one of the offers.

As for the show from which Roseanne was fired ... she says -- shockingly -- she didn't accept a penny when she signed the rights away to the show she created. She says, "I thought signing off of my own life's work and asking for nothing in return, I thought that was a penance."

TMZ broke the story ... ABC and show producers met almost immediately after firing Roseanne and canceling her show and eventually decided to bring the fam back, sans Roseanne.

XXXTentacion Murder Suspect Not Raped in Jail ... Despite Report

7/2/2018 10:41 AM PDT

XXXTentacion's murder suspect who is sitting in jail was reported to have been sexually assaulted in a Florida jail -- but, that's just not true ... according to Broward County Sheriff's Office.

Law enforcement officials at BSO tell us the story asserting Dedrick Williams was raped in Broward County Jail is flat-out false. 

The story -- citing someone who works in the Dade County Jail system -- claimed Williams had been showering recently and was ambushed "with an attempted rape." The report went on to claim that people affiliated with Kodak Black may have been involved.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office's Public Information Officer, Veda Coleman-Wright, says that story is "unfounded" and that the entire alleged incident did not happen. Period.

What is accurate is that police have ID'd a person of interest in XXX's murder case -- 22-year-old Robert Allen, who was seen at the motorcycle shop where X was gunned down.

Williams remains as the only murder suspect under arrest for now -- but, cops are searching for at least 2 others

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